• Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Caves and Cliffs Part 2 is now out and finishes up the caves and cliffs update. This video is a guide to everything that is new or changed in the Minecraft 1.18 update!

    0:00 - ello mate
    0:49 - parity
    1:40 - menu
    2:12 - generation
    9:15 - mobs
    10:36 - changes
    14:31 - mob spawning
    15:59 - texture updates
    16:52 - ore generation
    20:23 - technical changes

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    if you read this comment "cliffs"

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  • Jack Mendoza

    I spent nearly four hours caving in a new world yesterday and I stayed in the same cave system. Everything was just connected and it was the most fun I've had in vanilla minecraft in so long

  • Artemis Frost

    Its funny nobody has talked about how insane the oceans are now, with the subnautica style deep dark underwater caving, great for underwater building

  • Smith Jimmypantz

    Pro tip: Iron, coal, and emerald are way high up in mountains exposed to air more common than you think!

  • JWhisp
    JWhisp  +900

    Thanks for this video super helpful!

  • Joel Bierman

    My favorite part of this update is actually not the new caves or the terrain generation, but the new mob spawning mechanics. Sufficient lighting is always a key part of building in survival and it has always felt like you had to go out of your way so much to alter your builds to properly incorporate lighting so that a creeper wouldn't blow up what you worked hard to build. In my opinion that has always detracted from the fun of building. Now that isn't as much of a factor and you can actually focus more on making the build look the way you want it to look.

  • foolsgold
    foolsgold  +351

    the new generation makes it feel like points of interest are more unique, I get way less lost bc the terrain has way more personality

  • Jason Johnson

    Personally I would have liked to see a miners helmet with the cave update. I feel that it would have really added to the caves.Maybe give it the same durability as a gold helmet and the crafting recipe of a latern and gold helmet so that you can't get it right out of the gate but something to shoot for.

  • Nate Wilson

    Something about the light for mob spawning being lower: This means you can use dark-ish areas in a build now more than you could before.

  • koruyashi
    koruyashi  +282

    vanilla minecraft nature now looks like somebody redid it in creative mode, it's beautiful

  • TheIronAntelope

    The new generation makes it feel like a different game, and I’m really liking it

  • Lanz22
    Lanz22  +460

    Correction on the cave generation you described on this video:

  • Hunter Toledo

    Man. I remember playing this game back in like 2011. How far it’s come. So many hours of my childhood went into this game

  • Maniacal Murderer

    Me and my friends witnessed this update in all its glory when we loaded up our first seed. Our spawn couldn’t have been better we spawned in a forest that was a glitched cluster of all the tree types in the game except for savanna. Which really made the view of the forest realistic and next to this heavenly forest is a snow mountain which at first we assumed in would just be a snow mountain with a peak leaving us barely any room to build on the top but boy were we wrong. After surviving the many powder snow traps we made it to the top and it was a sight for sore eyes. The mountain didn’t have a peak and instead had an entire basin as it’s top with a lush snowy forest blooming within it. We decided to make camp here and have started our designing of the base. This update is absolutely amazing and can’t wait to see whats next.

  • Irina Kogan

    I love this update. Me and my friend we want to build system of towers in castle in a big cave in survival. We managed to find humongous beautiful one under huge mountains. It's amusing and so incredibly beautiful in a way. Can't wait for the updated optifine.

  • TheDumbArtist Brooke

    genuinely never had more fun in minecraft in YEARS than i do now, exploring the new caves is actually so, so awesome. I remember being pissed that I couldn’t find a cave, and just leaping into a large lake to find some coal, and then I break a block and suddenly fall three hundred blocks down into the biggest cave I have EVER seen. It was monster-ridden and full of stories of water, I had so much fun parkouring around and trying to survive. I ended up with half a stack of diamonds and a genuinely amazing time

  • It's like this

    After a long time caves and cliffs has finally came.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Easily my favorite Minecraft update of all time, this shifted literally everything and The Warden is so fun to fight.

  • Sintanan
    Sintanan  +12

    I wish salmon could spawn above 64. Salmon are known for swimming up rivers, so finding ponds and water features with the rare salmon would be awesome.

  • Night Faller


  • masnwrdl05

    My favourite part of this update isn't even the cliffs or caves, it's actually the higher render distance since it now goes up to 30 chunks. It works a lot better in my city. Thanks Mojang