Xbox Series X DETAILS | Microsoft Talk Series X Power, Cross Gen Performance Scaling & More

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • Looks like Microsoft are talking about Xbox Series X real power and performance scaling among other gaming devices. Cross gen from Xbox One to Next Gen Scarlett Xbox Series X support for software and owned content is detailed and emphasized as well. This paints a bright picture for the launch of The New Xbox Scarlett and its games. Xbox Anaconda and companion devices like Xbox lockhart will benefit as well, if we are to go off of Microsoft's latest Next Generation interview. The Next Gen Xbox Scarlett DETAILS Have come | Microsoft Xbox Boss Phil Spencer and others Talk Big Project Scarlett Power, Performance Scaling, Cross Gen & Much More. Xbox 2020 is going to be big, but how will Project Scarlett vs PS5 pan out?Furthermore, what are Project Scarlett Specs and how do they compare? Microsoft may have dropped some important clues on these Next Gen Consoles. | Xbox Update.
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  • Dealer - Gaming
    Dealer - Gaming  Month ago +86

    I feel like i explained it well, but some didn't hear or didn't watch lol Games on PC today leverage and or run on SSDs, super fast Ram, big power and massive core counts. One version of a game running on Xbox one S may not live by the same rules as the high end skus, for instance movement or map speed ect may be much different. Its already been done. Maybe the low end SKU features less CPU load with not only less AI active, but less complex intelligent AI in general (Kinda like the nemesis system from Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor. This system featured advanced AI that the Xbox 360 version of the game simply didn't have). Destruction, animation and so much more are ALL scaled on PC today in order to allow low end hardware to run more games. Either way, i don't expect everyone to agree but until Scarlett is being "held back" i'll continue to compare it to PC scale-ability as even Matt Booty did in this video.. its silly and i hope you all checked out the video, thing took forever to make lol Be excited, the xbox scarlett and PS5 will both be badass consoles.

    • ChemyGuy72
      ChemyGuy72 Month ago

      @Pony Slayer just cause they sell more dont make them better. I'm a smoker that buys premium cigarettes and the poor buys the reserve kind at half price... so that makes the reserve smokes better??? My son is a die hard PS and hes not ashamed the jump on my Project Scorpio, I'm just pissed I never get to play...... Happy Holidays 😎🍺♥️

    • Message To All Friends
      Message To All Friends Month ago

      And y'all doubted me. Tisk tisk.

    • Rhino Republican Entertainment
      Rhino Republican Entertainment Month ago

      What was that game at 2mins 20 into this video?
      Looks like an awesome version of what halo should look like

    • Old School Gamer
      Old School Gamer Month ago

      Dealer - Gaming

      Yet another reason not to buy Xbox Scarlett.
      WTF are Microsoft thinking

    • likepick 8326
      likepick 8326 Month ago

      But 360 is like johnwick it never dies

  • Real Real
    Real Real 15 days ago

    His names is really matt booty

  • Destructomite
    Destructomite 16 days ago

    I don’t want 8k I want 120fps

  • The Mee144k
    The Mee144k Month ago

    Not starting over is a major win in my book

  • idkwhatmyname shouldbe

    So what im hearing is xbox is turning into a pc. And the pcmasterrace is still superior.

  • LazyGamer L&G
    LazyGamer L&G Month ago

    PC the best place to play games

  • xxexclusivexx92 92
    xxexclusivexx92 92 Month ago

    I own both the pro and x on a high end Samsung 8 series tv and I can tell you that xbox x is better on paper but on display there is absolutely no noticeable difference between the two consoles...its marketing schemes...I love both systems but prefer ps4 more but both look great on display so I have no complaints but dont sit here and think specs mean anything

  • Toronto
    Toronto Month ago

    I know content narrators have to have a unique sound to their voices and speech so they can stand out, but god damn the way this guy talks is heavily annoying, you force it too much bud, I can’t watch another video of yours again its cringe

  • Giru Gamesshu
    Giru Gamesshu Month ago

    I don't think that scalability can be generelised that easily. Sure comparing it to pc graphic cards seems legit. but just looking at the SSD harddrive, developers can make transitions from one complex scene to another much faster, meaning seemless, which wouldn't be possible on a magnetic harddrive. Of course you could just put in loading screens, but in my mind this is a completly different experience. Also looking at npc ai, a more potent CPU gives the ability to create much more intelligent ones. Scaling that down would compromise the experience significantly as well. And yes pc games seem to do this for years, but even pc games are still held back by consoles these days. Games just look better and don't play better, because all the overhead in computational power is put into visuals and not mechanics. I would like to see more realistic simulations, not just prettier ones. Maybe I'm wrong and it is possible to just scale these things down without changing the experience, but I would hope to see more significant changes in gameplay and not just higher resolutions, framerates and visual elements like the chsnge between last and current gen.

  • Karl Miller
    Karl Miller Month ago

    Matt booty🤣

  • Marvin Lowe
    Marvin Lowe Month ago

    dealer, what music did you use in the background?

  • Cosa Nostra
    Cosa Nostra Month ago

    Matt booty

  • Demond Callahan
    Demond Callahan Month ago

    Why u talking scarlet and not xbox 2

  • The Haven
    The Haven Month ago

    Xbox Won

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    The only two sku' s will be for different memory sizes for the new sd.. Those new sd cost a ton of money so they will release an affordable 1 terabyte and an upgradable 4 terabyte likely for more money..I dont think they are releasing two powerful systems at once it makes no business since and too much confusion for consumers to have 4 different sku's.. Think about the production cost of two new systems and selling x amount of units and then the marketing cost.. Memory Sku's for sure ull bet you guys some cash

  • Angel Valentin Mojica
    Angel Valentin Mojica Month ago +2

    Scalability... Scalability... Scalibility... That argument was good before the xb1 X but now with the xb1 X experience, it is pretty obvious developers dont take consoles too seriously in regards to scalability. Even ps4 pro had some better versions than the X.

  • C_Royal Official
    C_Royal Official Month ago


  • Don’t touch Me
    Don’t touch Me Month ago

    8k best graphics better than anything out . Then the only games to come out are 💩

  • Capt Ghost
    Capt Ghost Month ago

    don't buy into there shit consules are shit these days just get a pc and be done with these slow ass lame gaming system pc gaming for the win

  • ronald henson
    ronald henson Month ago

    Xbox will win

  • SuperWaffleking
    SuperWaffleking Month ago +1

    Just buy a pc

  • SoliVAN80
    SoliVAN80 Month ago

    Toxicity of Gaybox ewwww! 🤢🤢

  • StormyLines
    StormyLines Month ago +1

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot, usually every time we get a new console generation we will get two versions of the same game for a few years. But I think at least for first party Xbox games they will release ONE COPY of the game that works across all Xbox one and scarlet consoles, no need to rebuy games anymore. Console gaming has needed this for a long time and Xbox may be the first and maybe only one to do it. They’ve already shown hints of this with games like Skate 3 which is a 360 game being sold in stores inside an Xbox one case saying “Xbox 360 and Xbox one” at the top. As well as giving 10 year old backwards compatibility games 4K updates. Xbox seems to be the only one of the big 3 that respects the players purchases and wants everything to carry over and has been working on that goal for a very long time, even the 360 was more backwards compatible friendly than the PS3, remember the PS3 slim ditched backwards compatibility altogether.

  • God
    God Month ago +1

    Well I wonder if there will be a special edition with halo infinite?

    • Hap3niz
      Hap3niz Month ago

      this is what im hoping for

  • Kevin A
    Kevin A Month ago

    I havnt owned a game console since I played games on pc. I mean god damn how many xboxes are there? Scarlet one x one s Xbox homo Xbox one x plus 18....move to pc and never go back! None of these systems will ever stand next to a pc and outdo it!

  • Humansaredum Fuckthemtodeath

    Gamers have to stop hyping the next consoles like it's not gonna be 500+ dollars who remembers when Xbox one was new ? It was 650 dollars for a new one ! Yet here you people are hyping the next more expensive console ? Man what happened too appreciation? These gamers ain't appreciative for shit ! They wanna act like they are filthy rich and can pay out of pocket for all the utilities rent mortgages car insurance xy-z child support but than act like we all have 600 dollars or more extra laying around for a new console . Man this shit is corny how about instead of buying and hyping tell them shove it and we want updates that make it a new console instead of a new one worth hundreds more . You people can't afford the shit unless're leeching off your parents ? Ah make a sense but grown ass adults have trouble affording new gaming consoles that's why it takes 6+ years to hit peak sales and majority the sales come from when the price scales way back to 200 from 600 it happens every generation of idiot

  • OPzeq
    OPzeq Month ago

    This will be such a big disappointment

  • FootSoldier
    FootSoldier Month ago

    Wouldn't this hold back the full potential of the Scarlett? They have to scale it to the point where the old xbox able to play but not at the highest quality. This is bad decision IMO.

  • Rubicon
    Rubicon Month ago


  • Wesley Hammack
    Wesley Hammack Month ago

    Xbox is junk all are an always will be junk quality freezing up all the time load errors an crashes all the time they call it scarlet cause u got to be a bitch to like it lmao 😂.

  • Bleach
    Bleach Month ago +1

    i hope gta5 is on the new xbox man

    • REM A
      REM A Month ago +2

      Bleach it will

  • Luxify
    Luxify Month ago

    I started on Xbox then went to ps4 from Xbox 360 and I always respected Xbox because it’s good and ima get the new xbox

  • KEULE 82
    KEULE 82 Month ago

    The Official Release Name is Xbox Two

  • Pyrosites
    Pyrosites Month ago +3

    I wish xbox scarlet most buyed in asia because i want play anime games in xbox

    • Pyrosites
      Pyrosites Month ago

      Boogin really?

    • Boogin
      Boogin Month ago

      They'll bring them over just give it time.

    • SoliVAN80
      SoliVAN80 Month ago +1

      @Pyrosites I'm sorry 😟

    • Pyrosites
      Pyrosites Month ago +2

      SoliVAN80 :(

    • SoliVAN80
      SoliVAN80 Month ago

      That's only for a real console, the PS4 (=

  • ryan wolf
    ryan wolf Month ago

    I’m sorry I’m on a limited income I cannot afford they pay $800 for a gaming box I hope they continue supporting S model

  • Eian Federle
    Eian Federle Month ago

    wait so will the current xbox one games be compatible on scarlet and lockhart? I'm confused cause you kept going into different topics so quickly.

  • Robert Greco
    Robert Greco Month ago

    Honestly, I have an XBox One X and all I can say is this is expected when 90% of the games are really basic games that could work on my cell phone. The black Friday deal had only a handful of games worth checking out the rest was just cartoon style side scrollers or puzzle stuff.

  • Cryptic Scope
    Cryptic Scope Month ago

    PlayStation will keep dominating if Xbox don't make exciting exclusives... Both consoles will have the same CPU, GPU and both will have Ray Tracing... Both consoles will be so similar in hardware, both Sony and Microsoft will have to differentiate each other in software...

  • Talon Vaughn
    Talon Vaughn Month ago

    I have been losing faith in Xbox. Ive had to get 3 originals 4 360s and 3 Ones, this looks like trash thats gonna fail IMO. Idk really thinking about switching to Sony even though I hate their controller.

  • DinosaurEater 05
    DinosaurEater 05 Month ago

    So i can play the new games on my xbox one s

  • TheAlphaSpartan
    TheAlphaSpartan Month ago +2

    Having an xbox laptop would be cool

  • Spartan Kong Country

    Already better than the ps5.

  • Jeremy Villegas
    Jeremy Villegas Month ago

    New xbox sucks lol ps4 is going to have controllers with screens on it 😂😭

  • PZR18
    PZR18 Month ago

    What was the space game from the 3min mark?

  • lkjyuiop
    lkjyuiop Month ago

    Don’t care about Xbox

  • devilboykillz
    devilboykillz Month ago

    Lol every system does this. EVERY time a new sony system comes out they make games for both systems till they fade the older one out. Plus i really dont care about backwards comparability. Every time i play a old game i use to love i can never get into it cuz the graphics sucks. Buy a new system for the new graphics and power not to play old games. Just hook up my old system.

  • N.I.G Code_Name_Nation

    Matt Booty😂😂😂

  • Mitch Bullock
    Mitch Bullock Month ago

    You said compatibility about 10000 times use code loudpacksuk420 in the fortnite item shop

  • usnoja
    usnoja Month ago

    Game ???? 7:43

  • Big Dawg187
    Big Dawg187 Month ago

    What boxing game was that at 1:08?? That shit look fire!

  • Xiaopin
    Xiaopin Month ago +1

    Cool and hope.

  • Tekneeks
    Tekneeks Month ago +21

    I’m curious to how many people still play on the original Xbox One

    • Alexander Frid
      Alexander Frid Month ago

      I do lmao

    • Phoeveezy
      Phoeveezy Month ago +1

      Im still on the o.g. xbox one...i was planning to upgrade by now but its never given me any problems or broke yet. It does turn itself on all the time tho.

    • PLZ Rottenjeep
      PLZ Rottenjeep Month ago

      I’m am😢

    • Christopher Mendiola
      Christopher Mendiola Month ago

      Tekneeks Still got the day one edition, runs strong

    • Nictron
      Nictron Month ago

      My whole family does. Looked at Forza 3 last night and was quite amazed at how well it ran and looked. Great console with some long legs!

  • Swag oh yeah yeah nation oh yeah yeah

    Ps5 better :)

  • Untouchable2x
    Untouchable2x Month ago

    Lmao no ones cares about this new shit box like what are they gonna upgrade too 1080 p fucken jokes just switch to ps4 ppl🤦‍♂️😤😂

  • Mike the Moocher
    Mike the Moocher Month ago

    I swear if they bring a new console out already I'm going to light every Microsoft item on fire that I own.

  • Hal 502
    Hal 502 Month ago

    I still have the Xbox One S white version and is working great but i might get Project Scarlet.

  • donovan stephens
    donovan stephens Month ago

    I like this nigga he stay on fucking track so anyone who disliked it is that type of retarded that don’t really understand what he sayin

  • Greeny Mcarmor
    Greeny Mcarmor Month ago

    Does anyone know the music in the background? it’s pretty catchy

  • Sedric Beasley
    Sedric Beasley Month ago

    Microsoft has this figured out based on dealing with the PC world. For example everyone has different specked out PC's but; the same software runs based on a minimum spec. The software will still run but; it want run as fast compared to others. The operating system and software has to support so many different vendors, Dell, HP, you name it. This possibly is easier because it is all Microsoft and all their consoles compared to the numerous devices out there on the PC world.