Triangular Grid Texture for Blender 2.8+

  • Published on Mar 4, 2020
  • With this node you can create a simple triangular grid and also you can get incredible and unexpected results, experimenting with its settings.
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  • Yash
    Yash 2 years ago +6

    Your presentation skills... Top notch!

  • CGMatter
    CGMatter 2 years ago +24

    now THAT'S a node

    • PoopieCon
      PoopieCon 2 years ago +3

      what are u doing here , get outta here

  • Asher W.
    Asher W. Year ago

    The fact that all this is free is an amazing service to the blender community.

  • Roman
    Roman Year ago

    Ты, внатуре, топ.) Очень крутые работы.

  • Stefan Guiton
    Stefan Guiton Year ago

    Thanks! This is incredible

  • Bulat
    Bulat 2 years ago +2

    Реально крутая штука.

  • Александр
    Александр 2 years ago +6

    Теперь ждем туториал, как записывать такие ролики.

  • кибер робот

    Таким людям ставят памятники при жизни!

  • PipTogo
    PipTogo Year ago

    That is awesome!

  • garbaj
    garbaj Year ago


  • GeneralSchrimpf
    GeneralSchrimpf 2 years ago

    Wait, someone made a texture, but ISN'T CHARGING!? We're finally in the good time-line, boys!

  • Blender Graphics
    Blender Graphics 5 months ago

    bro, i say this is impressive simple mind !
    if they are know what is this...
    : )

  • Dotnex Dotnex
    Dotnex Dotnex 6 months ago

    make more blender tutorial man plssss
    i love your content

  • Ron Watson
    Ron Watson Year ago

    Trying this for 2.83 but just getting black cube?