The 2019 Cadillac CTS-V Is a Crazy Fast Luxury Sedan

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
    The 2019 Cadillac CTS-V is a tremendously exciting, fast luxury sedan. Today I'm reviewing the 2019 CTS-V and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new CTS-V. I'm also driving the new Cadillac CTS-V to review the driving experience.
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  • marcus strothers
    marcus strothers 7 hours ago

    Doug do a review on the sts v

  • 6SpeedCaddyV
    6SpeedCaddyV 13 hours ago

    Hey are you interested in doing a Modded ATS-V? I may have something for you ;)

  • Vince Black
    Vince Black 14 hours ago

    More computer controlled stuff is more to break and cost a lot to fix

  • Divad Noodeldehm
    Divad Noodeldehm 22 hours ago

    Is there a refrigerator option? The S-class comes with a refrigerator.

  • Aaron Loomis
    Aaron Loomis Day ago

    Now they know your phone is in there.

  • Marvin Zhang
    Marvin Zhang Day ago

    What’s wrong with ford and Cadillac

  • Rob Timbo
    Rob Timbo 2 days ago +1

    Dougs the type of guy to hit the vape while drinking an IPA in your CTS

  • valntina Jouda
    valntina Jouda 2 days ago

    He said it’s faster than an E63 amg it’s a v4

  • it's true
    it's true 2 days ago +2

    That is one of the coolest cars ever.

  • Stephen Maner
    Stephen Maner 3 days ago

    RIP V cars. Cadillac is going in the wrong direction.

  • dakota p
    dakota p 3 days ago +1

    If you look at the way the hidden compartment design is the rear end of the CTS-V

  • Nayda Carmona
    Nayda Carmona 3 days ago

    Bro I’ve been watching doug since like 100k I never thought he would be this huge bruh

  • noa
    noa 3 days ago

    5:37 so u can plug in ur ps2 while u ridin dirty

    ROBBY 3 days ago +1

    mechanics today, cant even do an oil change today and get it right......Whos fixing these cars ?

  • Noah Daniels
    Noah Daniels 4 days ago +1

    if I had a dollar for every time Doug has said "quirk" id have myself a CTS-V

  •  5 days ago

    @0:57 looks like a bulky nascar stock car

  • Peep Originals
    Peep Originals 5 days ago

    Can you review the Cadillac ATS V ?

  • Andy Sciro
    Andy Sciro 6 days ago +5

    Doug should check out and test drive any present-day ambulance. They have huge power and torque....most twin turbo. You can't throw them around like a car but they perform better than anyone thinks if they're maintained properly.

  • Kebert Xela
    Kebert Xela 6 days ago

    Ive always hated the dashboards on Cadillacs. They look more cheap, tacky , and dated rather than classy.

  • Eddie V
    Eddie V 7 days ago

  • Cali 4nia
    Cali 4nia 8 days ago

    Make it AWD and it's mine!

  • Ian McNaughton
    Ian McNaughton 9 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to use a blender in his 640 HP CTSV

  • Eamon Shields
    Eamon Shields 10 days ago +1

    Ultimate Daily Driver

  • Bittyhiglig Budulying
    Bittyhiglig Budulying 10 days ago +16

    Owner: *getting oil change*
    Mechanic: Would you like to get your glove box opening fluid and filter changed?

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 10 days ago +3

    Cadillac CTSV:*alerts you in school zone*
    Tekashi liked that

  •  10 days ago

    Unfortunately I'd never buy another Cadillac . I have 3 for sale if anyone is looking .

  • Ralf Henke
    Ralf Henke 11 days ago +1

    I am usually not a big fan of US made cars but this thing is just plain spectacular. The center console is far too glossy and chrome-laden for my taste, though. Plus, it's an obvious fingerprint magnet as we could see in the video.
    But I do adore that colour, as well as the overall styling. Cadillac really should keep and evolve this design line. My fears are that they will replace the reduced sedan range by another overweight, wobbling, high-rise SUV, though. :-((

  • Smokin Man
    Smokin Man 12 days ago

    Wish Cadillac would go back to looking elegant. Not "sporty"

  • Ian Buurma
    Ian Buurma 12 days ago

    Hellcat charger is fastest sedan

  • xocvrmen
    xocvrmen 12 days ago


  • Mitchell Radford
    Mitchell Radford 13 days ago


  • Markus Patients
    Markus Patients 13 days ago +1

    Ain't nothing like a Cadillac.. CTS-V.
    Just don't drive it in C{ompton if you want to keep it.

    • Markus Patients
      Markus Patients 3 days ago

      @greg black "On the hope" of killing someone will bring that same Karma back towards you.

    • greg black
      greg black 3 days ago

      Markus Patients I drive thru Compton weekly on the hope that someone tries a car jack.I may get into trouble but one more dirt bag going bye bye.

  • Pete Landry
    Pete Landry 13 days ago +2

    That Doug score is nuts. I’ve driven several of the cars on the list and the CTS v is far better than most. Also, these can be tuned to become Godzilla fast, which competitors can’t do. Caddy will be destroying its V brand in 2020 because the cars aren’t selling. Expect stylish watered down new V cars for boomers/seniors. This is the last beast... sad

  • Pyro XL Da smell good
    Pyro XL Da smell good 14 days ago +3

    That's it. Can't take it no more. This ride is doing something to me. I can't figure out if i want to bite it drive it or put it in a wrapper lol. I know i want 1 now lol.

  • CIA
    CIA 14 days ago +1

    Doug’s the type of guy to put too many commercials in his videos.

  •  14 days ago

    Interior design is just lame,in my opinion...

  •  15 days ago +1

    I like the car, Im just not hip on you, maybe you should do a foodie channel

  • Gabe Miller
    Gabe Miller 16 days ago +7

    Doug is the type of guy to wear a Lego shirt in a 6 figure car

  • Michael Gershbeyn
    Michael Gershbeyn 17 days ago

    Doug when are you going to review the Audi A8? This seat setup was available in the A8 in 2011.

  • Omar Scott
    Omar Scott 17 days ago

    18:03 “When You Floor It , It Doesn’t Feel Like The Whole World Is Gonna End”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I Wonder What Car Makes Him Feel Like That

  • Pyro XL Da smell good
    Pyro XL Da smell good 18 days ago

    That paint job is sweet. Nice. Me likey

  • Anam Paiseanta
    Anam Paiseanta 18 days ago +75

    Can that hidden compartment hold a Glock 19! Asking for a friend...

    • HATER
      HATER 5 hours ago

      It holds a Glock 26.

    • greg black
      greg black 3 days ago

      Yes it will .

    • Flaniganskywalker
      Flaniganskywalker 17 days ago +1

      If you are legal keep it on the front seat.Both times I have had my gun while getting pulled over--I got a warning.The laws about where to keep a gun change all the time and in every city.If you pass a BK check--you should be able to open carry and be able to carry yyour gun anywhere except gov buildings--bars and a few other plac es--and it should be a federal law that applies to all states.

    • Caporegime
      Caporegime 17 days ago +1

      very underrated comment

  •  18 days ago

    I grew up thinking Cadillacs were lame old people cars... damn did their brand image change. I'd kill for a CTS-V. They look good, theyre fast as fuck, theyre luxurious...

  •  18 days ago

    Excellent videos and very funny also.

  • Isaac RSX
    Isaac RSX 19 days ago +7

    Doug the type of guy to name his dog “Dog DeMuro”

  • Twizzy Wizzle
    Twizzy Wizzle 19 days ago

    Anyone else think it looks like a commodore hsv

  • Lucian Carrato
    Lucian Carrato 19 days ago +6

    My dad owns a CTS-V black night
    coupe car. just had to flex on ya 😏

    • Lucian Carrato
      Lucian Carrato 15 days ago +1

      Fabian Ming, it honestly feels like your being pushed against the car, when he has it in race mode, he skids out on the rode and he almost crashed from it! Really fast.

    • MrAlteredego
      MrAlteredego 16 days ago +1


    • Fabian Ming
      Fabian Ming 16 days ago +1

      How's it feel riding in it 👀

  • blackbird
    blackbird 19 days ago

    My Kia venga is superior

  • coolsidecool
    coolsidecool 19 days ago

    I want someone to look at me like Doug looks at the road when he accelerates.

  • V Guerrilla
    V Guerrilla 19 days ago

    FYI BMW is notorious for underrating the power of their turbo cars. The F90 M5 is pushing more like 700hp.

    • Billy Aiello
      Billy Aiello 15 days ago

      V Guerrilla what’s their reason for this?

  • chris ep3
    chris ep3 20 days ago

    Love this car great review Doug!!!

  • banana_studios
    banana_studios 20 days ago +1

    Is he wearing a legoland shirt

  • WhoCares
    WhoCares 20 days ago

    2019 M550i Xdrive gets 3.8-3.9sec to 60mph --- and it has AWD ... and you can get a nice 2019 certified for low 60s $$$ :)

    Also the CTS-V seems like a Corvette Z06 sedan, or even ZL1 sedan - because it borrows that same engine, probably transmission, etc.)

  • darkmatter.99
    darkmatter.99 20 days ago +3

    This thing maybe is faster than an audi R8 but with a slower 0-100, your "acceleration" score is just dumb

    • darkmatter.99
      darkmatter.99 7 days ago

      @Tjk 92 jusy said the r8 is faster on 0-100 but the cts-v can keep up on the 100+

    • Tjk 92
      Tjk 92 7 days ago

      The Audi R8 does 0-60 in 2.8 2.9 seconds. This CTS-V does it in 1 second slower. The R8 is just much lighter and all wheel drive. R8 V10 plus would smoke this Cadillac

  • Jim Summers
    Jim Summers 21 day ago

    Doug is the kind of guy who, on his wedding night, points out to his new wife the quirks and features of his penis and scrotum...

  • William Hammond
    William Hammond 21 day ago

    I know what I’m getting. Baby shit brown

  • Matt H
    Matt H 21 day ago +2

    Im not gonna lie that thing looks freakin badass.

  • D.E.P H MC.
    D.E.P H MC. 21 day ago

    Doug vs Alex in a fight who wins? LOL

  • D.E.P H MC.
    D.E.P H MC. 21 day ago

    Doug is the type of guy to argue about cars with his Doug score

  • i Neifion
    i Neifion 21 day ago

    is Doug wearing eye-liner?

  • BluMac.
    BluMac. 22 days ago

    if he were to have a gray beard and gray hair, he would look a lot like JayzTwoCents

  • BJPatty
    BJPatty 22 days ago

    What a badass car.

  • juliet whitemore
    juliet whitemore 22 days ago

    why woudl you want to drive and use a blender?

  • Liche Christ
    Liche Christ 22 days ago

    hmm, an upside-down bathtub on wheels.

  • M-Tech
    M-Tech 22 days ago

    4:47 I don't understand why you are so positiv about this. First; this is the most easy place to forget a phone in and the most complicated place to put it in. The door just takes to long to open for it to be practical at all. The buttons turning off is bad, because then you have to close that stupid thing making a reach for the phone inconvenient as hell. Grabbing the phone and than turning up the climate controls is at least 3 seconds appart because of that lid.
    Lastly, capacitive buttons are just the worst. The are just much harder to locate by feel.

  • RealAsDream Taylor
    RealAsDream Taylor 23 days ago

    You think they sale like Hellcats

  • caveman123ization
    caveman123ization 23 days ago

    The dynamic rear view mirror camera is great in the daytime. At night you have better visibility using the real mirror.

  • Travis Toole
    Travis Toole 23 days ago +1

    I think the CTSV 2 wagon is my favorite, but this one comes in second. Awesome car

  • Chad Pugh
    Chad Pugh 23 days ago

    Nice car. I have a thing for sleeper cars, and usually 4 door sedans like this can fall into that category. But, it's still a GM built car.
    I'm curious as to why the backup cam has a washer jet but the cam that's guaranteed to get bug guts on it, does not.

  • Marney Olson
    Marney Olson 23 days ago

    I’d pick the CTS-V over the competition.