Metallica: ...And Justice for All (Deluxe Box Set) Unboxing Video

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • Join Kirk as he takes his first look at the Remastered Deluxe Box Set of ...And Justice for All.
    Pre-order the Remastered Deluxe Box Set of ...And Justice for All at or wherever you buy music. Also available on Vinyl, CD, 3-CD Expanded Edition & Digital Download on November 2nd, 2018.
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  • jojo sarmiento
    jojo sarmiento 10 hours ago

    Since when we’re the 3 dots in front of it wasn’t it And justice for all... not ... and justice for all

  • Hershey Burgers
    Hershey Burgers 17 hours ago

    Did they remaster the bass? You know? The bass that was non-existent in the original recording?

  • LordPutrephaghoul
    LordPutrephaghoul 19 hours ago

    for some copy, on the 11 CDS 2 times the CD 11 and it misses the CD 9! Nice fail for the price, very epic improfessional lesson! Grest stupid job Blakaned Rec.

  • mike mason
    mike mason Day ago

    you guys are awesome. i have been a metallica fan since 1988 (i was 10 and saw the cover and thought who are these guys bought it and loved). i plan to get the super deluxe box set for my b day and xmas gift to self. kirk u did a great unboxing brother. u guys gotta come to canada again

    metallica fan 88

  • Joseph Knickerbocker

    Definitely need a Lulu box set

  • shaun Britton
    shaun Britton Day ago

    I got the binge and purge box set i need this one it looks fucking amazing 💯👍

  • Felony Strutter
    Felony Strutter 2 days ago

    I LOVE IT. However I only have 2 complaints and one is MAJOR. First, the only MAJOR complaint: The Justice LP should be GATEFOLD like the original pressing. Instead of a damn insert sheet the insert sheet WAS the GATEFOLD with photos and lyrics. Now I have to buy an original Gatefold Justice. Also, I would have really like to have seen one of the DVD's and CD be from the 1988 MOR Tour. I am talking a full show, especially on CD since I do have some video from that tour. Other than those two things it is GREAT.

  • Marcio Marques
    Marcio Marques 3 days ago


  • William Metoyer
    William Metoyer 3 days ago

    O mais legal é que o Kirk parece mais um fã admirando o box do que integrante da banda.

  • John Peterolff
    John Peterolff 3 days ago

    James shows pic of Jason then says "who's that?"

  • Jamie Hellfire
    Jamie Hellfire 3 days ago +1

    James goin' 'who's that?' about Jason lol

  • Jamie Hellfire
    Jamie Hellfire 3 days ago +1

    Kirk's such an introvert lol

  • David Shaughnessy
    David Shaughnessy 3 days ago

    And I get the whole thing for free from Spotify because I have a modded version yasss

  • MichiganJack
    MichiganJack 3 days ago

    I love the fact that you can still buy the cassette on their website. Sadly the rest of their albums are not available on cassette.

  • Mark L
    Mark L 3 days ago

    How much does it cost?

  • Yiğit Berk Bakırhan
    Yiğit Berk Bakırhan 3 days ago +1

    Two albums fantastic😆😆

  • Claudio Vera Paredes

    thanks Metallica for a new backing track for bass players

  • Gustavo Rodríguez
    Gustavo Rodríguez 5 days ago

    That is a D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S version of one of the greatest heavy metal has produced ! so fantastic! nice Kirk unboxing.. he´s a geek and he enjoys it. How much this wonder costs? P.D: Lars and James not geeks at all, not metallica fanboys!!! get out of there jajaja

  • Noah Anderson
    Noah Anderson 5 days ago

    Everybody getting mad at James for that "Who's that?" Comment. Chill, he was joking.

  • lodown505
    lodown505 5 days ago

    Bass or not, Metallica played their best in this album. They were pissed off and missed Cliff. I love it

  • aft7676
    aft7676 6 days ago

    I still don't understand why Lars demanded the bass line on the Justice album to be killed. Although, I must admit that I don't think bass would have fitted nicely with the guitar sound. Oh, well. What's done is done. The past is dead and buried. Moving on...

  • Nugtroen
    Nugtroen 6 days ago

    yeahh...preety cool stuff...And Bass For All...

  • Kevin Crawford
    Kevin Crawford 7 days ago

    At 7:08 someone says the code is to download the vinyl content... but the code only downloads the justice album, but it doesn't include the live Seattle album. I waited a long time to buy the live album but now I don't have a way to listen to it. I avoided buying bootlegs because I wanted a real copy released by the band. This is a real bummer : (

  • Simone Rhaeger
    Simone Rhaeger 7 days ago

    I love him soo much ❤❤

  • Wellington Smithopolis

    ....All for the incredible price of $ 262.99 Canadian

  • AndyNyle
    AndyNyle 7 days ago

    Metallica, Inc. Damage is done.

  • MrBurtmacklin
    MrBurtmacklin 7 days ago +2

    i could watch him unbox stuff for days..

  • redlightflash
    redlightflash 8 days ago

    They couldnt let kirk have just ten mins

  • Ryan & Greer Chamberlain

    justice for all used to be my fave Metallica album coz it was SO HEAVY! but now my fave is of course the one and only master of puppets. but still justice for all is f**kin amazing. you are my fave band ever and it's so cool that Kirk is unboxing it! and by the way it's just me Ryan i'm the Metallica fan not Greer she only likes enter sandman a little bit she no metal fan bye!

  • Gunslinger
    Gunslinger 8 days ago

    I like how everybody in the comments is disappointed at James' joke at 6:59

  • Mike Støckl
    Mike Støckl 8 days ago

    to all those who wonder why to buy it if the bass still isnt louder .... are you guys blind ?? there are so much other awesome things inside that box ... i have that album on cd , casette , vinyl and fukkin mp3 and i dont give a flying fuck about having it twice because of the book , the patches , the all acces pass , and all the live cd´s vinyls and all that other stuff lying around in that box ! and for those who are still crying about no justice for jason ... he himself said the record sounds like its supposed to sound when he told the story of the and justice for jason thing , he said its cool and he apreciates it very much but the albums sound is how it is supposed to be ! 14 years in metallica and many records WITH BASS and intense live shows with BASS SOLOS and all that stuff . yeah it sucks that the bass is cut on the record but damn stop complaining about that one thing , all those cunts crying about no bass on ajfa remind me of dave mustain holding on to the fact that he got kicked out , while having a major thrash band and allot success himself . its fun for a while but after that it just gets anoying more and more ... and the last thing , james said whats that ? not whos that or dick or some other shit . if they still have some beef its their thing , they are old enough they can fight their fights on their own ..
    and btw jason newsted is one of my biggest heros on bass guitar , same with james and kirk on guitar or lars (in that era) for drums ..

  • Big Tiny
    Big Tiny 8 days ago


  • Shawna Pruitt
    Shawna Pruitt 8 days ago


  • Cosmic Surfer
    Cosmic Surfer 9 days ago

    I like how James and Lars come up and just start tossing stuff around from the box set while Kirk is finishing the video.

  • Crimson Idol
    Crimson Idol 9 days ago


  • Jömpa
    Jömpa 9 days ago

    Only want this for the seatle vinyl... Will I be able to purchase just that album?

  • Mark Thompkins
    Mark Thompkins 9 days ago

    So is there a cd version of Seattle 89 or is it just vinyl?

  • John DeRossett
    John DeRossett 9 days ago

    That's my idea of a toy box. . Very nice.

  • John DeRossett
    John DeRossett 9 days ago

    That is some awsome stuff you showed us Kirk. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. You guys are awsome. That box is like a vault. Nice items !!!!

  • DracoGTO
    DracoGTO 9 days ago

    You owe it to the fans that made you who you are to remix and remaster this album. You're a disgrace. Remember where you came from.

  • jeremy bilbrey
    jeremy bilbrey 9 days ago

    looks nice but the and justice album, should have been 2 gate fold

  • Jonathan VEV
    Jonathan VEV 9 days ago

    When says that version of whiplash is the fastest they ever played and he does not know what kind of vitamins they were on that night the vitamins they were on was coke haha

  • Alex Moreno
    Alex Moreno 10 days ago

    9:08 Dave!! Dave Lars and slash at monsters of rock Donnington 1988

  • GhostR!der SSX
    GhostR!der SSX 10 days ago

    Metallica are awesome crew man!!

  • Gabriel Omar
    Gabriel Omar 10 days ago

    Sorry, is this box limited edition or can I get it whenever I can?

    • Gabriel Omar
      Gabriel Omar 10 days ago

      Because if it IS limited edition, Im fucked man

  • Savage Star
    Savage Star 10 days ago

    Anyone has the link? Where u can order?

  • Big Tiny
    Big Tiny 10 days ago

    Donnie Osmond was at the Long Beach show....haha

  • Big Tiny
    Big Tiny 10 days ago

    I just got my copy today. I got it at Wal-Mart online. Ordered a couple weeks ago and got it for $154 bucks with the shipping it came out to $164 bucks. I think they made a mistake on pricing because now it's listed for $189.99

  • Giuseppe Coluccia
    Giuseppe Coluccia 10 days ago

    Bought today, and the bass is still missing...

  • Meera's Toned Glutes
    Meera's Toned Glutes 10 days ago

    Still no bass ..... so no money from me..... try again ..... reinstate the bass

  • Norik Morina
    Norik Morina 10 days ago

    7:21 ALBANIA

  • EyeShotFirst
    EyeShotFirst 11 days ago

    I heard it and you can hear the bass more. It's not at And Justice For Jason levels, but you can hear it.

  • Screme
    Screme 11 days ago

    I remember that show!
    *S A L T !*

  • Tim Wildes
    Tim Wildes 11 days ago

    Got my box set today. Thank you Metallica!

  • NoobTube Gaming
    NoobTube Gaming 12 days ago

    Jason left the band because James and Lars treated him like a piece of shit, and James acts like he was the victim because he left the band. Kirk was mean to him but eventually lightened up on him but James or lars didn't.

  • Ilya Santonov
    Ilya Santonov 12 days ago +2

    I hope the bass is turned down even lower than the original.

  • TechSmeck
    TechSmeck 13 days ago +2

    Did you add Jason's Bass? if not i'm not buying.

  • SDFitz1976
    SDFitz1976 13 days ago

    Look at how much stuff is included in that box set! Well, pretty much everything...except bass. You telling me you couldn't put out both an original mix and an alt-mix with the bass....seriously?

  • Romchikthelemon
    Romchikthelemon 14 days ago

    He acts like an old actor form Chinese kung-fu movie :\

  • Justice for Jason 1988

    Send me one Kirk!!!!!

  • Pippy Owens
    Pippy Owens 15 days ago

    Hetfield's lack of respect for Newsted is sickening. What a prick

  • Rubiat Hossain
    Rubiat Hossain 16 days ago

    wow!!!!! i wish...........

  • lucas jones
    lucas jones 16 days ago

    This dude is so diabolically evil...I wonder if he listened to the music amid unwrapping or they edited it in later

  • Toby Cluff
    Toby Cluff 16 days ago

    Kirk is my FAVORITE

  • stefangonska85
    stefangonska85 17 days ago

    It should have been unboxed by Jason :D

  • rafał Jasieniecki
    rafał Jasieniecki 19 days ago


  • Joseph Barker
    Joseph Barker 20 days ago

    It's cool with all that kind of stuff, but they forgot to re-release it on cassettes or tapes.

  • Kevin Carey
    Kevin Carey 21 day ago

    please tell me there will be a Death Magnetic one

  • Kevin Carey
    Kevin Carey 21 day ago

    I hope they are making these massive sets for the albums after AJFA

  • Raymundo Anguiano
    Raymundo Anguiano 22 days ago

    Me pregunto cuándo sacará La Banda El Recodo su box set :v

  • Joe Costantini
    Joe Costantini 22 days ago

    2 albums, fantastic....still no bass

  • Joe Costantini
    Joe Costantini 22 days ago

    Is it just me or is Kirk beginning to look like Michio Kaku

  • s8ns8ns8ns8n
    s8ns8ns8ns8n 23 days ago

    Why does kirk sound so insincere

  • s8ns8ns8ns8n
    s8ns8ns8ns8n 23 days ago

    Now with added bass.......Metallica became shit some time ago


    James WHO'S THAT then throws it down,I will tell who that is James its the band member that kept Metallica interesting when he joined, apart from cliff Jason was the band member that kept the energy going on stand and you all just treated him like shit from the time he joined to the time he left,it wouldn't hurt you to give him the respect he deserves

  • tim sears
    tim sears 24 days ago

    Kirk looks pretty damn he should be...

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy 24 days ago

    Still no bass.

  • B Floyd
    B Floyd 24 days ago

    Whooooohooo I got my email saying mine will ship soon!🤘🤘🤘

  • Kristine Hodt
    Kristine Hodt 24 days ago

    I love you metallica love Martin from Norway

  • Domi Guitar
    Domi Guitar 25 days ago +1

    Albanian flag 7:31
    Like if you are Albanian

  • thrashfan4ever
    thrashfan4ever 25 days ago

    would jason and lars wine if kirk ever quit the band and say whos that then people would say hes the only guy who filled in for dave after they dumped him kirk should start his own band hell he had exodus before metallica kirk hamett started exodus

  • justin haas
    justin haas 25 days ago

    wow......kirk wears more makeup than most hookers.....

  • PickUpTheDarnBook
    PickUpTheDarnBook 25 days ago

    The world does not deserve Kirk Hammett.

  • Stelios Gavrilis
    Stelios Gavrilis 25 days ago

    The best album!!!!!!🖤

    DJ ROACH 25 days ago

    Dearest Metallica!
    I really dig how you guys don't color your gray hair! Keep it natural & real unlike KISS with jet black wigs! I'm proud of my grays!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this box set!

  • Christian Towalski
    Christian Towalski 26 days ago

    i .. uh ... like the album.... as is? without the bass? is that ok with you guys?

  • Suryo Nugroho
    Suryo Nugroho 26 days ago

    and they are old, wrinkled and gray hair...

  • stevwillsable
    stevwillsable 26 days ago

    did they fix the bass???

  • Kirie Goshima
    Kirie Goshima 27 days ago

    ... And Justice For Jason

  • vincentmack37
    vincentmack37 27 days ago

    More prince covers

  • SlippstersVideos
    SlippstersVideos 27 days ago

    $110.00 bucks for the mp3 version $180.00 for the veenyl version...........Nope sorry no sale. NAPSTER :p

  • d
    d 27 days ago

    why does James hate Jason? you can tell there is anger behind his "Who's that?" and than throwing the CD down, how come he hates him?

  • Keith Hernandez
    Keith Hernandez 27 days ago

    I didnt know Fred Armisen did a Kirk Hammet sketch

  • m m
    m m 28 days ago

    I love that fake enthusiasm!

    SHADOWKIDGAMING 28 days ago

    I need this thing so bad.

  • Cybot2966
    Cybot2966 28 days ago

    James:”Who’s that?”
    Me: “Bruh.”

  • Charles M
    Charles M 28 days ago

    Metallica should do a course on riding the coat tails of your past.. It would sell like crazy.. Seeing how all they care about is making money now a days.

  • mnpirateradioshow
    mnpirateradioshow 28 days ago

    Damn that's one hell of a box set :)

  • CRAZYc
    CRAZYc 28 days ago +1

    They're not gonna bring the bass up aren't they.

  • NeoStuff
    NeoStuff 29 days ago

    Very tempted to buy but still can't forget the Napster issues! Guys you hurt us bad!