Is DANIEL with PROJECT ZORGO? Searching for Abandoned Hacker Safe House Exploring Clues & Riddles

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Who is Daniel talking with on his Apple Watch?
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    After Vy Qwaint made PROJECT ZORGO vs CRYSTAL & NINJA GADGETS in Real Life (Delorean Obstacle Course Race Against Time), Daniel uploaded PROJECT ZORGO CHASE DANIEL Searching for Crystal (24 Hours Challenge with Riddles in Real Life), and I, Chad Wild clay created PROJECT ZORGO TOOK My CAMERA & TRAPPED ME in HIDDEN TUNNEL (Hacker Trivia Escape Room Challenge), Project Zorgo posted a new TheXvid video called I FOLLOW CHAD WILD CLAY & VY QWAINT to Take Mystery Items (Project Zorgo Member PZ4 Breaks Crystal) . So we went on a crazy hacker chase in the Delorean while Daniel is flying the drone exploring for the mysterious crystal. We only had 10 minutes until time ran out! While on the scavenger hunt, we drove through an obstacle course and an abandoned town to regain possession of this mystery item. Suddenly a PZ member appeared and destroyed the crystal in fruit ninja fashion with her ninga and spy gadgets! We must find more evidence, clues and riddles to solve and unbox the secrets of the red button in the Delorean. We were interrupted by Daniel's apple watch however. He is acting really suspicious. Who is sending him text messages? Is it Joseph Banks? Stephen Sharer? Or a hacker from PROJECT ZORGO? How could he betray the CWC crew like this? He claims he has evidence that a brand new safe house exists but in order to discover it we must follow him, searching for riddles and clues. In the process we spied on a secret PZ meeting! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2019!
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  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild Clay  10 months ago +5578

    Hey Spy Ninjas! Who do you think Daniel is talking with on his Apple Watch?

    • Randi West
      Randi West 5 days ago

      Daniel Daniel's walking around you a lot C Sound likes fishes

    • Jairen Brown
      Jairen Brown 6 days ago

      I. LVOE 🛹🎒🏠👍🏻💪🏾💖💕💞😂😎😻😹😸😺😿👧🏻👱🏻‍♂️👰🏻🤵🏼👸🏻🤴🏼💑💏👟👠💍✅💠

    • Vivian Summer
      Vivian Summer 8 days ago


    • Mustafa Iqbal
      Mustafa Iqbal 8 days ago


    • Jessica Hill
      Jessica Hill Month ago

      Wish owt that is a hacare.

  • Emma Luu
    Emma Luu 4 hours ago

    Daniel stole something in Vy’ s backback

  • Emma Luu
    Emma Luu 4 hours ago


  • skape wilson
    skape wilson 11 hours ago +1

    If you are a spy ninjas like now

  • Hentony Garcia
    Hentony Garcia Day ago

    Hey guys Daniel was talking to pz4

  • Johnthan Plante
    Johnthan Plante Day ago +1

    #Hashtag spyninjas cwc

  • Zion Van Abraham Calderon

    Anyone know pz4 is Regina

  • talonda booze
    talonda booze 3 days ago

    He was taking things

  • Ra Vin
    Ra Vin 3 days ago

    Daniel had a piece of paper in the back round

  • The Amazing Lian
    The Amazing Lian 4 days ago

    Hi, I think He wants to carry it so that he can gat the gadgets or spy gadgeds

  • The Amazing Lian
    The Amazing Lian 4 days ago

    He is picking up something a while ago

  • The Amazing Lian
    The Amazing Lian 4 days ago

    Daniel is at your back a while ago when your done ordering food

  • Katrina Herrera
    Katrina Herrera 5 days ago

    Daniels friend is Pz4

  • Brady Ward
    Brady Ward 5 days ago

    CWC is the best

  • Fire Flame
    Fire Flame 5 days ago +1

    I think when Daniel was getting messages it was from Project Zorgo

  • Peter Zarcos
    Peter Zarcos 5 days ago

    He took stuff out your bag

  • Pop Fun
    Pop Fun 5 days ago


  • Emily Ellis
    Emily Ellis 5 days ago

    You’re a great person to help me with the same thing I love 💗 this morning

  • Sale Hoddin
    Sale Hoddin 5 days ago

    He is talking to pz4 regina

  • Sejal patel
    Sejal patel 5 days ago

    Vy you dropped your phone

  • Ali Ibaad
    Ali Ibaad 6 days ago

    He was looking in your backpack

  • Sara Nadeem
    Sara Nadeem 9 days ago +1


  • Unicorn Gamer
    Unicorn Gamer 9 days ago

    Duh project zorgo

  • Chhabi Dhungel
    Chhabi Dhungel 10 days ago

    He's thinking something from your book bag became V quaint look I'm not going to English okay

  • Jessenia Torres
    Jessenia Torres 11 days ago

    Look bhijl

  • Jessenia Torres
    Jessenia Torres 11 days ago

    get kite

  • Wolfe Shadow
    Wolfe Shadow 11 days ago +1

    Hi my name is Isabela

  • Wolfe Shadow
    Wolfe Shadow 11 days ago +1

  • Danika O Brien
    Danika O Brien 11 days ago


  • Damaya Wilson
    Damaya Wilson 11 days ago


  • Carmen Pina
    Carmen Pina 11 days ago

    Kevin. chad. vy. pz9

  • Crazy F
    Crazy F 12 days ago

    I think you're talking to his parents are project zorgo because we saw project zorgo in the Whitefield so so dusty and field as well

    • Crazy F
      Crazy F 12 days ago

      V and Chad steam giveaway like and always be on channel V 18 cos they're the best

  • Enrique Francisco
    Enrique Francisco 13 days ago

    I love you vy because you are a sneaking spy ninja

  • Enrique Francisco
    Enrique Francisco 13 days ago

    One of those are pz4

  • talia turner
    talia turner 13 days ago

    Daniel is with project zorgo and he's name is pz1

  • Feliza Heredia
    Feliza Heredia 13 days ago +1

    Daniel looks like he’s trapping you guys

  • Feliza Heredia
    Feliza Heredia 13 days ago +1

    Daniel was behind you guys

  • Andrew Castro
    Andrew Castro 13 days ago

    Who saw daniel in the back round if you did like this comment plz

  • Mackyboi Mendoza
    Mackyboi Mendoza 14 days ago


  • isabella103002
    isabella103002 14 days ago


  • Hannah Nguyen
    Hannah Nguyen 14 days ago

    “Ooh this is a small backpack”😂😂

  • 3 Sweet Dandelions
    3 Sweet Dandelions 15 days ago

    No you are just getting ready and then I’ll get back in to see if there’s any other girls who have any idea 💡 I am interested to come and see if they are still going on that night I don’t want you any time to ooooo

  • Jhoy Dalusung
    Jhoy Dalusung 15 days ago

    Hes lieying

  • Mateo Sebastian
    Mateo Sebastian 16 days ago +1

    He is lookin samtien in Regina is backpack

  • Sean Vang
    Sean Vang 16 days ago

    What is your mind what does it remind

  • Omar M
    Omar M 16 days ago


  • Rachel Roberts
    Rachel Roberts 17 days ago

    I am having a another idea. I thank that this is bad!!!!!!

  • Rachel Roberts
    Rachel Roberts 17 days ago

    I think he is talking two project zorgo!!!!!!! Oh no this could mean that he is still part of project zorgo!!!

  • Karina Zuniga
    Karina Zuniga 17 days ago


  • Aaden Plum
    Aaden Plum 17 days ago

    Daniel is acting so suspicious

  • Jose Lara
    Jose Lara 18 days ago

    Daniel got someting out of vy.s backback and put it bagaind hes back

  • Sandra Jones
    Sandra Jones 18 days ago


  • Jesus Camacho
    Jesus Camacho 18 days ago

    Pz4 and pz9

  • FizzAlot
    FizzAlot 18 days ago

    Is this for kids

  • Jose luis Garza
    Jose luis Garza 19 days ago

    Pz merbers

  • Santana Osborne
    Santana Osborne 19 days ago

    He is lining about that 1.000

  • Victoria Medrano
    Victoria Medrano 19 days ago +6

    When you was at Taco Bell he in put it in his pocket grabbed a piece of paper off the groun

  • Jack Styles
    Jack Styles 20 days ago


  • Jaycilyn Rivera
    Jaycilyn Rivera 20 days ago +2

    Daniel was taking the stuff out of vys back pack

  • Carmen Banda
    Carmen Banda 21 day ago

    8967 because that is his car number