Metallica: ...And Justice for All (Deluxe Box Set) Unboxing Video

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • Join Kirk as he takes his first look at the Remastered Deluxe Box Set of ...And Justice for All.
    Pre-order the Remastered Deluxe Box Set of ...And Justice for All at or wherever you buy music. Also available on Vinyl, CD, 3-CD Expanded Edition & Digital Download on November 2nd, 2018.
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  • Ferdinand 950
    Ferdinand 950 Day ago

    Metallica no star no pop artist is metal monstr 90x ☠️

  • zebageba
    zebageba Day ago

    Did we find Jason's bass track in this box set?

  • david jimenez
    david jimenez Day ago

    The best band in the world 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻😀😀😀😀

  • Anonym MrX
    Anonym MrX Day ago +1

    Sexy man unboxing sexy album deluxe box...nothing more to say

  • Michael C
    Michael C Day ago

    Daaaaamn, my boy, you gettin old my friend. Damn.. Well, we all are... Today I woke up & the right side of my neck was soo stiff. Sucks... So then I put on "Killed By Death" to straighten that shit out.. Now both sides are evenly stiff.. 🤘 - - 🤘

  • John Jacob
    John Jacob Day ago

    "I drew that. Me and pushead are the same person." I bet if he could, Lars would take credit for forming Metallica.

  • Nebtor
    Nebtor Day ago

    Kirk knows how to advertise an album.


  • Kevin Brooks
    Kevin Brooks Day ago

    Jason should have done the unboxing.

  • val f
    val f 2 days ago

    pls bring jason back

  • Esteban Carballo
    Esteban Carballo 2 days ago +2

    I liked that Kirk told stories about the album and the tours, and took time to show pretty much eveery detail, something you guys didn't with the Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets editions,, keep kirk doing this I suggest

  • XGNAnorexic Fat Guy
    XGNAnorexic Fat Guy 2 days ago

    Not gonna lie I thought it was kinda cute at the beginning, Kirk ripping off the plastic like a little kid ripping off the rapping paper on Christmas Day.

  • Christian Dinero
    Christian Dinero 2 days ago +1

    besides the grey hair, kirk still looks fairly young for his age.

  • Bad Alibi
    Bad Alibi 2 days ago

    It took me a minute before I realized it was James and Lars walk up, I thought they were janitors....

  • mescalorma el gatoTrueQueenFan

    please someone tell me when a new album is going to come out!!!!

  • Thiago Lima de Moura

    30 years for ... Justice... 30 years of One, Havester of Sorrow, Blackened, Dyers Eve...great!!!

  • Jovany Zapata
    Jovany Zapata 2 days ago

    Last time Metallica was truly Metallica. 😢

  • Randall Bryant
    Randall Bryant 3 days ago

    Wish they had done this with Master. All they did was put out a double CD and did that last year.

  • Nephilim 81
    Nephilim 81 3 days ago

    So nice. What a presentation. We metallica fans are so spoiled and lucky. :)

  • Arik Westberg
    Arik Westberg 4 days ago

    Great album. Terrible sales pitch. He seems like he's in a hurry to get this done and bail. It's an album you already own and a bunch of cheap crap nobody needs with an outrageous price tag. All of these anniversary editions are straight crap and a quick buck for record labels.

  • Joao Fonseca
    Joao Fonseca 4 days ago

    Miss u jason

  • david martin
    david martin 4 days ago

    What a joke of a band metalicash been done since 86 been milking the money cow since 88

  • Billy Davidson
    Billy Davidson 5 days ago


  • Kristoffer
    Kristoffer 5 days ago

    But… is Jason’s bass restored???? #andjusticeforjason

  • Sacapuntas
    Sacapuntas 5 days ago

    All this can be yours for under $1000, special price of $999

  • simon baré
    simon baré 5 days ago

    Remastered...with a bass line?😈

  • reignman2112
    reignman2112 5 days ago

    thank God Lars didn't open it, he would have fucked it up.

  • E-Hero Stratos
    E-Hero Stratos 5 days ago

    I think if they're gonna do anything to promote this product besides an Unboxing (and just on peoples nostalgia), we need to see if they can get a hold of Jason

    JUSTICIA 5 days ago

    ... when Metallica were still Metallica ! ....i grow up with you from day one ! ....i worked at ESP GUITARS Europe & met you 1993 in Germany ,too !
    ....after the Black album i don´t follow you anymore !

  • Simo Von Occulta
    Simo Von Occulta 5 days ago

    Very cool 🤘😈🤘

  • Pierluigi Siena
    Pierluigi Siena 6 days ago

    Ok, how much for all that?

  • Peterplayingguitar
    Peterplayingguitar 6 days ago +1

    Poor Jason didn't deserve all the shit they threw at him over the years. I mean, how does anyone replace Cliff Burton? Jason put in a phenomenal contribution to Metallica, especially with his back up vocals.
    ...but at the same time, what you don't do after becoming super-rich in an internationally successful band for years is go ahead and make a rival band in your spare time. (Echobrain) I can understand how that really upset James. He worked so hard to make Metallica what it was. EchoBrain were even using the same management team as Metallica. The fucking nerve! Imagine if your wife wants to sleep with a guy on the side from time to time and all your friends / family / work support it and encourage it! That really fucking sucks. What Jason should have done was made a SOLO ALBUM in between Metallica albums and called it "Jason Newstead", which probably would have dropped a lot of schism. That's what artists do if they want to write music 'out of the box' and 'do their own thing'. If Jason just took this road he could have had the best of both worlds probably.

    PLUTO MAJESTIC 6 days ago

    Plus why not play live and not have Rob there simple as that you wouldn't do that would you

    PLUTO MAJESTIC 6 days ago

    No good without the bass why we can't here the justice for Jason bass on this is a tragedy

  • Fresh Airacle
    Fresh Airacle 6 days ago

    I want

  • Raj Dann
    Raj Dann 6 days ago

    HMM wonder how much pesos is this gonna set back metallica fans???

  • Gigabyte Erik Erik
    Gigabyte Erik Erik 6 days ago

    Unfortunately, I only have the first CD pressing of "...And Justice For All" made by Polygram, a now defunct REcord label from Brazil...

  • Trulysarcastic44
    Trulysarcastic44 6 days ago

    Every picture of Jason they see, they should yell :HE FUCKING LEFT THE BAND!!

  • Trulysarcastic44
    Trulysarcastic44 6 days ago

    And Justice for Jason....

  • David Glynn
    David Glynn 6 days ago

    Metallica are the Lucasfilm of the music world with all their useless merchandise. But hey, it pays for those yachts.

  • zach _ fierro
    zach _ fierro 7 days ago

    I fucking love Lars’s reaction to finding out u can download the stuff in the box now.

  • Rhys
    Rhys 7 days ago

    Damn, the guy opening the box set is a huge Metallica fan... I hope they gave him VIP tickets!

  • Neil Aspinall
    Neil Aspinall 7 days ago

    Kirk is such a daggy uncool guy, that's his appeal.

  • Eric Ramondino
    Eric Ramondino 7 days ago

    Kirk's face turned into droopy rubber..he hasn't aged even affected his voice.. like a hound dog..his faggotry shows.. couldn't even get a riff in HARDWIRED in or a solo on St Anger

    • Imran Hakim
      Imran Hakim 7 days ago

      Well, he's in better shape compare to James and Lars, he remains skinny. Who cares about the face lol.

  • cronos42
    cronos42 7 days ago

    Pre-ordered it. Will be disappointed by there still being no Jason on it, I suppose, but this is my fave Metallica album so, well, I just gotta!

  • melchizedekful
    melchizedekful 7 days ago

    but the most important question is still burning did you get the full album remixed at least? otherwise I don't care.

  • Apocalipsis 17:14
    Apocalipsis 17:14 7 days ago

    When are they going to dedicate themselves to the bluray orchestra of san francisco with Metallica?

  • Nelson Montana
    Nelson Montana 8 days ago

    Does this version have any bass? No matter. Actually, I couldn't wait, so I did this.

  • andrew barralaga
    andrew barralaga 8 days ago

    U know what just get frickin Jason to do all his parts on the songs that have missing bass tracks cuz im pretty sure we have One, Dyer's Eve, Blackened, and And Justice For All bass tracks ready to go but the rest are probably lost. Sure it may not be perfect but itll be better hearing that Jason himself re recorded the bass parts for the songs instead of a fan doing a favor. Please make this happen, as a Metallica fan, as a metal fan, and as a music fan, this'll be the greatest thing that could happen in my time.

  • CobeOfficial
    CobeOfficial 8 days ago

    Too bad that after this album you turned into horseshit.

  • Chris McDougall
    Chris McDougall 8 days ago

    7.00 james 'look at that' . throwing Newstead on his face
    Says it all

  • DamZe
    DamZe 8 days ago

    Still no fucking bass....

  • shahril power
    shahril power 8 days ago

    they all makes me happy ...

  • ThatPS2 Guy
    ThatPS2 Guy 8 days ago

    Can’t wait for this to come out! But when are they going to do Ride the Lightning? That the one I’m the most excited for.

  • Kaan Bozkurt
    Kaan Bozkurt 8 days ago

    I love him

  • Lorenz Reyes
    Lorenz Reyes 8 days ago

    Tripping the down the memory lane, when I got the casette copy in 1991, I am expecting long in lay card and lyrics to BS no inlay cards and only flemming rassmusen was memorable in the shitty short in lay cards.

  • Jesse Williams
    Jesse Williams 9 days ago

    So many Metallica ass lickers here. Yuko!

  • Med amine
    Med amine 9 days ago

    Where is Jason :( and not a cool one from u james 6:59

  • Matt Hughes Music
    Matt Hughes Music 9 days ago

    Still have my original double LP.

  • Matt Strat
    Matt Strat 9 days ago

    This should come with an ap where you can mix in your own bass.

  • Dean Harkness
    Dean Harkness 9 days ago

    Whiplash? That’s was on Kill Em’ All... vitamins = Cocain... ok I’m caught up 😁

  • fred fairchild
    fred fairchild 9 days ago

    If this is the remastered version of ...And Justice for All playing in the background then we are in for a treat!

  • Daniel Ortega
    Daniel Ortega 9 days ago

    I love this more than my country!

  • Ste McFreeman
    Ste McFreeman 9 days ago

    Still no bass on the record. Wtf? Flemming Rasmussen who produced the album said the bass tracks sounded great and that Lars and Hetfield asked him to turn the bass down to where it could just be heard and then asked him to go down another 3db

  • Crypto World
    Crypto World 10 days ago

    fustrated virgin music

  • shooketh
    shooketh 10 days ago


  • av3nger3
    av3nger3 10 days ago

    James Hetfield with his 1990s Black Album era mustache? WHAT?! 6:30

  • H Eck
    H Eck 10 days ago

    They need a release a Cliff Burton box set

  • ryan blaney
    ryan blaney 10 days ago

    Metallica sucks now

    • Leo chikis
      Leo chikis 10 days ago

      You will suck in a few hours

  • lanakias1
    lanakias1 10 days ago

    Where is my live cassette? If this box set has two cassettes one from some live and the remastered album perhaps it was the best ever made.. I hope for "Black Album" box for some cassettes..

  • Ville Raittinen
    Ville Raittinen 10 days ago

    He said what kind of FIGHT

  • TheTaralovesmakeup
    TheTaralovesmakeup 10 days ago

    How much is it?

  • Jamie
    Jamie 10 days ago +1

    Kirk telling us not to lose a download code, you lost your iPhone bruh 😔

  • aidan jolly
    aidan jolly 11 days ago +1

    kirks life long dream. he finally got the backstage laminate hes been waiting for for 30 years

  • Default User
    Default User 11 days ago

    If I could afford them I would buy the super deluxe box sets I’m lucky if I can buy a T-shirt

  • Allen Harrison
    Allen Harrison 11 days ago

    all time favorite album

  • SteakMan !!!
    SteakMan !!! 11 days ago

    I want this for Christmas!!!!

  • 38lissa
    38lissa 11 days ago


  • Oscar Yeager
    Oscar Yeager 11 days ago

    He sounds like Wayne from Waynes World when he's reading the contract "Hmmm yes, yes, I like what you've done here, yes"

  • Marcio Coelho
    Marcio Coelho 11 days ago

    I'm pretty sure they left the bass out of the mix again. No justice for Jason.

  • thrashingpanic
    thrashingpanic 11 days ago

    Happiness of some nice guy unboxing some shit ruined by two douches.
    I HATE Kirk's live playing (in fact when he said "memories coming back I thought "so now you'll be able to play The Shortest Straw solo live?") but he is a nice guy for sure. I don't really like what I see here. This is some strange relationship they have.

  • Walamonga 1313
    Walamonga 1313 11 days ago

    It's always nice to see Kirk without the control fre...and then Lars and James come in :I

  • Pablo Caruso
    Pablo Caruso 11 days ago

    and still not bass included...

  • Marcelo Rizzetto
    Marcelo Rizzetto 11 days ago

    And Justice for Jason?!

  • mountaingoat1003
    mountaingoat1003 11 days ago

    Can you hear the bass player yet? It's been over 25 years, has anyone in the band noticed that there is no bass on this album and fixed it for this re-issue?

  • heythereFuckyou
    heythereFuckyou 11 days ago

    Fuckin awesome. I really wanna get it.

  • Rice Panday
    Rice Panday 11 days ago

    If the bass isn't corrected I will not purchase this. What would be the point? Why would I purchase a remastered album which still needs to be remastered?

  • Drgnslyr221
    Drgnslyr221 11 days ago

    Colorado flag, baby!! Thanks for representing. #Rockymountainway

  • will upload for food koi khana khila do

    My all time fav album, To Live Is To Die my all time fav song...

  • Matthew Kohen
    Matthew Kohen 11 days ago

    Please tour for this album.

  • Richard Wagner
    Richard Wagner 11 days ago +1

    This was some of Kirk's best guitar playing ever on this album.

  • lars
    lars 12 days ago +1

    Besides making more money, can someone please tell me what the purpose of a "remastered" album is?

  • Remington Steele
    Remington Steele 12 days ago

    Geez I hope they mixed some bass guitar back into this version

  • keith brinson
    keith brinson 12 days ago

    So wicked awesome !!!

  • mdub2000
    mdub2000 12 days ago +1

    Man after reading some of the comments it sounds like the bass is impossible to remaster .... i read an article about how its almost impossible to put the bass up even more now because of the way lars wanted them to record the drums.... he wanted to make sure his bass drums and kit stood out plus the guitars had a scooped out sound so their bass also stood out in the riffs... so you have that all invading the area in which the bass guitar should be and its almost impossible to put it up higher without distorting everything. The only way to get bass in a more balanced way like they did in the black album is to basically re-record the drums and bass and remix it... dont think they’ll ever do it but it would be amazingly interesting...and probably go quadruple platinum if they did “hint hint”! So we’ll just have to go with live material if you want bass in it.

  • mdub2000
    mdub2000 12 days ago

    Hahahahha “vitamins” hahahahah!

  • mdub2000
    mdub2000 12 days ago

    Is this thing remastered with bass in it???

  • Ron Figg
    Ron Figg 12 days ago

    I smell an album anniversary tour!Please!!!

  • Cold HEARTED
    Cold HEARTED 12 days ago

    Why is X PAC doing the unboxing?????????

  • random666777
    random666777 12 days ago

    If they remastered and didn't fix the missing bass the whole thing is garbage.

  • joseph bernard
    joseph bernard 12 days ago

    Nobody from that era aged better than Kirk.