Golden Globes 1992 Robin Williams Wins the Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture

  • Published on Aug 10, 2012
  • Robin Williams accepts his award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture: Musical or Comedy for his work on "The Fisher King".
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  • Shahar Deutsch
    Shahar Deutsch Day ago

    The dude and the genie - two iconic actors

  • Zen Der
    Zen Der 7 days ago

    Why did you have to leave us brother. You left us to the wolves.

  • Mark Byrne
    Mark Byrne 10 days ago

    Listen to what he said about the Jewish... Emm Yeh sure.. Sleep well pal you wouldn't like what's going in in the world today and there's penaltys over revealing theses people in power

  • Igor Vejaceski
    Igor Vejaceski 14 days ago

    Nek ti je laka zemlja Srbija i Makedonija

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 15 days ago

    The year before I was born 😂 just watched the fisher king last night or at least started it... it’s heavy. Robin on John Carson with John winters is the best though.

  • Anton Charon
    Anton Charon 23 days ago

    So sad to know now that time he was already doing too much cocaine to be "himself" in front of those people, and this is why he died too soon.

  • Leonard Piercy
    Leonard Piercy Month ago

    That was a most pleasant blast from the past.

    SPIROS BONIS Month ago

    Unstoppable Robin motherfucker Williams

  • Robert Mattfeldt
    Robert Mattfeldt Month ago +1

    A great performer. A great loss.

  • jr* T
    jr* T 2 months ago +1

    His wife always looked like she knew something. I just wonder if she knew of his depression. She looks concerned.

    • Glo Kash
      Glo Kash 24 days ago

      Probably. I think she was carrying a lot on her shoulders in her relationship with Robin that the public didn't know about.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 2 months ago

    What a great individual. What a depth of empathy and human spirit and yet, humanity in all it's frailty, existed within him just as it does in us. When I think of Robin Williams I think of "bravery" and I'm confident that no matter where you plunked him down upon this Earth, he would be able to communicate and make people smile no matter where he landed. Some people deserve to be missed and he is definitely one of them.

  • Georgia Ortiz  Sandy
    Georgia Ortiz Sandy 3 months ago

    Te amo ❤️ Robin!

  • Ian Leo
    Ian Leo 4 months ago

    One of the greatest comedians that ever lived

  • MsLizziebeth1
    MsLizziebeth1 4 months ago

    Sure he was ... Just awesome in the truest sense. Awesome loss for humanity; but at least he didn't go out like Mozart or Elvis.

    RAFAA KHANZA 4 months ago

    maaaan cant he be serious for once.. love him soooo much.. rip.. heaven is full of laughter..

  • FIREMEDIC 2707
    FIREMEDIC 2707 4 months ago +3


  • Father Finger
    Father Finger 4 months ago


  • Father Finger
    Father Finger 4 months ago

    all of these bozos and clowns FAKE ARTIST ALWAYS THANKING THEIR pseudo god HARVEY WANGSTEIN

  • Matt Hudspeth
    Matt Hudspeth 5 months ago

    Damn....speechless. #RIP

  • Slam funk
    Slam funk 5 months ago

    yall must watching "fisher king"

  • Magnific0giganticus
    Magnific0giganticus 5 months ago +2

    A Best actor nomination for HOOK? Talk about low standards....

  • jcq1961
    jcq1961 5 months ago

    I loved the whole cast, including Mercedes Ruehl. I hope his omission of her was an accident.

  • WATCHMAN 117
    WATCHMAN 117 5 months ago

    Was that the 1st wife or the babysitter? Looked to be #1.

  • Rory Wells
    Rory Wells 5 months ago

    Indicator dignity intent serious sponsor need Chinese class after top equity

  • France Richard
    France Richard 5 months ago

    He was so handsome!!!!!!

  • Holland Oates
    Holland Oates 6 months ago +2

    That was a great group of actors. It's really telling of the talent Robin Williams had.

  • Graeme L
    Graeme L 6 months ago

    We miss you Robin and thank you deeply for the joy you gave to us as your gift to the world... The part of our souls that knows what true joy is morns the tragic loss...God Bless you, dear Sir! We all love you....

  • murat karakuş
    murat karakuş 6 months ago

    1992. Times when I was born. Gold Ages!

  • 4stringz
    4stringz 6 months ago

    Tears of a Clown 😢

  • StevenM801
    StevenM801 6 months ago

    man i miss you dude..

  • Brooks
    Brooks 6 months ago +5

    Robin come back, we need you

  • NPC #777
    NPC #777 6 months ago +2

    0:26 Fred Flintstones looked young back then!

  • Ping Pong
    Ping Pong 7 months ago

    Hollyweird are satanic maggots.

  • Sicri De La O
    Sicri De La O 7 months ago

    She looked sort of sad thou, I wonder why?

  • Mr O Belaed
    Mr O Belaed 7 months ago

    He was such a beautiful man

  • mikealanzo
    mikealanzo 7 months ago

    What is it with his wife???? she seems embarrassed and uncomfortable being with him!!! Fuck off bitch!!!!!

  • Darren van Ek
    Darren van Ek 7 months ago +2

    So sad....sorry that life got to much for you mate, but I understand

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 7 months ago

    Good night, sweet prince. Gone too soon.

  • SnoopyDoo
    SnoopyDoo 8 months ago

    Who are these people?

  • NZRugby Vidz
    NZRugby Vidz 9 months ago +2

    I saw some interviews of celebrities and they said Robin was a very kind person. He was also responsible for getting some of them work when they had none.... I think his best work was off screen

  • chintu nk
    chintu nk 10 months ago +8

    All the actors in the room had long hair.
    90’s was the time,man

  • Carlos Salvador
    Carlos Salvador 10 months ago +2

    l think it's safe to say there's no better comedian than Richard Pryor. However, on the other hand it's also safe to say there is nobody quicker, in terms of improvisation and lighting mental reflexes, than Robin Williams. No one even came close to his mind's speed. I miss u so much man. RIP along with ur all time buddy Chris Reeve, The one AND ONLY SUPERMAN !!!

  • BoneyBackRivers
    BoneyBackRivers 10 months ago

    this my year

  • Jjdimminie Chrickett
    Jjdimminie Chrickett 10 months ago +2

    And he ended with a heartfelt thank you to his wife. Not only a comedic genius but an all-around decent human being. A void that will never be filled.

  • Don Tanner
    Don Tanner Year ago

    Cocaine is a crazy drug.

  • Hailey Joslin
    Hailey Joslin Year ago

    That hair tho

  • Nair Haile
    Nair Haile Year ago


  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana Year ago

    Great man but he had his demons sadly enough

  • Tigger Edgington
    Tigger Edgington Year ago

    The Dude is a National Treasure, so is Robin Williams

  • DearMakeUpDiary
    DearMakeUpDiary Year ago

    He reminds me of Michael Landon here. RIP both of them.

  • Rudy Black
    Rudy Black Year ago

    the good ol days. when shit wasnt fake

  • Johnny Ghorbani
    Johnny Ghorbani Year ago

    man i miss this man

  • Pussy PaTroll
    Pussy PaTroll Year ago

    When the world was good.

  • Serpent Sepia
    Serpent Sepia Year ago

    An obscure reference to the Illuminati....

  • babylady2005
    babylady2005 Year ago

    Liked some of his movies, but didn't like his silly humor........

  • Borislav Mitev
    Borislav Mitev Year ago


  • spasjt
    spasjt Year ago

    It's like every other man in that room has long hair lol.

  • OnceInABlueMoon
    OnceInABlueMoon Year ago +166

    He was such a comedic genius. Man I miss him. RIP Mr. Williams.

    • Mario Iacolucci
      Mario Iacolucci 8 months ago +2

      Rip Robin aka Mrs doubt fire

    • J024
      J024 11 months ago +3

      Me too, I never met or knew the guy but I miss him.

  • MichaelB769
    MichaelB769 Year ago +14

    Marcia just looks so..... underwhelmed? Not the way you'd expect someone attending the Golden Globes whose husband just won an award to look.

    • Abdul
      Abdul 6 months ago +4

      MichaelB769 Good catch, I noticed as well. She even looks drained in the other award ceremonies Robin gives. Who knows what happened behind closed doors. I feel like she's had to endure the rollercoaster that is Robin Williams to the point that it must've been exhaustive.

  • DFSM-T T
    DFSM-T T Year ago +2


  • Angel Simone
    Angel Simone Year ago

    Robin Williams kill himself I guess the whole comedy thing was just an act! Nobody really knew the real Robin Williams! Very sad! All this talent and just threw it all the way!

  • The Undertaker
    The Undertaker Year ago

    Women, what a bunch of cheap cunts! I mean this dude was married three times and yet all three of them left him and none of them came cheap, they all took considerable portions of his wealth, to a point he had to take talk shows at a considerable low price to pay the second witch who is in this clip off. Funny how all three fought over his rights and his memorabilia through connection and children or otherwise starting literally the next day he died

  • Doctor Oswald
    Doctor Oswald Year ago

    Lord take me and bring back Robin

  • 69adrummer
    69adrummer Year ago +1

    His "wife" looks like one evil, backstabbing sadistic bitch.

  • Luka Albijanic
    Luka Albijanic Year ago

    Rest in peace and Heaven and Thank You for everything Mister Sir Robin Williams Legend ! ...

  • Nicole Beaver
    Nicole Beaver Year ago

    We miss you Robin Williams! :(

  • maciej wrotek
    maciej wrotek Year ago

    this guy was a sad clown , he could not hold regular conversation he always thought he had to be funny

  • Irininha
    Irininha Year ago +1

    I am feeling depressed but you've brought tears to my eyes... with laughter!Thank you Robin. You are dearly missed... RIP

  • Felipe Hernandez-Pedroza

    very beautiful what he said at the end about his wife. Sadly missed.

  • Edgar Arenas
    Edgar Arenas 2 years ago


  • Yasin Selat
    Yasin Selat 2 years ago +12

    Which comedian marrys a woman with no sense of humor? He must have really felt lonely...

  • Stewart Fletcher
    Stewart Fletcher 2 years ago +19

    This is the most 90's thing ever.

  • MrHighLife90
    MrHighLife90 2 years ago +3

    There is anybody that this that Marsha had an huge impact to Robin's depression with the divorce?

    • Bluesbabesrv
      Bluesbabesrv 6 months ago +1

      MrHighLife90, they were married for 21 years but he was married to Susan at the time of his death, only 3 years. He had stated, after the divorce, that he should never have let her go.

  • captsparks1
    captsparks1 2 years ago +11

    His loss was such an incalculably monumental loss for humanity that it will never be quantified. My heart screams in anguish. Bye, Robin. Thanks for all the laughs...

    • richter75
      richter75 Year ago +2

      Why the best dont have any support needed when its at the worst is a mystery.

  • Herminia RocinoE
    Herminia RocinoE 2 years ago


  • amz Star
    amz Star 2 years ago

    Robin Williams incredible actor amazingly brilliantly talented and so humorous greatly missed and loved forever 😔😘😘😘😘😘

  • Star 81
    Star 81 2 years ago

    He had a lot of hair

  • Larry Lee Moniz
    Larry Lee Moniz 2 years ago

    I am always puzzled why something like this needs to be so heavily edited, as if trimmed down for more commercial time! It's the internet people! I think anyone that made the effort to surf on over here, probably has the attention span to watch this clip as it originally aired. That's right, I wouldn't have gone to another channel if you showed an extra 30 seconds of him approaching the stage.

  • Wes Hunter
    Wes Hunter 3 years ago

    He knew he sold out to be where he got..that is what killed him.

  • A1phawolf
    A1phawolf 3 years ago +1

    lol just close your eyes and it's the Genie in character

  • Rune Solberg
    Rune Solberg 3 years ago +1

    "Robin and Marsha met while she was working as a nanny for his son Zachary"
    "Marsha filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences, it is clear from her statement below that she loved Robin very much."
    "Robin Williams’ divorces left the star strapped for cash
    "Robin Williams: Autopsy Confirms Death by Suicide" 2:22 that bitch...

  • Ubercubertuber
    Ubercubertuber 3 years ago

    What a king

  • wate nallace
    wate nallace 3 years ago +1

    whatever happened to jeff bridges? I thought he was a really good actor

    • Glo Kash
      Glo Kash 24 days ago

      He's still acting, he had a movie out just last year (Bad Times at the El Royale), but he hasn't been in any BIG name movies for some time

  • sr 71
    sr 71 3 years ago +2

    fuck... 2:32 why is his wife not one bit excited about this:

  • TacomaPaul
    TacomaPaul 3 years ago +85

    Comedic actors are WAY better at Drama then dramatic actors are better at Comedy.
    And I think the reason why is that Comedy is insight into Drama.
    You can have Drama without Comedy, but not vice versa.
    I was the class clown, and everybody thought I was just oh so funny.
    Yeah, there's a reason why some choose comedy. It's necessary.

    • David Bulchak
      David Bulchak Month ago

      Well said, brother...

    • TheShamansQuestion
      TheShamansQuestion 5 months ago

      I think you're on the money.
      To provide a counterexample, Ian McKellen in that skit with Ricky Gervais about acting, Ian plays the part really well. It's funny, but to then counter again, maybe that's because it relies on his serious skills again (dry character humour?) in order to be funny, rather than wit?
      I do think, at that level, both get the skill of timing. But I agree that comedy teaches those skills sooner for it to work.

    • TacomaPaul
      TacomaPaul 2 years ago +4

      +Mario Alvarez
      And if you know what that reference is from, you know comedy. ;-)

    • Mario Alvarez
      Mario Alvarez 2 years ago +7

      How many times are you gonna copy and paste this comment ?

  • Maggie Connor
    Maggie Connor 3 years ago

    God I miss him. Such a talent as we have never seen.

  • Tommy Summers
    Tommy Summers 3 years ago

    miss him so much....... he was magic........

  • Tenzin D
    Tenzin D 3 years ago

    One of the truely amazing actor of all time...

  • ArcaneSiren
    ArcaneSiren 3 years ago +195

    I sure miss that man. His death is the death of my childhood

    • get along
      get along 13 days ago

      +Victor Bastos moron

    • Ivan Duckford
      Ivan Duckford 5 months ago +1

      sad your life is linked to someone who had no conception of you.... get your priorities right.

    • suvam k
      suvam k 2 years ago +1

      yh man

    • MrHighLife90
      MrHighLife90 2 years ago +8

      Not just yourse.

  • Zachery Burchhardt
    Zachery Burchhardt 3 years ago

    He died on my bday :( RIP

  • james williams
    james williams 3 years ago

    fisher king stunk lol ..horrible movie

    • 1Dreamking
      1Dreamking 3 years ago +2

      +james williams Well that's the thing with opinions and taste. We all have them and most often they are different from eachothers. I totaly love Fisher King. It's up there in my top 1 list. (Among the likes of Braveheart, 21g, Forrest Gump. The Green Mile, Shrek, Gattaca, & One flew over the cuccoo's nest and many more)

  • WorldPeace2016
    WorldPeace2016 3 years ago +1

    He IS full of energy!

  • HablocRus
    HablocRus 3 years ago

    sad thing is, I think he left this world because he wasnt allowed to joke about it anymore. PC...

    • Brian Esposito
      Brian Esposito 2 years ago

      +HablocRus Your silly agenda is not why he died.

    • HablocRus
      HablocRus 2 years ago

      most of his jokes would be frowned upon in todays society.

    • Brian Esposito
      Brian Esposito 2 years ago


  • Alcibiades
    Alcibiades 3 years ago +1

    Mr. Robin Williams your inspiration continues to guide us toward our personal liberation, thank you my dear Sir you were the very best.

  • davidegoal
    davidegoal 3 years ago +31

    00:03 Russell Crowe was fat as fuck

    • Adam Dow
      Adam Dow Year ago

      davidegoal Thought you were actor blind, dude.

    • Adam Dow
      Adam Dow Year ago

      Nishith Kumar it IS John Goodman.

    • jaimon john
      jaimon john 2 years ago

      davidegoal Russell Crowe ??? it's 1992 he was in Australia you idiot

    • Nishith Kumar
      Nishith Kumar 2 years ago +1

      davidegoal I thought that was John Goodman

    • MakswelL777
      MakswelL777 3 years ago +4

      +davidegoal That was beautiful.

  • deb310red
    deb310red 3 years ago +1

    Robin totally deserted that award for his heartbreaking portrayal in this film.

  • teammm
    teammm 3 years ago +131

    He was full of energy. Brings tears to my eyes. RIP.

    • umainebearman
      umainebearman 4 months ago +2

      He was naturally yes but most of the time it was the incredible amounts of cocaine.

  • Anton Petrov
    Anton Petrov 3 years ago

    What's up, guys. It looks handsome. draconian grandfather What do you think?

  • Luis Hern
    Luis Hern 3 years ago +4

    Wouldn't Jeff Bridges be a supporting actor for The Fisher King?!

  • Michael Björk
    Michael Björk 3 years ago +3

    Well deserved!