The Bridge That's In Two Countries At The Same Time

  • Schengen is a small town in Luxembourg, on the borders with France and Germany. But one of those borders is a little more complicated: the Mosel (or Moselle) river is a condominium, it belongs to both countries at the same time. And thus, so the bridges above it.
    I'm not 100% happy with the research in this video, because it was put together quickly and, through necessity of language, from English-speaking secondary sources. However, Frank Jacobs in the New York Times on condominiums, talks about the history of the treaties:
    and that's confirmed by a reference in Freshwater Boundaries Revisited: Recent Developments in International River Law by María Querol, which quotes Bernhardt's Encyclopedia of Public International Law, Vol 111, p465.
    Interestingly, the borders on Google Maps, Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap all take different (and sometimes nonsensical) twists and turns, so I've chosen to illustrate the simplest example.
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  2 months ago +3472

    I turned this video around in two days from filming to upload, including all the graphics. It really felt like something I'd put together a few years ago, and while I won't be regularly going back to this style, it felt good to be putting things together myself again.

    • FlappableBean
      FlappableBean 14 days ago

      Now that Germany has closed its borders due to the corona-lurgy, how far along the bridge would a citizen of Luxembourg be allowed to go?

    • uruiamnot
      uruiamnot Month ago

      Whoever thought up sovereignty surely thought that we'd be celebrating his wisdom by now.

    • Haffenden101
      Haffenden101 Month ago

      Please make a video explaining the links between towns in seperate countrys having identical names.

    • Seda Nelle
      Seda Nelle 2 months ago

      I've missed this style. It's very personable and just weirdly calming to watch. IMHO it would be nice to have it visit again every now and then.
      Don't think that everything you do has to be a Big Studio Series or a location shoot on the scale of the Zero G plane video lest we stop liking your content. There's a lot to be said for these interesting little vids about interesting little things. Maybe I'm alone in this but I think the certain je ne sais quoi that makes your content distinct from any other educational stuff out there honestly stands out a little more in this style, as it has more of your fingerprint on it than something that had 3 or 6 or 10 other chefs in the kitchen. :)

    • Clay Compton
      Clay Compton 2 months ago

      If you want to talk about condominiums, you should do a video on the history of Vanuatu, which had an unusual treaty defining its status in the 1920s, including compl;icated rules about whether UK or French laws applied, and to whom.

  • Mystic
    Mystic 15 hours ago

    I want that collection of hats.

  • Mike9090
    Mike9090 Day ago

    I like how you say that it's not very interesting to talk about weird borders or an island that changes the land it's in every 6 months but then out of this 3 minute video there's mainly stuff about why you don't do videos on such topics and about the museum

  • s Jones
    s Jones 4 days ago

    And that’s what the corona virus said and move on to the next country .

  • donks 01
    donks 01 5 days ago

    Is anyone else finding it hilarious that an Englishman is telling is about this?

  • Ryuma King
    Ryuma King 6 days ago

    Just leave the borders to the map men .

  • Julian Morrisco
    Julian Morrisco 7 days ago

    Just get on with your life. That’s exactly what I was trying to do before a bunch of people for all sorts of reasons but mostly wrong, nasty or stupid, decided to bring back a border between me and many other countries.

  • spike001ton
    spike001ton 9 days ago

    I'm going to guess if you were to commit a crime on the river and jurisdiction is whatever contrys police sees the crime or where it is reported to would take jurisdiction

  • Impatient Samurai
    Impatient Samurai 9 days ago

    Huh that’s weird. You look over 60

  • Kiril Minchev
    Kiril Minchev 11 days ago

    Tom Scott: borders

  • emg_
    emg_ 11 days ago

    I liked the Baarle-Hertog-Nassau video you shouldn't not be proud of it!

  • Amanda Bennett
    Amanda Bennett 11 days ago

    Really glad I stumbled across your channel. Thanks for putting in the work to make these videos.

  • Martin Nicholls
    Martin Nicholls 13 days ago

    What you've accidentally done there is made a video about the status of Northern Ireland for customs purposes in the backstop under the RWA. People are offended by it by thinking of it as a line "there must be a line somewhere because borders so it must be in the Irish Sea" .. "Well, no..." - but Northern Ireland is the green bit (2:00) in the middle of this bridge for customs - when you get your head around that it all makes sense.

  • 8492 FPV
    8492 FPV 14 days ago

    Schrödinger's bridge

  • jay long
    jay long 14 days ago

    Are you kidding me that video was awesome I've watched it several times

  • crashk6
    crashk6 14 days ago

    Huh, that's interesting.

  • CERJ Media: Game Clips
    CERJ Media: Game Clips 14 days ago +1

    Tom: "...All of the Border Guard Hats, that the Schengen Agreement made obsolete"
    COVID-19: _"Not for long"_

  • Bean Sprouts
    Bean Sprouts 14 days ago +1

    Hah such a lax attitude to borders was ripe for invaders :/

  • Ryan
    Ryan 14 days ago

    Wow Tom, you are not aging well..

  • naadsov
    naadsov 14 days ago

    Great short video

  • Thomas Dalzell
    Thomas Dalzell 14 days ago

    shut up tom i liked that barle nassau video

  • Ciborium
    Ciborium 15 days ago

    You may say, "huh, that's weird". I say, "Let's commit a crime and let the jurisdiction gridlock commence."

  • Beefwar
    Beefwar 17 days ago

    My dad sat next to you on the plane to Luxembourg.... and didn’t say anything 😬

  • Elvenheim
    Elvenheim 20 days ago

    Wow, you were here and I missed it?????? noooo

  • Robin John
    Robin John 20 days ago

    The US Canadian border has some really weird places too. There’s one spot where you have to go from the US to Canada to get to the rest of the US.

  • JS91198
    JS91198 21 day ago


  • Francisco Gamboa
    Francisco Gamboa 21 day ago

    Getting on may be the problem

  • Saturday
    Saturday 24 days ago

    imagine the history and meaning that goes along with all those different types of hats. All replaced with 1 bland, historically irrelevant EU hat. I'm so glad we left The Borg... I mean the EU.

  • Hack It
    Hack It 27 days ago +1

    Me: Wasting my time on TheXvid.
    Tom: Now get on with your life.
    Me: Huh that's weird.

  • aip
    aip 28 days ago

    Huh, that's weird.

  • no more no you
    no more no you Month ago

    so i can say my forehead is long as Luxembourg and Germany

  • Zhadow Storm Gaming

    Have you been to the Three-Country Cairn? It's an artificial island, a tripoint (Sweden/Norway/Finland) and it can only be reached either by a 11 km walk from Kilpisjärvi or in the summer by boat from Kilpisjärvi + a 3 km walk

  • RuiYi
    RuiYi Month ago

    wHAT ifyou stand one feet in each of a normal border and commit a crime. Say you stand nude because you protest to have the right to be ''natural''. Who's jurisdiction are you in?

  • Hans K
    Hans K Month ago

    Would love to see Tom and mr Pilkington have a conversation....
    Tom: Huh that’s weird ..
    Karl: .... that’s weird innit?
    *random gervais high pitch laugh*

  • Phil zenn
    Phil zenn Month ago

    That's like 5km away from my house, and I didn't know that. 😂😅

  • wantin
    wantin Month ago

    I like our European nonborders and I feel happy about this video reminding me of that.
    It is always strange to see people wanting to devide us up instead of understanding humanity as a whole.

  • vitali
    vitali Month ago

    Well that's a new take on dual citizenship.

  • John Lucas
    John Lucas Month ago

    Well, there _was_ technically a use to creating that other video about borders, you get to talk about it here and give yourself more script!

  • Jean Bonnefoy
    Jean Bonnefoy Month ago

    Maybe a video to be sent to Bojo, Cummings and Priti Patel. Just saying?

  • Drakhor T
    Drakhor T Month ago

    I drive across this bridge each time I go shop in Perl.

  • Hassan Razaq
    Hassan Razaq Month ago

    Every bridge that spans 2 countries is in 2 countries at the same time.

  • Random Atom Combination

    oh, the Schengen treaty

  • Clarence Innes
    Clarence Innes Month ago

    You could arrange to be on the island that changes countries when the change occurs. That would be neat.

  • Melo Boy
    Melo Boy Month ago

    Schrodinger's border

  • Lord LunaEquie is me

    Okay, but, like, the history of strange borders is legitimately interesting. Just going "huh, that's weird," ignores that history.

  • Datflyincat
    Datflyincat Month ago

    Hey, i dont like that you dissed one of your own videos. I have a odd fasnation with maps and I actually find the other border as one of your best videos, same as with this one. Great illustrations!

  • Samantha owen
    Samantha owen Month ago

    One foot in Luxembourg, one in Germany and one in France all at the same time. That makes you a stool or a tool i guess. Either way you'll get ya feet wet :)

  • Arkanthrall
    Arkanthrall Month ago

    "It's too cold"
    * Doesn't even bother to close his jacket *

  • Frances Gardner
    Frances Gardner Month ago

    2:27 well there’s an easy way to find out

  • Matthew Stamp
    Matthew Stamp Month ago

    What’s the point of the clap at the start of video

  • ArtilleryFire
    ArtilleryFire Month ago

    what about sweden-denmark?

  • Chris M
    Chris M Month ago

    If you steal a purse on that bridge you can get convicted in both countries. In germoney you can only get convicted once for a crime, so i think you will get set free by the judge if you re-enter and get arrested.

  • Sugden / Bloodless
    Sugden / Bloodless Month ago

    so, you know we got the "see you next decade" jokes at the end of 2019, but now, now we can have "im in 2 countries at the same time" jokes

  • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

    So in Schengen, after which the "borders shouldn't be that much of a hard line" agreement is called has indeed a border that isn't that much of a hard line.

  • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

    About rivers changing shape: There is actually a dispute on such a border, with the question if the border follows the river at the time it was drawn or has since changed because the river changed.

  • my name is suck
    my name is suck Month ago +1

    Huh, that's weird.

  • Bojan Skoric
    Bojan Skoric Month ago

    Could we say it's a quantum border?

  • Kent
    Kent Month ago

    Sounds like the perfect place to commit a murder

  • not shady industries co.

    What if I try to fish in that river? Which government comes over to tell me to sod off?

    Maybe a special EU committee? That would give me at least a year to misconduct myself on that river to my heart's content.

  • Matt Edwards
    Matt Edwards Month ago

    If you defecate on the bridge could you be prosecuted by both countries? Asking for a friend. Cheers Tom!

  • Obviousz
    Obviousz Month ago

    That's how to do borders. You watching "land of the free"?

  • Seanathon
    Seanathon Month ago

    for the longest time before i actually sat down and watched this video i was grossly misunderstanding the "in two countries at the same time" part of the title

  • Jim Devilbiss
    Jim Devilbiss Month ago

    The middle of rivers is the dividing line between many USA states but Maryland has the complete width of the Potomac River between Md and Virginia.

  • troindx
    troindx Month ago


  • distracted fpv
    distracted fpv Month ago

    So instead of telling us the boring story, you tell us how boring stories about borders are. And still im watching every bit of it.

  • Ries Christian
    Ries Christian Month ago

    Welcome to Luxembourg! :D

  • DrPengin Guitar
    DrPengin Guitar Month ago

    I now want Tom to do a video on another weird border, but it just be a three second clip of him standing there saying "Huh, that's weird"

  • a girl is no one
    a girl is no one Month ago

    I loved your Belgium vid!!! It WAS interesting.

  • Simon Hewison
    Simon Hewison Month ago

    The concept of any border? Huh, That's weird.
    That for some reason one side of an imaginary line is radically different to that on the other side, that people who happened to have been born one side are substantially different to those born on the other side? Huh, that's weird.
    That some people strive to turn an imaginary line on a map to a physical barrier? Huh, that's weird.

  • Nate Jack22
    Nate Jack22 Month ago

    I would like to consider myself in neither country

  • Neil Caldwell
    Neil Caldwell Month ago

    Or.... What if someone gave birth on the bridge, what nationality would their child be classed as?

  • Chris Klugh
    Chris Klugh Month ago

    In 2028 there will be a great war over that spot. Its irrelevant strategical relevance will be fought and died for because of few Psychopathic Generals that want to claim it theirs.

  • Prince Otter
    Prince Otter Month ago

    you sound like you dont want to keep making videos

  • Fester Blats
    Fester Blats Month ago

    If you think there is nothing interesting about borders, and that they are just weird, then why do you keep making videos about them?

  • CMP
    CMP Month ago

    Scott, I believe it's more interesting than you might think. I don't travel a lot (like you do) and I have never been to Europe (probably never will), and videos like this and the other one you referenced are sort of a small substitute for that. Not every video has to be massively intriguing or out of this world, sometimes short interesting videos like this are all I really want some days, about places and things that are just sort of interesting and/or weird.

  • scuttle06
    scuttle06 Month ago

    a country that is in two countries at the same time

  • Homiku
    Homiku Month ago

    See bahrain's/Saudi bridge

  • Lucas Smart
    Lucas Smart Month ago

    Can you imagine if a country decided to leave the EU! Then all these weird borders would matter to them!

  • Ewan Mckay
    Ewan Mckay Month ago

    Oddly pessimistic from Tom.

  • Hyraethian Rabbit
    Hyraethian Rabbit Month ago

    top tier clickbait.