JOKER Movie Filming New Scene in Brooklyn Subway Station - Joaquin Phoenix in Full Make Up


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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 22 hours ago +1

    They can make this scene better by making the joker walk through a crowd and then let the police walk past. They need to add a touch of realism.

  • BowHunter77
    BowHunter77 22 hours ago

    0:13 lol cop fell down and was immediately replaced by a new extra.

  • FeelGood Music
    FeelGood Music Day ago

    If you look really closely u can see...

    A joker

  • Firmansyah Kusumawardhana

    Can't you guys just tell us all the scripts, dialogues and all this leaked scenes so we can watch the movie before it even released?

  • edgar desgarron
    edgar desgarron Day ago

    its going to be rlly hard to perform at least at same level as ledger joker. good luck

  • Wayne Tang
    Wayne Tang Day ago

    Does Joker actually smoke? I know he is crazy and all but i don't think he is crazy enough to smoke.

  • lamar lockett
    lamar lockett Day ago

    when you know the movie scene you just shot was stupid

  • Holly Dot
    Holly Dot Day ago

    The real joker is that pumpkin who fell over running in a straight line. Oh boy, I sure feel safer knowing he's watching over the streets of Gotham tonight.

  • Ty Carter
    Ty Carter Day ago

    I say William dafoe wouldve been a good joker for this movie

  • YungDro Productions

    Hmmm I don't know man...

  • Taiyub Rasool
    Taiyub Rasool Day ago

    He looks so bad ass

  • ghost x
    ghost x Day ago

    playback speed to 0.75x you wont regret😉

  • H. Al
    H. Al 2 days ago

    Poor officer lol

  • TheFateWeaver channel

    Look's trash

  • Dilan Davalos
    Dilan Davalos 2 days ago

    Heat leager

  • Scott K
    Scott K 2 days ago +1

    Not feelin the look.

    • Scott K
      Scott K Day ago

      Ok. still not feelin the look.

    • RedStarBari 91
      RedStarBari 91 2 days ago

      It's origin look, not the actual joker look. This is the red hood stage. Only instead of red hood they will make him into a clown.

  • warnutztheloser
    warnutztheloser 2 days ago +1

    dam cop broke his kneecap

  • salaam salaam
    salaam salaam 2 days ago

    homero simpson creo a al joker con maquillaje de callejera

  • russischbrot
    russischbrot 2 days ago

    Awefull Joker mask

  • starduck2
    starduck2 2 days ago

    Funny how people said at the launch of Suicide Squad that Leto could be a great joker cuz people were skeptical about Ledger as well at first, but NO ONE questioned Joaquin as Joker since the beginning... could he bomb? Yeah! Will he? I don't think so... unless the movie itself sucks and is bad-directed...

  • cronfidentss
    cronfidentss 2 days ago

    He looks bad ass can't wait to watch his performance probably his best I believe he will pull it off

  • Sean Erdos
    Sean Erdos 2 days ago

    Why do they constantly show us more. This movie isn't coming out till next year.

  • Isaac Osborn
    Isaac Osborn 2 days ago

    1 scene and he’s already better than Jared Leto

  • Hgamer 315
    Hgamer 315 2 days ago

    Does not look like the joker

  • Oscar Plata
    Oscar Plata 2 days ago

    Now there’s a Joker

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga 2 days ago

    So you wanna be a gangster

  • BWFPlaysClassics
    BWFPlaysClassics 2 days ago

    Jokers appearance is the one thing that bothers me. Now change is good I like change. I like movies that do there own thing. However, there are some things that are just always a thing. Joker doesn’t have a red nose, or blue diamonds on his eyes. Like I said change is good but somethings, like Joker’s simple design should always stay the same. Green hair, white face, sometimes red lips. Adding the red nose and blue diamonds just doesn’t make him look right. I’m not trying to sound like a hater, I’m going to watch this movie. I’m just saying that somethings are better left untouched. You can change the joker’s personality all you want. I feel every movie/TV/comic incarnation of the Joker is different, but I just wanted to express my problem with his look. I admit it is something original and I like how they’re trying to change it up but I personally don’t like the look of this Joker. Much like in the Fox television series Gotham, they couldn’t use “the Joker” so they made their own version of him but called him Jerome. Shortly after that they introduced his twin brother Jeremiah. At some point in the series Jerome cuts off his face and reattaches it like Joker did at one point in the comics. This left Jerome with a permanent smile. Jerome was maniacal and portrayed the funny and crazy side of the Joker. Jeremiah was gassed by Jerome’s toxin shortly after Jerome’s death leaving him with a white face and red lips. Jeremiah was serious and smart and represented the intelligent and cunning side of the Joker. But these two together and you have the full thing. Even with the look almost being complete except for hair color. If you put Jeremiah and Jerome together you have a white faced, red lipped, smiling and cunning, and perfectly made Joker. This is an example of change being interesting. I’m looking forward to this movie and I will put the look of the Joker aside and appreciate the movie for its plot and personality.

  • KC H
    KC H 2 days ago +1

    no no no Thejoker no

  • Mr McBoom
    Mr McBoom 2 days ago

    This looks like a complete knock- off of the dark knight joker which I don’t have a problem with it’s just they can never beat heath (is that how you spell it) ledgers joker.

  • High Stereo Love ♥ Best Reggae Music

    he must have lung cancer by now

  • Denis Koval
    Denis Koval 3 days ago

    its to angry . we need crazy

  • Andy
    Andy 3 days ago

    Gamers rise up

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 3 days ago

    This looks bollocks?

  • Joshua Shorba
    Joshua Shorba 3 days ago

    I’m telling you guys Joaquin is gonna be the best joker to date. The creepy heath ledger vibes are all over it and Joaquin is an even better actor than heath. And I’m not disrespecting heath cuz his joker was effing awesome. Joaquin has been my favorite actor since I was a little kid. I’ve seen his talent, versatility, how dynamic he is, and how good of a traumatized remorseless villain he can play. He is perfect for joker 🤡

  • weird sponge guy
    weird sponge guy 3 days ago

    Damn, we live in a society

  • Missile Medic
    Missile Medic 3 days ago

    im gonna cry for that officer that tripped

  • 9some
    9some 3 days ago

    ledger's legacy lives on: look at the hair [length, greasiness], and the 'atmosphere' of the character is much closer to his' than none [well, there has been only one]

  • TheBoondoggler
    TheBoondoggler 3 days ago

    So I'm assuming they're gonna fix those bills (First Man, etc) in post?

  • Grant
    Grant 3 days ago

    this looks like Church avenue station. they filmed at my station on 18th avenue last week. so cool lol

  • EastCoastLifestyle
    EastCoastLifestyle 3 days ago

    This movie is going to be 2 hours of a bunch of people running in one direction and The Joker casually walking in the opposite direction.
    Jk, I’m actually looking forward to seeing this.

  • Tim Quick
    Tim Quick 3 days ago

    phoenix looks a little too sane in this take for my joker tastes

  • Dil Miah
    Dil Miah 3 days ago

    "Oh, you. You just couldn’t let me go, could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You are truly incorruptible, aren’t you? Huh? You won’t kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness. And I won’t kill you because you’re just too much fun. I think you and I are destined to do this forever." The Dark Knight 2008
    No Batman? This film will flop. Mainly because of studios interference and their priority over their bonus scheme.

  • Adam Rasmussen
    Adam Rasmussen 3 days ago

    RIP to the bag of bones who tore his hammy

  • lil Clock
    lil Clock 3 days ago

    If pheonix doesnt have a "we live in a society" line, the movie is going to a flop.

  • aslan.çansizyan
    aslan.çansizyan 3 days ago

    Lol for the cop that fell down..had to repeat 3 times to see if that was his intension or not

  • Roland Campos
    Roland Campos 3 days ago

    The Jerker!!

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith 3 days ago

    The cop who fell lol

  • Gustavo  Adolfo Fleitas

    Actoruchos de cuarta!! Brando, nicholson y la epoca dorada!! Perdonalos por lo pendejo que son estos mediocres!!

  • Gustavo  Adolfo Fleitas

    Anda a laburar joaquin!! Nos toman por infradotados estos!! Vallanse a cagar!!

  • A Sullivan
    A Sullivan 3 days ago

    This is the most non interesting piece of shit I've seen in, fuck, I don't know....10 years?
    what the fuck are they doing?
    Thousands of fucking comic book characters in the world and you guys keep going back and back and back to the same bullshit and I've had it you're not getting my dollars anymore I said this a long time ago

  • Gustavo  Adolfo Fleitas

    Por que mierda me siguen mandando cortes de esos estupidos que hacen esta mierda!! No tienen mas ideas en holiwood estos craneos!! Ooooooh el puto de joaquin phoenix!! Ooooh hay que verla esa peli!! Oooooh el guason , vallan y agarren una pala y pico vagos de mierdaaaaaaaa!!!!

  • Vinny Berry
    Vinny Berry 3 days ago


    PSICANALHA TV 3 days ago

    Tá mais pro Patati Patata 😂😭

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R 3 days ago

    NOW we have someone who's able to carry on Heath's legacy ❗❗❗

  • D man
    D man 3 days ago

    wtf this is going to be epic.

  • Kire Lessur
    Kire Lessur 3 days ago

    These clips are getting me way to excited.

  • Mario Rivera
    Mario Rivera 3 days ago


  • TruthBomberUK
    TruthBomberUK 3 days ago

    No one will EVER top Heath Ledger.

  • zapidante
    zapidante 3 days ago

    Ledger Aliexpress version

  • King Ozymandias
    King Ozymandias 3 days ago

    Cringe. is this Jokers schtick going to be that he smokes? WOH CRAZY!!!!!

  • fakk you
    fakk you 4 days ago

    The more i see.. the more disapointed i become

  • Majid Hussain
    Majid Hussain 4 days ago

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  • Lucas Hagley
    Lucas Hagley 4 days ago

    0:13 me after leg day

  • exposed brain crevices

    was ok .....

  • Alexander Nicholas Blakely

    haha fucking guy pulled his hami haha

    EUROPA 4 days ago

    Makeup Director: "Man this makeup looks great... you know how we can make it look even better?... a RED NOSE!"
    Seriously a terrible idea. He'd look so much better without it

    • Zachary Tomes
      Zachary Tomes 4 days ago

      It fits the point that he was a clown/actor that had a bad day, which spiralled him down into becoming the Joker. Its an origin story, so he's not going to be "The Joker" right off the bat.

  • Cloud Wolf
    Cloud Wolf 4 days ago

    He does look geniunely terrifying as hs gets nearer and nearer to the camera.

  • Shayan
    Shayan 4 days ago

    Face paint is silly
    its more like a clown , not joker

  • Ajan Annamalai
    Ajan Annamalai 4 days ago

    Bitch ass- no one aint never going to be as good as heath ledger, stop disrespecting the dead.

  • rachid lopez
    rachid lopez 4 days ago

    he acts like a gta v user when he lights a cigarette

  • Marcus Gosling
    Marcus Gosling 4 days ago

    He is literally just trying to be Heath ledger.

  • HotPocketsBoy
    HotPocketsBoy 4 days ago

    You know how this footage is fake? The movie is set in the 70s yet the posters on the wall are from recent movies and shows

    • Rado Radukov
      Rado Radukov 3 days ago

      80s ,80s .... and yes they gonna delete the posters in post .

  • Kim jong un
    Kim jong un 4 days ago

    Who the fuck is releasing all thz footage I am loving and hating at the same tym

  • A. Mikey B.
    A. Mikey B. 4 days ago

    Im sold.

  • Sam Haller
    Sam Haller 4 days ago

    Does he remind anyone else of shaggy 2 dope from ICP or is it just me? His actions NOT his MAKEUP!

  • Coco Tolentino
    Coco Tolentino 4 days ago

    looking good so far. he really looks like a blend of Cesar Romero and Heath Ledger.

    GOOD NEWS GAMING 4 days ago

    The joker looking like a boss 👍🏾

  • James Butera
    James Butera 4 days ago

    He looks like Michael Jackson.

  • Illuminati Socrates
    Illuminati Socrates 4 days ago

    On 15th: You will lose your chance to stop censorship.

  • RM Style78
    RM Style78 4 days ago

    I think Cameron Monaghan is for now be the best JOKER Actor ( Joaquin Phoenix we will see?). He plays two different Joker Characters like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter with a voice like Mark Hamill in the Gotham series. And he is only 25 years old !!!

  • Kamlesh Patel
    Kamlesh Patel 4 days ago


  • Xeno
    Xeno 4 days ago

    This is still trending???

  • James Thornley
    James Thornley 4 days ago

    Sorry but he just looks stupid lol

  • cesar hernandez
    cesar hernandez 4 days ago

    And here we go.

  • Batman ark
    Batman ark 4 days ago

    Worst joker of all time and wtf is that face if a child saw him in real he / she would say hey daddy look at that stupid clown . Heath Ledger is the best joker ever in dc

  • Trevor Gent
    Trevor Gent 4 days ago

    Han Joker... big fuckin deal.

  • chris hamilton
    chris hamilton 4 days ago

    Hes gonna kill this roll...just the look in his eyes at the end say it all!!! Hes no Nicholson or Ledger of course... But that's a good Joker actor putting his own stamp on it and doing a good f****** job period. CANT WAIT FOR THIS FILM!!! Got Halloween next week then the Joker!!!!🤔🤔

  • HotPocketsBoy
    HotPocketsBoy 4 days ago

    Bet its probably New York Film Academy students helping out PA wise and Todd told them to shoot this stuff

  • Geg Bag
    Geg Bag 5 days ago

    this says a lot about our society

  • impact zone
    impact zone 5 days ago

    worse than jared leto's joker

  • Samuelson baker
    Samuelson baker 5 days ago


  • DoranArtMedia
    DoranArtMedia 5 days ago +1

    Phoenix will break the curse of the undoable, by making it his own. "let it happen"

  • sLasher Rihan
    sLasher Rihan 5 days ago

    I'm eagerly waiting for the Joaquin Jokers laugh!!

  • The Geekazoid
    The Geekazoid 5 days ago

    he's got big boots to fill heath ledger sized boots

  • 곧은엄지
    곧은엄지 5 days ago

    Oh come on.. You should at least look at the creepy clown suspiciously.. Typical GCPD.

  • John Caius Tinio
    John Caius Tinio 5 days ago

    Can we get other scenes like a Joker shoot out scene or Joker storming a hospital funded by thomas wayne cause this is getting boring

  • Suplvn
    Suplvn 5 days ago

    RIP Heath Ledger

  • Rado Radukov
    Rado Radukov 5 days ago

    I m sorry im writing again but i just watched The King of Comedy ( Scoresese movie with Deniro as a lead ).Zazie Beatz character is based on Diahnne Abbott Rita's character from that movie . The dinner picture with Zazie and joaquin phoenix IS THE SAME as the one of Deniro and Abbott in Scorsese movie . Deniro is playng a late night host like Jerry Lewis in The King of Comedy. If DC keep all the director decisions to mimic that crazy flow from The King of Comedy this is gonna be amazing movie . DC better not do what they did wih Suicide Squad andJustice League they mess up with the directors vision.