TAG Official Trailer (2018) Jeremy Renner, Isla Fisher Comedy Movie HD


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  • Lyod Zumaraga
    Lyod Zumaraga Month ago

    Tag is a playground game that involves two or more players chasing other players in an attempt to "tag" or touch them, usually with their hands. There are many variations; most forms have no teams, scores, or equipment. Usually when a person is tagged, the tagger says, "Tag, you're 'it'!". - Wiki

  • Icee Cherry Simonne Caparas

    This is so cool! #JeremyRenner

    • Avengers Assemble
      Avengers Assemble 29 days ago

      Oh my god is cool as *Ronin* and *Avengers:EndGame* (2019). 🤩

  • Steve Wertz
    Steve Wertz 2 months ago

    Wow The Trailer is so hot and I know why)......... already watched it using boxxy software with german dubbing, amazing

  • Fanni Van den Berge
    Fanni Van den Berge 2 months ago

    Anyone here from insta? Like :)

  • Eric Manuel
    Eric Manuel 2 months ago

    Uncharted movie Jeremy fit for Nathan Drake

  • GluedTechDude
    GluedTechDude 3 months ago

    Whats the audio bitrate for the video? 10 bps? Sounded like complete garbage even at 1080p full quality. Peoples voices are tinny and robotic sounding.

  • For Kids By Kids
    For Kids By Kids 3 months ago


  • Mlk
    Mlk 3 months ago


  • Brown dog
    Brown dog 3 months ago +1

    Jeremy Renner's movies are always very interesting! so I think that this is also interesting!!👍
    I love Renner☺
    I want to see in Japan!!!🇯🇵

  • TheGreekGod Project
    TheGreekGod Project 3 months ago

    This what adult men must do...

  • Robert Polityka
    Robert Polityka 4 months ago

    Nobody messes with Hawkeye

  • humble kid
    humble kid 4 months ago

    -"Julie made me watch this while hitting a blunt

  • Laura Stimpson
    Laura Stimpson 4 months ago

    So glad that Hawkeye finally has his own film! It's a magnificent origin story too!

  • Silk Blitz Fazerfraser
    Silk Blitz Fazerfraser 4 months ago


  • officiallykpopped
    officiallykpopped 4 months ago

    Your friends are disappearing left and right and this is what your doing? Cmon man.

  • Garry Dy
    Garry Dy 5 months ago

    Cute movie. I love it. Friendship never ends till we grow up. Love it so much, very inspiring.

  • Laurynas Leskauskas
    Laurynas Leskauskas 5 months ago

    Trash movie.

  • Cory Van Treuren
    Cory Van Treuren 5 months ago

    Just saw this movie . Watched it with my best buds it was fucking awesome

  • marouska toevian
    marouska toevian 5 months ago

    this is one of the worst movies ever

  • TakuMasaki01
    TakuMasaki01 5 months ago

    Why did Rotten Tomatoes give this a poor review? It was hilarious, doesn't feel at all too forced, and it delivers a heartwarming message.
    Now Blockers... That movie was funny somewhat, but it was just overall bad.

  • Jessica Bizzell
    Jessica Bizzell 5 months ago

    That was the really appropriate song to play for this trailer btw

  • ethxreal.x
    ethxreal.x 5 months ago

    Soooo....Hawkeye was playing Tag...while Thanos destroyed the universe....

  • Cyberdyne Systems
    Cyberdyne Systems 5 months ago


  • clorox bleach
    clorox bleach 5 months ago

    This was sooo funny

  • Jherrel Sanchez
    Jherrel Sanchez 5 months ago

    Goddamnit Clint they’re battling for the fate of the universe and this is what you’re doing playig a kids game

  • I hAve tHe hIgH gRoUnD
    I hAve tHe hIgH gRoUnD 5 months ago

    Everyone: going out war
    Hawkeye: f*** the war,imma play tag

  • Matt Rhino
    Matt Rhino 5 months ago

    Andrew Bernard

  • mycali louis
    mycali louis 5 months ago

    Great movie

  • The.Inferno
    The.Inferno 5 months ago

    Such a good movie

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 5 months ago

    Rumor has it that even Thanos can't tag him.

  • T-Series Lovers
    T-Series Lovers 5 months ago

    thexvid.com/video/c0_ghg7rxpm/video.html watch the full movie Tag here

  • jayson cathold
    jayson cathold 5 months ago

    Why too many hawkeye shit here

  • Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley 5 months ago

    This movie sucked so bad holy shit it was bad

  • onlygodcanjudgeme
    onlygodcanjudgeme 5 months ago

    The film is shit !

  • Pamella Gwiza
    Pamella Gwiza 5 months ago

    omg i can't wait to watch this movie the trailer is funny

  • Nick Ballard
    Nick Ballard 5 months ago


  • FacePalm
    FacePalm 5 months ago

    Watched this the other day. Don't waste your time and money. Literally everyone apart from Hanibal Buress overacting and trying too hard to be funny, it just ends up being cringey. They ruined the real story.

  • Abomination Jr.
    Abomination Jr. 6 months ago

    Yo I like your Chanel and all but why you gotta copy Film Select Intro

  • Shadowhawk88
    Shadowhawk88 6 months ago +1

    1:53 Oh i can so just sit here and cry!
    *Only true fans will know*

  • Meili Lovejoy
    Meili Lovejoy 6 months ago

    Based on a true story 😅

  • bhargav sonowal
    bhargav sonowal 6 months ago

    It's fucking greatest movie for friends

  • Waylon Hoss
    Waylon Hoss 6 months ago

    One of the funniest movies In a long long time

  • Isabella Rualea
    Isabella Rualea 6 months ago +1

    Wait.... a true story? im either really dumb for believing this or its true

    • Madjuri xl
      Madjuri xl 6 days ago

      True or not. We gona make this in real life. Me and my friends start the 30 person in İstanbul. We gona tag each other now. Let's see what gona happen 😏

  • spannyaad baby
    spannyaad baby 6 months ago +1

    This movie is so funny

  • alexroll 92
    alexroll 92 6 months ago

    Watched it and it's funny

  • The Gem Show
    The Gem Show 6 months ago

    The NARD DOG

  • M Swart
    M Swart 6 months ago

    why put one black guy in the movie? can they not be more political correct?

  • Kenzie
    Kenzie 6 months ago

    Hawkeye is trained to be quick and hard to catch. That's way he can't be tagged easily.

  • Person 123
    Person 123 6 months ago

    An actual group of friends did this.

  • uddo fixed
    uddo fixed 6 months ago

    just watched the half of this stupid movie. i love funny stuff, i love comedy, who doesn't, but this was just a lot of trying to be funny, but not being funny at all.

  • Clément
    Clément 6 months ago

    Me I watched it and frankly, I found the story super friendly and original but there is only the beginning that was funny.

  • bonybah gaming
    bonybah gaming 6 months ago

    When you run out of ideas

  • Hafiz Jumat
    Hafiz Jumat 6 months ago

    oh come on clint(hawkeye)..finally,we found you!!

  • BJ JR
    BJ JR 6 months ago

    Awesome Soundtrack

  • biswajeet techie
    biswajeet techie 6 months ago

    Hogaie : We couldn't tagged jerry in past 30 years.
    'Cuz you dumbass that's Hawkeye for you.

  • Gamer Neutralized
    Gamer Neutralized 6 months ago


  • sixtynine999
    sixtynine999 6 months ago

    Thanos has tagged Hawkeye with the Reality Stone and he has to play tag forever while half the universe dies. :(

  • Psychosis o-O
    Psychosis o-O 6 months ago

    Really not that fair when your 1 friend is an Avenger

  • Janic De Schrooder
    Janic De Schrooder 6 months ago

    Nice movie

  • Amber Owens
    Amber Owens 6 months ago

    OMG,me n my mom saw this n there were two married couples in the theater n I swear EVERYONE laughed to the point to where they were gonna DIE,but in a good way!!I so can't wait for the DVD!!

  • Jeffrey Teruel
    Jeffrey Teruel 6 months ago

    So Hawkeye ditched the Avengers to play tag?

    MOM'S SPAGHETTI 6 months ago

    I don't give a shit what anyone says about this movie. It was hilarious on another level

  • Jason Lynn
    Jason Lynn 7 months ago

    My friends and I literally do something just this every single June

  • Nandoera
    Nandoera 7 months ago +1

    Wait a second... Based on a true story?

  • Art Deco
    Art Deco 7 months ago

    Lame movie
    The only part I laughed was at when chair bounced back from glass

  • Antonio Francescon
    Antonio Francescon 7 months ago +1

    Draper popped in for a moment 1:37

  • Aaron
    Aaron 7 months ago

    Looks REALLY stupid!

  • Catspaw
    Catspaw 7 months ago

    Hawkeye was undercover.

  • Devon Brooks
    Devon Brooks 7 months ago

    That is hilarious 😂😂😂 0:42

  • Devon Brooks
    Devon Brooks 7 months ago

    Bro where you get ice cream from 2:05

  • coolBunnyv Wolfy
    coolBunnyv Wolfy 7 months ago

    I like this movie

  • GewoonGames
    GewoonGames 7 months ago

    True story😂😂

  • gamer11_RBLX From ROBLOX

    Guys guys maybe is a good thing why hes not on infinity war cuz if he was he would of be turn to dust too so is a good thing

  • Sandra Raituma
    Sandra Raituma 7 months ago

    Loved this movie! Totally recommend :)

    BLYATMAN PLAYS 7 months ago +1

    Saw the movie,PERFECT!

  • Danyi Zoltan
    Danyi Zoltan 7 months ago

    The Pharcyde - Runnin'

  • Armaan Nayar
    Armaan Nayar 7 months ago

    Indians play a similar game called ops and bats. Though it's so much more violent!!

  • Lúcio
    Lúcio 7 months ago

    First I was like nah, but then he said "We've been playing the same game of tag for 30 years" yeah, I'm seeing this

  • Shikshan Hindi
    Shikshan Hindi 7 months ago

    Terrible movie.

  • Pavle Madic
    Pavle Madic 7 months ago

    When its coming out?

  • ツDjeka70ツ
    ツDjeka70ツ 7 months ago

    Truth or dare, tag,... Nextt...

  • Rob H
    Rob H 7 months ago

    Why are women in it.. they were all guys that started the 23 year game.

  • Cristopher Bana
    Cristopher Bana 7 months ago

    Need more hawkeye joks

  • woofiiie
    woofiiie 7 months ago

    Everyones talking about hawkeye while im just happy to see that andy from the office is in this

  • Je Ro
    Je Ro 7 months ago

    Worth watching i so love it!!

  • T P
    T P 7 months ago +10

    This movie was amazing. It was hilarious,heart warming, and fresh for a comedy or any movie. The characters were wonderful with their acting and dialogue. It exceeded my expectations!!! 👍🏾❤

  • Serena Lara Gonzalez
    Serena Lara Gonzalez 7 months ago

    Tag, you're it

  • Lily Aziz
    Lily Aziz 7 months ago

    Yesss going to see this tonight!🍿

  • Chacu
    Chacu 7 months ago

    I actually enjoyed and liked this movie so much! 😄

  • Wone Freeman
    Wone Freeman 7 months ago

    A complete let down! NO chemistry between the characters, not one memorable scene, and just a couple of half-hearted giggles [ZERO lulz]. In summation, floppier than wet, soiled toilet paper... Flush this completely forgettable turd!

  • Matty Costa
    Matty Costa 7 months ago

    This movie is so underrated. It was soo good

  • Kareem Semakula
    Kareem Semakula 7 months ago +1

    based on a true story.

  • chloe wickert
    chloe wickert 7 months ago

    This movie looks hilarious!!!!! Cant wait to see it!!!

  • Wet Lettuce
    Wet Lettuce 7 months ago

    this looks terrible and funny at the same time

  • Comic Kitty
    Comic Kitty 7 months ago

    So this is where Hawkeye was in infinity war

  • Michelle fit uk
    Michelle fit uk 7 months ago

    Let's hope it's funny! 👏🎬🎬

  • 4sara12
    4sara12 7 months ago

    Based on a true story? Fucking hell I really wanna meet the guys who did this

  • Goonz
    Goonz 7 months ago

    Saw it last night because no other movie sounded interesting this movie was so fucking fucking good jerry is a psycho