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  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
  • Do you know all top 10 Gordon Ramsay knife moments? As a world-famous chef, it’s obvious that Chef Gordon Ramsay needs to know his way around a set of knives. But you might not know about all of his most impressive and most memorable cooking experiences involving knives and cutting, which is why we’ve compiled a list of Gordon Ramsay’s top 10 knife moments!
    Please comment #GordonRamsay #GordonRamsayKnife #Ramsay if you think these top 10 Gordon Ramsay knife moments are entertaining.
    0:20 Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Kit
    1:21 Ramsay vs. the Onion
    2:25 How To Sharpen A Knife
    3:23 On the Chopping Block
    4:31 Gordon Ramsay Snaps A Knife!
    5:49 Ramsay’s Expertise
    6:50 Ramsay and the Brazilian Chef
    8:13 Salmon Slicing Record
    9:25 Ramsay Sharpening With Stars
    10:34 Gordon Ramsay's Own Kitchen Nightmare
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  • BabbleTop
    BabbleTop  9 months ago +59

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    10 Times Gordon Ramsay Got VERY SICK (Kitchen Nightmares)
    Top 10 Gordon Ramsay SHUTDOWNS (Kitchen Nightmares) (Part 1)
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    • Elijah Harp
      Elijah Harp 5 months ago

      Hey pls respond , can we talk about that thumbnail.

    • Joshua Guite
      Joshua Guite 5 months ago

      Who cooks apples?haha😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😀😃😀😄😂😂😄😂😂😀😀

    • Elijah
      Elijah 5 months ago

      Why do you make his teeth so white his skin so soft and eyes so blue WHY❓

    • Muhammad Ehsan
      Muhammad Ehsan 7 months ago

      Fuck Silverton Gordon don't need to impress that bitch

    • talkysleet4556 boombastic
      talkysleet4556 boombastic 7 months ago

      Gordan Ramsey does not look like a plastic surgery gone wrong

  • Brandon Masters
    Brandon Masters 3 days ago +1

    So one that's a honing steel it's just to correct the edge of the blade and leave it sharper for longer but it doesn't actually sharpen the knife. Two the bear claw cutting guard is a standard technique that all individuals in the culinary field know. Three stacking and rolling leaf herbs like basil then thin cutting them is called a chiffonade it's not all that impressive. Give some facts that non pro chefs don't know. And don't contribute it to one chef, I do all of this on a daily basis and so do thousands of other people

  • Miku Laufeyson
    Miku Laufeyson 7 days ago

    Why do you make his eyes look unnaturally blue in your thumbnails? He already beautiful blue eyes as it is. Why do you edit so ridiculously xD

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  6 days ago

      Because I feel like it! 😜

  • Pamela Rickers
    Pamela Rickers 9 days ago

    ‘erbs? What are ‘erbs?

  • Dude a Dude
    Dude a Dude 18 days ago +1

    StoP MakING HiS FucCkin eYeSS BLuEE

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  18 days ago

      I like making his eyes blue! 😳 👀

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz 20 days ago

    Cut my finger ! No biggie, that's like a carpenter never getting a splint

  • MasterSoki
    MasterSoki 20 days ago

    Sorry to break it to you but ellen i not even close to be the queen of comedy

  • Aidan FN
    Aidan FN 23 days ago

    what is that thing at 0:52

  • Kieran Ransley
    Kieran Ransley 28 days ago

    Pls stop using the same thumbnail of Gordon Ramsay with blue eyes it's really annoying and fake

  • Jesper Tunge
    Jesper Tunge Month ago

    As somebody who is a wanna be chef i can say that this video is trash

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      Sorry you didn't like the vid Jesper Tunge... 😥

  • Cayden Davison
    Cayden Davison Month ago

    Get a regular sharpening stone it’s easier and I find it more effective

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      Thanks for the advice Cayden Davison! 😄

  • Tora Iaito
    Tora Iaito Month ago

    Sharpening and honing are different things. Sharpening creates a fine sharp edge while using a honing steel will make micro serrations on the knife to slice food better

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      Thanks for the educative information Tora Iaito! 😄 🔪

  • moises mendez
    moises mendez Month ago

    I stabbed the subscribe button and it broke

  • i smell bad but still you can’t do this

    doesn’t ramsy have kids

  • Little FriendlySloth

    Its herbs not erbs

  • papacatto
    papacatto Month ago

    why is his fave so fucking overedited in the thumbnail

  • Bee Phenix
    Bee Phenix Month ago


  • Haxor
    Haxor Month ago +1

    This video sucks. The voice, the clips, asking to sub before the end of the vid. Get lost man

  • Aaron gaming
    Aaron gaming Month ago

    Why do people say erbs its herbs

  • Wszechświat
    Wszechświat Month ago

    0:13 the fuck happened with his face

  • euqirnE niuqaoJ
    euqirnE niuqaoJ Month ago

    I find comedians not funny

  • A-Man
    A-Man Month ago

    What the fqck is wrong with his eyes on the thumbnail

  • robandmurr
    robandmurr Month ago

    Number 4: Gordon Ramsey stabbing six children outside of a primary school

  • Carine Côté élève

    Turns out that even world class chefs make mistakes☺️

  • NormGGames
    NormGGames Month ago

    I will stap the subscribe button 2 times then it will bleed , she told me to stab it

  • Unddo Zahaz
    Unddo Zahaz Month ago

    Does the creator of this video know how to cook?

  • Donavyn Fortin
    Donavyn Fortin Month ago

    Wtf is the thumbnail

  • Gonzalo Hernandez
    Gonzalo Hernandez Month ago +2

    Ellen the queen of comedy???????????
    *Dislikes video*

  • DoubleDecker BeckerPecker

    Maybe stop editing the thumbnail to give him oceans for eyes and clay skin


    I stabbed the subscribe button but it broke my screen

  • Park Yonghan
    Park Yonghan Month ago

    this video was unnecessarily longer than it should be... the intro part was almost a quarter of the video

  • Xander Ashton
    Xander Ashton Month ago


  • Aleksander Iwaszkiewicz

    Gordon ramsay is a liar… He always says: "Let the knife do the work for you.." But when i just stopped holding the knife...


  • eyllisa winston
    eyllisa winston Month ago

    That thumbnail tho lol

  • the derp a herp
    the derp a herp Month ago

    Well for that last one in the list I guess you could say he nailed it with those nice skills
    If this has been said somewhere in the coment section then note I was not botherd to look too much

  • XxWolfytuber-SarinaxX

    That thumbnail tho

  • Mohammed Ditta
    Mohammed Ditta Month ago

    Why do some top tens about Gordon Ramsay make his eyes blue

  • heatstorm _233
    heatstorm _233 Month ago

    Gordon: *breaks knife*
    Camera man: I’m about to end this whole man’s career

  • csmemarketing
    csmemarketing Month ago

    This video had a few positives, then everything went downhill from there. It seems you're doing a smear campaign against the Chef God.

  • Marione Dela Pena
    Marione Dela Pena Month ago

    i didnt even want to watch this video but i just clicked to comment who the fuck did the thumbnail

    MLBB VEIN Month ago

    What episode was that? 0:51

  • D1sc0de
    D1sc0de Month ago

    Rewind 2018 got nothing on this

  • Wraath
    Wraath Month ago

    your editor needs to be fired

  • A frozen Tundra
    A frozen Tundra Month ago

    A steel does not sharpen a knife. It hones the blade. That's why you use the steel so often. It helps keep an edge on the blade. Makes it stay sharper longer.

  • Evan
    Evan Month ago

    Your thumbnails always make me feel like I’m high on ecstasy

  • Cheap Tactics
    Cheap Tactics Month ago

    Queen of comedy is a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

  • zPrxqz_YX
    zPrxqz_YX Month ago

    I feel bad for the brazilian

  • skyeanais ayris
    skyeanais ayris Month ago

    *gets two breads* idiot sandwich 😂

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      LOL skyeanais ayris 😂😜

  • Shraman Singla
    Shraman Singla Month ago

    That voice is so annoying

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      Sorry you didn't like the vid's narrator's voice Shraman Singla... 😥

  • Fables 47
    Fables 47 Month ago

    Imagine if Gordon is a serial Killer...

  • capwolf O-O
    capwolf O-O Month ago +1

    WHY DID YOU MAKE HIS EYES SO BLUE!? (in thumbnail)

  • Sobean 67
    Sobean 67 Month ago

    The hell is going on with his eyes?

  • Rilqx
    Rilqx Month ago

    this channel is pure aids and wtf is with those thumbnails lol

    • Rilqx
      Rilqx Month ago

      +BabbleTop It's not like I hate the whole channel, I hate some part of the videos but over all I do watch several videos from this channel. I criticized the thumbnails because it was kinda creepy to look at. Personal opinion but I have hope that this channel will soon change those things which we people criticized about!

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      Sorry you didn't like the channel and vid's thumbnails Lox... 😥

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke Month ago

    The thumbnail is killing me

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      So do you like the thumbnail?

  • Master M
    Master M 2 months ago

    lol i got a ad that is talking about knives lol

  • black metal enthusiast. 6661

    ..the narrator has no idea what she's talking about lol

  • Joey Noodles
    Joey Noodles 2 months ago

    These thumbnails are fucking garbage

    • Joey Noodles
      Joey Noodles 2 months ago

      +BabbleTop bro, the excessive and unnecessary editing isn't visually appealing

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 months ago

      why do you think that?

  • Renegade Reaper
    Renegade Reaper 2 months ago +1

    Welp we all know who's surviving a zombie apocalypse

  • Zoe Kirsten Torres
    Zoe Kirsten Torres 2 months ago +1

    OMG!!!At 1:21 I got a add for knifes and how to sharpen a knife!

  • dave lawandra
    dave lawandra 2 months ago

    Stop editing his eyes like that

  • Samuel Ceniza
    Samuel Ceniza 2 months ago

    I loved your show the best in the world

  • Kiwi Gacha
    Kiwi Gacha 2 months ago

    What happened to his eyes on the thumbnail!?!?!?!?!

  • Patrick Glaser
    Patrick Glaser 2 months ago

    Chopper knife... that's a bolstered 8" chef's knife. It's not a nakiri or a chai dao or even a cleaver...

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 months ago

      Nor is this knife from: ZWILLING J. A. Henckels or WMF Group

  • Chris Elliott
    Chris Elliott 2 months ago

    I would saw the steel on a knife is important too

  • TheDrunken Beast
    TheDrunken Beast 2 months ago

    0:50 that doesnt look appetizing.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 months ago +1

      LOL TheDrunken Beast 😂😜 Yes Indeed 😁😁

  • Reaper Gaming
    Reaper Gaming 2 months ago

    Why do you make Gordon’s eyes so blue?

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 months ago

      Because he has blue eyes! 👀

  • Someone Who doesn't care about much

    Can I please say that herbs doesn’t have a silent ‘h’ I think I was the only one annoyed by this

  • Watashi Wasabi
    Watashi Wasabi 2 months ago

    Stop using MS Paint to TRY and color his eyes, we can tell his eyes arent normal in the video picture

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 months ago

      😜😍but his eyes are so beautiful😍😜

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side 2 months ago

    Ramsay: oh fuck me
    Me: excuse me? Fuck me? FUCK YOU

  • Tex
    Tex 2 months ago

    holy shit show the clip and stfu so annoying

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 months ago

      Sorry you didn't like the vid's narration LoOz... 😥

  • Gaming teddy Bear
    Gaming teddy Bear 2 months ago

    This channel needs to see a thereipasts

  • R u D e S A I N
    R u D e S A I N 2 months ago

    Why the fuck do they change the color of his eyes and teeth

  • NecooMonsoon
    NecooMonsoon 2 months ago

    That 2nd one, he wasn't sharpening a knife, he was honing it. Honing a knife straightens the edge of the blade. To sharpen a knife you need whetstones or a sharpener.

  • Fishysteve Plays
    Fishysteve Plays 2 months ago +1

    Why do you make his eyes blue in every thumbnail

  • BlackTalon53
    BlackTalon53 2 months ago

    Pause the video at 1:06 and have a look at how badly fucked up the edge of Ramsay's knife is. Ghastly.

  • Seungyun Katie Hong (Student)

    What the hell is that thumbnail. Creepy af

  • Ninja Anonymous
    Ninja Anonymous 2 months ago +2

    BabbleTop:time to stab that SUBSCRIBE BUTTON
    Gordon Ramsay:what did you say? That's not how its works.

  • Smickleberry Productions

    Unnecessary blue eye effect... smh

  • DAP Studios
    DAP Studios 2 months ago

    The thumbnail.. They made Gordon’s eyes very blue and took off some of his wrinkles to make it more appealing so more people can click on it for more views and more people for more adds being watched so for more money.. That’s how thumbnails work.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 months ago

      thumbnails = Important!!!!!

  • mightymonster 90
    mightymonster 90 2 months ago

    The onion part made my eyes water just watching it

  • Zach Limb
    Zach Limb 3 months ago

    Why do you make his eyes so blue?

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  3 months ago

      Because they are blue 👀

  • Lil ish N
    Lil ish N 3 months ago +3

    i chopped my fingers after watching this

  • LivelyTheEpic Lizard
    LivelyTheEpic Lizard 3 months ago

    why does every thumbnail of yours have gordon ramsays eyes as blue as the coast of miami

  • sed8me69
    sed8me69 3 months ago

    0:27 - *DUMBEST thing you'll ever hear said*
    If a Tradesmen Blames his Tools, fire the Hack.
    A Master will only ever Blame self, especially when it comes to the state of His tools.
    PS, Chef Ramsay could likely cook to & exceed Michelin standards using only 🐄 Dung and Sticks 😉

  • lil k33fey
    lil k33fey 3 months ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay’s version of a cook off is called
    Cook off and then Fuck off will you

  • marble gun
    marble gun 3 months ago +1

    Jesus why do they photoshop his eyes in all of their thumbnails

  • jesusbonnie
    jesusbonnie 3 months ago +1

    He loves a knife and a rifle. Gotta love him.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  3 months ago +1

      Thanks for the feedback jesusbonnie 😄😄

    • jesusbonnie
      jesusbonnie 3 months ago

      +BabbleTop Will do...Please make one of him calling people "Donkey"

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  3 months ago +1

      Please show your Ramsay love by subscribing to us! 😍😜 Clicking that notification bell 🔔👍

  • Nikola Marjanovic
    Nikola Marjanovic 3 months ago

    why this video is in HD xD HD my ass

  • NzTnT
    NzTnT 3 months ago

    fk me these are just basic knife skills nothing impressive

  • Roc Rocstar *epic gamer*

    *TheRichest, is that you?*

  • Lieutenant Axner
    Lieutenant Axner 3 months ago +1

    "This knife is sturdy" NOPE

  • kevinkever2000
    kevinkever2000 3 months ago

    the 'weird' technique with his fingers is actually the first thing you learn when you start working in a restaurant, this way you will never hit your finger

  • hackingdevil
    hackingdevil 3 months ago

    Stop the subscribe button abuse

  • Gysar
    Gysar 3 months ago

    I have my Wüsthof knife trio. Best knifes in the world xD (at least for me)

  • Bl ank
    Bl ank 3 months ago

    Pretty sad when you make the video barely 10 mins just so you can put in 4 ads

  • RunninFromTheK9
    RunninFromTheK9 3 months ago

    That ending eeeeweeewwwwww, I wouldn’t eat that shit with a possible loose nail inside gross

  • Mr DOGE
    Mr DOGE 3 months ago

    Your stpupid it’s pronounced chives (ch-ee-vs)

  • The Bloody Follower
    The Bloody Follower 4 months ago

    reeeeeee thats how u supposed to cut with ur knuckles as a protector u uncultured swine

  • Nathon yeeted
    Nathon yeeted 4 months ago

    I stabed my phone

  • Rodrigo Terrasanta
    Rodrigo Terrasanta 4 months ago

    just shut up please