Portsmouth fans take on the Volley Challenge | With James Haskell, Seann Walsh & Fontaines D.C. 🚀

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
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    The Portsmouth fans take on the Volley Challenge in a bid to win money and pride. Can they go top of the leaderboard? James Haskell and Jimmy Bullard are on commentary, Fontaines D.C. and Seann Walsh attempt to score at the end.
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Comments • 52

  • Vick Vinegar
    Vick Vinegar 4 months ago

    Is being shite at footy a prerequisite for any fans hoping to get on the show? Almost always useless.

  • adskulnick
    adskulnick 4 months ago +1

    Do they just select people who voted to remain to do this? It would explain why no one can work out how to run round the trampoline week in week out

  • Kon Zaros
    Kon Zaros 4 months ago

    never understood how these uncos overun the run up, absolute spastics.

  • Realist
    Realist 4 months ago

    where do u find these people?!

  • Ollie Kendall
    Ollie Kendall 4 months ago

    Pompey fans are incest

  • Bfd Cluberlang
    Bfd Cluberlang 4 months ago

    Absolutely shocking that

  • Indigo Stickman
    Indigo Stickman 4 months ago +1

    The lad throwing the balls was a complete muppet. Come on mate, your throwing a ball at a trampette, they could get a school kid to do better.

  • apersonnamedjack
    apersonnamedjack 4 months ago +1

    'Big Chunker'

  • Josy Plays
    Josy Plays 4 months ago +1

    Do more videos with Adebayo Akinfenwa. Pleaseee🙏

  • Dr. Bobbingtons
    Dr. Bobbingtons 4 months ago +2

    Guy throwing the balls was a absolute smack

  • Themskills 08
    Themskills 08 4 months ago

    Blue Army

  • christopher charleston
    christopher charleston 4 months ago +1

    That was TRASH!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Scott Brennan
    Scott Brennan 4 months ago

    I wanna come on soccer am and do this challenge I’m a Liverpool supporter or even get my Saturday team to come on soccer am

  • Luke Bletchly
    Luke Bletchly 4 months ago

    Just can't get the staff anywhere these days

  • James Feltwell
    James Feltwell 4 months ago +2

    Standard chat about fenners being on the sniff

  • funny cakes
    funny cakes 4 months ago +5

    Bloke throwing the balls oh my god what a helmet

  • Daniel Burke
    Daniel Burke 4 months ago +1

    Who were those manlets having a go at the end? They were horrible. Almost as bad as the server.

  • danm003
    danm003 4 months ago

    Humiliating performance.

  • TheLukeJefferies
    TheLukeJefferies 4 months ago +1

    Shambles of a show

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones 4 months ago +1

    Oh Fenners

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller 4 months ago

    why don't the lefties stand on the right?

    • ryan
      ryan 4 months ago

      Due to the lack of braincells mate

  • SKM Tech
    SKM Tech 4 months ago

    Absolutely rubbish the lot of em 😂 😂

  • cyber_geoff_1
    cyber_geoff_1 4 months ago


  • Rayza NC
    Rayza NC 4 months ago


  • Yousef Albaba
    Yousef Albaba 4 months ago

    Shambles everywhere

  • BrisoGamingChannel
    BrisoGamingChannel 4 months ago


  • ItZ TG
    ItZ TG 4 months ago +1


  • davie boy 333
    davie boy 333 4 months ago


  • Jorgeyy Boyy
    Jorgeyy Boyy 4 months ago


  • dogs aren't dangerous
    dogs aren't dangerous 4 months ago

    Played for Bournemouth my ass. He was woeful.

  • One SF
    One SF 4 months ago +31

    Just when I thought the show couldn't get any worse than Fenners, they introduce this lad who can't even throw the ball for the volley properly 🤦‍♂️

  • Lee Yong Kang
    Lee Yong Kang 4 months ago +14

    Don’t know what’s worse the people volleying or the person throwing the balls

  • NoMoreHideTheBall
    NoMoreHideTheBall 4 months ago +27

    The bloke throwing the balls won a competition at a local YMCA.

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 4 months ago +53

    this made me appreciate tubes' set ups

  • Brian
    Brian 4 months ago +13

    the fella feeding the ball should never touch a football, ever, again.

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 4 months ago +1

    fenners high on life

  • Danish Eizaz
    Danish Eizaz 4 months ago +4

    Lmao they all sucks at volley also the thrower

  • TheGMP
    TheGMP 4 months ago +14

    At least most of them could run the right away around.

  • Super Dood
    Super Dood 4 months ago +86

    “Do we have anyone to feed the ball this week!”
    *blind guy slowly raises hand*

  • gavstar12345
    gavstar12345 4 months ago +4

    like watching brexit unfold. it just kept getting worse

  • Joe D
    Joe D 4 months ago +211

    Well that’s 2 minutes and 17 seconds I’ll never get back, even the man throwing the balls was useless

  • Makasi-Noble Pivot
    Makasi-Noble Pivot 4 months ago +60

    who was feeding the ball. christ

  • Tom k.williams
    Tom k.williams 4 months ago +128

    The guy throwing the balls wasn't too clever...... shambles all round

    • wildebest
      wildebest 4 months ago +5

      one of them should have two-footed the wet blanket's knees. absolutely scuppered their chances. shocking.

  • Lee Dempsey
    Lee Dempsey 4 months ago +1


  • matteastwood87
    matteastwood87 4 months ago +3

    Get Rockingham City on here lads

  • oroszlán milán
    oroszlán milán 4 months ago +1

    That was 4

    • Jeff Hearn
      Jeff Hearn 4 months ago

      oroszlán milán I think one was a half-volley and disallowed

  • FCB Champion
    FCB Champion 4 months ago


    PW GAMERS 4 months ago

    Cracking video❤️❤️