The Queen's University Talk: The Rising Tide of Compelled Speech

  • Published on Mar 12, 2018
  • I was invited to Queen's University March 5 to give the inaugural lecture/discussion of the Liberty Lecture series, funded by Faculty of Law alumnus, Gregory Piasetzki (LLB 1980).
    Dr. Bruce Pardy ( and I discussed the increasingly frequent requirements for compelled speech that characterize the Canadian sociopolitical landscape.
    The entire event was, in a word, surreal. Initial controversy over its acceptability rose to the point where the Dean of the Law School William Flanagan and Principal of Queen’s Daniel Woolf wrote missives in defence of free speech (the former:; the latter: The Queen's University "Human Rights Office" posted a link to the Levana Gender Advocacy Centre and Education on Queer Issues Project "active support" efforts during this event at their “Trans-Positive and People of Colour Positive Chill-In” in Dunning Hall, room 11, where there was coloring pages, music, food, and discussion.
    The 900 or so people who attended (who comported themselves admirably and thoughtfully throughout) were subject to a continual 90-minute barrage of noise generated by the protestors, who leaped up on the stained glass windows lining the hall and banged continually on them, breaking one. Inside, we could see shadowy figures dimly outlined through the colored glass. The outside doors were barricaded. One protestor was caught on film saying "Lock them in and burn it down." The din was substantial and ominous, although it is much attenuated in this video, due to the nature of the microphones used, which were designed to pick up speech close at hand.
    The protestor who broke the window was arrested, but not before she bit a policeman, attempted to kick the back window out of a police cruiser, and was found to be in possession of a garrotte, a particularly brutal weapon with no defensive utility whatsoever ( The man who cursed so profoundly and eloquently near the beginning of the lecture accosted me and my crew after the talk, and yelled and cursed and threatened at close quarters during our 200-yard walk from the venue to the parkade.
    No one who was at this event will forget it.
    Not good. Not good at all.
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Comments • 8 077

  • Toby Regal
    Toby Regal Hour ago

    When the religious right in the US wants to force people to pray in school and plead allegiance to the flag it is compelled speech as well. I'm not American myself, but I always was a bit disgusted by it. You shouldn't be forced to say anything.

  • Alan Connelly
    Alan Connelly 4 hours ago

    God bless you Jordan

  • Emil Jansson
    Emil Jansson 12 hours ago

    Attempt at kidnapping at 1:42:43

  • Emil Jansson
    Emil Jansson 13 hours ago

    These “protesters” are like rioters from the Supernanny show! If they were prison inmates they would be gang raped and assaulted days on end.

  • dave calico
    dave calico 2 days ago

    Dr Peterson - Thank You Sir !
    I’ve decided to get of my arse and get involved

  • ThreeHeadedThreep
    ThreeHeadedThreep 3 days ago

    A lavalier is a better microphone choice for amplifying a somewhat moderately animated speaker.

  • Sandra Clark
    Sandra Clark 3 days ago

    They are outside protesting "hate speech" and saying the University should not invite it or condone it. Yet, they are outside being hateful against what they "think" is going on inside with Peterson. I heard absolutely nothing about hate in Jordan Peterson's lecture or question and answer session. Protester's = ignorance, bias, misinformation, childish and basically any reason to protest. It's all in their minds and they are just following a crowd to draw attention to themselves and feel self-righteous. Jordan Peterson is intelligent, compromising, speaks the truth and uses common sense. Something the Protestors are lacking.

  • veress samu
    veress samu 3 days ago

    The end Credit, that makes me close to be depressed
    No hate speech but they hate on hate speech jesus

  • veress samu
    veress samu 3 days ago

    Wtf is this real ? So pitiful 21:30

  • Mea Culpa
    Mea Culpa 3 days ago

    God, the protestors are cringe-worthy. To think *I* was once in *my* twenties...
    Articulation, folks. It'll get you a long way.

  • Noon Bora
    Noon Bora 3 days ago

    It was as though the protesters were there as creative demonstrative introduction of Peterson's lecture hahaha. What a great starter!

  • Duice Nasty
    Duice Nasty 3 days ago

    Should have invited a few of the protesters in. Put them on stage with Jordan to discuss their point of view and the reason why they think it's better to protest and disrupt a discussion on ideas and views. Would it not be in their intrest to form a good agument for thier veiws and discuss with Jordan on this topic.

  • Bob
    Bob 5 days ago

    Now it’s happening here in the states.

  • SamF
    SamF 5 days ago

    JP: Hot or Not?

  • N91CZ
    N91CZ 6 days ago

    Based on the protester chants and slogans it would appear they have never actually listened to one of Peterson's discussions or lectures.

  • Scroom120
    Scroom120 6 days ago

    These idiots banging on the walls offer nothing to society in exchange for the investment be placed in them by that society. They should be expelled from the University, as I see nothing of value in educating future tyrants.

  • stanley donato
    stanley donato 6 days ago +1

    I can hear Cathy Newman shouting from the outside "So you're saying?"

  • kryvian
    kryvian 6 days ago

    That ending; every last face, idk, it's like they're brain damaged; I can't see one face with a glint of intelligence. I'm not saying this in a smug superior way or us vs them or any of that crap, I'm saying this with ever increasing horror.

  • Gary LeLacheur
    Gary LeLacheur 7 days ago

    Jordon's speech is inspirational. "Struggle up the bloody hill on your crutches to the Kingdom of God". And I am not a Christian. I am with Richard Dawkins, 6/7 atheist. Peterson tells it like it is, life is a struggle and if you don't struggle against the difficulties in your life you lose your dignity and self respect. Jordon should be taught to all students.

  • Houmer_ hraje WoWs
    Houmer_ hraje WoWs 7 days ago

    How can anyone protest against hate by being as much hateful as possible is beyond me. My cat is more intelligent than these clowns.

  • ribeault george
    ribeault george 7 days ago

    the left was for free speech when the right was in power, now they have power (at least on the media) and so they no longer support free speech.

  • Chris H
    Chris H 7 days ago

    Wow the last minute of footage says a lot of what type of “thinking” people the universities are producing. What “White supremacy” had to do with the lecture is beyond me.

  • fitzpatrickgf
    fitzpatrickgf 8 days ago

    Thank You! Thank You! Jordon B. Peterson and Bruce Pardy and Audience for standing your ground on the truth! Unfortunately the incoherent 4 year old children outside are not even students of Queen's. If they were, they would not be investing thousands of dollars into themselves by blocking the doorway to Halls and breaking windows. They are confused and unhappy and will go to the pub later that night getting intoxicated and high, regrouping for another job NOT Well Done. Beside the hangover the next day, they will get up around 3pm and pout once again about why life is not fair. When they are so low with self esteem, then perhaps they will come to their senses and finally pick up Jordon's Book 12 Rules To Life and realize they were wrong all along.

  • Brandon Ingram
    Brandon Ingram 8 days ago

    my ears say - no, don't listen to that noise - and want to turn off that video; but my being is saying - i really like to hear the whole talk, regardless!

  • Colin Labrie Gagné
    Colin Labrie Gagné 9 days ago

    hmm, liberty is a two way street and it's important that it stays that way if we want to keep true liberty. i might use that in a conversation in the future

  • minic78
    minic78 9 days ago

    Props to them for banging like a minute straight at some points. Pretty impressive for people whose pastime is to sit around complaining while they bloat up like baloons.

  • Ralph Skitz
    Ralph Skitz 9 days ago

    "Trapped in an elevator listening to nothing but Muzak"

  • Colin Labrie Gagné
    Colin Labrie Gagné 9 days ago

    JBP seemed in physical pain during this interview. i don't know if he was on his carnivore diet at the time, but it kind of pains me to see him in such bad shape.

  • jürg der Grosse
    jürg der Grosse 9 days ago

    The noisy leftists outside behaved like prepuberty 10 year olds.

  • give me a break
    give me a break 9 days ago +1

    Those morons who did even listen to what was discussed inside but they created those slogans to protest? They are the real bigotry.

  • give me a break
    give me a break 9 days ago +1

    Why the university allowed those barbaric to keep knocking at the window. Those kind of behavior should be corrected. They should be told to grow up and behave like adults.

  • Alex Lomac
    Alex Lomac 9 days ago

    lmao JBP did even not blink when the children came to play.

  • demian signal
    demian signal 10 days ago

    i must learn english

  • Bad Moon
    Bad Moon 10 days ago

    Holy shit, if anyone would act like that in my university, they would more likely to be punished, or even
    suspended. (I live in Ukraine)

  • AJ F
    AJ F 11 days ago

    Jordan Peterson is at such a high level of notoriety and organized hate by radical groups, that if I were him, I would only do those events with armed guards in the background. Those weirdos are only a step of away from violence to silence speech that they don't agree with.

  • Nobr4in3r
    Nobr4in3r 11 days ago

    Compelled speech is a big issue, but the most controversial thing in this video is the pronounciation of the word "controversial"

  • J.L. M.
    J.L. M. 11 days ago

    As a social conservative american I find myself every time I watch a Jordan video coming to the conclusion that....I AM ACTUALLY LIBERAL!

  • kvn1119
    kvn1119 11 days ago

    Dr. Peterson speaks truth for not only Canada, but for my home country (USA) and all developed nations.

  • Daniel Curington
    Daniel Curington 11 days ago

    No Freedom for Hate Speech... LOL they ARE the Hate Speech !!! I love how some 20ish barely alive youth says Jordan Peterson has no idea what he is talking about. BIGOTS BIGOTS BIGOTS .... and FACISTS

  • Daniel Curington
    Daniel Curington 11 days ago

    How impolite the Nutjobs were at that event. The fact they allowed those cry baby bitches to continue banging on doors, windows and being disrespectful is insane. They should have been removed from the school, PERIOD!

  • nikhil 124532
    nikhil 124532 11 days ago

    What did they spray? Curious.

  • SirKks1
    SirKks1 11 days ago

    a group should beat the shit out of these shit disturbers
    yes it should
    of course it wouldn't be the right thing to do

  • Butterflies Bees
    Butterflies Bees 11 days ago

    If he does not want tribalism, then that is what the post-modernist have been saying for the last 50years, so he is Plagiarising without acknowledging where he got his information from. He is laying out illusion, and lies about tribalism. Groups are fighting for a space in society, such as the suffragettes the right to vote, the right for same wages, the right for everything...not being call names...if he was black would he like to called horrible names?

  • Butterflies Bees
    Butterflies Bees 11 days ago

    If we do not have free speech then he would not have been allowed to say what he says! Peterson is trying to oppress free speech, he speaks with hate! Gender, he is trying to make you fight against, rather than promoting peace! don't allow him to divide you into hate. Why does he even bother to criticise minorities, why does he use people to promote his own views? It is because he has strong CHRISTIAN views and perspective of everything.That is what leads his thinking! He is trying to teach us the Bible view of the world, patriarchy, men in charge not women, etc, etc...the bible is also an fiction, so where is the truth in anything he says, there is none. As Harari says, there are only stories in our society. I hope our young do not believe in Peterson blindly! He is misleading millions of people into thinking Gender wishes is wrong! Someone has to stop him! It hurts many people! He is behaving just like the any criticisms, for the sake of criticism, and enjoying earning all the money you are paying for it!!! This is why we have so many protestors outside every talk he gives!!! He is an angry man!

  • Butterflies Bees
    Butterflies Bees 11 days ago

    If you did not like the protest, why do you protest yourself? What are your protesting? You have been given a stage, but these young people were never given the stage to say what they want! Peterson, you have lost the sight of free speech! Free speech means everyone should have a stage, you have never given anyone the stage, you claim the stage only for yourself. I do not see you allowing others to speak as they wish unless they agree with you views, so it seems in every stage that you are on! It is you who is appallingly wrong! You have your ideology, why can't they?

    • Sincere Flowers
      Sincere Flowers 7 days ago

      Butterflies Bees they are allowed to come into the talk and speak with Peterson if they want to. Did you even watch the talk?

  • P
    P 12 days ago

    They are all mentally ill

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 12 days ago

    everybody is wrong

  • MrZola1234
    MrZola1234 12 days ago

    At around the 18-19 + minute point, the speaker said that the left used to be the protector of free speech and the conservatives used to press for suppression of speech, but it has changed. I agree the left should not be pushing to dictate speech on the issues discussed here, but in general, the radical right is still the typical pushers of suppression of speech and other rights.

  • P
    P 12 days ago

    Incredible .... this will go down in history. A talk .... a barrage of lunatics outside screaming their heads off. Mentally unstable and violent. State of the world we live in. Love JBP ... amazing and fantastic work.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 12 days ago

    The most important part of this video runs from 40:00 - 48:00 “ but everyone else has liberty too …”
    I would like to say as an American citizen of the United States of America, I and many many of us are following this matter very closely, this issue extends far beyond our beloved brothers and sisters of the fine highly civilized country called Canada. All Canadians need to know we have your back ! 1:01:11- “ that’s what you do … “
    Coat those words in gold, encrust them with diamonds so that they may last for AT LEAST a couple billion years !

  • John Smith
    John Smith 12 days ago

    I love this fine gentleman. I always learn a new word when I am fortunate to hear him speak. At 22:09 inchoate: Adj just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary. Law- (of an offense, such as incitement or conspiracy) anticipating a further criminal act.

  • corwyn2
    corwyn2 13 days ago

    No matter how many times I watch this, the lunatics beating on the windows never stops being creepy

  • AWESOME Movies!
    AWESOME Movies! 13 days ago

    Did you notice that at no time did the campus security/police stop the protesters from rapping on the windows? For me it is quite clear where the university stands on these important political views. I wonder what would have happened to protesters if Bill Clinton was one of he speakers?

  • Justin Covelle
    Justin Covelle 13 days ago

    A ton of white people yelling I hate white supremacy.

  • ThePsiclone
    ThePsiclone 13 days ago

    "Hey lets get into the meeting and debate with Dr Peterson" said no SJW ...ever.

  • Brando Did It
    Brando Did It 13 days ago

    It's interesting to see how many people will talk about their rights but won't accept the fact that we are all responsible for upholding the rights of others. It's a two way street. If everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it is my responsibility to not take those rights away. The radical left will think of themselves first and assume that since someone else has more than them that must mean the system is corrupt and unfair. The bottom line is that if you want your rights to be respected by the majority than you must take responsibility for the rights of that majority! Treat others the way you want to be treated and be honest with yourself in your intentions.

  • Anthony Ravlich
    Anthony Ravlich 13 days ago

    I am a human rights author (two books), activist and outsider (26yrs) from Auckland, New Zealand. I cannot understand how these people can disrupt a meeting. I am surrounded by security in Auckland. If I tried that at Auckland University security would ensure that I have to leave the campus. Why are those protestors so privileged? My last book has been suppressed (see Anthony Ravlich Google+ for details, there is also a youtube video). I think the major reason is that I show that a fake left (not true liberals actually a social class i.e. collectivists) is following a UN agenda which I discovered more by accident than design. I show that the UN has determined western civilization for a decline. For example, I show that the real cause of the global financial crisis 2008 whose major effect was on Europe stems from decisions made at the UN which were not reported by the mainstream media. Also, in my view, the fake liberals promote Islam, with its baggage of Islamic terrorism, to engage in cultural warfare against Western culture. I consider the terrorists wish to replace western culture with an Islamic caliphate. But in my chapter on Bangladesh I propose a solution. However, because I am persona non grata no academic will enter into a discussion with me and ordinary people, whose god seems to be money, seem to care very little about a decline in western civilization.

  • drstrangelove09
    drstrangelove09 13 days ago

    The pounding twits are aggravating beyond belief!!!

  • Team Crooks
    Team Crooks 13 days ago

    I can't help but wish that the audience would have yanked those two wankers off of the stage and beat them, then claimed "self defense" because of the major microaggressions the wanks committed against them. The yeller in the balcony should have been tossed down onto the stage in an effort to allow him the microphone. There is no place for their behavior in a civilized society. Punks deverve to get punked. They strive to earn it. It should be given to them. Compel them to defend themselves and take responsibility for their own aggressions. They do not have the Right to infringe upon everyone else's Rights.

    • Eric Michel
      Eric Michel 19 hours ago +1

      +Team Crooks Oh I hear you, like if they fell and landed on their faces, by accident. That would be just awful, he said with a smile on his face. But no we are better than that, they apparently are not. So in the end they lose and maybe even realize how ridiculous they were were, that brings the best type of gratification.

    • Team Crooks
      Team Crooks 21 hour ago

      +Eric Michel I know, but it surely would have been great to see. Where's karma when ya need it? Fight violence with peace is a great concept, however, now and again I'd like to see some immediate justice done to the fascist thugs. Just for the gratification it would bring.

    • Eric Michel
      Eric Michel Day ago

      That is exactly what you don't want to do, the attendee crowd being patient and rational made the protesters look like the fascist morons that they actually are. If the attendees lost their cool and got violent, that would have justified the perception of those idiots outside.

  • William Donaldson
    William Donaldson 13 days ago

    How come these eejits are allowed to bang on the window. Is there no security there to stop them? Chase the buggers away.

  • HolyMith
    HolyMith 13 days ago

    I think the first Matrix film got it bang on. Human beings define themselves by suffering, and when they experience no suffering themselves, they begin to be outraged by the smallest of transgressions ("microagressions") and feel themselves to be victims for all kinds of inconsequential things. And lack of suffering is manifested as guilt in the face of the suffering of others (true or perceived). And anger at those they perceive to experience less suffering than themselves and their hastily-acquired allies. This ends up becoming an irrational hatred for the system that has allowed them to live in comfort and plenty. Throw in a pervasive mob mentality, and a (tried and failed) opposing system in the form of Marxism, and you get the regressive left. This poorly expressed hatred is often simplified to "If you are a white, straight man, then you have experienced no suffering and hence you are an agent of the system and my enemy".

  • Burns Things
    Burns Things 13 days ago

    Aargh. As a Leftist I am appalled at those SJW’s. Go get a haircut, some new clothes and better ideas ya wankers.

  • Malagænt
    Malagænt 13 days ago

    As always this was a great discussion. Dr. Peterson always delivers on that. But it was also exceptional in the real-time contrast between civility and incivility. Hundreds are gathered in a room to listen and speak whilst hundreds oppose them by banging on trash cans, breaking windows and chanting. And the one apparently transsexual person in the entire video is there to support free speech in high heels.

  • ams4vu
    ams4vu 13 days ago

    this guy is amazing , just listen to 54:38 and follow that rule.

  • benevolent dictator
    benevolent dictator 14 days ago

    Thankfully JP displays genius when it has been hidden for too long as it applies to societal perversions.

  • mlauntube
    mlauntube 14 days ago

    What if the number of people banging on the windows was the size of the people inside listening to the lecture, and the number of people inside listening to the lecture was the size of the group of people banging on the windows...

  • mlauntube
    mlauntube 14 days ago


  • Darrylizer1
    Darrylizer1 14 days ago

    I highly doubt that any of the protestors has ever listened to any of Dr. Peterson's videos, or read any of his books.

  • Denature69
    Denature69 14 days ago

    the pounding wouldn't have been so incessant if only the sound engineers implemented a gate within the signal chain. maybe even some EQ

  • Giant Joe
    Giant Joe 14 days ago

    When the pounding on the windows started I thought I was watching a George A. Romero movie. Is life becoming a George A. Romero movie?

  • Mälli Fair
    Mälli Fair 14 days ago

    "I'm actually quite an agreeable person" (57:23) - and I think that that really does come across strongly and convincingly when I listen to you, JP. Shame the window bangers (they're presumably banging with the heads!) won't give themselves the opportunity of seeing that!

  • quikstrike98
    quikstrike98 14 days ago

    The barbarians will continue this kind of crap until they get some hard, PAINFUL lessons about the consequences of their behavior. Hopefully the respective governments will do their duties and provide those lessons. I doubt it. Batons, rubber bullets, CS gas, and prison sentences would be a good start.

  • Katallylos
    Katallylos 14 days ago

    this is terrible...we say that we are on the side of the truth the same way as do we know we are right? The way how I perceive the protestors is probably the same way they perceive me...
    Both sides fight for what they is just we do not happen to believe in the same thing...
    I Dont know what to think any more...

  • Forte3645
    Forte3645 14 days ago

    Socialism is the redistribution of misery and poverty to all!!!

  • Mälli Fair
    Mälli Fair 14 days ago

    The tragedy is that these wankers have only HEARD that Jordan is one bad MF - they have never listened to what he has to say, nor would they ever, if you gave them the chance - some party commissar, or one of their "friends", told them he's a bad MF, and they KNOW it's true.

  • jano thibodeau
    jano thibodeau 14 days ago

    may the teaching of Doctor Jordan B. Peterson live on for every coming generation

  • Pure Caffeine
    Pure Caffeine 14 days ago

    Those monkeys knocking on the windows and doors are giving me some serious Hodor flashbacks

  • Meilin Du
    Meilin Du 14 days ago

    Loved every single minute of it - to the protestors, you all disgust me, I mean look at yourselves - how could you possibly not be embarrassed, at least learn how to dress more appropriately and the least to say about your absurd behaviour.

  • Kev Alan
    Kev Alan 14 days ago

    Why is nobody raising up the mike stand? It looks like everyone in the Q&A is bowing to the emperor :-D

  • puru
    puru 14 days ago

    I'm sorry but that is just not true. I fear for my grades lol. Although I'm not in the humanities (thank god) nor in a western country, I don't think professors anywhere in the world differ all that much in their arrogance. I haven't met a single professor that encouraged us to be open minded or write what we truly think AND acted on what they told us. They would say that, of course, to appear good to people. But what they act on is the exact opposite. I'd never get a mark if I didn't appease these narcissists with words they wanted to hear. Whether that corrupted my soul or not, I don't know. Too late to take it back anyway.

  • puru
    puru 15 days ago

    This is getting out of hand. Why are universities entertaining this madness?

  • Dr. Jack Dempsey
    Dr. Jack Dempsey 15 days ago

    Queen's university is an absolut discrase. A compleye failure as a university.

  • EpicBladeTime
    EpicBladeTime 15 days ago +1

    Staying composed while these savages bang on the windows!

  • William Kiene
    William Kiene 15 days ago

    Controlling speech is the beginning of the end of a free society. Social Media will save the free world.......

  • Nova
    Nova 15 days ago

    Acadia university fired a tenured professor over this garbage.

  • Ramona Lewallen
    Ramona Lewallen 15 days ago

    Those at the window are our controllers in civilian clothes. The wolf in sheep’s clothing. These groups only want to divide humanity into smaller and smaller factions. Divided we fall.
    I say to the beloved trans children, blend into the gender seamlessly that brings you peace. Then stay still children. You must be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.
    These rioters don’t understand even remotely what you, your family and friends have suffered, and having of necessity experienced the growth that came with that suffering .
    They, government propagandist, shout for their cause. When your cause has already been or is being built by your desires and your support system of family and friends. Their voice is meant to shatter your new found identity by grouping you into a public spectacle which I don’t believe is your intent.
    You may lack financial equity as pertaining to marriage, but let me tell you, neither do straight couples. It’s all controlled.
    As pertaining to God;
    Simon Peter said to them, “Mary should leave us, for females are not worthy of life.”
    Jesus said, “Look, I shall guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living Spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter heavens kingdom.”
    No judgment children. Only love.
    The hidden gospel according to Thomas. The Nag Hammadi pg 153

  • Carla Hill
    Carla Hill 15 days ago

    It seems they are saying Hate is unacceptable, while they protest and exhibit Hate. Thus they are being unacceptable themselves

  • Carla Hill
    Carla Hill 15 days ago

    These protesters, dont even understand what Peterson is talking about. Finding Truth, pure truth, these people know not what they are talking about.

  • Carla Hill
    Carla Hill 15 days ago

    These protesting kids are like bullies, and angry spoiled kids, or abused kids, that cant think, so join a group of anger, and are blocked mentally.

  • Hugster Ville
    Hugster Ville 16 days ago

    And I really thought the Zombie apocalypse was a myth.

  • westfield90
    westfield90 16 days ago

    This man is beyond genius. He is the real A Beautiful Mind

  • Wijke Hails
    Wijke Hails 16 days ago

    Don't blame the police for not attending! The police didn't get called. Queen's administration didn't want them there. I hope those young idiots screaming and pounding will soon 'graduate' and enter the real world. Then they can
    try their tantrums in the workplace :).

  • Alan D1
    Alan D1 16 days ago

    The only way to get through to the people outside is to capture them put them in a cage individually and get them to explain their own thoughts and to justify those thoughts through to completion. Make them explain why they do what they do and what would happen if their ideas were put into place. How their own plans would trap themselves into a corner like a painter painting himself into a corner. There is no way out without getting messy.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 16 days ago

    the campus administration should heed Peterson's advice and curtail the little monster before it grows into an abomination...its called ''disturbing the Peace'' - and it is a crime.

  • Austin Fonte
    Austin Fonte 16 days ago

    Policing of speech is not the only goal of the youknowwhos, ultimately it is institutionalization of thought police and thought control that is their goal.

  • Sally Darley
    Sally Darley 16 days ago

    If it's dangerous for people to not be able to change their gender etc. why weren't people dropping like flies throughout history?

  • Sally Darley
    Sally Darley 16 days ago

    Wonderful work, Dr Peterson!

  • Fact 5
    Fact 5 16 days ago

    At 10:15 - Haggred and Matilda crash the party while Libman Von Cissplain sings from the balcony!! .

  • Ade Fegan
    Ade Fegan 16 days ago

    Actually I would profess that there IS a measure to determine when the left goes to far
    It's when the truth is rejected in favor of political correctness

  • Ade Fegan
    Ade Fegan 16 days ago

    Terrorists hammering at the doors
    (terrorist = someone who uses or tries to use TERROR to push HIS OR HER agenda)