Best Buy & Genius Bar tag team defenseless Macbook :'(

  • Published on Jul 14, 2018
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  • Louis Rossmann
    Louis Rossmann  11 months ago +992

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    • JesterFace05
      JesterFace05 24 days ago

      Yeah but what did you use to take the screw out?

    • Cheryl Simser
      Cheryl Simser Month ago

      I am not a techie, but I was fascinated ! My goodness, Louis, I must tell you as a 66 yr. old, you are a surgeon/wizard. :)

    • Neckbreaker Mc
      Neckbreaker Mc 2 months ago

      @Ywe 88 Yeah thank you for me.

    • Ywe 88
      Ywe 88 2 months ago

      MisterCandyMan I mean.... not you mr candyman

    • Neckbreaker Mc
      Neckbreaker Mc 2 months ago

      @Ywe 88 Thank you.

  • Philp Ttofari
    Philp Ttofari 8 hours ago

    This is a proper time consuming repair.which is why apple won't ever do it like this.

  • SaiintBrisson
    SaiintBrisson 11 hours ago

    fitter, happier, more productive

  • Horace Grimsby
    Horace Grimsby 16 hours ago

    So what likley caused the corrosion on the pad?

  • Ceeb22
    Ceeb22 16 hours ago

    Just started watching your videos, totally amazing work. …. what I cant understand is why so many -ve thumbs down?

  • Ravenous Demon
    Ravenous Demon 20 hours ago

    fitter... happier...more productive. fitter... happier...more productive. fitter... happier...more productive. fitter... happier...more productive. fitter... happier...more productive. fitter... happier...more productive. fitter... happier...more productive. These are the motto's of a real man.

  • ImpSlap
    ImpSlap Day ago +2

    Am i the only one who caught the radiohead reference? Keep up the great content Louis!

  • John C
    John C Day ago

    Question for everyone: I am brand agnostic, but I love the gloss Retina Display. What is a Windows alternative? I hate matte finishes that every brand seems to put on Windows laptops.

  • zalien6
    zalien6 Day ago

    Saw a porn with the same title once. Not my proudest moment.

  • Joshua Waines
    Joshua Waines Day ago

    Don't own a mac. got my PC pre built. don't have any clue WTH is going on, but it made me smile and that is pretty cool.

  • Timmy AIO
    Timmy AIO Day ago

    I've got the sudden urge to go to the gym...

  • Johnny Text
    Johnny Text Day ago

    Everyday is seems like Louis is becoming mad! The fact that Apple does these disgusting and negative practices on its own cult following - makes Louis a little crazy at work.

  • Bearemont
    Bearemont Day ago

    why are people still buying apple while Apple is pissing on people and lying about repairs and costs.

  • Corazon Sierra
    Corazon Sierra Day ago

    i love messing with the tryhards at best buy xD the geek squad are total morons... all of them. best buy only has sales staff who's only experience with electronics was the cellphone their mom bought them as a reward for putting down their COD addiction and landing their first job... Oh! mom was so proud their baby boy/girl is working at geek squad... no actual experience/education/stable-genius-brain necessary.

    im former military having served in the field of satellite communications and i know i have more experience than the general layman in working with electronics, i know not all of us have the same opportunities or interests and that just makes the world a diverse place full of people who are good at somethings... bad at others... and some who work really hard to become better at the things they suck at... but Geek Squad literally does not require that you have any higher education whether its a degree from a university or a technical college to "advise" (Keyword) customers on their issues with products. their only solution to issues is wiping your hard drive, buying a new OS, or buying a new machine altogether... of which they have plenty in their bloated store to choose from. but wait before they will even look at you... the requirement of paying $200s up front for the insurance plan. it's a scam ...

    on another note... the day i came back from the service i found out my grandmother had been paying $120 a month for less than 1mbs (i think it was actually something like 780Kps -ish) from comcast... "THE" dipshit cable internet provider in the southeast ("with the lightning fast speeds unlike those slow DSL lines!...") for 2 years! none the wiser as to why she could never connect to the web to check my emails... she "did the google" and it never worked... that was because her lines were throttled so badly she couldn't even open the search engine, but still had to pay for her contract.

    anyways i had a talk with them... got fed up and paid the $315 to cancel her ridiculous contract early and to this day i happily speak about how bad the south east has it with tech providers there. the vast majority of people in the south believe anything they are told at face value as the concept of honesty and integrity is so ingrained in the psyche of the southeast that there couldn't possibly be someone amongst them that would be even just a little dishonest. Fear of wood sheds and pitchforks only counts if you aren't a nameless drone hidden behind the umbrella of a monopoly... or worse an oligopoly... that's the entire south for you. zero consumer empowerment and they love every bit of it. such pride!

  • Canalave Maiden [plz look at my playlists thnx]

    But...what if you are left handed? :(

  • Joe Fabela
    Joe Fabela 2 days ago

    Holy jeez , great job!!

  • Ahmed H
    Ahmed H 2 days ago

    New York is so lucky having him

  • LuminumYT ツ
    LuminumYT ツ 2 days ago +1

    -Genius bar-
    *Dumb bar*

  • edwin ramos
    edwin ramos 2 days ago +1

    Why do I feel hypnotized while watching this 😯,plus I don't even have apple products

    • Zezo Zezon
      Zezo Zezon 2 days ago +1

      I don’t know anything about computer repair, but It’s so satisfying to watch.

  • BN
    BN 2 days ago

    "Happy Little Board" Bob Rossmann.

  • モゼ~Moze
    モゼ~Moze 2 days ago

    8:39 radiohead reference

  • Muji Huz
    Muji Huz 2 days ago +2

    I’m supposed to be watching porn now. Why is this so satisfying

  • Zachary Story
    Zachary Story 2 days ago

    Every apple product made after 2006 I know is broken in some way

  • conroconro
    conroconro 3 days ago +1

    what's the liquid stuff being used to clean it?
    New to all of this, just found this channel and legit interested in trying to learn about this myself

  • Joseph Upton
    Joseph Upton 3 days ago +2

    Louis has an instinct for finding bad companies and bad products. He once did a review on how bad "Quickbooks" accounting (from Intuit) is. I have spent years studying accounting software and I totally agree. And I don't buy Apple products because of the stuff uncovered by this channel.

  • john hopkins
    john hopkins 4 days ago

    "One Screw": Question is, are the screw forms patented? Is the applicable screw driver also therefore patented?

  • givemeanameman1
    givemeanameman1 4 days ago

    Lithium Ion batteries.
    We are talking best buy and apple repair personal.
    I think the opening the case and managing to puncture the batteries while doing so is actually a valid concern for them.

  • rudy issa
    rudy issa 4 days ago +2

    I was on my way to pick up a new Iphone. Thats how I ended up on your videos. Needless to say, I am now looking for what new phone I will purchase.

    • Ryno
      Ryno 3 days ago

      just got the pixel 3a, really great phone

  • Michelle Adame
    Michelle Adame 4 days ago

    Louis repairing has become my new white noise. My productivity has plummeted ever since I started watching this channel. I actually do feel fitter, happier, but....not more productive. 2 out 3, ain't bad.

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 4 days ago +1

    PP is corroaded 😓

  • Walter Read
    Walter Read 4 days ago

    Apple is and always has been a scam designed for those of us who are not in the upper percentiles, those insecure in their mental abilities and those involved in academia. The lack of analytical abilities is a prerequisite for Apple Owners.

  • Bigdubb62 PELtech
    Bigdubb62 PELtech 4 days ago

    aww yeeea flux that capacitor doc! we gota go back in time to the year 1995 and warn ourselves about the future!!!

  • Apost the mighty
    Apost the mighty 4 days ago

    Just buy a pc that you can work on your self problem solved.

  • Filthy Lucre
    Filthy Lucre 4 days ago

    I know just enough about what you are doing in this video to know I am not worthy to watch this video.
    _I am not worthy_
    _I am not worthy_
    _I am not worthy_

  • Adam Beaudry
    Adam Beaudry 5 days ago

    I've been working on computers since I was 5 I don't own a mac however one day my laptop started acting up (it being a laptop) I looked online for how to disassemble it i spent a month trying to figure it out and I was afraid of breaking the pins so I took it to best buy they said they'd check it out and send it out to be fixed (if it required it to be (which it did)) they told me it would cost $106 (just to be looked at and or fixed) so I paid the money (as it was required before even being serviced) I waited 2 - 4 weeks no reply I called to asked if anything new and no news on my laptop. (the original issue that made me take the laptop originally was the heat it was putting out and that there seemed to be something rolling inside and i had never dropped it) so i had it sent out so they could take it apart apply new thermal paste and find the noise they gave it back to me saying there was no noise and that the temps were fine which they weren't got home and the next day the noise was back so I spent another 2 - 3 weeks checking found a video to disassemble it and so i did found it was a little screw that had come out of the power jack for charging so i put the screw back in it stayed in and have never had an issue since (and i learned a lesson do it myself and never send stuff to best buy if i know more than they do)

    • Adam Beaudry
      Adam Beaudry 5 days ago

      Also after fixing the obvious issue i spent a few dollars and too the heatsink of to check the thermal paste it was so dried up it had turned into a playdoh/tooth past looking compound it took me 5 hours gently removing it from the cpu and gpu (plus there was no thermal pads on the gpu chips just thermal paste which i have since figured was what needed to be there) after fixing these problems pc worked great since and if wondering what the pc is it was a ASUS ROG GL771JM

  • Charlotte Brown
    Charlotte Brown 5 days ago +4

    I am not a computer person per se and of course everything you said went over my head to some extent. But I really enjoyed watching what you did. It was so fascinating. Thanks for the video.

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 5 days ago

    Love your shows, very good. I have a Alienware 17, the laptop stops charging sometimes, then I have to switch it off, unplug the Power, open it up, disconnect the battery from the motherboard, press the power button, then put it back together again, then it will be charging again. What could be wrong?

  • Wakko Warner
    Wakko Warner 5 days ago

    Apple aren't the only one with crappy customer support. Icom don't know how to fix their own transceivers as well.

    WaffleSSSSSPLUS 5 days ago

    what is the liquid he pours on the board? also whats that paste thing he used to remove the chip

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson 5 days ago

    I already loved your work, but the Radiohead got me hooked.

  • Resilient Jackal
    Resilient Jackal 6 days ago

    What is up with the paranoid android references? Or is paranoid android quoting like the twilight zone?
    No longer afraid of spiders

  • Van Lee
    Van Lee 6 days ago

    Well worth the time spent watching your video

  • Anthony Vega
    Anthony Vega 6 days ago

    Damn good video. Do you only repair apple products

  • Denso
    Denso 6 days ago

    Your attention to detail is ace , taking the extra time to wick away applied solder for a longer lasting repair rather than just presuming no more corrosion was present

  • thommy cirillo
    thommy cirillo 6 days ago

    you need to hire a bodyguard before apple puts a hit on you ,oh brave one

  • Myles Bakewell
    Myles Bakewell 7 days ago

    Fitter Happier, More Productive

  • Ed Lomonaco
    Ed Lomonaco 7 days ago +1

    Apple doesn't just want to "backup" your data they want your data, all of it.

  • Testiclopse
    Testiclopse 8 days ago

    I wish that I could have this level of knowledge and experience.. how did my life turn out so mediocre and unfulfilling?

  • Fuck Your Chicken Strips

    When apple cant do anything right so they buy their SSD's from Samsung

  • Murray Ball
    Murray Ball 9 days ago

    Wow, you really make surface mounting look easy, of course, a microscope makes things look a little bit clearer! Nice job. You sorta take the witchcraft out of smd components.😊

  • Jose Esparza
    Jose Esparza 9 days ago

    Them wera tools though

  • Daishi T
    Daishi T 9 days ago

    I'm laughing my ass off! love your channel.

  • Claudio Rojas
    Claudio Rojas 9 days ago

    No wonder why Apple hates You!
    You are exposing their crooked way of business. No support for Us after spending so much money on those devices. Shame on them!

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 9 days ago

    Loving the montra "Fitter, Happier, More Productive" XD I work in Desktop support, I will work that in the next time I'm working on some ones workstation XD

  • polla2256
    polla2256 9 days ago

    SMC = Suck My Cock

  • lethalsilverdragon
    lethalsilverdragon 9 days ago

    You are forgetting the incompetence of apple.

  • Jesus Garr
    Jesus Garr 10 days ago

    Samsung memories on an apple macbook

  • br33z13
    br33z13 10 days ago

    Wait a minute this isn't pornhub

  • Abdullah Alajmi
    Abdullah Alajmi 10 days ago +3

    All the way from Kuwait enjoy watching your videos. Please keep it up

  • camylo javillonar
    camylo javillonar 10 days ago

    Doesnt file vault or firmware lock exist?

  • Mira culix
    Mira culix 10 days ago

    Only thing I could guess it would lose data, was when there is hardware encryption active. Otherwise there is no problems at all...

  • The Muffin
    The Muffin 11 days ago

    Best buy isn’t bad, as I bout PC parts from them and they price matched it with others, and with newegg, but Best buy is a fucking scam when it comes to repairs, my parents could have given there mac to me and I could have wiped the virus out for free, but my parents took it to best buy, and it was 500$, and they didn’t do anything.

  • sureshisgreat
    sureshisgreat 11 days ago +1

    What would be reason for corrosion

  • Fidel
    Fidel 11 days ago

    Genius Bar? Highly debatable!

  • Eric Colvin
    Eric Colvin 11 days ago

    So what's going on? Are you conducting these repairs under some sort of gel?

  • lennier1
    lennier1 11 days ago +1

    "Up, down, up, down, ..."
    Was anyone else waiting for a Konami code joke?

  • Mark T
    Mark T 11 days ago

    After applying the new soder and connecting things, it looked like the liquid was spread all along the board. Does that liquid need to be cleaned up or can it just stay there does it dry up? (referring to 14:31)

  • Stephen Larson
    Stephen Larson 13 days ago

    As a Best Buy employee, I would be interested to look into the purchase history/service history of what happened here...

  • bluespy4
    bluespy4 13 days ago

    Apple repair is trash, they don't fix things they just replace them whole.

  • Alexis Lamboy
    Alexis Lamboy 13 days ago

    You are a beast my friend a real professional thumbs up much respect.

  • TechSys Engineer
    TechSys Engineer 14 days ago

    Been in IT for 20 years. I still love doing repairs, despite my career moving in a different direction. I spend a part of my day hanging out w/ the Desktop Support team, swapping stories, giving insight, and learning new tips.

  • TechSys Engineer
    TechSys Engineer 14 days ago +3

    fitter, happier, more productive.

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  • Mr Peco
    Mr Peco 15 days ago

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  • Mark Quiroz
    Mark Quiroz 16 days ago

    I like your radiohead reference in the video.

  • El Pancho
    El Pancho 16 days ago

    why fix something that works ?

  • .
    . 16 days ago

    to think the guy in this video is a real human being

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 18 days ago

    Making Apple look like BITCHES, as always!!!

  • Evan b
    Evan b 18 days ago

    I went to an Apple Genius bar and the dude working there couldnt even zip his pant up. I left....

  • Anne Olink
    Anne Olink 18 days ago

    can I upgrade the ssd of the iBook pro! 2014 13" 256Gb

  • Jamie Carney
    Jamie Carney 19 days ago

    Louis,, you are awesome,, i am so glad that there are good men like yourself that are truly trying to do proper ethical business, by giving the customer the correct honest info, and also being very fair in what you charge your customers or when you dont even charge them for a 2 min fix. Keep up the great work and awesome video's.

  • Cidran100
    Cidran100 19 days ago

    You're awesome.

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe
    IvanPlayStation4LiFe 20 days ago

    Geek Squad cant fix shit

  • donald carter
    donald carter 20 days ago

    Amazing skill with the board repair.

  • donald carter
    donald carter 20 days ago

    What if the drive is encrypted and the new board has a new TPM chip. Wouldn't the data be unreadable??

  • No LIFE
    No LIFE 21 day ago +1

    This is like a rape headline

  • Lunacy
    Lunacy 21 day ago

    Shoulda taken it to Fry's.

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  • Why does god hate Me

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  • Sergeant Bilko
    Sergeant Bilko 21 day ago

    Excellent video.
    With my level of soldering expertise, which is zero, I would have bought a new board.
    That was definitely noticeable corrosion on there.

  • oda akane
    oda akane 22 days ago

    Never buy any computer protection plan at best buy geek squad at all. Thanks for this lesson.

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    REBEL.Ins' 22 days ago

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  • Abdullah B
    Abdullah B 24 days ago

    The main reason i hate apple isn't bc they fuck over the consumer oh nonono
    There products could be soooooooo fucking good but they decide to not have good enough quality assurance/ control
    I mean look at the compact laptop
    It could be so fucking good
    But no
    The price is even fine if it wasn't designed ( whether intentional or not) to break

  • Devon Carey
    Devon Carey 24 days ago

    Fitter, Happier, More productive.....Regular excercise at the gym. Not thinking too much.... #inthezone