Found Rare Amethyst Crystal While Digging at a Private Mine! (Unbelievable Find)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • In this video I team up with friends and search for Amethyst crystals!
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    Found Rare Amethyst Crystal While Digging at a Private Mine! (Unbelievable Find))
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    How the heck did I go from searching for videos of “Military Finds Giant” to coming across a guy digging for crystals in the ground???? 🤔
    Not what I was looking for. Have fun finding crystals sir. Going back to what I was originally searching for on TheXvid!

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    DONT BUBBLE HER!!!! Amethysts are the best gem warriors?

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  • Chocolate_ Mochii
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    Random kid: *drops grape jolly rancher*
    Me: OMG mom I found an Amythyst!

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    Can I get some of the best crystals my address is irueueugduehduegduwhdugejdgwihdudgwjdhwidgiwhsyxgwjvhsbejwjdhjwgjejdgeuhe hhehdhjfushehduwuwjjhjwjdhejftwjdk2ufjwifueifyeudueuieudueueuuduwi

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    The orange one you found is citrine! Ametrine is really pretty so if you find any keep it!

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  • Tanner vlogs
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    I am from GEORGIA