Vishy Anand on the nine best games of his chess career

  • Published on Nov 27, 2019
  • At the Tata Steel Chess India 2019, we handpicked nine positions from Anand's best games and asked Carlsen, Giri, Hikaru, Vidit and Erwin l'Ami about these positions. They had to guess not only Anand's best move in the position but also who his opponent was. You can find the links to these interviews below.
    After these interviews, we spoke with Vishy about these nine games and recorded this video. Of course, Anand would remember all his positions and games. But the idea was not to test him. Instead, the idea was to ask him about these best games of his career and get to know more inside stories of how these brilliancies were created.
    If you are a chess lover, you are in for a treat as Vishy goes down the memory lane and let's us know about many untold stories related to these games. This video is useful to improve your chess, improve your knowledge about Vishy's games and most of all to know more about the legend Viswanathan Anand, who will turn 50 on the 11th of December 2019.
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    Video: Sagar Shah
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Comments • 156

  • Noah Ark
    Noah Ark 2 days ago

    I have been following Vishy's interviews and talks. As inspiring as they are, they also highlight the subtle grudge Vishy has against the advent of computers in the chess arena. This has been noticeable ever since his shock defeat against Magnus in the world championship title fight in 2013. In his own words, he describes chess history by dividing it into 2 phases - pre-computers and post-computers. The implied emphasis of his reflections on how the game has changed over the years, has been on how a beautiful game like chess has become dryish or mechanical because of computers.

  • Swarnendu Saha
    Swarnendu Saha 11 days ago

    India's prodigial son.

  • Akshat Gupta
    Akshat Gupta Month ago

    Legend 💓💓

  • Shrikant Ramdas
    Shrikant Ramdas Month ago

    Great interview of the legend Vishy who makes us so proud for his great decency, character and of course, genius. Nice to see interviewer also so knowledgeable and excited.

  • RageAgainstTheMachine RageAgainstTheMachine

    All Hail Anand The Great! 👑💯👍👏👋

  • Soumil Doshi
    Soumil Doshi Month ago

    Greatest interview of Anand sir.

  • Rohit Issac
    Rohit Issac Month ago +4

    Amazing.... Sheer genius.
    Best Sportsman India has ever produced.....
    Happy Birthday Vishy ✌️✌️

  • Neeraj Sharma
    Neeraj Sharma Month ago +1

    Brilliant video once again. Thanks a lot Sagar on behalf of Indian Chess and Vishy’s worldwide fans!

  • Kavya Agrawal
    Kavya Agrawal Month ago
    One of his gem

  • Jim Geary
    Jim Geary Month ago

    He’s a great storyteller! I hope Vichy makes many many more of these.

  • Andrew Webster
    Andrew Webster Month ago

    pure class! beautiful stuff, thank you

  • Mojtaba Es
    Mojtaba Es Month ago

    This guy doesn't age! He has found the foundation of life!

  • Rrumi
    Rrumi Month ago +2

    I am 8 minutes in, watching while standing, didn't expect to watch this far, I have paused to write this, go kitchen grab a snack and come back, sit down and watch the rest. Good job Sagar Shah.

  • Kirti Dongre
    Kirti Dongre Month ago


  • david spedding
    david spedding Month ago

    jet black hair at his age??

  • TheWtfness
    TheWtfness Month ago

    I dunno why, but Vishy always seems short tempered and impatient during these kind of interviews. Almost like he's getting annoyed by the questions and just wants to get out of there.

  • altruistic angel
    altruistic angel Month ago

    i have a feeling vishy had a very hard time accepting the fact magnus was better than him.

  • Arjon Buikstra
    Arjon Buikstra Month ago

    I wish I could like this more times

  • HeManUVA
    HeManUVA Month ago

    Great job Sagar Shah. Most interviewers ask the same old questions and the viewers get nothing memorable. Your preparation was as impressive as Vishy's games.

  • That One Chick
    That One Chick Month ago +5

    Looks at board for 2 seconds...
    "This is one of my favorite games!"

  • ToborAtonmi
    ToborAtonmi Month ago +1

    I was standing in front of this board at the 2017 Sinquefield, the last game reviewed here. I'll never forget the buzz in the room that game created and the look on Vishy's face right after it was over.

  • Romanth chowan
    Romanth chowan Month ago

    Absolute legend.

  • Podos Goland
    Podos Goland Month ago +2

    How can you not love this guy.

  • Jazzy Jones
    Jazzy Jones Month ago +1

    What a humble genius. Happy 50th, Vishy.

  • hutchmusician
    hutchmusician Month ago +1

    I was playing chess just before watching this video. Can’t remember a single move.

  • crazyim5
    crazyim5 Month ago +2

    The Man The Myth The Legend! Top 5 GOAT in my book

    • Ashton Sequeira
      Ashton Sequeira Month ago

      he is the best indian player not in the top 5

  • Ahmed Khaled
    Ahmed Khaled Month ago

    Why did this video ended?!!
    I enjoyed this way too much

  • Sigi Kunisch
    Sigi Kunisch Month ago

    Thx a lot for this Feature. Very appreciated! 🙂

  • miRS _#
    miRS _# Month ago

    Not Tal in the picture? LOL??

  • ThisSentenceIsFalse
    ThisSentenceIsFalse Month ago +4

    I could listen to Anand talk about his games and his stories all day.

  • Abhishek Chary
    Abhishek Chary Month ago

    Vishy 😍😍

  • Everett01
    Everett01 Month ago +1

    It's pretty amazing how even Kramnik and Anand were throughout their careers. Their head-to-head record is 31 wins to 30 wins with 138 draws. Kramnik was champion from 2000 to 2007, Anand from 2007 to 2013, and both have a peak rating of 2817.

  • Thyagaraja
    Thyagaraja Month ago +1


  • kayairback
    kayairback Month ago


  • Vishwas Uday
    Vishwas Uday Month ago +2

    I just admire the person who too interview of vishy he was so clear in his hand picked questions
    Hey I want ask chess India I love chess but technically very poor I want to learn professionally is there any best institute with nominal fees structure?

  • Hitendra Kishanchandani

    Vishy just being bro

  • Rishi Gayle
    Rishi Gayle Month ago

    Vishy is savage

  • elbay2
    elbay2 Month ago

    Great interview!... Thanks!

  • lololololololol ol
    lololololololol ol Month ago +3

    12:03 Wow, was Anand spot on about Carlsen's thought process or what?

  • mike burns
    mike burns Month ago +4

    How can anyone possibly dislike this video? Anand is a legend and one of the greatest to ever play. He has made so many contributions to chess.

    • Andrew Webster
      Andrew Webster Month ago +1

      mike burns no matter how beautiful or wonderful something is, there’s always some disturbed moron out there who will hate it

  • xyzct
    xyzct Month ago

    Anand is always so charming. What a fine gentleman.

  • Manny Maaan
    Manny Maaan Month ago +1

    Past 50 and with that voice, he still ain’t hit puberty 🥴

  • Lee Chess
    Lee Chess Month ago +2

    What an enjoyable interview i could hear vishy talk about his games for hours and hours, i can notice all his passion for chess when he talks.

  • Amit Jain
    Amit Jain Month ago +1

    How good is to have such beautiful memories of your career..
    How many we have??? 🙁
    Vishy is such a gentleman n a true sportsman. True idol material. Thanks for uploading..

  • Daniel bajaña
    Daniel bajaña Month ago

    1:34 Luisón tenía razón, la partida contra Aronian fue su inmortal.

  • regalalien
    regalalien Month ago +2

    Now I'm forward to getting the new book they mentioned!

    There are many other candidates for great moves by Vishy. Off the top of my head, I enjoyed his Bxh7! against Karpov, which came after repositioning the bishop from from f3 via e2 to d3 only to sacrifice it immediately. It was a purely intuitive sac against Karpov, playing also against Karpov's time trouble. Another one was his counterintuitive Qb6! simply exchanging queens against Kamsky to initiate a positional crush. Then there is the beautiful queen sac against Joel Benjamin which was very instructive because he took an Ivanchuk novelty in the Catalan (an opening he never plays) and used it in a Sicilian Richter-Rauzer! Only Chucky besides Anand understood where Anand got his idea from.

  • Amir Aliyan
    Amir Aliyan Month ago

    At this moment, there are 666 likes and 6 dislikes. 😁

    JACOB TENNYSON Month ago +1

    Ribka 2.3.2 and Fritz 5😂😂😂

  • Anand Moon
    Anand Moon Month ago

    Such a great Person, with very good Memory ...

  • Brr Venkatesh
    Brr Venkatesh Month ago +9

    You can argue there are better or greater players in chess, for instance Kasparov. But he hails from a nation where chess was already flourishing. On the contrary, Vishy was one man who made an entire country learn chess and follow his footsteps. Now that's called greatness. One person, uniting an entire country.

    • Danny Madness
      Danny Madness Month ago

      Yeah Annand isn't the literal best ever of course,but at worst hes what top 15 all time I mean for the whole world probably, not to mention his legacy in just India, hes in a good place guys an awesome grand master.I do find it surprising how youth seems to be an advantage even in chess, obviously it makes sense in physical sports but apparently in chess exceptions aside youth is 99 percent of the time an advantage, like Annand right now at age 50 is obviously without question still top top world level grand master elite can still hang with anyone in chess even now,and can still on any given day/tournament potentially beat just about anyone as well,but it does seem that he will never be as good as he was say at age 30-35 ya know, but you'd think in Chess that if not get better with age you'd at least not necessarily lose anything ya know, and yet apparently that is the case,Id have to assume its something to do with just aging process in general like maybe slower neurons firing in the brain/reduction in thinking speed/efficiency and etc,and of course you do gotta be in good physical condition in some ways as well like Carlsen for example has good mental and physical agility/stamina as well can play at a high level even after like a 7 hour game ya know, but anyways regardless even a 50 year old technically post peak/prime Annand is and will likely remain a top level elite world player and again can on any given day more then hang with/draw/beat just about anyone at any given tournament/event etc.and Legacy wise hel go down as obviously the best from India ever in history,and I think at worst in the whole world at worst top 15-20 all time.

  • saikat93ify
    saikat93ify Month ago +6

    Amazing that Anand knew the exact thought process Magnus had I’m guessing the Beliavsky game

  • Sayan Roy
    Sayan Roy Month ago +25

    Sagar: I will try to confuse him.
    Vishy: better luck next time.😎

  • RaisedByCats
    RaisedByCats Month ago

    Another excellent interview, thanks.

  • Abhishek GameX
    Abhishek GameX Month ago

    amazing interview.

  • Krishna Sykam
    Krishna Sykam Month ago +2

    4 40 lol

  • Karan Gaglani
    Karan Gaglani Month ago +4

    A god amongst men

  • J.C Rodríguez
    J.C Rodríguez Month ago +5


    HOURAKEN MG Month ago +1

    AMAZING interview !

  • Naga
    Naga Month ago +1

    Can anyone suggest how to improve or work towards memory over chess positions, trying to know for kids of age 10?

  • ig2d
    ig2d Month ago +13

    Best interview with Anand I've ever seen...