Bench-clearing brawl erupts between Reds and Pirates in Cincinnati

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
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  • matthew forbes
    matthew forbes 13 seconds ago

    "If the pirates say one more motherfucking thing.."
    "that's it, I'm beating your ass!"

    SKINHEAD JOE Day ago

    Everyones screaming and fighting and I'm just sitting here trying to figure out why a professional athlete who is a grown man is walking around with Ramen noodles on his head

  • lilkrandle24
    lilkrandle24 3 days ago

    The Reds coach knew what was going down, pointing to the dugout to bring back the ejected pitcher and patting Garrett on the butt before he ran over, that was intense

  • Sara Bloom
    Sara Bloom 3 days ago

    Crazy people damn

  • Frank
    Frank 8 days ago

    Puig and these other colored guys with their ridiculous blonde hair looks like such fags. They probably walk around with their pants sagging low so everyone knows their ass is open for business.

  • Ric T
    Ric T 9 days ago

    David Bell vs. Aaron Boone...make it happen.

  • Kevon Davis
    Kevon Davis 11 days ago

    He wanted all the smoke

  • D P
    D P 13 days ago

    The pitcher got more hits in than Cinci's shitty ass offense that's for sure.

  • B A
    B A 16 days ago

    I hate black people

  • Levick Johnston
    Levick Johnston 20 days ago

    Excellent. Baseball would be so boring without this kind of action.

  • 스피어스제리
    스피어스제리 23 days ago

    투수는 왜 참지못하고 남의 벤치에 뛰어든대....

  • Ryan Howell
    Ryan Howell 24 days ago

    What happened

  • Jesus Rios
    Jesus Rios 26 days ago


  • Christopher Cancel
    Christopher Cancel 27 days ago

    This is what happens when you trash talk.

  • CKops
    CKops Month ago

    Why are the reds fucking crazy

  • AyeeMalikai Tv
    AyeeMalikai Tv Month ago

    Meechy bought me here

  • tina thompson
    tina thompson Month ago

    Man, this is like watching active devolution in progress.

  • joel maxwell
    joel maxwell Month ago


  • Brian K
    Brian K Month ago

    Boring, zzzzzzzz

  • PinkFishTacos
    PinkFishTacos Month ago

    Gives me some nolan Ryan vibes. Don't take the pitcher for a softy

  • Luke moto
    Luke moto Month ago

    The announcer called this like he was calling a boxing or ufc fight “and here we goooo” classic

  • jack goodman
    jack goodman Month ago

    hope garret is susspended a long time

  • mortuary mike
    mortuary mike Month ago

    Who is the pitcher that ran off the mound?

  • mohoosier
    mohoosier Month ago

    Does Puig ever throw a punch or does he just talk a lot and act like he’s going to?

  • Sports Central
    Sports Central Month ago

    What are they fighting over? Last place? LMAO!! 😂😂

  • Pedro Grave
    Pedro Grave Month ago

    Puig is a real one!

  • Brie Cholette
    Brie Cholette Month ago

    I love how when they started fighting the camera started shaking

  • Srivishal Sudharsan

    Best part of baseball.

  • Seabass Cards and Comics

    Ever since this fight, the Reds have been hot. Pirates have tanked, living in last place still

  • juanito1975
    juanito1975 Month ago +1

    is it me or Puig always seems like he is cranky?

  • Chelsea Rivera
    Chelsea Rivera Month ago +1

    Did the game ever finish?

  • Matthew Polito
    Matthew Polito Month ago

    1:36 the little kid loving what they're seeing hahahaha

  • Abrannys Álvarez
    Abrannys Álvarez Month ago


  • Apryl Terrell
    Apryl Terrell Month ago

    Ass kicking alert 🚨

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson Month ago

    Love my Reds. They may not be able to win but damn they can fight.

  • Jaime massat
    Jaime massat Month ago

    2:38 Que me suelte coño

  • Darknino Liberté
    Darknino Liberté Month ago

    HOW COME Cincinnati always fighting

  • GoldenMouthCinema
    GoldenMouthCinema Month ago

    can someone explain why this happened

  • Невада большевик

    Baseball: so boring and stupid that the fans get psyched about the teams fighting instead.

  • Red Clark
    Red Clark Month ago

    2nd time I watched, did he hit 2 or 3 different players 👍😎

  • Will McCallister
    Will McCallister Month ago

    Imagine fighting Puig 😂

  • Saint Laurent
    Saint Laurent Month ago

    Explain this to be in basketball terms!?

  • Christian Taylor
    Christian Taylor Month ago

    I wanted to watch a MLB game not a wwe Roayal rumble

  • David Blain
    David Blain Month ago

    Listen very carefully to the background music....

  • st1y666
    st1y666 Month ago

    What a bunch of children

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson Month ago +1

    This is the only good thing about baseball.

    HONEST ONE Month ago

    This guy puig.Who the hell does he think he is? Now if he was to be fired....

  • Maradona 10
    Maradona 10 Month ago

    Handbags at dawn 🤣🤣

  • David Lizama
    David Lizama Month ago

    Dodgers fans- so this is what happened to Puig...

  • PS2 Gamer
    PS2 Gamer Month ago

    Can i just say when the announcer was saying here we go might be the most coolest thing i heard to start a brawl. Even the announcers are invested in it

    G MONEY Month ago

    Roof Rage with Puig, he needs to get tested.

  • Zander Hadlock
    Zander Hadlock Month ago

    0:16 the announcer was ready for this

  • Zander Hadlock
    Zander Hadlock Month ago

    0:16 the announcer was ready for this

  • Ogmios Soimgo
    Ogmios Soimgo Month ago

    baby punches for the low iq sports loser

  • J True
    J True Month ago

    Pittsburgh pussies. Puig would have beat the shit out of your entire piss soaked city. Lol lames, just like their football team.

  • Nicolas Hakimian
    Nicolas Hakimian Month ago

    They are 15 dozen knock on the door when you show up.

  • Nicolas Hakimian
    Nicolas Hakimian Month ago

    There NIC. GOO.

  • craik
    craik Month ago

    Finally some action in the least important game of the league

  • David Sepeda
    David Sepeda Month ago

    Is anyone else as tired of puig as me..I wish he was in a combat sport so someone would beat his ass

  • pretty ducks
    pretty ducks Month ago

    If things like this were more common I'd watch baseball again--none of that standing around waiting for nothing to happen but players letting their emotions bleed thru and standing up for themselves--I'm sure they'll get fined etc but this was the most entertaining baseball moment I've seen since the riot place had to be brought out during the 2004 ALCS series