• Published on Aug 22, 2019
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    Here is the much-awaited video...I'm finally opening my GCSE results for you all! You'll see my live reaction, my results and a detailed explanation/chat about each result I got xx
    My live reaction starts at 3:12
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    1) what exam board do you do?
    - edexcel for languages, maths, english and science
    - cambridge IGCSE for english literature
    - aqa for geography and RS
    - ocr for classical civilisation
    2) do you do triple science?
    - yes, andI I'm so glad I did triple as I found it very interesting!
    Advice for year 11 video:
    Finsihed GCSEs Q&A:
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  • Junaid Raja
    Junaid Raja 2 days ago

    her parents walked out straight lmao fake😂😂😂😂

    • lucrezia chloe
      lucrezia chloe  2 days ago

      there was actually a huge chunk of their reaction which I cut out as they didn’t want to be in the video and I respect their privacy - in the future please don’t make assumptions unless you know the full story ☺️x

  • Earth Master
    Earth Master 3 days ago

    Whats classiv

  • Sarah Ahmed
    Sarah Ahmed 10 days ago

    Omg how did you get a 9 in everything !

  • katie louise xo
    katie louise xo 12 days ago

    2021 anyone x

  • kushi Chowdhury
    kushi Chowdhury 12 days ago

    Im doing 8 subjects and im struggling to get a 9 and then ur doing flipping 12!!! GEEZ

  • arwa aziz
    arwa aziz 15 days ago

    Yooou soooo cuuuuuuteeeeee 😫😫😫🌷🌷

  • zeenia haji
    zeenia haji 16 days ago

    Can you please put your biology and chemistry notes up

  • jUBjUBjELLY 4
    jUBjUBjELLY 4 16 days ago +1

    In English language what is more easier the description or story???

    • jUBjUBjELLY 4
      jUBjUBjELLY 4 13 days ago

      koo44m Thanks man!!👍

    • koo44m
      koo44m 13 days ago

      description is easier. with a story you might get distracted by plot and trying to make a short story in 45 minutes that is good is more difficult, especially if you give yourself too much work like multiple characters, etc. it’s easier to focus on writing one really good scene like in a description rather than write multiple.

  • iZ biz
    iZ biz 17 days ago

    "It was never my favourite subject"
    gets an A*
    Hmmm natural intelligence?

  • Midgetgem
    Midgetgem 17 days ago

    guys we’ve found ourselves a new eve bennett!!

  • Sofia
    Sofia 18 days ago

    OMG your parents are italian , I am italian too

  • Pretty Reckless
    Pretty Reckless 18 days ago

    I got two 6s, two 7s, five 8s and two 9s 🥰 well done!!

  • Olivia .p
    Olivia .p 21 day ago

    Congrats that’s amazing

  • Leila Butler
    Leila Butler 22 days ago

    Wowww how did u do that

  • Molly G
    Molly G 22 days ago

    Please tutor me

  • Frangez G
    Frangez G 23 days ago

    Well done😘

  • KatieJessica X
    KatieJessica X 24 days ago

    How did u receive your results online?

  • banksoyarts
    banksoyarts 24 days ago

    1:27 It sounds like as if he said "szép egyenlet" in hungarian which means nice equation. But still well done!

  • TXiC_DFG234566 YT
    TXiC_DFG234566 YT 24 days ago

    Mind blowing

  • John Robbins
    John Robbins 24 days ago

    taking geography for a level too

  • Hannah Affran
    Hannah Affran 24 days ago


  • C
    C 24 days ago

    Please upload the rest of your notes to the website! I will literally buy them all!! ❤️

    • lucrezia chloe
      lucrezia chloe  24 days ago

      I don’t have any more complete set of notes 😭🧡

  • Abi Broadfield
    Abi Broadfield 24 days ago +1

    Omg whaaaa

  • Bacoon kiki
    Bacoon kiki 24 days ago

    Fuck off

  • The Gachagirls
    The Gachagirls 25 days ago

    hi lucrezia, i’ve been listening to your podcast with isla i loved it!! 💖

  • Tas Benhabiles
    Tas Benhabiles 25 days ago

    In English language she didn’t wanna say 8 so she just said a*, loolllll don’t be like that you got 9’s in everything else.

    • Tas Benhabiles
      Tas Benhabiles 23 days ago

      lucrezia chloe lol i dont know why I made it such a big deal, it really isn’t😂 but congrats you did so well I pray to get grades like you for my GCSE’s.

    • Tas Benhabiles
      Tas Benhabiles 23 days ago

      lucrezia chloe well you should of said that you did the old spec because you seemed like you would be disappointed with an 8 so you should of mentioned that your doing the old spec, instead of waiting till people say something about it.

    • lucrezia chloe
      lucrezia chloe  25 days ago

      Lmao no - I did the old spec for English language and the highest grade you could get was an A*. It was still an “old gcse” and I wouldn’t lie like that.

  • N chowdhury
    N chowdhury 25 days ago


    BUSSYTINGZ 26 days ago +1

    congrats girl! you deserve it

  • Fia_Plays_Roblox
    Fia_Plays_Roblox 26 days ago

    Omg well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS SO AMAZING

  • Chloe Haddon
    Chloe Haddon 26 days ago

    Can u put English lit and language please xx

  • Joyce Nzuzi
    Joyce Nzuzi 26 days ago

    Could you do a revision for r.e

  • Just a Diamond
    Just a Diamond 26 days ago

    Never knew the old spec was an option 👀

  • Megy _
    Megy _ 27 days ago

    Wow, smart!!

    • Megy _
      Megy _ 26 days ago

      No, you didn't !!!! You heart my 💓 my comment, thank you!! Big fan of youu

  • Forever Unknown
    Forever Unknown 27 days ago +1

    I only manged to get one 9 which was in rs 😭😭.. and then I got two grade 7's and a D for Distinction.. and the rest were B's and Cs .. I'm still kinda upset but in the end I didn't fail in anything so I'm happy.. I'm also not well half the sitting these exams were so damn hard!! Well done though!! Ur results r amazinggggggg!!!

  • Jessicaha
    Jessicaha 27 days ago

    It's weird how you did the new course of Lang but not for lit. Does that mean that you weren't sitting the same exam as everyone else that took the cambridge igcse lit paper? Also it's confusing how they only did it for one of the english exams, do you know why by any chance?

  • verity sawbridge
    verity sawbridge 27 days ago

    can you put your Italian notes on your website? I would appreciate it so much. also well done, I’m so glad I found your channel; about to go into year 11... xx

  • Zeba Ismail
    Zeba Ismail 27 days ago +1

    I’m so happy for you after the hard time you went through during your GCSEs it really paid off

  • Wack wack
    Wack wack 27 days ago

    What alevels are you going to take?

  • Ana Burnett
    Ana Burnett 27 days ago +238

    Her parents literally patted her on the head and left lmao

    • Ana Burnett
      Ana Burnett 18 days ago +1

      Millie Mac I know I’m just joking😂

    • Millie Mac
      Millie Mac 18 days ago +3

      I think she just edited a lot of it out

  • francesca
    francesca 28 days ago

    well done, you did amazing!! good luck with a levels xx

  • luckirainbows
    luckirainbows 28 days ago

    I got
    English lang- 4
    English lit- 4
    Graphics- 6
    Combined science- 4,4
    Maths- 5
    Business- 3
    Spanish- 2
    History- 2
    Im not that happy with my results but i was in the worst position ever my school is really bad and the 2 subjects i got 2s in my teachers either didnt teach or we didnt have a teacher

    • Forever Unknown
      Forever Unknown 27 days ago +1

      U did greaaatt!! These results dont define who u r!! As long as u tried hard, u should be proud of urself!!
      I also went through alot of bad shit.. and I'm not well half the time as well.. I also missed 9 months of my education including the end of yr 10 and begining of yr 11.. I hate my results though..I got..
      Science : 6, 5
      Maths : 4
      Geography : 4
      Sociology : 5
      French : 7
      English lang : 7
      English lit : 6
      English speaking exam : D (Distinction = A)
      RS : 9

  • plug socket
    plug socket 28 days ago

    I'm sorry but I honestly think this is fake I haven't watched the video in its entireity. But if I got all 9s I'd be crying knowing that I have succeeded in life + to my knowledge she didn't actually show us the results

    • plug socket
      plug socket 27 days ago

      @lucrezia chloe I didn't say that u lied I only said that it was fake because u never showed us ur results

    • lucrezia chloe
      lucrezia chloe  28 days ago

      Lol if you want the screenshot I can DM you it - why would I lie about my real gcse results and force my parents to be in on the lie as well 😂

  • Id Ek
    Id Ek 28 days ago


  • trashhh
    trashhh 28 days ago +1

    Hey Chloe! Congratulations, when will you be releasing biology, chemistry and maths gsce notes onto your website?

  • Thomas Wightman
    Thomas Wightman 28 days ago +1

    She just made the video to brag about her results let’s be honest

  • Halima Begum
    Halima Begum 28 days ago +1

    So proud of you getting such good grades 😃❤️

  • az. drawn
    az. drawn 28 days ago +2

    I just wanted to say...if y’all didn’t get the results you wanted at GCSE, it’s okay. They only ask how many A* and As and stuff you got for uni entry and you don’t even need to put your subjects. It’s not that important and this is coming from my aunt who recently graduated with a pharmacy degree at a top uni. Congrats and good luck next year 11! I do mine in...I think 2021?

  • az. drawn
    az. drawn 28 days ago +1

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! YOU EARNT IT!! 😊

  • Rahaf Daas
    Rahaf Daas 28 days ago +1

    Congratulations to you u got what u deserved

  • Harry Kent
    Harry Kent 28 days ago

    The fact she was crying during an exam aswell it’s not like she’s going to fail woe it would be such a disaster if I got an 8

  • Much Wow
    Much Wow 28 days ago


  • chimmys cheeks
    chimmys cheeks 28 days ago


    ASEEL HUSSEIN 28 days ago

    A hard working student like u should probably ending up getting a nine

    ASEEL HUSSEIN 28 days ago +1

    Congratulations can u show us how u revised your subject

  • egg egg
    egg egg 28 days ago

    this is the best damn thing ive ever seen

  • Skye Duncan
    Skye Duncan 28 days ago

    Well done!! Also ur hair is amazing xx

  • 〰
     29 days ago +3

    We need videos on how you got a 9 in every subject!!

  • 〰
     29 days ago

    When did you start your revision?

    Amazing results by the way. You deserve it.

  • Dellilah Jamal
    Dellilah Jamal 29 days ago

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!❤️ This inspires me to try my hardest in my GCSEs next year ! Well Done Lucrezia!

  • Lexi Grace
    Lexi Grace 29 days ago

    Well done! 💖