Metallica: ...And Justice for All (Deluxe Box Set) Unboxing Video

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • Join Kirk as he takes his first look at the Remastered Deluxe Box Set of ...And Justice for All.
    Pre-order the Remastered Deluxe Box Set of ...And Justice for All at or wherever you buy music. Also available on Vinyl, CD, 3-CD Expanded Edition & Digital Download on November 2nd, 2018.
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  • Charles Mattingly Mendoza

    Dude, Kirk is a nerd... like me... yes!

  • Jerry Mace
    Jerry Mace Day ago

    $175.00 and still no BASS. F*CK YOU LARS! You will always be a c*nt. Should've stuck with tennis.

  • aaron collier
    aaron collier 3 days ago

    TAKE IT EASY Kirk !! I would be like, you cant stretch the biding!! Dont touch the album! HANDS OFF!



  • Monexius
    Monexius 5 days ago

    My father introduced me to this band close to the time I was born. I know what ill be getting him for his birthday

  • Damien Merrick
    Damien Merrick 6 days ago

    If James is cool if Kirk is cool and the other cool dudes have been in this channel I'll get a shout out

  • Damien Merrick
    Damien Merrick 6 days ago

    But your music is good

  • Damien Merrick
    Damien Merrick 6 days ago

    Boi if this is real metallica James better shout me out cause if he don't then your channel is a lie

  • Jason Aquino
    Jason Aquino 6 days ago

    9:05 "And justice for rep-aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!" 😂

    HEAVY METAL 8 days ago

    They just interupted him after a few moments.

  • Dern Vader
    Dern Vader 8 days ago

    I recommend checking out the so-called 'Rough Mixes' of AJFA - they should have used these mixes for the album... bass is more up front than the 'Remastered' version... drums sound way better, its obviously closer to what the band actually sounded like I'm sure...

    ARJAV GARG 8 days ago

    They’re full blown youtubers now.

  • Gaming Mafia
    Gaming Mafia 9 days ago

    Kirk "very important" Hammett

  • R.T. McHustler
    R.T. McHustler 9 days ago

    So how much is it?

  • Johnny Wheels
    Johnny Wheels 9 days ago

    Glad to see Kirk knows how to hold vinyl records 👍 The correct way! Great box set... Everything was in the box except the bass! Let me take a guess, limited edition of 3000 worldwide... $376.95

  • Phaze 29
    Phaze 29 10 days ago

    Me and my bro love the old metallica. so dope this box set!love the Colorado rep in the back🙌🙏

  • Jasper Bontinck
    Jasper Bontinck 10 days ago

    Fantastic Fantastic thit i say this thing is fantastic

  • Tony Andrews
    Tony Andrews 10 days ago +2

    Kirk did this well !!!!!
    I love my copy (delux )

  • Buba Mara
    Buba Mara 10 days ago

    16 juin we meet each other king boudoin i take same flag i have ticket golden cercle yeahhhhhh

  • Buba Mara
    Buba Mara 10 days ago

    Albanian flag we love USA and metallica for3ver

  • Elco Weitering
    Elco Weitering 11 days ago

    That was great until those two dikheds ruined it.

  • Alllda Vadda
    Alllda Vadda 12 days ago

    But why are those damn cds in those fucking paper boxes. Why cant they be in plastic cases like they used to?

  • robin arriagada
    robin arriagada 14 days ago

    And justice for Jason?

  • ZoZrOszOsz 0407
    ZoZrOszOsz 0407 15 days ago

    That’s very important, very important

  • Dern Vader
    Dern Vader 16 days ago

    REMIX - a different mix of a song... meaning like a 'Dance Mix' or 'Extended Mix' - REMASTER - completely new master of original sound... IDIOTS > This is why they get away with things like Mp3's because people are steeeeooopid...

  • Dern Vader
    Dern Vader 16 days ago

    *YES, BASS SOUNDS FINE - DON'T BELIEVE THE FOOLS AND THEIR MP3's* - are you listening to the WAV or the MP3? - because Mp3 is NOT MUSIC - I bet it sounds great on vinyl... think about it - even a CDDA WAV is already compressed some, to 16 bit 44.1kHz and bass is what gets the most destroyed by digital sound, I've studied this my whole life... unlike analog which is a pure WAV form of the studio's sound (most likely 24 bit) the WAV is built piece by piece, there is no information where the 0's are (no sound) and many of the lower notes, especially 440kHz (Open 'A' string on the bass) peaks at where the zero's are... so there is ZERO information at the peak of the frequency... ya know? So a CD is already compressed from the studio's 24 bit or higher sound to 16 bit sound. So unless you've heard it on vinyl, you don't really know what it sounds like... really.

  • Dern Vader
    Dern Vader 16 days ago

    By the way *I was at that show at the Long Beach Arena* - if its the one where we took the whole section of seats out of the way for the pit! That was mayhem at its best... expecting Metallica fans in 1988 to sit down... never seen anything like that... unless that was the 8th - in which I wasn't there... I'm so cool. I'm almost sure it was the 7th though... like 98% - someone tell me! Anyone else remember that? I was 14 and me and my sister (17 years old!) went to this show together - we got tix for Xmas from Mom (thanks mom)... great memories and Queensryche opened... we were right in front too... on the side where the seats got removed... sweet! Oh my were so old now!!! My sister was 17? wtf? My mom would only let me go to shows if I went with my sis. I missed GnR at the Palladium in 1987 though, because I was still 13... got a T-shirt though, and some lame at school was trying to heckle me 'Whose Gun's N Roses?' - of course a year later the same idiot was all 'Oh, Sweet Child O' Mine' - I remember the same person saying that and I didn't bother to mention what an fool they were, because most people in LA in the 80's were fools. Just made me realize how stupid people are that can't think for themselves... and how much fucking cooler I was than them. I was at Monsters in 1988 LA Coliseum too, Metallica could have headlined it... they were that popular by then... They played at the Troubadour under the name 'Frayed Ends' a secret gig - we missed that one :(

  • Daniel Montes
    Daniel Montes 21 day ago

    I really want to know why is that card so important

  • Super Mario LongPlay
    Super Mario LongPlay 22 days ago

    It’s circa. ‘88.

  • Rage against the machine


  • Gray 3033
    Gray 3033 23 days ago

    6:50 "Who's that?" Es enserio? Decime que es joda eso, por que enserio me llevo una gran decepción de parte de James, entiendo que el tiempo ya pasó pero reaccionar así con Jason? Muy triste honestamente una decepción.

  • AzriAhmad
    AzriAhmad 24 days ago

    James is still salty with jason
    Its kinda funny😂😂😂
    But poor jason.
    I love james. But but but.........

  • TheRedneckAtheist
    TheRedneckAtheist 25 days ago

    Vinyl? Nah, let me know when you guys drop a 2 inch tape box set.

  • Jim Backus
    Jim Backus 29 days ago +1

    Actually a great ASMR video.

  • Ewolf5150
    Ewolf5150 Month ago

    Damn! That’s a hell of a box set

  • donangry
    donangry Month ago +1

    All that money wasted on pretty packaging and you still can't hear the bass.

    • donangry
      donangry 15 days ago +1

      +Dern Vader Holy shit that was a lot of nerd rage.

    • Dern Vader
      Dern Vader 16 days ago

      +donangry - moo shoo - throw away those Mp3's and get some real music. Of course you can't hear the bass on your Mp3's for losers like you, who don't understand anything about music... and most of the comments like yours have the same thing... read below in the comments... I just copied and pasted the response from someone else's response to another idiot like you...

    • donangry
      donangry 16 days ago +1

      +Dern Vader I guess every other Metallica fan who's heard the album aside from you are deaf or stupid too. Well thought out reply.

    • Dern Vader
      Dern Vader 16 days ago

      You're either deaf or just stupid.

  • Valeriy Mikhailov
    Valeriy Mikhailov Month ago

    James: "Kirk, why didn’t you and Lars call me, without us, the box was always open?!"

  • NPC -30
    NPC -30 Month ago

    6:58 James being his controlfreakish self as usual. Pathetic really. No wonder Jason left.

  • Artur Paškov
    Artur Paškov Month ago

    Kirk on drugs...)))

  • Pepe Peperonia
    Pepe Peperonia Month ago +2

    El disco más grande de la historia del heavy metal

  • Bassist1945
    Bassist1945 Month ago

    Haha love how excited kirk gets when unboxing this, can't wait for my order of this box set to arrive. By the way I think Metallica gives so much in these sets for a affordable price and THANK YOU.

  • fans de Naishys gg
    fans de Naishys gg Month ago

    I love this album

  • BTL 166
    BTL 166 Month ago +1


  • 3 allages onomatos kathe 90 meres

    Thats me when i show my project

  • Sound Jam
    Sound Jam Month ago

    Jason should have did the unboxing

  • TotaalinenChaaos
    TotaalinenChaaos Month ago

    6:59 Has anyone considered this being a joke mmm ?

  • Kary Lopes
    Kary Lopes Month ago

    James still "hate" Jason? So what? This is their problem.. not ours! Just listen to the album and shut up

  • MetalFan
    MetalFan Month ago

    Black album deluxe?

  • DoctorPretorious616

    Release the original mix, with Jason Newstead's original bass tracks; or GTFO!!!

  • Calvin Fatman
    Calvin Fatman Month ago

    Donnie Osmond!

  • Harvester
    Harvester Month ago +1

    Legendary Album!

  • Shane Farrell
    Shane Farrell Month ago

    And still no bass . Wasted opportunity .

  • Mario Hinsche
    Mario Hinsche Month ago +2

    Metallica , the biggest , best rock band in the Universe , and yet the most down to earth guy's of all time

  • Coco Lambros
    Coco Lambros Month ago

    I love him so much

  • Will Grello
    Will Grello Month ago

    They can't have a remixed version with the bass because the master tape would disintegrate so they would have to re record the bass and that won't work because who wants to hear a different take on what was laid down 30 years ago. It would be horrible. Im pleased with the album since 1988 when I first heard it.

  • eworm
    eworm Month ago

    the only thing they can now do is advertise their old stuff (super stuff) in shiny package

  • Rex 84
    Rex 84 Month ago

    Hoped they put the bass on sounds like they haven't used to like metalica but James and lars own the band and that is that. They should respect Jason. Justice for all great album but spoilt by the no bass shit production lars and Jason are responsible for

  • Budka Suflera
    Budka Suflera Month ago

    ''Thats very important'' Kirk Hammett

  • ios4ever
    ios4ever Month ago

    here's my attempt to come close to the and justice for all tone

  • ken sims
    ken sims Month ago

    I hate any remastered lp.

  • turbo power
    turbo power Month ago

    There are so many disc in the package, just why can't they produce "ONE FUCKING DISC" with more bass?????

  • MadHippo04
    MadHippo04 Month ago

    1:40 Okay, this is

  • hippa2dahoppa2
    hippa2dahoppa2 2 months ago

    god damn thats alot of sstuff

  • JackGamer ;D
    JackGamer ;D 2 months ago

    Someone've listened to Eye of the beholder remaster?? The voice is strange!!

  • The Quintessential
    The Quintessential 2 months ago

    Kirk reminds me of a little kid on Christmas day who gets his gift that he's been waiting for 35 years

  • Cop Donkey
    Cop Donkey 2 months ago +1

    Happy birthday Kirk!

  • Hunter Patrick
    Hunter Patrick 2 months ago

    Whens the black album box set coming!!

  • Frisch Regen
    Frisch Regen 2 months ago

    I think we can say Doris is Metallica´s mascot.

  • Ruben Plays
    Ruben Plays 2 months ago

    When does this deluxe box edition thing end?

  • Maiden Maniacs
    Maiden Maniacs 2 months ago

    Wish I had the money for this

  • qedqef
    qedqef 2 months ago

    should have come with a Tablature book... c'mon, metallica...

  • Pety 12
    Pety 12 2 months ago +3

    At 4:11 there is a photo with Kirk having a beer with Matthias from Scorpions. My fav guitarists in the same photo. Soo cool!!

  • jojo sarmiento
    jojo sarmiento 2 months ago

    Since when we’re the 3 dots in front of it wasn’t it And justice for all... not ... and justice for all

  • Hershey Burgers
    Hershey Burgers 2 months ago

    Did they remaster the bass? You know? The bass that was non-existent in the original recording?

  • LordPutrephaghoul
    LordPutrephaghoul 2 months ago

    for some copy, on the 11 CDS 2 times the CD 11 and it misses the CD 9! Nice fail for the price, very epic improfessional lesson! Grest stupid job Blakaned Rec.

  • mike mason
    mike mason 2 months ago

    you guys are awesome. i have been a metallica fan since 1988 (i was 10 and saw the cover and thought who are these guys bought it and loved). i plan to get the super deluxe box set for my b day and xmas gift to self. kirk u did a great unboxing brother. u guys gotta come to canada again

    metallica fan 88

  • shaun Britton
    shaun Britton 2 months ago

    I got the binge and purge box set i need this one it looks fucking amazing 💯👍

  • Felony Strutter
    Felony Strutter 2 months ago

    I LOVE IT. However I only have 2 complaints and one is MAJOR. First, the only MAJOR complaint: The Justice LP should be GATEFOLD like the original pressing. Instead of a damn insert sheet the insert sheet WAS the GATEFOLD with photos and lyrics. Now I have to buy an original Gatefold Justice. Also, I would have really like to have seen one of the DVD's and CD be from the 1988 MOR Tour. I am talking a full show, especially on CD since I do have some video from that tour. Other than those two things it is GREAT.

  • Marcio Marques
    Marcio Marques 2 months ago


  • William Metoyer
    William Metoyer 2 months ago

    O mais legal é que o Kirk parece mais um fã admirando o box do que integrante da banda.

  • John Peterolff
    John Peterolff 2 months ago

    James shows pic of Jason then says "who's that?"

  • Jamie Hellfire
    Jamie Hellfire 2 months ago +2

    James goin' 'who's that?' about Jason lol

  • Jamie Hellfire
    Jamie Hellfire 2 months ago +1

    Kirk's such an introvert lol

  • David Shaughnessy
    David Shaughnessy 2 months ago

    And I get the whole thing for free from Spotify because I have a modded version yasss

    • JackGamer ;D
      JackGamer ;D 2 months ago

      +David Shaughnessy i'm a fucking genius!!

    • David Shaughnessy
      David Shaughnessy 2 months ago

      +JackGamer ;D I could torrent it somewhere to get flac but I would only be able to listen to it on my computer, Spotify is good enough for mobile listening, at least 320kpbs

    • JackGamer ;D
      JackGamer ;D 2 months ago

      Me too man, but i can download it in the best quality (Flac Hd)

  • MichiganJack
    MichiganJack 2 months ago

    I love the fact that you can still buy the cassette on their website. Sadly the rest of their albums are not available on cassette.

  • Mark L
    Mark L 2 months ago

    How much does it cost?

    METAL HAN 2 months ago +1

    Two albums fantastic😆😆

  • Claudio Vera Paredes
    Claudio Vera Paredes 2 months ago

    thanks Metallica for a new backing track for bass players

  • Gustavo Rodríguez
    Gustavo Rodríguez 2 months ago

    That is a D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S version of one of the greatest heavy metal has produced ! so fantastic! nice Kirk unboxing.. he´s a geek and he enjoys it. How much this wonder costs? P.D: Lars and James not geeks at all, not metallica fanboys!!! get out of there jajaja

  • Noah Anderson
    Noah Anderson 2 months ago +14

    Everybody getting mad at James for that "Who's that?" Comment. Chill, he was joking.

  • lodown505
    lodown505 2 months ago

    Bass or not, Metallica played their best in this album. They were pissed off and missed Cliff. I love it

  • aft7676
    aft7676 2 months ago

    I still don't understand why Lars demanded the bass line on the Justice album to be killed. Although, I must admit that I don't think bass would have fitted nicely with the guitar sound. Oh, well. What's done is done. The past is dead and buried. Moving on...

  • Nugtroen
    Nugtroen 2 months ago

    yeahh...preety cool stuff...And Bass For All...

  • Kevin Crawford
    Kevin Crawford 2 months ago

    At 7:08 someone says the code is to download the vinyl content... but the code only downloads the justice album, but it doesn't include the live Seattle album. I waited a long time to buy the live album but now I don't have a way to listen to it. I avoided buying bootlegs because I wanted a real copy released by the band. This is a real bummer : (

  • Simone Rhaeger
    Simone Rhaeger 2 months ago

    I love him soo much ❤❤

  • Wellington Smithopolis
    Wellington Smithopolis 2 months ago

    ....All for the incredible price of $ 262.99 Canadian

  • AndyNyle
    AndyNyle 2 months ago +1

    Metallica, Inc. Damage is done.

  • MrBurtmacklin
    MrBurtmacklin 2 months ago +7

    i could watch him unbox stuff for days..

  • redlightflash
    redlightflash 2 months ago

    They couldnt let kirk have just ten mins

  • Ryan & Greer Chamberlain

    justice for all used to be my fave Metallica album coz it was SO HEAVY! but now my fave is of course the one and only master of puppets. but still justice for all is f**kin amazing. you are my fave band ever and it's so cool that Kirk is unboxing it! and by the way it's just me Ryan i'm the Metallica fan not Greer she only likes enter sandman a little bit she no metal fan bye!