What a Green Beret told me about SHTF


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  • Master Sergeant
    Master Sergeant 13 days ago +33

    Great video. Appreciate your hard work. It shows.

    • Survival prepping for normal people
      Survival prepping for normal people  8 days ago +1

      +Brand B you're welcome and you're worth it

    • Brand B
      Brand B 8 days ago +1

      Thank you both for your service.

    • Survival prepping for normal people
      Survival prepping for normal people  13 days ago +4

      Thank you for watching and your encouragement. Thank you for your service and your time. I left an E4 when the Army still had Corporals. I hear they are all specialists now a days. I left the Army but it never left me. I use skills every day that I learned back then.

  • cowboy7x
    cowboy7x 3 hours ago

    Lt. Ronald Speirs: Do you know why you crawled into that ditch Blithe?
    Private Albert Blithe: I was scared.
    Lt. Ronald Speirs: We're all scared. You crawled into that ditch because you think there's still hope. But Blithe? The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you're already dead. Only then can you function the way a soldier is supposed to function. Without mercy, without compassion, without remorse. All war depends upon it.
    "Band of Brothers"

  • John Senchuk
    John Senchuk 5 hours ago +3

    Definitely truly massive advice. I used to study the Samurai tradition and in the way of the Samurai book it talks about how the first step to becoming a warrior was to meditate profoundly on the reality of ones own death and to visualize and accept it, embrace it and become at peace with it. Also how courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act decisively regardless of fear. After that it's training and muscle memory, ect… Great video!

    • Survival prepping for normal people
      Survival prepping for normal people  5 hours ago +1

      The Army Special Forces are the closest thing America has to a warrior society steeped in tradition and has a unique culture and code. It has been the pinnacle of success a soldier can achieve and well respected by soldiers around the world. The discipline and dedication to the craft of war can hardly be appreciated by anyone who has not been a soldier. In many ways they are the samurai of America.

  • AllaroundNbackagain
    AllaroundNbackagain 6 hours ago

    Just joined your channel. Will check out your other vids too. We have a small channel too. See you around.

  • Don X
    Don X 6 hours ago

    Wow, that was a really interesting story. Practical AND philosophical. You can really tell a story well. You included a lot of interesting detail, and few were superfluous. I subscribed. Take care, and Happy New Year!

  • Curtis Lee
    Curtis Lee 6 hours ago

    I'm always amazed at guys who stockpiled thousands of rounds of ammo and weapons. Most of us won't survive the first or second firefight if we're going up against the military or the police. Becoming a hunted target is the next problem. We'll have to accept that we will die for our beliefs and make up our minds to make sure that our deaths are extremely costly to the enemy.

  • Scott Behr
    Scott Behr 15 hours ago

    "no I wasn't an 11B"...translation..." no I wasn't a bullet sponge"! ( I was a 12B, went through Q course at JFK in '79)

  • kbnguy
    kbnguy 16 hours ago

    blah blah blah bwahaha

  • Nik Buerky
    Nik Buerky 18 hours ago

    11,000 Subs in Dec. 19-2018, Jan. 17-2019 it's now 25,000 subs.

    CHRIS L 19 hours ago +1


  • TIER zero
    TIER zero 22 hours ago

    Intellectual property goes hand in hand with analytical and critical thinking, you've should of done your research before pulling the video down to make sure you're not stealing.

  • Onenerdvs
    Onenerdvs Day ago

    My plans for the apocalypse is to be the house right under the asteroid when it hits.

  • Firstand Last
    Firstand Last Day ago

    Intelectual property vs shared cultural heritage. Hmm. Ideas are worth spreading just not with enemies.

  • Arnold Cranium
    Arnold Cranium Day ago

    Good video brother.. A lot of people have trouble coming to grips with their own mortality these days. All death is certain its just a matter of how and when..

  • Sawyer Montoya
    Sawyer Montoya Day ago

    Who cares?

  • Cody Osborn
    Cody Osborn Day ago

    Could not agree more

  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson Day ago

    Right on man ... Great video! You also made me think after your buddy (Grn.B) dropped the reality bomb ... There must be some old Field Manual(s) pertaining to Survival while in Interment, but not covered is Family Unit Protection/Tactics (no outwardly/visual "resistances", go with flow/blend in would be common sense I believe but ... ?). Shit is bad and turning worse by every passing month, and unfortunately what many have warned about for YEARS, is looking more and more inevitable as "events" seem to be continually accelerating towards this outcome .... smh YEP, IF EVER POSSIBLE TO GET OUT OF THIS MESS (All the Western Nations must rid themselves of this well known criminal "elite" ... Once and for all ... AND all generations MUST be made aware that there is a historic cycle, which has SOMEHOW repeated itself MANY, MANY times before in one form or another, by a certain select group hiding within a larger general group (yes, zionists BUT also 1 more layer which hides behind them, and I believe they will use them as a scapegoat or insulation layer when that time arrives and these certain individuals will again disappear in the night ... only to again regroup and start subversive infiltration of nations/financial systems all over again .... possibly for the 367th time ????? This crazy cursed cycle must end along with parasitical usury of ALL others ..... which blossoms into all ends of treacherous acts ... much like the world around us all today .... Things should/could have been better after WW2 ........

  • hawknives
    hawknives Day ago

    Have You prepared to die?
    Christ Bless!

  • Duff Man
    Duff Man Day ago

    As a red hat cartoon my advice is drink more

  • Rick Via
    Rick Via Day ago

    Good Stuff

  • Will Kelly
    Will Kelly Day ago

    Go to 12:00

  • summerspecial28
    summerspecial28 Day ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    Unless you are prepared to kill and eat humans you won't live long. Forget about being outside in the daylight- you will most assuredly be shot from afar for the boots you're wearing or the potato in your hand.

  • cameron german
    cameron german Day ago

    Yup. It will happen to all of us at some point in that scenario. There will always be people like me who are gonna be coming for your shot and what you have when shtf. I may kill you you may kill me. Nothing personal. You live by the sword you die by the sword.

  • jatbatman
    jatbatman Day ago

    Survivalist and prepper are two different things. Some people manage both successfully, but very few preppers are really ready. I say this because if you have a ton of supplies (some literally) but your structure can't stand the test of disaster, you'll end up with limited supplies.
    This is usually where people go "but my shelter has..." Guess what, I've done volunteer firefighting and I've seen steel and cement structures gutted and mangled. Some natural disasters are very capable.
    Anyway limited supplies due to need to evacuate, means you are then no longer as prepped. A prepper is then in a bad spot. A survivalist however can be dropped in the woods and be able to make it. A survivalist will carry certain tools, and always has a pocket knife. They know that pocket knife is an important tool, but that it's not your most important tool (I'm sure someone will ask).
    Preppers can be survivalists and vice-versa, however these are not interchangable. A prepper is ready to stay put, a survivalist is ready to figure it out.

  • Gnome Add
    Gnome Add Day ago

    I watch the prepper vids for amusement purposes primarily.
    If SHTF we’re all screwed, plain and simple.
    I get a kick out of people that think they’re the exceptions.
    Blowing smoke up their arses.

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler Day ago

    no matter what you do...bugging out or bugging in. US military is going to kill you! Better to buy a Bible and pray and save your soul!

  • Henry Blake
    Henry Blake Day ago

    Skip to the 12:00 mark for the actual advice.

  • brianFURY
    brianFURY 2 days ago

    Were you Air delivery?

  • Blake Campbell Productions

    Great video, I spent 6 years riding fbm submarines. The mind set we had is if we ever did our job there was nothing to come home to. I then spent 23 years in the fire service. The one thing they can't take away from us is what we know. For me prepping is more than what I have or what I can carry on a couple horses. It's what I carry in my mind being able to survive any environment with what I have on my back. Thank you for helping educate others.

  • redmudpei
    redmudpei 2 days ago

    "you're going to die" no shit sherlock, what a waste of a video

  • Lei Yuan
    Lei Yuan 2 days ago

    you worked for bechtel

  • jamesdriggers2011
    jamesdriggers2011 2 days ago

    12 minutes in to a 15 minute video..."This is what you guys have been waiting for." Gotta shorten up that intro bro!!

  • LordOfNothingham
    LordOfNothingham 2 days ago

    Good lead in story but for those folks with limited time just go to the 12:00 minute mark.

  • Will Wade
    Will Wade 2 days ago

    One night A guy broke into my house through the back door and as he entered the livingroom from the kithen our eyes met. He had a 9 mil and was pointing it at me but I kept my eyes locked on his as we approached each other. He pointed the pistol at my head, I grabbed it and slid the slide back and we struggled for what seemed like forever but turned out to be about a minute. I got the pistol away from him and shot him twice. At that moment another guy came in from the kitchen and I shot him as well. During that whole time I didn't feel any fear and I still don't. I knew God was on my side and if I had been killed I was going to see Jesus. Before that night there were a lot of break-ins in my neighborhood but after that my neighbors realized they wouldn't go to jail for defendinemselve and armed themselves. In the past two years three more people have been shot for bvreaking in but none of those were in the last nine months. Don't get me wrong and think I am bragging because I'm not. I'm just telling you what happened and I feel if I had paniced I would have dierd that night.

  • Will Wade
    Will Wade 2 days ago

    Talking about seeing things, I tell people things I've seen while in the Navy and the average joe doesn't believe half of it because it wasn't on the news. If people knew about things I've seen, heard and had to do in my 26 years in they would be surprised and maybe a little scared... If they believed me at all, I am glad most of my family are military minded because we have each others back even when we don't get along.

  • Jennifer Therese
    Jennifer Therese 2 days ago

    My step dad was a nam survivor and collected items to keep his land safe. What do you recommend when on the run?

  • 〈〈CatRandy〉〉

    The advice starts at about 12:00 (sort of). Everything before that is intro (sort of).

  • Randy Rankin
    Randy Rankin 2 days ago

    never thought of it that way thanks

  • Sofa King Old
    Sofa King Old 2 days ago

    Doubled your sub count in less than 30 days. Good for you.

  • Alpha Bears
    Alpha Bears 2 days ago

    You don’t ask an advice of an occupier and invader but the advice of those that were invaded, whose land had been burned, government overthrown and with a government that is three times as bad as the one that they had previously. So if you want to get an advice, go to the Iraqi civilians or Afghan civilians not to your green beret buddy whom destroyed those lives.

  • Tupolev 144
    Tupolev 144 2 days ago

    I don't know what brought me here but I read this article a while ago by the BBC, it basically says that soldiers are told to accept they're already dead. The ones who think they're going home usually get killed. bbc.in/2CGSUvv
    Here is an extract: In another speech, the sergeant asked his men to reconcile themselves to the idea that they were all already dead. “The people that try to convince themselves they are coming home,” he explains, “generally screw up and [that] costs not only them their lives but someone else.”

  • Love Warrior
    Love Warrior 3 days ago

    Newbie greenhorn here... It's interesting that so many civilians are working the same 12+ hours/dayto just barely be able to pay their bills and food, and I'm talking about Americans who are NOT on welfare/EBT food stamps, medical care, et cetera. What gives with this establishment? Everyone is up in 2nd amendments and I don't even believe in killing! I'm feeling like the rest of the world, but I am at peace at the same time through my faith in Christ. Father, save us. There is so much more beauty to life than this. It's quite disheartening.

  • Daniel Triplett
    Daniel Triplett 3 days ago

    Hey that interesting ... At first I wasn't sure but after thinking bout it . .... Great advice . Fits for everyone in any situation

  • B M
    B M 3 days ago

    Normal people?

  • michael wier
    michael wier 3 days ago

    I had a Vietnam veteran tell me once, ' If you go into battle thinking you're already dead you'll do alright'. It's a mental war as well.NOTE: He said do alright not be alright

  • Jack Grant
    Jack Grant 3 days ago

    @ 7:00, yes thats true, A-teams or ODA's the majority of the times do that, B-teams or ODB'S are direct action elements.

  • M J
    M J 3 days ago

    skip to 11:00 to shorten the bla bla

  • Matt Marzula
    Matt Marzula 3 days ago

    I remember some really dangerous times in my life where I thought the world was going to end and my future and it depended on my survival. Luckily, my mother had taught me a lot. I learned how to hack computers, shoot guns, make explosives, and fly helicopters and shit. Unfortunately, she got busted trying to blow up a robotics factory or something like that. So I spent a few years in the 90's growing up in LA with my foster parents. I guess they were okay. I say were because they were murdered. I made friends with this real badass and we decided to break my mother out of the mental hospital. As it happens, this police impersonator who killed my foster parents came after us there to kill me. We were able to get away. Anyway, shit had hit the fan so all of that preparing for the end of the world came in pretty handy. Especially when we were trapped inside a metal foundry by that police impersonator...

    • Matt Marzula
      Matt Marzula 3 days ago

      Seriously though, you people who think that you're prepping for you and your family are living in a fantasy world. You can have a decade's worth of provisions. That just means that after ten years of the person you told about all of your plans is finished drinking tang out of your skull, he's going to move onto the next available person he can exploit. He'll probably use your daughter who he freshly impregnated as bait. And who knows, maybe after ten years of beating fetuses out of her, he'll want to keep this one?

  • Kunga Dorje
    Kunga Dorje 3 days ago

    Dude you could have shortness video to like 3 minutes advice stats at 12:00

  • David Lee
    David Lee 3 days ago

    I had my taste when hurricane Katrina hit. I live 30 minutes from the coast. Had several months with no power. Grew up on a farm and living off the land. Only thing different from having power and no power was watching tv. We had a garden and a good bit survived. For the most part we cooked what would spoil without being cold and fished out of our pond and creeks.

  • YoutubeMama
    YoutubeMama 3 days ago

    Thank you for your service. Subbbed.

  • Salty Monkey
    Salty Monkey 3 days ago

    You forgot to mention they not only fight and train, they also help the indigenous cultures with other tasks such as building schools, water purification, and the like.

  • Geoff Gambier
    Geoff Gambier 3 days ago

    Was he a C with 10th group? Just wondering

    • Survival prepping for normal people
      Survival prepping for normal people  3 days ago +2

      You are welcome. Same kind of thing happened to me. I got tapped to support an intel unit because of my tech expertise. I learned a lot from the secret squirrels...lol. I use some of that experience here. I will always remember a certain Major telling that communication can be weaponized 👍

    • Geoff Gambier
      Geoff Gambier 3 days ago +1

      +Survival prepping for normal people oh I wasn't in group but did serve with 5th group in Iraq, they had some guys go down with disentary and I got pulled as they were looking for designated marksmen/ sniper support in the AO. I'm also not tabbed I'm just good behind a rifle scope, I was a 13B nothing special. I spent 6 months of deployment with them and it was some of the best contacts and training I could have ever hoped to get. Just recognized the first name spent two weeks bunking with some 10th group guys before change of group and thought it'd be cool to try to reconnect. Love your channel and thanks for your service too.

    • Survival prepping for normal people
      Survival prepping for normal people  3 days ago

      Ok, well I want to thank you for your service and your time. I've known 3 different SOF men over the years and all them were good guys .

    • Geoff Gambier
      Geoff Gambier 3 days ago

      +Survival prepping for normal people im fairly sure its not him then. The americas are 7th group. And the guy I know is about 5"11 last initial of j

    • Survival prepping for normal people
      Survival prepping for normal people  3 days ago

      +Geoff Gambier his first name is Abram last initial is W bout 6' 3". Really good guy. Told a story about his football coach in 8th grade.

  • KidDerby
    KidDerby 3 days ago

    In long term SHTF, most preppers can make a decent go of it for a while in BUG IN situations. BUG OUT situations are where most of us will die.

  • Ilse Hauger
    Ilse Hauger 3 days ago

    I really find your You tube channel informative, am a South African farmer and can unfortunately see we are heading that way soon. Am preparing....but terrified for when it actually happens...but keep the info coming please..

  • justa nutherklonename

    Way too much talking with no substance. Almost the whole fifteen minutes wasted for you to learn you need be prepared for the worst in your own mind. About like his other video about local Leos etc being your biggest threat, like you didnt know that. The dog in my back yard could figure that out.

  • Dean Richie
    Dean Richie 3 days ago

    You Yammer on and take too long to get to the point.

  • Brad Rheinheimer
    Brad Rheinheimer 4 days ago

    It reminds me of how well we live and how hard we fight. Words to literally live by! God bless

  • Shawn Phipps
    Shawn Phipps 4 days ago

    Is Bug Out Bubba the person you spoke about in your vid?

  • michael hedgepeth
    michael hedgepeth 4 days ago

    many thanks, from a regular
    ol'country boy from N. Carolina

  • Deaner Jean Williams

    If you’re going to die anyway then why not stay to the death in your own home! I have faith in God enough to not be afraid of that. I’m not sure I would want to live in a would where hunting people was the way! 💙 I have all respect for our military & veterans, thank you for your service!

  • 99cobra2881
    99cobra2881 4 days ago

    Good video, really good.
    Great comments here and the whole scenario the Green Beret laid out has made this non prepper think multiple times about possible shtf scenarios and where and what my family will do or where we will go if shtf ever happens.
    It’s changed my thoughts immensely.

  • Hurricane Wind Power

    okay I waited for 15:00 mins for you to tell me we are going to die.......I have a lot of training and I get nice story but if you could have told me i am going to die in say 6 mins I would have another 9 mins of life to enjoy lol I am just jerking your chain chief if you run across people with need for wind solar and energy needs check me out or message me

    ROTORHEADPR 4 days ago

    12 min. . your welcome

  • earthsurfer13
    earthsurfer13 4 days ago

    Skip to 12 minutes to save yourself all the blah blah blah. At 12:10 you can turn it off. You're welcome.

  • Helene Maurer
    Helene Maurer 4 days ago

    Whow this is amazing . Thank you so much.

  • Nunya Biznes
    Nunya Biznes 4 days ago

    You're long winded! Get to the point!

  • Conewago Mt Prepper
    Conewago Mt Prepper 4 days ago

    Thank you

  • Bob Boskey
    Bob Boskey 4 days ago

    Too much yackety-yack. Get on with it.

  • D Michalec
    D Michalec 4 days ago

    FYSA: A wounded soldier is flown into Rammstein, an Air Force base. You r then moved to Army's Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRM-C: larm-see). The place is top notch... When I was there, they showed me the "box of shoes". This box has one shoe of a pair. Numerous shoes but no pair... Why? Because the other shoe was give to a warrior who lost a foot and only need one shoe. Later...once ALL the shoes are given out... They have a meeting of the shoes... The shoes become a pair again and the soldiers/warriors meet. Whenever I have a dad day... I think of the " box of shoes".

  • yeah really?
    yeah really? 4 days ago

    12 minutes to get to the point

  • Rolling Initiative
    Rolling Initiative 4 days ago

    Video starts at 11:21
    everything else before that is rambling about context.

  • Phil Willis
    Phil Willis 4 days ago

    Skip straight to the advice at 12:00

  • zipo dipo
    zipo dipo 5 days ago

    This is the thing about americans that really gets me. They train to go overseas and murder other people then suddenly they get all religious on you and it was God this and God that. Who do they think they're fooling ? God ? If you're gonna start making claims on God then get your morals in order. If you think you can work as a murdering marauder by day and moonlight as a God-fearing christian by night you're terribly deluded. Soldiering is one of the most detested occupations by God so much so that even the angels were alarmed at the amount of men who chose to be soldiers. The only soldier approved by God is a reluctant soldier. America is babylon and soddom gomorrha all wrapped up. When the deluge comes it will kill all of you indiscriminately. Nobody will escape. If you're a true believer you would trust in God and not prepping. Only God can save you. Prepping is for the faithless. The deluge will be a spiritual war. Only spiritual adepts and those who trust in God will survive. Food will run out and they will survive on God's praise. Everyone else will die by the wayside.

  • Kathy Hosking
    Kathy Hosking 5 days ago

    At first I was like well shit... But then I was like,well...shit...lol. very smart man your friend.

  • Professor Pauls
    Professor Pauls 5 days ago


  • Music
    Music 5 days ago


  • Nathan Jetty
    Nathan Jetty 5 days ago

    being fellow 82nd and the exact same MOS type as you. I can vouch for the jumps where you are a rifleman as well until the fights over and the drop zones secured.

  • Sun Search
    Sun Search 5 days ago

    Sir, please learn from these special forces folks. They get. to. the. point. Out of a fifteen minute video, what you said was, "you're going to run, get caught and die." Anything I missed in the other 14:30?

  • Sean Eckman
    Sean Eckman 5 days ago +3

    I think we underestimate humanity. People may band together in smaller communities and keep looters out and protect young and elderly. All it takes is preparation like communication and plans for emergencies. Everyone will be scared and looking for a leader. However everyone is the bad guy in someone's story somewhere.

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams 5 days ago

    Yeah, that's true. If you're on the run the clock is ticking. I know even with what I might have prepped for, if you gotta move and you got a wife, maybe some kids, it's just a matter of time, even solo.

  • Johnny Angel
    Johnny Angel 5 days ago

    (Author: Angel 55
    Servant of the Lord of Lords, Heavenly Father of Creation )
    In the beginning it was written, everything created was not created without the hand of the Heavenly Father, the one True God of heaven and earth. Yet upon this earth, in society the shadow government lurks within, a small fractional group who control the height and depth of world social economics. The point of the pyramid known as Elite 13, self appointed wealthiest individuals of world banks. Considering themselves superior in knowledge, intelligence and existence above us, the ignorant masses, the general population. They pull the strings of corrupt government leaders utilizing government agencies, enlisting clandestine combative, murderous individuals within them. Using their vast amounts of monetary power coupled with satanic spiritual worship, they gain authority accessing themselves an alliance of evil forces to break down the natural goodness, mercy and righteousness readily available within the Father of Creation's abundant nature. Do they not know we are the Spiritual Temples of God, the Father of Creation's beloved cumulative church? The Elite to this day challenge almighty Father Creator by way of their own hand or their command of others hands. Who are some of the Elites? It is written, we shall know them by the fruits they bear; The wolfs in sheep's clothing, Rothschild, Soros, Billabergs, Gates, Oprah etc. The Pharisees, Sadducee's and Zealots are alive and active still today through these dead spirits, and other layers of the news media, dark military complexes, governmental scientist, detrimentally infecting food, water and medicine.. Do they not know the Father of Creation will separate the chaff from the wheat! Jesus and the Father are one, together they are our true righteous equalizers. Beware ungodly churches of today's modern world, you know who you are, your government code 501-C3 is written on the wall of tears before the throne of the Father. Concerning the wealthy, it matters not their vast wealth that is dirty rags unto the Father or the worldly corrupt power that comes from it, rather how much of it is portioned to the needy for the furtherance of world good, mercy and righteousness. The Elite and the Roman Vatican Church have hid many core scripts from the masses for centuries, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and the book of Enoch. They condone perverse sexuality as freedom of choice instead of moral biblical boundaries. Matt. 4:4
    Consider the child's game paper, scissors, rock coming into play in our current world. It seems especially in the U.S. but most certainly within the other world powers, all have become conceded in false religious belief, drunken in their arrogance of power and control relaying upon ownership of man made devises of super intelligence coupled with weapons of mass destruction and weather control. Electrical magnetic pulse weapons, HARP weather control stations, back engineered flying craft, chemical trails, dark money in trillions to name a few. Pondering for a moment on all these man made weapons of social control, it is clear to see their foolishness is as a child to his toys. As we know construction of all things in the world are from man made materials from the earth, plastics, metals, sand, oils, wood, rare earth compounds, water, etc. What have the world intellectual powers forgot in their usage of these materials? Anyone who leads the innocent astray from the word, is better not to be born and better to tie a mason stone around their necks thrown into the ocean. You! Clandestine elite one's and the hands you command, beware!, Because you have tested the Father of Creation who's earth is the footstool unto the him, your time has come for winnowing the chaff from the wheat.

  • Johnny Angel
    Johnny Angel 5 days ago

    “Is a two edged sword”
    Spiritual brothers, sisters and warriors of the international world, I come to you in thought, word and spirit.
    It is past time that we all need to understand firmly that the time that was foretold in the word of the Father of Creation that was to come, has come and is upon us now. It's a matter of fact that there have been numerous others in the spirit that have been crying out to us all about what I am again relaying to you once again in alliance with their voices IE. (Phil Schneider, William Cooper & Steven Greer,Robert David Steele) It is with hope Warriors of God will have ears to hear and eyes to see spiritually all the evil transgressors against the love of the Father for us.
    Until now, the majority general population has either ignored the truth or have diluted it to the point that it appears to be fictitious and non alarming. “The World Satanic Elite” in alliance with the parallel government that is the intelligence agency's to include, Homeland Security, CIA, US Treasury, World Bank, Top domestic banks, corporation complexes, military complexes, have been for “decades” building up an “Evil Army”of foreign birth mercenaries, crossover murderous gang affiliates, satanic military veterans and police. Understand clearly, not all military and police are members of the elite evil force but like cancer their agencies have been highly infiltrated. Homeland security combined with NATO forces is the greatest part of their build up of elite evil forces. As mentioned earlier for decades these forces have been building underground complexes called D.U.M.B. (deep underground military bases) with prison/death camp sections. Agenda 21 & 2030 are war plans to control, eliminate and rule the world populations.
    The ruling parallel government has been holding back a tremendous amount of technology from the human race since at least the late 40”s mid 50”s. Starting with Tesla, the German paper clip scientist, and Area 51 back-engineering technology, our government has had the ability to completely eliminate the need for petroleum products. What does that mean exactly? As you can deliberate this means in the present state of things, no need for automobiles, passenger airliners, passenger ships, etc., Which means no or next to none need for gas, oil, shale, steel , taxes there of or payments of American debt to oil producing countries. Not only the American people but the international world have been kept in the dark ages, our lifestyle is liken to the horse and buggy era compared to that of which could be enjoyed today with the hidden technology the elite parallel government has strong held from our American government and citizens. We should ask why has our political leaders allowed this bondage upon the American people for at least 75 years? Why haven't our government mounted up our own military forces against the tyranny and oppression of the elite parallel government? What shall we do as a people, as a singular international race? The simple answer is “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” The deeper answer is our government with us take action while we can, take the upper hand from the Elite and their parallel government by militarily invading their strong holds (DUMB'S), seizing world banks funds, imprisoning their world leaders along with Satanic homeland security in alliance with NATO forces. Right in front of our eyes have they built prison/death camps under Walmart's, along with tunnel and laser bored military bases along with burial sites on American soil! Father of Creation, I pray the eyes of all innocent people who will suffer from non action wake up! Open spiritual eyes!
    Author: Angel 55 “God, Father of Creation, is Spirit and Love”
    Servant of the Lord of Lords, Heavenly Father of Creation

  • Harold Brown
    Harold Brown 5 days ago

    can someone tell me what the GB told him,, i cant watch anymore, this is the longest video on YT

  • BaronNate
    BaronNate 5 days ago

    some of Afghanistan is desert. Most of the North and the East and South East is mountainous. Kandahar where I was, was a mountainous region but there are stretches of desert there in the South and South Western areas. The west is less so a desert but Lower South East to South is basically ALL desert. I was with the 101st during my deployment in Air Assault as a 13B. Just wanted to correct that part. Interesting video to listen to. Might I add that "controlled anger" will help you fight through fear as an accessory to preparedness and training. Thank you for your time.

    IRISHSTUBIE 5 days ago

    Had to turn it off..Just another major case of "I Love Me"

  • Tug Life
    Tug Life 6 days ago

    12:00 minutes of rambling gesh....
    12:01 video starts

  • bob bagshawe
    bob bagshawe 6 days ago +1

    I thought Kennedy also started them so they would defend the Constitution against internal and external Threats.

    • bob bagshawe
      bob bagshawe 6 days ago

      +Survival prepping for normal people Yes, if Good Men are willing to act. Remember the old sayings, "They came for someone I didn't care about, they came for those in another City, they came for a Neighbor, Hell they've come for me." We all have a Common Enemy here. Banksters and known Traitors. We've fought and died for these People due to ignorance since 1776, they have our Countries and they got Theirs in 48. What gets me are those Bastard's flying NATO planes and Chemtrailing us, London is thick with the stuff their dropping on us from Parchim Airbase and Rammstien, it's hard your right to many people bury their Heads in their Mobiles. Ex Military need to inform and if necessary intimate/ take out, after WW2 Nuremberg Trials it is the Duty of anyone in the Forces to stop Senior Officers, Politicians Judges etc whom aid Genocide, so Legally and Morally we need to be strong and do just that.
      Or every life lost since 1776 has been in vain.

    • Survival prepping for normal people
      Survival prepping for normal people  6 days ago

      +bob bagshawe now the question is can we ever be free again

    • bob bagshawe
      bob bagshawe 6 days ago

      +Survival prepping for normal people I think we know now. America has been under Corporate Law since 1933.
      The World is controlled by the Banksters. Satanic Babylonian Talmud Worshippers.

    • Survival prepping for normal people
      Survival prepping for normal people  6 days ago

      They officially started in 1952 but he was responsible for getting them the funding they needed to do their jobs seriously with the best training and equipment. There is a rumor about him doing just what you said. Relying upon them to train the American people to fight back against a tyrannical government. What did he know that we don't? Whatever it was, got him killed in Dallas...

  • Charles Granata
    Charles Granata 6 days ago

    Survival prepping starts with Finances!
    Are you deeply in debt? Are you living paycheck to paycheck?
    Could you sustain a furlough?
    Second things is health, can you walk? Carry things? Keep it simple people!
    Third, teach your kids how to do things! Chop wood, use chainsaw, mow lawn etc.

  • Joe
    Joe 6 days ago

    Semper Fi, best to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! You never know.

  • Mike McDonald
    Mike McDonald 6 days ago

    So basically You're going to die. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jeep Things Outdoors

    Great talk!

  • Popeyes
    Popeyes 6 days ago

    12 minutes into a 16 minute video to get to the point........ Gheeze.... and you were the "Field Commander" in your line of work...??

  • Angela Gomez
    Angela Gomez 6 days ago

    What part of Google maps, satellites and Energy Directed Weapons don't
    y'all get here? See Paradise California and DEW. You may get some
    insight. You just refused to see there is no safe place in the entire
    United States of America. NO SAFE PLACE. They know where you are, so
    you can't hold up in these here woods with your MRE's, your water and
    your bullets and guns.. Google maps, satellites and ENERGY DIRECTED
    WEAPONS. Wake up, Preppers, you are going down, first. You can form a
    militia with your guns, bullets, etc. They want you more than me.
    Kinda ironic, isn't it. I would laugh but it really is to tragic
    Americans can be so stupid as to allow these traitors in our government
    to be the one's who formed a COUP against us. Us being - WE THE PEOPLE
    are experiencing a soft COUP by a shadow government. Makes sense,
    doughnut? There is a shadow government running our country. We don't
    actually vote for who we want and need: the two parties are in collusion
    for the idiots they pick for us to vote from. In other words, they are
    in collusion and it doesn't matter what puppet we vote for Republican
    or Democrat: they are all puppets to this shadow government in complete
    control. EXCEPT TRUMP who was never suppose to win this election from
    KILLERY CLINTON. With Trump in office we have an allie. This is the time
    to form a militia. Once the Coup gets it's puppet in office we are doomed.

  • Section 26
    Section 26 7 days ago

    You described exactly what happened to me when I got out after my 3 tours, everyday life didn’t cut it anymore, I always have to be doing something to prepare

  • Gideons Word
    Gideons Word 7 days ago

    Brother, I appreciate your desire to try to help people with the coming shit storm, and I try to hear what everyone has to say. But I listened to you ramble on for 15 + minutes, to hear the advice you were given, and that's it? I sincerely hope your other videos are better than this one! Semper Paratus.

  • Jerreinemy
    Jerreinemy 7 days ago

    What, that’s your worst case, Death??? We all die, no one but God can stop that, you learn to live with the fact, AS LONG AS YOU TRUST IN GOD YOU WILL BE OK. My worst case would be having to watch my family starve and I could do nothing to help, once you see that your mind changes, watching a loved one starve day in and day out, literally watching there body consume its self is a hard thing to see...

  • doubletappinhillbilly

    I was born at Womack

  • Dan Mercer
    Dan Mercer 7 days ago

    Psychological preparation is what I consider to be very important. I’m unable to prepare much in my current state. If / when SHTF, if I can keep my mind calm, I’ll have a much better chance at figuring out the rest & working through the rest. I’m pretty good at thinking outside the box & improvisation. While I’m able, I’ve been filling my mind with ideas, tips & tricks as shared with experienced professionals on TheXvid, that can be employed when SHTF. I do carry some items necessary for life preservation daily. My mind & being able to think calmly in difficult situations, is one of the most important skills to learn. I’ve got a ways to go still. Very thought provoking video & I resonate with that young spec ops guy & you. 👍🇦🇺