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  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
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Comments • 542

  • TurboWaitress
    TurboWaitress Day ago

    fresh needs to be a narrator for the Twilight Zone reboot.

  • Hanin Alhassan
    Hanin Alhassan 5 days ago

    I badly wanted the airline staff to give the angry guy the aisle seat next to the bathroom

  • God of Destruction Beerus

    And there's my wallet!

  • Madison Atteberry
    Madison Atteberry 7 days ago

    When I worked at a bar it was privet owned. Oh the glory of how to treat rude customers. The guy who owned it cared more for those who worked for him and other (more polite) customers then reputation which in turn got more reputation because the other (more polite) customers felt safe there.

  • lps&scleichTV lionfan3kd

    I hate how misogynistic ppl can be towards women in the workplace, wether it is to hire or simply customers being rude/trying to take advantage, its trutly gross

    MYTHIC BOI 8 days ago

    What is the background music called

  • ThatWeirdoInACorner No.

    I want a chee borg

  • 2p-blog -thing
    2p-blog -thing 13 days ago

    18:28, Fresh sounds like he's in the twilight zone.

  • BigPapaDave
    BigPapaDave 15 days ago +1

    Teacher said I want to meet your dad and I said shit me too

  • K Diggity
    K Diggity 18 days ago

    "Trailer Guy" sounds like a script name for a Eminem music video extra.

  • TreeTheEnderHyena
    TreeTheEnderHyena 20 days ago


  • MorosePlanet07 -Faith
    MorosePlanet07 -Faith 20 days ago

    What is the outro song called?

  • Chiclete ;u; Vlogs
    Chiclete ;u; Vlogs 21 day ago

    17:56 ay what the hell happend to the text- fhdsjJ

  • Wes Prang
    Wes Prang 21 day ago

    Kate owned his mule by giving him more than he wanted for free. So much WIN! 😴

  • Zack Zander
    Zack Zander 22 days ago

    I literally choked on that reference.

  • amyy 2006
    amyy 2006 23 days ago

    Omg pickle guy voice K I L L E D me

  • Ro
    Ro 24 days ago

    I get claustrophobia and panic attacks and I always feel so, SO embarrassed having to ask for aisle seats. :/

  • Lucian (sabatadarkness)

    'she had too much head'
    That's what he said! Hey-hey!

  • KorenKorca
    KorenKorca 25 days ago

    Honestly, the Malicious Compliance Zone bit was what had me laughing hardest, though the Spongebob pickles bit was a close second.

  • Momo
    Momo 28 days ago

    That spongebob reference made me die a bit inside laughing. Thank you!

  • Jean Strong
    Jean Strong 29 days ago

    The Rod Serling impression was really good! I recognized it within the first three or four words. Well done!

    • RedK5
      RedK5 27 days ago +1

      I LOLed

  • W Kipperman
    W Kipperman Month ago

    Was the end a twilight zone reference

  • Jessy Knight
    Jessy Knight Month ago

    I love the twilight zone reference

  • Vega
    Vega Month ago

    You can ever get too much head, especially when delivered by a woman

  • egamflow
    egamflow Month ago

    friuendly reminder: BE POLITE TO EVERYONE! you never know if that john or jane has power

    • TLKFan/RWBYFan
      TLKFan/RWBYFan 28 days ago

      Especially because you have no idea what they could be going through

  • VanguardAngel
    VanguardAngel Month ago

    Why are people so mean? Especially about the most trivial/important of things. I understand suffering from stress and anxiety and your own upbringing but goddamn, y’all are grown adults.
    Not you Fresh, you’re a bean 💕

  • DevWolf59
    DevWolf59 Month ago +1

    18:00 error in editing or fluid commentary

  • retrogaming Ant
    retrogaming Ant Month ago

    Hey fresh was that a twilight zone reference at the end?

  • Royden Campbell
    Royden Campbell Month ago +1

    I am living for Fresh's rendition of pickle guy

  • Mrsorrynovids
    Mrsorrynovids Month ago

    11:58, SorrowTv is that you?

  • Living Corpse
    Living Corpse Month ago

    Sexist drunk: "Women can't make drinks."
    Me: "But isn't that all you think they are good for, serving drinks, food and sex???? I'm so confused."

  • FezEmerald
    FezEmerald Month ago

    OMg TwILiGhT zOne!!1!

  • Mowerguy1 Movies
    Mowerguy1 Movies Month ago

    Ok here is the pickle surprise link
    Dont ask why i know this link please dont ask

  • Roxanne Dufresne
    Roxanne Dufresne Month ago

    My mom works at a hardware store, she is the most experienced employee and all the regular contractors only do business with her because she knows her stuff. It still happens for a random sexist jerk to show up and refuse for a woman to order their construction materials, and my mother always complies, maliciously. There are always new part working students who are in trainning in he store, so she will make a point in picking the youngest, most clueless boy to complete the jerk's order. When the newbie inevitably fails and asks her for help (since she is the one in charge of trainning) she comes in with a smile and does the deed in a matter of second, but not after having wasted many precious minutes of the client's day. Needless to say, the next time they come in they ask for her to serve them.

  • JigglyJellyfish
    JigglyJellyfish Month ago

    Hey, Fresh. At 17:56, the viewer glitched and sent us back to the title of the post. Just letting you know

  • Retromaniac Rocket Guy

    18:35 sounds like it could be in a twilight zone episode...

  • TatsCatsandBats
    TatsCatsandBats Month ago

    I'm slightly allergic to mustard. When I say slightly, I mean my body has a heaving/purging reaction to the taste due to a negative association. If it's in a sauce or in a sandwich with multiple acting flavors, and I can't quite make it out, I'm fine. But should I be given a pretzel drizzled with mustard, I will throw up if I try to eat it.

  • TheBananaMaster
    TheBananaMaster Month ago +3

    HOW CAN YOU BEE ALLERGIC TO PICKLES! I feel sorry for them I think I might cry 😢 Pickles are a gift from god

    • Wes Prang
      Wes Prang 21 day ago

      People think it's a great way to get a freshly made burger.

  • videoqueen111
    videoqueen111 Month ago

    That power trip speech is like something out of The Twilight Zone. I love it so much.

  • Devin Azevedo
    Devin Azevedo Month ago

    That last one sounds like an electric car company

  • Zvorda
    Zvorda Month ago

    I've always had my suspicions but, are you Matt Watson? hahaha no but you sound almost exactly like him

  • Frogthroat1
    Frogthroat1 Month ago

    I hate people who don't like something and then tell the restaurant staff that they have a food allergy. That should be a criminal offence. I have food allergies and these people who just claim to have an allergy against everything they don't like are like that boy in "The boy and the wolf" story. Soon allergies are not taken as seriously. Especially when some of mine are strange, like raw apple but not cooked apple. (Which is why I am asking how cooked the apples are in the apple pie. I love apple pie.)
    That's why I am careful to differentiate the levels. "I don't like this, please do not put it in my food." --> "I am allergic to this, but I can handle small amounts. Please do not put it in my food, but no need to clean the prep area." --> "I am severely allergic to this. Make sure none is in my food."

  • Abigail
    Abigail Month ago

    You yelling 'Baby Daddy' made me fucking cry laughing I cannot breathe oh my god

  • Nacho Pop's
    Nacho Pop's Month ago

    The pub story sucked to be honest

  • Yonael
    Yonael Month ago

    For those wondering, allergy to cucumbers is real, but I doubt this guy had it.

  • Kate Gunn
    Kate Gunn Month ago

    OMG Fresh that is an awesome Rod Serling Twilight Zone impression.

  • Kate Gunn
    Kate Gunn Month ago

    Kate is such an awesome name

  • Glowing Webmd
    Glowing Webmd Month ago

    Sponge-bob and the twilight zone nice work my good sir and

    Oh lord not the pickles

  • Nightengale64
    Nightengale64 Month ago

    I am super allergic to pickles and eggs. I have just given up and ask for my burgers plain or dry depending on the place's specific wording for it. Because for some reason if I ask for only ketchup I get a burger with everything but ketchup. I absolutely hate having to ask them to redo it but I can't just scrape it off because I am that allergic to it. I wish people would stop using "I have an allergy" when they do not. I have a ton of allergies and before we go out to eat I search yelp looking at different places to find one with a couple things on the menu that I can eat. It sucks.

  • Leo Daras
    Leo Daras Month ago

    hey fresh, subway wants ppl to eat you

  • isobel
    isobel Month ago

    i can Tell that pub incident was in a wetherspoons lmfao, strong my work vibes

  • MrMeme
    MrMeme Month ago

    Theres no such thing as too much head ;)

  • FRNZ 400
    FRNZ 400 Month ago

    Twighlight zone reboot with you as the narrator? I can dig it

  • Fenlee Cooper
    Fenlee Cooper Month ago +1

    I was wondering why Bubblebass was the thumbnail, but now I get it... Lovely. :D

  • OffsetAirplane
    OffsetAirplane Month ago +5

    Server "Sir what's wrong?"
    Customer "I'M PICKLE SICK!"

  • ColaBear
    ColaBear Month ago

    12:24 It was a Big Mac.... I used to work at McDonald's (for 3 years) as general staff and then as a shift manager in the evenings.. THIS SHIT WAS PULLED ALL THE TIME. And I'd call them out on it every time like OP did :) People usually wanted free shit because of the "inconvenience" it caused them and the "hazard to their health". There's a reason I quit working fast food (More rather was asked to resign due to me being "rude" when calling scammers out and kicking them out of the restaurant).

    RINKR Month ago

    A N D M Y C A R K E Y S

  • David H.
    David H. Month ago +1

    not all allergies are 0 to anaphylaxis shock, speaking from my own food type allergy when I was little, I could still eat the thing I was allergic to if someone else prepared it (peeled the skin off), and as long as i didn't eat *too* much of it in a short time span (maybe less than one whole fruit), and I would be fine... if I *did* eat too much, or came into direct contact with more of it, it would be a *mild* reaction at worst... so for the amount of "in the sauce" vs entire slices, sauce might've been fine, but whole slices could give them problems... #quityourbullshit

  • Nix Teufel
    Nix Teufel Month ago

    Your voice is rather soothing, you get a sub from me♡

  • Natalie Brezoff
    Natalie Brezoff Month ago

    Twilight Zone reference What gave God the right to give you to us

  • Kami The Summoner
    Kami The Summoner Month ago

    Fresh's videos really help me. Whether its doing dishes, taking my swedish duolingo lesspns or just relaxing, these vids hrlp me get the job done.
    Thank you 😁

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia Month ago

    Clearly old man hadn't seen American gods and heeded the advice "dont fuck with the airline bitch"

  • NyxErebus
    NyxErebus Month ago

    Not surprised. The automotive industry is petty, from top to bottom.

  • WalkingPromissoryNote 1963

    The first one was great. I worked in customer service and sales my whole life and they handled that situation well. Taking shit is part of the job but I still love it.

  • Ash Williams
    Ash Williams Month ago

    Ive never ever seen anything like story 1 happen. It seems super fake to me.

  • Gubergieger
    Gubergieger Month ago

    I applaud this, who ever think they are better than others are obviously not

  • Brodie Taylor
    Brodie Taylor Month ago

    Im allergic to Pickles its so sad because it was so sudden I loved eating pickels before and when Im the only one in my family to have this ever happen if i eat a pickle i sound like a smoker and get hives really weird I ate a burger amd forgot to check if it had pi kles cuz i was new to the place and i ate it looked at my bite spot while swollowing my burger amd i said oh shit in front of my parents and they knew i ate a pickle atm Im pregnant amd worst cravings i had are pickles and i cant eat it

  • tempodo pop
    tempodo pop Month ago

    Hey, I'm wondering why the logo is over the text on my screen. It's distracting and like to read along since my hearing is poor.

  • Milkb0t
    Milkb0t Month ago

    wtf? he just reads reddit posts???

  • Josh Womble
    Josh Womble Month ago

    that third one about being allergic to the pickles and the sauce on the burger all that is is thousand island dressing from McDonald's on the Big Mac

  • Pizza Man
    Pizza Man Month ago

    SpOnGe BoB dId YoU nUt In SoMoNeS bUrGeR

  • lEtSgOgEtThIsBrEaD
    lEtSgOgEtThIsBrEaD Month ago +1

    i love you’re voice it’s genuinely just so soft nd relaxing🥵

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Month ago

    The first one did hardly anything but comply with the customer

  • Vicki Shaw
    Vicki Shaw Month ago

    Why is cider on tape strange?

  • Michael I
    Michael I Month ago

    I watched the video just to see if the "there's my car keys " would be included in the video

  • Michael I
    Michael I Month ago

    You're supposed to hide the jar of pickles behind a fake jar of pickles that way they'll think they're fake as well. Label both as for display do not eat.

  • Panda Lover
    Panda Lover Month ago

    GG my G

  • Panda Lover
    Panda Lover Month ago

    GG my G

  • QueenCheetah
    QueenCheetah Month ago +1

    That 'Twilight Zone' ref at the end

  • vulkan435
    vulkan435 Month ago

    Sounds like the guy in the first story may have been drunk already!

  • Raptyrn
    Raptyrn Month ago

    3:55 What's weird about having ciders on tap? Maybe it's a UK thing, idk. Also the story with V in it gave me some Order of the Phoenix vibes. A little bit of r/pettyrevenge.

  • gaarus
    gaarus Month ago +1

    10 out of 10 outro love the twilight zone parody

  • Inkaz2
    Inkaz2 Month ago +1

    Fresh just like dem pickles

  • Heffboom Konijn
    Heffboom Konijn Month ago

    As much as I love petty/pro/nuclear/supernova revenges. Malicious compliances is by far my favorite as its the best FU to those who mean to look down and treat you like shite

  • Josefine Andersen
    Josefine Andersen Month ago

    i just remeber always. for i was little to my teens (where i gave up and just stop asking) i asked for my burger without pickles cause i dont like them. not a single time did i get without a pickle, the absolute worst was that time i got two

  • Cougar Turner
    Cougar Turner Month ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, couldn't the story with V also be petty revenge? I mean, sure it wasn't intentional, but I'd count that as petty. And revenge.

  • Talon Sage
    Talon Sage Month ago

    Dangit, why haven't we hit half a million followers yet???

  • Talon Sage
    Talon Sage Month ago +3

    When you are taking MAOI'S, you can't eat ANYTHING that's been pickled or fermented.
    Pretty sure this guy isn't on that list.
    Is it, "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun?"
    (Child of the 80's here. I used to be able to recite the entire McDonalds menu.)

  • nya overlord
    nya overlord Month ago

    you can just tell the OP from the pickles post is british

  • Youtube Fix jakepaul


  • End my Suffering
    End my Suffering Month ago

    I don't fuck with no pickles

  • Dylan Ference
    Dylan Ference Month ago +1

    The Twilight Zone reference was perfectly done

  • 233kosta
    233kosta Month ago

    "woman" is a noun. NOT a fucking adjective!!!

  • FinicalBillyYT
    FinicalBillyYT Month ago

    This man be including memes in his commentary now

  • Kiki Miele
    Kiki Miele Month ago +1

    Omg, at the end I thought I was getting Twilight Zone vibes but wasn’t sure. Pleasantly surprised to see fresh is a YTer of class 👌🏽

  • Robert Pennington
    Robert Pennington Month ago +1

    Malicious Compliance Zone - hehehe nice one

  • Rob sywy
    Rob sywy Month ago

    These are getting like creepypasta titles... the entire story is in the heading

  • k w
    k w Month ago

    I mean, I'd want to be paid to be shouted at..

  • Faux Fox Samurai
    Faux Fox Samurai Month ago

    Thanks you for the Spongebob lines. You got me at the car keys part and I couldn't help but laugh. It's really hard to make me laugh.

  • dreamingwitch
    dreamingwitch Month ago +2

    I HATE pickles, and if i got pickles when I said not too,