UNHhhh Ep 93: "Fame" with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • This week, Trixie and Katya talk about FAME! They are experts, because it's their show! Not yours!
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    Produced by
    Pete Williams
    Edited by
    Jeff Maccubbin
    Ron Hill
    Kurtis Meyers
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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  • George Durfee
    George Durfee 6 hours ago

    How can Pete be hungry when he’s such a snack?

  • Raul Badillo
    Raul Badillo Day ago

    This reminds me of that time I met lady Gaga at work in Malibu 😍

  • Anthony P. Kürten
    Anthony P. Kürten 4 days ago

    I met Trixie at Mickey at Weho, after she performed “Candy men” by Christina Aguilera. She did a tap dance which was amazing. I congratulated her and gave tip $20.00. I knew she will become famous due to her talent

  • Kalena Michele
    Kalena Michele 5 days ago

    This is the best show on TV

  • Steven Cramsie
    Steven Cramsie 7 days ago

    We missed out on Anna Nicole Smith guest judging on Drag Race. Let that sink in for a sec.

  • TaraKaboom
    TaraKaboom 7 days ago +1

    Favourite episode. This is it.
    Katya hating “Daddy”.
    “I have this sisth sense where I see things with my eyes”
    “They can be referred to off-screen... He just told me he sees dead people, you just Talk about it”
    D e m o l i s h M e.

  • Lazarus Live
    Lazarus Live 9 days ago

    So nice that they realize that seeing them is the highlight of someone's day, or possibly more.

  • Johnny Morris
    Johnny Morris 9 days ago

    Oh my goodness I wish I would have met Anna Nicole Smith too!

  • Johnny Morris
    Johnny Morris 9 days ago

    Why you wanna meet the pine sol lady!? What the hell is wrong with you hahaha- love you Trixie and Katya!

  • Nicholas Argao
    Nicholas Argao 10 days ago

    Katya giving you full Fraggle Rock

  • Noelle Kovatch
    Noelle Kovatch 10 days ago

    I ran into Trixie out of drag in Calgary this week AND IT'S TRUE IT MADE MY DAY AND I'M STILL THINKING ABOUT IT good lord

  • Johnny Truong
    Johnny Truong 10 days ago

    Miss Vaaaaaaanjie...

  • Luca Caldari
    Luca Caldari 10 days ago +1

    When the editors flipped the video image and Trixie were on the right I got nausea for a moment

  • Alien Bae
    Alien Bae 12 days ago

    Honestly I'm not famous and god I wish I was even just a smidge. But I have a ball jointed doll and carry it around almost everywhere with me and I get looms sometimes but it makes my world when someone asks me about her. Like today I was at the park for early 4th of july fireworks and these two little girls literally stopped my sisters and I to say they liked my doll and she was pretty (I also make my doll's clothes (one reason I tend to bring her with me everywhere) so knowing even a little kid liking her while she has an outfit on that I made makes it even better)

  • Claire Wagner
    Claire Wagner 13 days ago

    I’d give Katya all of my money for a picture 😂

  • Doll Mew
    Doll Mew 13 days ago

    This episode just reminded me of how much I wanna meet them

  • MSK
    MSK 13 days ago

    Fame .. it’ll get ya

  • Luna
    Luna 14 days ago

    I finally finished every RPDR and made my way through all stars 3 and I can conclude ... I fucking love 😍 you two your both awesome !!
    I really feel like I’m a teeny fly on the wall watching these “uuuuuuuugh” episodes 😂😂 they brighten my day ! I’d love you to have @willambelli on as a guest one week , that would be my dream guest anyway .... oh mind you this is a wow production isn’t it so this comment will probably self destruct 1 minute after posting 🤫😉🙊😆 fuck it I’ll say it anyway though ... love
    You too willam 💋👋 x x x

  • Jazzy J
    Jazzy J 14 days ago +1

    "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" ~ Trixie Mattel

  • Ray Shikatsu
    Ray Shikatsu 17 days ago

    The edittor is so talented tbh

  • Celeste Christesen
    Celeste Christesen 19 days ago

    I laughed about 70 times during this video. I tried to find a one quotable phrase, but they are all gold! 💋

  • Robbie Nick
    Robbie Nick 19 days ago

    I hate the way they view fame.... you would be nothing without the fans.. I stanned them both too /:

  • VW Golf
    VW Golf 19 days ago

    I'm confused. I get that they're "famous" in drag. Do they go out to Chipolte in drag or something? Maybe I haven't watched enough episodes to know what they look like out of drag.

  • UptownOutlaw
    UptownOutlaw 20 days ago

    The power of Pine-Sol lady was my babysitter in the 80s

  • Uyên Lê
    Uyên Lê 20 days ago

    I thought it was my stomach for a second lol

  • O M
    O M 21 day ago

    Trixie is not trixie without the big hair, no shade.

  • Hayden McHugh
    Hayden McHugh 21 day ago

    So mUCh of My lIfE HAs beeN SPenT on THESe viDeo'S

  • Pascal Perron
    Pascal Perron 23 days ago

    They stayed on topic like fucking pros

  • Salomé Cholet
    Salomé Cholet 24 days ago +1

    What about a normal editing ?
    Editor : *hold my beer*

  • Hannah Moore
    Hannah Moore 25 days ago

    "Larry King? I only know you from South Park," #screaming

  • Vinson Huynh
    Vinson Huynh 25 days ago

    I am feeling Trixies outfit and Katyas hair. Yassss my queens.

  • veddie knows when
    veddie knows when 26 days ago

    I'm watching this to distract from my eternal urge to bawl my eyes out.

  • xXxOgreToesxXx 69
    xXxOgreToesxXx 69 27 days ago

    Katyas face looks like my 4th grade science teacher. It fucks me up looking at her.

  • Kaley Harris
    Kaley Harris 27 days ago

    I love trixies outfit in this oh my god and Katyas hair 😍🤩

  • BellaDame Xx
    BellaDame Xx 28 days ago

    Omg I couldn’t stop laughing at Julia Roberts

  • coral.carl.carol
    coral.carl.carol 29 days ago

    0:11-0:15 I absolutely lost my shit at this! XD

  • soph tea
    soph tea Month ago +1

    *how many times did Katya die in this single video*

  • lucidking07
    lucidking07 Month ago

    Trixie looks like Raven here

  • Lucy
    Lucy Month ago

    Everybody welcome to the stage Mutual X Change from the haus of X Change 😂

  • Princess Sparkle Pixie

    I fully agree that children should not be allowed in films. Kids (at least under 13 years of age) should not be working in any capacity to begin with and definitely should never be performing within the sphere of commercial entertainment (I was a child model and dancer, so while my opinions on the subject may be strong, I'm well informed and have first hand real world experience).. Ballet/dance/gymnastics, children's only theater, music and arts programs, etc. If it is an educational, athletic, or an enriching experience and learning oriented program, I'm all for it. But when it's a for profit, commercial, competitive, superficial thing that doesn't serve to impart knowledge, instill values, confidence and skills that will aid in a child's development (either physically or mentally), there is no reason for it.. Professional child actors, models, dancers, etc. are forced to grow up too quickly, they are exposed to adult business practices and they are forced to compete, not with, but against their own peers. Not only do many of these children develop complexes and experience dissociation from their peer group, they also have trouble conforming to a "regular" lifestyle outside of the industry because so many of them are encouraged to abandon their education early on they can focus on working. Which inevitably leads to disillusionment, because their expectations are so far removed from reality. Especially child actors, as they grow up and jobs become fewer and further between, many develop mental health issues, suffer from depression, eating disorders, anxiety and many more struggle with substance abuse.. Children should never be allowed to work, whether they want to or not, children cannot consent. They are being exploited for profit and its devastating anyway you look at it.

  • Patricia Patricia
    Patricia Patricia Month ago

    She didn't know Anna passed??

  • George Bond
    George Bond Month ago +1

    I'm so glad Trixie has returned to her abusive relationship with blush

  • savannah ferrell
    savannah ferrell Month ago

    Katya came to play in Louisville and I went and she was smoking a cigarette, in between performances, and god everyone out there was so drunk and just BOMBARDING HER for pictures and just drunkenly slurring at her and she was NOT HAVING IT like she was doing the stuff but obviously irritated and exhausted and I was just like 🥺 “I wish I could talk to her but she needs her time and I respect that” and just watched her smoke and wished all the people would just leave her ALONE lol

  • t jango
    t jango Month ago

    COME TO MADISON WISCONSIN!!!! Both of you! Love you Queens

  • Arlin Bantam
    Arlin Bantam Month ago


  • Jazzy J
    Jazzy J Month ago +4

    "I know I'm famous" Trixie Mattel 2019

  • hysteric mysteric
    hysteric mysteric Month ago

    Tracy doesn't know Grace Coddington.... fjfjf

  • Armando Gamboa
    Armando Gamboa Month ago

    I’m now going to carry around a 5 dollar money order around at all times, in case I see Katya!

  • notcaryll
    notcaryll Month ago

    Tracy looks extra fine today.

  • My Name
    My Name Month ago

    I found someone twitter famous at a model UN conference and confronted them and they fucking deactivated their account SOWOEKEKR

  • Amy LR
    Amy LR Month ago +6

    They should have reaction videos to the edits.

  • DanieAwesome
    DanieAwesome Month ago

    Meeting Kayta twice was amazing. The second time we talked about weather for five minutes and it was actually interesting.

  • Artizorg
    Artizorg Month ago

    Attention to detail of the editors is over 9000 in this one! 3:12

  • Sergio Mendes
    Sergio Mendes Month ago +2

    100 views are mine.. why do i keep watching this episodes over and over again?

  • lex sotomayor
    lex sotomayor Month ago

    Lmao I love these two, thank you for the many laughs & lessons! 💕

  • nxtlvlrebecca
    nxtlvlrebecca Month ago

    I never wanted to meet LeVar Burton!
    I hope someone got this reference.

  • kmallory100
    kmallory100 Month ago


  • Darius Willis
    Darius Willis Month ago

    Trixie serving Clueless teas

  • Janelle Jesyca-Ann
    Janelle Jesyca-Ann 2 months ago

    you get so carried away with watching them with various backgrounds and edits and sitting in a white background that you forget they're really just sitting in front of a green screen, talking to themselves.

  • imogen mattel
    imogen mattel 2 months ago

    trixie needed katyas hair with that outfit

  • Kati D
    Kati D 2 months ago +3

    "At first it was cool, then it was weird, and now i like it" is essentially the journey of my relationship with my sexuality

  • Vienna Chavez
    Vienna Chavez 2 months ago

    I gave katya a 2$ bill at play in Nashville so at least now I know she appreciates the money lmao.

  • bailey mo
    bailey mo 2 months ago

    trixie looks like one of the villains from kim
    possible. duff or whatever his name was.

  • Chelsea Cooper
    Chelsea Cooper 2 months ago

    Is Katya ok?

  • Amí DeVille
    Amí DeVille 2 months ago

    If I ever see Katya out and about, I'm going to make that creaking door noise that cracks her up and just keep walking by her.
    "...unnhhhhhh......? ..uuuuhhhhhnnnnn....."

  • RedAmalgam
    RedAmalgam 2 months ago

    Trixie doesn't know Grace Coddington?!?!

  • azura kaiyo
    azura kaiyo 2 months ago

    What’s going on with her MUG

  • Little Caladan
    Little Caladan 2 months ago +1

    I love that Katya didn’t know that Anna Nicole Smith is dead 💔💀

  • goliaboi
    goliaboi 2 months ago