Dear Jagex.. Why are you ignoring this issue

  • Jagex just don't care about PvP in Old School Runescape..
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  • Hazard Ryuusei
    Hazard Ryuusei 2 months ago +2851

    The last time I was this early I was restricted from free trade

    • Joseling Gabriela Fernandez Peréz
      Joseling Gabriela Fernandez Peréz Month ago

      help this was my job and now I have no way to feed my family. Human mercy, I have a sister with autism who needs special gluten-free food and that is a cost in Venezuela, with my studies I can not live, I have no other income, 10 people depended on 4 people who work in the bh, have mercy on us , Mr. Torvesta after this video he still had food 3 times a day or more, car and quality of life, my family after this video, we have no other hope but to die in my country ... think about that today before sleeping Great man of the first world.

    • Ice Poseidons REAL FATHER
      Ice Poseidons REAL FATHER 2 months ago

      I don't get this comment? Someone explain

    • Mike Lawton
      Mike Lawton 2 months ago

      Nicolas Kise Lunde so true man noobs don’t know even super commenters

    • Rui Martins Franco
      Rui Martins Franco 2 months ago

      I just wanna say, thank you!!!!

    • Matthew Abernathy
      Matthew Abernathy 2 months ago

      @Justin Y. Yeah man when they removed the multi logging shit the game honestly caved. But that was with the transition of owners. Gower never would have allowed it 👍

  • pirmas paskutinis
    pirmas paskutinis 4 days ago

    Ty torvesta for deleting bh....

  • Juuk
    Juuk 9 days ago

    Jagex the only place where the "support" is a bot with automated answers, people pay for the game but have no way of contacting Jagex unless you have 100k+ followers on Twitter

  • Karl Sevaldsen
    Karl Sevaldsen 12 days ago

    That elvemage video 7 clip had me going so nostalgic, crazy good memories :D

  • James Linen
    James Linen 13 days ago

    Handing it to the early greats. Nice

  • A Goat
    A Goat 13 days ago


  • RLX
    RLX 19 days ago

    Kids Ranqe is now a Flath earther eating raw meat.

  • demander11
    demander11 21 day ago

    Dungeoneering theme was awesome

  • iMYX
    iMYX 23 days ago

    because your disqusting. You scratch you ass and dont even wash your hands before dinner

  • ThroughTheFireStorming now let's make a video about this

  • Adau K Wyun
    Adau K Wyun 24 days ago

    This thing just breaks the economy of the game

  • Crüsh
    Crüsh 25 days ago

    What else is new.... This has always been a bot game for years.

  • The average Smoker
    The average Smoker 25 days ago

    ty for ruining bounty idiot

  • klenner
    klenner 26 days ago

    Elvenmage! fuck yeah
    Guy murdered me at green dragons almost a decade ago. Never forget
    Ps I really dont understand why this isnt being dealth with. PvP must come first.

  • John Arruda
    John Arruda 28 days ago

    Bring back original Bounty Hunter please we want the wild to be alive again!

  • xLiquidWolf Gaming
    xLiquidWolf Gaming Month ago

    This video released and literally two days later bh got disabled lol

  • K Reyn
    K Reyn Month ago

    How do I make the billions of gold you were talking about? Never played but it would be fun to fuck around on the old game from back in the day for a week with a big stack of gold, you feel?

  • Young Blood Politics

    where do you live?

  • Cody H
    Cody H Month ago

    Jagex is powerless against pvp clans!

    FLIIC Month ago

    you forgot about njr 99 and bonesaw and i kasoy i

  • Bored On The Moon
    Bored On The Moon Month ago

    this is so broken

  • Spectrea
    Spectrea Month ago

    Have they done anything about this? I was enjoying the fuck out of your PK videos was going to come back to play after i stopped playing my high level OSRS account a few years ago but this shit is unacceptable its worse than botting ever was.

  • Ralph Ansons
    Ralph Ansons Month ago

    Has it been fixed ?

  • Aria Wynn
    Aria Wynn Month ago +1

    Your video did a lot to hurt PvP. It's insane how you're patting yourself on the back in your next video and saying "mission accomplished" when:
    -Mod Gambit, one of the few J-Mods who cared about PvP, has just quit
    -Anything that Jagex comes up with will be months away
    -Due to the removal of BH forcing people to PVP worlds, many people have been driven away from low level pking because people 15 levels above you can one hit you with the new staff
    All this over at most a couple dozen Venezuelans earning 1.7m/hr from BH, which is nothing compared to the amount Venezuelans at Zalcano and Zulrah bring into the economy. Nothing has really been accomplished here. No one wins.

    • infmarket market
      infmarket market 28 days ago

      Aria Wynn yup I stopped playing because there were no bh worlds at pvp sucks

  • Cody Phinney
    Cody Phinney Month ago

    Lol, you know damn well, you’re going to continue to do it! 26mill in 4 hours! Fuck, ILL DO IT

  • Patrick hovard
    Patrick hovard Month ago

    Listen jagex doesn’t spend as much time on pvp because of the skill gap there is in pvp new players are NEVER going to catch up to the players pvping all the time so what’s the point of putting time into pvp when you’re not going to get new players to engage in it there’s just no incentive

    • Aria Wynn
      Aria Wynn Month ago

      BH gave an incentive for skilled players risking more to fight noob players using cheap and powerful builds (i.e. Staff of the Dead pures)

  • Andrew Hyland
    Andrew Hyland Month ago

    Rs3 is better.

  • Dulius6
    Dulius6 Month ago

    Wtf this is why OSRS is breaking... nothing is worth anything to players that legitly play

    • Aria Wynn
      Aria Wynn Month ago

      At most a couple dozen Venezuelans and some ironmen farmed BH before this video was released. Their impact on the economy is nothing compared to the hundreds of other Venezuelans at Zalcano.
      What's really killing OSRS is the injection of massive amounts of resources into the game from players demanding a minimum guaranteed income from bosses, so most bosses are guaranteed 1m-2m/hr, turning them into a goldfarmer's wet dream. Reddit was outraged when Jagex dared to make the majority of the Nightmare boss profit come from very rare drops worth 1b+, instead of the guaranteed 1m-2m/hr other bosses are.

  • Ben Doodle
    Ben Doodle Month ago +1

    There is literally no solution that makes it so that;
    1: more people want to play risk PvP
    2: its profitable for the winners
    3: its not abusable by gold farmers.
    At least not one that I can see.

    • Aria Wynn
      Aria Wynn Month ago

      The solution is to reduce the minimum risk required for PKing. That ensures there is a large pool of players engaging in the activity, making it difficult for boosters to get matched up with each other. You can't stop boosting, but you can easily make it far less profitable. Increasing the minimum risk to participate in PVP activities always drives people away, which then makes boosting easier.


      -BH used to allow players to gain BH points without needing an emblem. The requirement to carry one was added a week later "to combat farmers". That had the opposite effect as intended, because the noob pkers left BH, making it easy for farmers to get matched with each other. Because there were fewer PKers, it also became easier for farmers to run multiple accounts since they didn't have to worry about as many people trying to PK them. Multiple account boosting is the real issue here, because 75% of Torvesta's profit came from using multiple accounts.

      -LMS added a 10k entrance fee on Feb 13 to "combat farmers", instead of doing things like preventing two players from boxing each other to stall. That drove away a lot of the F2P playerbase that had been helping keep LMS alive. Now far fewer people play LMS, which has caused ornate handles to drastically increase in price to about 900k each.

      Good thing I stocked up on thousands of ornate handles at < 500k each. It's funny to see all those dumbass PvMers on Reddit telling me to "risk more if I want to make more from PKing" when I risked and made more money in that one merch than their account is worth.

  • K!ngS!ze
    K!ngS!ze Month ago

    Lmfao.... enforcing rules.... lololol!!! Yeah right... they don't care if you break the rules... hence the uncontrolled amount of bots that jagex "claims" as they're player base... over half the osrs player base are fake players...
    Long story short...
    They just don't give a fuck

  • forkevbot
    forkevbot Month ago

    PVP has always been an afterthought for Jagex in OSRS. OSRS was made before PVP games were ultra popular like they are now and it definitely focused on RPG over PVP fighting. PVP worlds didn't even exist until 2008 (when runescape was already 7 years old), so fighting real people was relegated to the wildernss. Before the GE, PVP was also much more of a headache as turning gear into GP could be challenging.

  • Misael Almanza
    Misael Almanza Month ago +1

    Yoooo I miss dungeoneering lol that music is sick as hell!

  • Bryan Magill
    Bryan Magill Month ago

    hey torv.... just wanted to say love ur videos fam

  • Alexander kjellberg


  • Ronald FlobJobbin
    Ronald FlobJobbin Month ago +1

    Haven't played osrs since a while, glad to see the money I worked so hard for is worth "Jag" shit.

  • Foxidy HD
    Foxidy HD Month ago

    It's shit like this that gives me fomo. Don't get me wrong I wish these exploits never existed but if jagex isn't doing anything to punish this then I just end up looking like a fool who missed out.

    xXG3TPWNEDXx Month ago

    pvp gets all updates but still complain. I'd do away with you guys if i was jagex. Bunch of blood suckers aren't ya?

  • elias lollonen
    elias lollonen Month ago

    VOTE NO!

  • Nevieth
    Nevieth Month ago +1

    I don't even play runescape but I watch a lot of pvp videos... that and swampman.

  • Trevor Bilak-Sackin

    The fucked part about this is torvesta will probably get banned for "cheating" even though the whole point of the vid is to expose how easy it is

  • David H
    David H Month ago +1


  • JoyfulEagle 66
    JoyfulEagle 66 Month ago +4

    Great to hear that jagex is not interested pvp at all. Wilderness should be removed completely and made more servers for pvp players where ppl can go and kill each others.

  • Munozl360
    Munozl360 Month ago +1

    Jagex: bans bh worlds
    Venezuelans: guess we'll die.....

  • South London Metal Detector


  • South London Metal Detector


  • Twenty faces
    Twenty faces Month ago

    i cant find one bounty world or even players in wilderness to do some piking to get points. :(

  • luis Eduardo
    luis Eduardo Month ago

    Jagex thinks people want to play runescape just for the quests and grinding. While I admit the quests are pretty cool we really need the PVP to keeps things interesting and competitive. Pking in the wild and duel arena have always been my favorite. Bounty hunter and even fist of guthix were soo fun. They need to listen to the players.

  • Riley Mill
    Riley Mill Month ago

    So uh....from one broke boy to another......this still work?

  • daverjax
    daverjax Month ago

    Gratz Torva, Looks Like Fagex Listend; and SHUT DOWN BOUNTY Hunter as a Result.

    Be Careful of what you wish for, YOU just MAY GET IT.

    • Foxidy HD
      Foxidy HD Month ago

      Why didn't you completely capitalize Hunter as well? Also this exploit was completely game breaking so it's good they stopped it. It'll probably just be reworked anyway.

  • SayNoToJ3wery Goldsteinberg

    Hope you're doing well,'s been almost a year since I've visited your channel. You da man.

  • Michael Riddell
    Michael Riddell Month ago

    They want everyone playin gun era of cocks

  • Klanezy
    Klanezy Month ago

    so this is the video to why they changed it :D

  • Elite Jd
    Elite Jd Month ago

    shit game anyways move on torvesta

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +1

    pvp in a nutshell:


    wombo combo

  • Joseling Gabriela Fernandez Peréz

    Pls i need help. Im from venezuela! I dont have food!

  • zero glass
    zero glass Month ago

    Thank you Torvesta.

  • Cederick
    Cederick Month ago

    dont forget the OG ags prod kenst3

  • Sharann Raber
    Sharann Raber Month ago

    So instead of grinding the same repetitive nonsense that'll net me 500k an hour I can just boost myself for millions an hour?

  • daret9056
    daret9056 Month ago

    pvp should have no rewards outside of whatever your targets drop and cosmetic ones. It's the only way to prevent this kind of abuse.
    All these rewards ruin the game for legitimate players, flooding the market and causing rising inflation. The average 'legit' player is never going to have the multi-hundred-million or billion GP bank required to afford the higher tier items. The price of those items being inflated by the huge amount of GP being poured into the game.

  • Joey k
    Joey k Month ago

    If the game wasn't some underfunded like how it is today from the bonds maybe they could..

  • Allison Chains
    Allison Chains Month ago

    What is the point of special pvp stuff, like bounty hunter, if it ruins the rest of the game through gold-farmers?

  • FrawLawk
    FrawLawk Month ago

    Meh, it was a long time coming really. We are no longer in the “golden age”, therefore meta has changed. Because meta has changed, the skill ceiling is way too high. Because skill ceiling is too high, new players feel like wasting/risking their efforts and gold trying to “git gud”. Everyone that plays often knows not to risk anything. Skull tricking further encourages people not wanting to enter wilderness, cause why not just do pvm and have absolutely no risk? List goes on.

    • MetroBoomin
      MetroBoomin Month ago

      The biggest reason I dont get into pvp is the time investment, not the risk. The risk makes it fun, and theres low risk fights that I can do even at med levels (think 50-300k risk fights) which is OK. I need sooo many hours and quests done to get into PKing and a specific build which I cba for.

  • kratos god of war
    kratos god of war Month ago

    i am beginning to belive jagex just want to flux the price imagine they own all the fp2 bots and this shit is also them
    it makes for people forced too buy bonds and grind because pvp is dead garbage
    and u cant farm on f2p for a bond so yea if jagex was doing that its a pretty fucking smart idea

  • KNFX787
    KNFX787 Month ago

    Hey Torvesta, you'll most likely never see this comment with all the subscribers you have, but I have to at least try. There is a scam going around right now that got me, and i always thought that i was smart enough to see through scams. Anyway, i was hoping that maybe you could make a video about it before too many others lose their cash stack as I've just done. You've got a lot of subscribers and people who watch your vids so bringing awareness to this may just shut them down. If your interested reply to me on this message and well figure out how to communicate with each other about the details of the scam that got me. Hopefully it can keep others from falling victim to this one as well.

  • Klannahar
    Klannahar Month ago

    Maybe they planning to bring a new stuff to buy / pay in game? :D

  • Wanderson075
    Wanderson075 Month ago


  • James
    James Month ago


  • East L
    East L Month ago

    Torvesta u legend good video

  • ThroughTheFireStorming

    why are you ignoring this? /watch?v=S_39TzRs2jw

  • goran bakic
    goran bakic Month ago

    watch BL000OOO000D falsely banned video

  • goran bakic
    goran bakic Month ago

    my falsely banned m8 needs help /watch?v=S_39TzRs2jw

  • Liam
    Liam Month ago +1

    Jagex are just rinsing players like a sponge now, they truly have lost their love for runescape and just use it as a money maker instead of a game.

  • Keaton Oltermann
    Keaton Oltermann Month ago

    Jagex wants RuneScape to come to an end

  • Holphana Scott
    Holphana Scott Month ago

    I appreciate the hard work you and other youtubers have put into preventing bots but its 2020 guys. Machines have been better than us humans for years already. The fight is absolutely necessary but runescape will not be the final showdown and yall should get ready to move on.

  • Will Blount
    Will Blount Month ago

    Well thats jagex if they want the games economy to get ruined. Atleast Twisted league is fun but the main games economy is completely fucked may as Well just play as an iron man because your legit 1m 2m an hour from zulrah is dust.

  • Ouroboros MD
    Ouroboros MD Month ago

    Imagine ignoring half of the entire game. O w8

  • Joseling Gabriela Fernandez Peréz

    Help me sir torvesta i need help.

  • G. H
    G. H Month ago

    Theres literally more venezuelans then english speakers on certain worlds in many areas not just in this particular exploit but in general everywhere. Jagex is 100% in on it and literally allowing 1000s of blatant botters and gold farmers

  • Daniel Skupniewicz
    Daniel Skupniewicz Month ago

    osrs dead

  • Dillon Johnson
    Dillon Johnson Month ago +4

    JAGEX is owned by China, they need money and so they put the pressure for more in game transactions. Jagex is simply in between demands of players and owners. Runescape is dead. We need to create a new game that is owned by the people. Even if we have to pay more.

      THEDUCKTAPE14 Month ago

      Dillon Johnson don’t think it has anything to do with China as RuneScape has always had a problem with botting even before being acquired

    • Holphana Scott
      Holphana Scott Month ago

      I would happily participate in the coding of a replacement.

    • Dave Rennick
      Dave Rennick Month ago

      I would happily pay for an old school clone