• Published on May 31, 2018
  • You know when you have an idea, buy some stuff, start putting it all together then stand back and think WTF am I doing, well thats "The Bicycle of Springs" haha. This has just been a laugh as with no purpose or real understanding of what I was trying to achieve everyone who has witnessed this has just laughed.
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  • John Rodri
    John Rodri 43 minutes ago

    Destroy I dont like that one

  • CoderShare
    CoderShare Day ago

    Time to hit the downhill park y'all.

  • Antonio Rozhkot
    Antonio Rozhkot Day ago


  • Олег Макеев


  • S R
    S R Day ago

    fucking annoying ... click

  • Skudiero
    Skudiero Day ago

    Dance in perfect :V

  • Hobo Jesus
    Hobo Jesus Day ago

    You made the real life version of riding a bicycle while on mushrooms

  • kaaskop 24
    kaaskop 24 2 days ago +3

    In the netherlands we would love those

    Edit: wow one like thanks woever liked my coment

  • Andrei Brănescu
    Andrei Brănescu 2 days ago

    Your "most stupid idea" has 16 M views.
    So, in retrospect...

  • mlugin
    mlugin 2 days ago


  • Massimo Michelini
    Massimo Michelini 2 days ago

    I prefer autumns

  • Shorjok
    Shorjok 3 days ago

    Please give this to Sam Pilgrim

  • Suvarana Bothe
    Suvarana Bothe 3 days ago

    Very nice video man just good man very good man

  • PieFaceTheAmazing / GDSuperScythe

    The typical Colin.
    -Blond Hair
    -Blue Eyes
    -Crazy in a Good Way
    -Thinks to himself in a 3rd person point of view
    Yep, that’s your typical Colin.

  • MT ShredMore
    MT ShredMore 4 days ago

    The real full suspension mtb

  • Sean R4
    Sean R4 4 days ago

    1:51 classic Colin - removes all the braking system for minimum safety, absolutely love it

  • Ciao Bro
    Ciao Bro 4 days ago

    පට්ට් ආතල් 🤣🤣🤣 ජය වේවා 😘😘😘♥️♥️ අපිවන් සබ් කරල හේල්ප් එකක් දෙන්න ♥️♥️♥️

  • gacha_g4m3r yeah
    gacha_g4m3r yeah 6 days ago


  • Shark Man X bro!
    Shark Man X bro! 6 days ago

    How on earth are you still alive

  • The mask guy
    The mask guy 7 days ago +3

    “Does your bike have suspicions”
    “It’s made out of suspension “

    • Kyparn
      Kyparn 6 days ago +2

      I'm guessing autocorrect? Haha

  • GrumpyCatKing
    GrumpyCatKing 8 days ago +7

    The “anti-bunny-hopp” sistem on this bicicle is simply called “weight” 😂

    • melwalsh mtb
      melwalsh mtb 7 days ago

      GrumpyCatKing weight doesn’t matter actually,Seth’s bike hacks did a video on it and I also tried to bunny hop a size large aluminum Downhill bike when I was 10 and I could

  • Graeme Brumfitt
    Graeme Brumfitt 8 days ago

    Well Colin... You made me laugh for one you wonderful eccentric Englishman you. TFS, G :)

  • super Jenius11
    super Jenius11 8 days ago

    He is on a lot of meth

  • Charlie Joy
    Charlie Joy 9 days ago

    Why put a spring under the seat when the back arch is still metal it’s pointless😂

  • George Pappas
    George Pappas 9 days ago

    Xa xa xa xa you are crazy

  • max denger
    max denger 9 days ago

    interestingly, simimlar concept that were actually meant to be ridden existed in the very earliest days of mountainbiking. They did however, only substitute one tube for a spring.

  • Ricky Vall3y Reid
    Ricky Vall3y Reid 10 days ago

    When your dad gets bored and makes a bike out of springs

  • MotionGFXGuy
    MotionGFXGuy 10 days ago

    Testing to se if my picture is moving

  • Johan Jonsson
    Johan Jonsson 10 days ago

    Hittin the nuts in the overbar is not THE problem but jammin the whole nutpack in between that spring would be much Worse!

  • danny K.
    danny K. 10 days ago

    What scrap yard has perfectly good bikes like that?

  • Gabrielius Kačinskas
    Gabrielius Kačinskas 11 days ago

    So you want a full suspension bike but cant affordi it ? not a problem

  • FaDe_Wraith
    FaDe_Wraith 11 days ago


  • Hildan Hokky
    Hildan Hokky 12 days ago +1


  • Steven Embree II
    Steven Embree II 13 days ago

    Not all geniuses are sane.

  • Mohd Azmi
    Mohd Azmi 13 days ago

    You nice channel , i from to Malaysia sports you channel 👍

  • Junaid Naseer
    Junaid Naseer 13 days ago

    I love ur way of funny talking 😂 I love ur way of work 😊👍

  • Rigorise Customize Yourself

    Hi Colin, you might want to connect that phone to a modem or something to make it function 😁✌️just kidding, I know its only a prop. nice WORK, I envy you for having that skills, knowledge and EQUIPMENTS 😍

  • Random Awesome
    Random Awesome 13 days ago

    I do not understand the 26k dislikes. What is wrong with those people?

  • Scott Chambliss
    Scott Chambliss 14 days ago

    Watching colin play with springs was oddly satisfying and for a moment the impossible made sense to me

  • Azedine Ijoumalne
    Azedine Ijoumalne 14 days ago

    Hahahahahah so crazy 😂😂😂😂

    VIRAL WORLD 14 days ago


  • Petros Komninos
    Petros Komninos 14 days ago

    this is insane discovery~! downhill bikes c an dodge much and move smoothly :D

  • tinox gamer
    tinox gamer 14 days ago

    le entraste al dulce de leche y tu panza lo sintio

  • FrostMonolith
    FrostMonolith 14 days ago

    4:15 This is definitely a quote I'll save for life
    After retirement, that is.

  • JLWilson06 Gaming
    JLWilson06 Gaming 15 days ago

    I will offer you £125,000 for this

  • JLWilson06 Gaming
    JLWilson06 Gaming 15 days ago

    Waste of money he probably made about 25k from this vid

  • Александр Дворецкий

    а с русским переводом можно или нет

  • Shavais Zarathu
    Shavais Zarathu 16 days ago

    I'm a computer engineer and I find it super fun to imagine doing joint projects with you. I can't actually do anything because I live on the other side of the planet from you, and well I lack the time, money, freedom from family duties, energy and staying power (lasting will / persistance). But in my fantasies, I get together with you we do a bunch of computerized machine projects - you do the machining and I do the computerizing
    For fun:
    - build a robot that can beat us at ping pong, tennis, and racquette ball
    - build a drone with a microprocessor in it that can execute on-the-fly commands, and send video, telemetry and other sensor data back to a controlling laptop, where the video and sensor data is displayed. Make it capable of returning home if there's signal loss.
    - build a whole bunch of computer-controlled drones, add a sort of laser-tag arrangement to them, and set up a team on team star wars style laser-tag drone fight over a field.
    - alternatively or maybe in addition, do a similar kind of thing with remote/computer controlled naval models in a small lake.
    For laziness:
    - build an outdoor robot that can mow and edge the lawn, pull weeds, trim the hedges, and put all the debris into the yard debris bin
    - build an indoor robot that can sort the mail, dust, vacuum and mop, cook, do the dishes, dust, and do the laundry (including folding it and putting it away)
    - build robot arms that hide away in walls and ceilings that can come out when no one is around and do all the same things as the indoor robot

    DRIFT DEMOM 16 days ago


  • Michael Ghale
    Michael Ghale 16 days ago

    Helo I'm big fan of your so could you call my name ones in you show .michael ghale

  • Ahmad jamal Abu bakar
    Ahmad jamal Abu bakar 16 days ago

    I like this guy..he's funny : )

  • Miguel Soto
    Miguel Soto 16 days ago

    Where do I buy spring like tha been looking 4 some

  • ginyo genyo
    ginyo genyo 17 days ago

    Are you OK.?

  • Joseph S
    Joseph S 18 days ago

    Lol. I'm a asshole.... Lol

  • Joseph S
    Joseph S 18 days ago

    Don'tl Mommy and Daddy get mad at you spending all there money?????

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 18 days ago

    And hope for the best ! British engineering at its finest 🇬🇧

  • jacky ho
    jacky ho 18 days ago

    🤣 it's getting heavier

  • Me
    Me 18 days ago

    You should name it sprincle

  • DOM
    DOM 18 days ago

    The entire bike screams scrotum crusher.