Mixing Every Beauty Guru's Eyeshadow Palette Together

  • Published on Oct 31, 2018
  • Yes, we did this. So I have done a few bad makeup science experiments before with my own nude lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadows, liquid lipsticks, and highlighters, and I've also mixed together every lipstick from Sephora, but I wanted to think more dramatic this time, so I bought every online beauty guru's eyeshadow palette that was currently available, and we mixed them together into one Frankenguru eyeshadow. What do you think it should be named?
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    Game of Thrones Theme - Western Cover
    via BenDanProductions
    Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch
    Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported- CC BY 3.0
    Disclaimer: We only bought and mixed palettes that I could buy firsthand (still available from a credible retailer), so palettes that were released essentially from mid-2017 onwards. We also focused on gurus who post content primarily in English, just to keep it the experiment to one market.
    Aspyn Ovard x tarte
    Carmi x Makeup Revolution - Kiss Of Fire
    Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics
    Chloe Morello x Ciate London - pretty, fun and fearless
    Chloe Morello x Pixi - Romantic Radiance
    Desi + Katy x Dose of Colors - Friendcation
    Dominique Cosmetics - Latte
    Dominique Cosmetics - Lemonade
    Emily Noel x Makeup Revolution - The Needs
    Emily Noel x Makeup Revolution - The Wants
    Eva Gutowski x Colourpop - It's All Wild
    Eva Gutowski x Colourpop - Vacation Mode
    Huda Beauty - Amethyst Obsessions
    Huda Beauty - Coral Obsessions
    Huda Beauty - Desert Dusk
    Huda Beauty - Electric Obsessions
    Huda Beauty - Emerald Obsessios
    Huda Beauty - Gemstone Obsessions
    Huda Beauty - Mauve Obsessions
    Huda Beauty - Warm Brown Obsessions
    Huda Beauty - Rose Gold Remastered
    Huda Beauty - Ruby Obessions
    Huda Beauty - Sapphire Obsessions
    Huda Beauty - Smokey Obsessions
    Huda Beauty - Topaz Obsessions
    iluvsarahii x Colourpop - $aucey
    iluvsarahii x Dose of Colors
    Imogenation x Makeup Revolution
    ItsJudyTime x Pixi - ItsEyeTime
    ItsMyRayeRaye x BH Cosmetics
    Jaclyn Hill x Morphe - The Jaclyn Hill Palette
    Jaclyn Hill x Morphe - Armed & Gorgeous
    Jaclyn Hill x Morphe - Bling Boss
    Jaclyn Hill x Morphe - Dark Magic
    Jaclyn Hill x Morphe - Ring The Alarm
    Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Androgyny
    Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Beauty Killer
    Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Blood Sugar
    Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Thirsty
    Kandee Johnson x Too Faced - I Want Kandee
    Kathleen Lights x Colourpop - Dream St
    Kathleen Lights x Colourpop - The Zodiac
    Kristen Leanne x Urban Decay - Daydream
    Kristen Leanne x Urban Decay - Kaleidoscope Dream
    Laura Lee Los Angeles - Boss Babe
    Laura Lee Los Angeles - Cat's Pajamas
    Laura Lee Los Angeles - Nudie Patootie
    Laura Lee Los Angeles - Party Animal
    Makeup Geek - Always
    Makeup Geek - Forever
    Makeup Geek - I’m So Extra
    Makeup Geek - In The Nude
    Makeup Geek - Not So Basic
    Manny MUA Lunar Beauty - Life's A Drag
    Marzia x Winky Lux - Natura
    Marzia x Winky Lux - La Frutta
    Melissa Michelle x ULTA Beauty - Bring On The Glam
    Nicol Concilio x Violet Voss
    Patrick Starr x MAC - Goal Getter
    Patrick Starr x MAC - Heat Stroke
    Patrick Starr x MAC - Play With Me
    Patrick Starr x MAC - Stay With Me
    Patrick Starr x MAC - Sugah Mama
    Shaaanxo x BH Cosmetics - The Remix
    Shayla x Colourpop - Perception
    Shayla x Maybelline - The City Mini
    Soph x Makeup Revolution
    Soph x Makeup Revolution - Extra Spice
    Tammi x Makeup Revolution - Tropical Paradise
    Tanya Burr Cosmetics - Jingle & Mingle Night Palette
    Stacey Marie MUA x BPerfect Cosmetics
    Karrueche x Colourpop - She "Fem Rosa"
    BelleJorden x Makeup Revolution - Obsession Palette
    Some people say Norvina of ABH was once a Beauty TheXvidr, and she has a bunch of palettes.
    Karrueche x Colourpop - Brown Sugar
    Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Alien Palette
    Huda Beauty - New Nudes
    Amber Scholl - 24K Gold Eyeshadow Palette
    James Charles x Morphe - Unleash Your Inner Artist Palette
    Christen Dominique - Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream Palette
    But based on the color breakdowns of those palettes, I do not think that their presence would have drastically altered the final #Frankenguru color!
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    Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley

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    HELLO FRIENDS!! yes, we did this. please look to the description for a list of palettes mixed and a running list of upcoming palettes that were not included! love u guys!! xoxo, saf

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