Rank Me From Most Attractive to Least Attractive (Mollie) | Lineup | Cut


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  • SyscoVids
    SyscoVids Day ago

    she lied

  • Ranjini Sengupta

    The subject of this video is so darn mean

  • Trump's dingle berries

    The 3rd girl was stunning and bowl cut guy should be at the end of the line

  • sergio nietbellangrijk

    I rate molly a 6 out of 10

  • Zane Nogueras
    Zane Nogueras Day ago

    They should've had the people rate photos first then have then rate the same people again in person and see who actually gives the same scores or not

  • Shikyatae Comae
    Shikyatae Comae Day ago

    This some bullshit

  • June Novae
    June Novae Day ago

    those people knew what they were getting themselves into so I would have been far mor honnest cause attractiveness is really subjectif, but she did her best to manage the discomfort.

  • Evan G
    Evan G Day ago

    Bro I would roast these people and be honest bowl cut is a three and serial killer

  • Ochre Clay
    Ochre Clay Day ago

    Mollie your brother is a prick 😂 I died laughing when bowl boy come in.
    Go him for uniqueness though

  • mirahnda
    mirahnda 2 days ago

    She put the tatted guy at least, and bowlcut & fake dancer guy in front of the black dude, she straight lying about all of the rates. 😂

  • Nate Kent
    Nate Kent 2 days ago

    She is WAY too generous

  • Nadia Bair
    Nadia Bair 2 days ago

    I'm here for the comments! lmao

  • katkowalski314
    katkowalski314 2 days ago

    the fact that she put herself at the lowest rating... I think she was just trying to avoid hurting anyone's feelings but she should've been more realistic

  • Snags RT
    Snags RT 2 days ago

    Everyone is so ugly💀

  • mrcydonia
    mrcydonia 2 days ago

    She's too nice, I mean, how do you see the second guy and not comment on the Moe Howard haircut?

  • Samra 987
    Samra 987 2 days ago

    She is just too sweet and I love that.

  • Heba W.Azer
    Heba W.Azer 3 days ago

    I would put the bowl cut guy last !!!

  • Heba W.Azer
    Heba W.Azer 3 days ago

    this video is so not saying the truth about people !!!!!!

  • Heba W.Azer
    Heba W.Azer 3 days ago

    I'M PETE!

  • Naomi Brinton
    Naomi Brinton 3 days ago

    “Show me some hip hop moves”
    Guy- *flosses *

  • Xavier Lucas
    Xavier Lucas 3 days ago

    She rated the y’all black guy a 9.5 but didn’t put him there in the line up that either means she wasn’t trying to make it obvious or she downgraded his personality when he said she was a 9 ... hmm we will never know

  • Slimey Paws 12
    Slimey Paws 12 3 days ago +1

    😂❤️👌💕💞☕️💓💗🕊😘❣️💖🥰😍😬👶🏼😀🤣🤨👌🏼🎼🎤😉🎉🎉🍾🎊and those folks are my recent emojis

  • sparklebutt111
    sparklebutt111 3 days ago

    This is a horrible thing to do.

  • Imani Okelarin
    Imani Okelarin 3 days ago

    She’s a very nice person.

  • Mike Bready
    Mike Bready 3 days ago

    Hope she gave her brother a Cleveland steamer as a thank you.

  • Rada
    Rada 3 days ago

    I love Mollie!!

  • Saif Abandah
    Saif Abandah 3 days ago

    The bowl guy is spoky from star trek

  • Jollyfella
    Jollyfella 3 days ago

    I didn’t know americans harboured so many clowns

  • Rakul Iyer
    Rakul Iyer 3 days ago

    Mollie is gold 💓...
    When you're asked to judge strangers based on attractiveness, how often would you move past just physical appearance .
    Dressing sure...
    Demeanour/vibe sure, sometimes...
    But to actually take a moment and consider their personality in such a short time.💕

  • Reira Popescu
    Reira Popescu 3 days ago

    Should have removed her from the scene and close her in a room and have the people talk to a camera or something like that. She would have been more honest with her ratings. It's clear as day she lied, A LOT. Also there's a HUGE difference between "attractive to me" and "what society finds attractive" or considered attractive by the majority. For instance, what's considered sexy male model with a six-pack by the majority, it actually makes ME gag. I am attracted to normal looking guys, either skinny or fat, it doesn't matter. I like shy and intelligent guys, creative and/or funny... etc. While the majority prefers Ken dolls with visible muscles and a shit load of confidence. So it is a matter of preference. I am able to rank people based on both criteria though.

  • master DOGE
    master DOGE 3 days ago

    We all know Bjork is a -10

  • ahmedics82
    ahmedics82 3 days ago

    Whose the sister with the curves tho

  • Jomana Helal
    Jomana Helal 4 days ago

    Even tho she isn't being very honest maybe, she's trying not to hurt their feelings

  • Jomana Helal
    Jomana Helal 4 days ago

    Aww she'sso nice i really like her

  • TinyBrit32
    TinyBrit32 4 days ago

    The line at the end confused me, she gave higher scores to some further down the line. Like the black man she gave 9.5 and bowl cut was an 8, why wasn't bowl cut at the end of the line?

  • Jordan Channel
    Jordan Channel 4 days ago

    when u don’t wanna hurt anyone feelings
    “I rAtE u An EiGhT”

  • mike seibert
    mike seibert 4 days ago

    It would have been cool to do this with someone that is honest

  • Nyafu Team
    Nyafu Team 4 days ago

    I would say that the most attractive one is the long hair guy

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 4 days ago

    She was deadass lying to all of them

  • T DRIT
    T DRIT 4 days ago


  • Leah Hutchinson
    Leah Hutchinson 4 days ago

    after the bowl-haired guy boldly gave himself an 8 I woulda humbled his ass with a damn 2; boi im sorry but that damn CUT

  • Skeletor
    Skeletor 5 days ago

    Maybe get somone who actually rate what she or he think, and not because he or she wanna be nice. So boring to watch.

  • Focean0
    Focean0 5 days ago

    Hipster channel

  • er ch
    er ch 5 days ago

    Everything is eight and a half or above

  • ColtFace Gaming
    ColtFace Gaming 5 days ago

    everyone is an 8.5 in her eyes i would really hate to see what her 2 is lol

  • Billy The Kid
    Billy The Kid 5 days ago

    I hate these videos and can't stop watching where do they find these peeps

  • Odiah Tyfany
    Odiah Tyfany 5 days ago

    First guy 7
    Bowl cut Hitler 3
    3rd girl 9
    Again guy 5
    Blue dress 7
    Weir red shirt dancer 4
    Black crop too girl 6
    Black guy 7
    All black Asian girl 6
    Last guy 6

  • Angy Olivier
    Angy Olivier 5 days ago

    Is this video re-uploaded bc i've watched it before

  • 100 subs With no videos challenge

    I’m sorry the bowl cut guys looks like he’s been to prison for sex crimes

  • holykimchi
    holykimchi 5 days ago

    i don’t think she ranked anyone HAHA. everyone is attractive in a different way

  • Sara Carmen
    Sara Carmen 6 days ago

    Are you fucking kidding me? Her ratings are such bullshit.

  • Zoe Hoekman
    Zoe Hoekman 6 days ago

    Didn't know flossing was a big hip hop move

  • MegaPlayDoe
    MegaPlayDoe 6 days ago +6

    Why she lying bruh

  • MICA 072
    MICA 072 6 days ago +1

    3:15 hes Freddy Mercury and you cant fight me on that.

  • Logen M
    Logen M 7 days ago +1

    That ending was unexpected and really eye opening. Good on her for being such a great human being 👍

  • dnice W
    dnice W 7 days ago

    Molly cute she my type

  • pudimehruim
    pudimehruim 7 days ago

    someone has their instagram? 4:27

  • Godzilla21059 8
    Godzilla21059 8 7 days ago

    That Chinese chick is really cute

  • Lorraine Garrett
    Lorraine Garrett 7 days ago +1

    The Mexicans guys shirt says “Relax Gringo I’m legal” I have no comment 😂

  • Ashley
    Ashley 7 days ago

    Was this filmed the same day Amalia did it? They’re all wearing the same thing 😂😂

  • xxx CHOPPER
    xxx CHOPPER 8 days ago +1

    She was handing out sympathy 8s and 9s like nobody's business

  • Maddie Bolland
    Maddie Bolland 8 days ago

    She seems super sweet! :)

  • hibiscus tea
    hibiscus tea 8 days ago +3

    "Im a dancer"
    *does a fortnite dance children can do*

  • Jess_K
    Jess_K 8 days ago +2

    the “least attractive” guy definitely didn’t deserve to be way down there

  • Kayleigh Idgaf
    Kayleigh Idgaf 8 days ago

    I always feel bad for parker he’s so sweet and like no one vibes with him

  • Moe Ali
    Moe Ali 8 days ago

    Show big man some RESPECT

  • Iyana TheGamer
    Iyana TheGamer 8 days ago

    I feel like this is disrespectful. You don’t rate someone for their beauty. I don’t know if anyone In this video got their feelings hurt, but that could’ve happened. I’m sorry, but I’m going to give this video a thumbs down. 👎🏾

  • Meeko Kyjat
    Meeko Kyjat 8 days ago

    she only gave black people.9.5 because she didnt wanna seem rahist

  • Magic Matt
    Magic Matt 8 days ago +53

    They should be thankful they didn’t have my ass rating them

  • Lijevi Desni
    Lijevi Desni 8 days ago +1

    this was bad...idk why I watched whole thing...

    MR. KITTYGAR 8 days ago

    Rank me from 10 to 0.

  • gina's mood
    gina's mood 8 days ago

    y'all cannot cap the big dude is an 8

  • NightCore SKY
    NightCore SKY 8 days ago +1

    4:05 *BLACK* 9.5 automatically

  • Nathasha Love
    Nathasha Love 8 days ago +2

    This girl was being too nice. Most guys are 7 and the girls are 8, except for the girl with short hair, she is hot.

  • Isaiah Lewis
    Isaiah Lewis 9 days ago

    Has no honesty.

  • Danielle Neal
    Danielle Neal 9 days ago

    « Relax Gringo I’m Legal » I love it ✊🏾

  • Flip Kim
    Flip Kim 9 days ago

    she is so nice person. made me smile

  • nat Jones
    nat Jones 9 days ago +1

    I cringed when he flossed

  • Nikolai Dobrev
    Nikolai Dobrev 9 days ago

    Two of the girls were cute, everyone else was ugly. Wtf is wrong with her?

  • Ramon diaz
    Ramon diaz 9 days ago

    She was great! Loved how she went to the front of the line awesome!

  • Clinton Miller
    Clinton Miller 9 days ago

    None of those people passed an 8 in my rating book.

  • prodoman
    prodoman 9 days ago

    Lol she lies

  • zAiim
    zAiim 9 days ago

    The First dude is a 10

  • Justin Lietz
    Justin Lietz 9 days ago

    Shes being way too generous lmao

  • SevenFoot Pelican
    SevenFoot Pelican 9 days ago

    Mollie is proof that being basic can be hot as hell.

  • SevenFoot Pelican
    SevenFoot Pelican 9 days ago

    Damn. Mollie hot as fuck. Low key freak too probably

  • Alien Heston
    Alien Heston 9 days ago

    She legit isn't being truthful! She most likely will NEVER be back on this show because I can tell she was beyond nervous to hurt people's feelings.

  • landrytheraccoon
    landrytheraccoon 9 days ago

    do this again, but with someone who is comfortable telling the truth

  • sel ;-;
    sel ;-; 9 days ago

    I just woke up and it seems like I was watching this video in my sleep, wth.

  • Sean Inness
    Sean Inness 9 days ago

    Mollie is very sweet but SOMEONE please be honest and tell bowl cut guy his haircut is a major drawback/red flag/ handicap. It would take a hell of a personality to compensate for that deficit. He may think of it as a badge of courage. If so, it's a major anti social middle finger, and not worth it imo. Was very happy to see Bjork again😃

  • Layla Abuobeid
    Layla Abuobeid 10 days ago

    she basically used a scale from 8-10

  • Leah Thomas
    Leah Thomas 10 days ago

    Mollie is so sweet

  • Heffrey
    Heffrey 10 days ago +4

    Everybody in this video belongs in the 0-3 range wtf did I just watch

  • Jay Santiago
    Jay Santiago 10 days ago

    This is easy. 6, 5, 10, 4, 7, 6, 7, 8, 7, and 5. 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol
    “The least attractive isn’t unattractive” I like her. Unlike the other girl. Who put herself way too high up there lmao

    DIYTFY 10 days ago

    She lying

  • El Juju
    El Juju 10 days ago

    “Im really fast like my legs my butt”

  • NPC #3311
    NPC #3311 10 days ago

    Comments just prove that humans are superficial shits that rate themselves high

  • Coolrh13
    Coolrh13 10 days ago

    Notice how she found it easier to rate girls higher, I don’t it’s a sexuality thing, it’s a observation, do you think it was because men take it less to heart or is it easier to rate a person you have potentially no real potential sexual attraction too higher.

  • Lola Dean
    Lola Dean 10 days ago +1

    **giving people 8’s because you don’t wanna hurt their ugly ass**

  • Antriksh Kumar
    Antriksh Kumar 10 days ago +5

    She’s such a great person.... *A 10 for sure*