Making a game in 48 hours! - GMTK Game Jam 2020 (Indie Game Devlog)

  • Published on Jul 12, 2020
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    Thanks for watching! This is my experience making a game in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2020. I'm really pleased with the game and am so happy it's being received well.
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  • Game Maker's Toolkit
    Game Maker's Toolkit Year ago +1714

    Hey, awesome dev log! Thanks for taking part!

  • Sky Acania Dev
    Sky Acania Dev Year ago +569

    Wow, 48 hours to make such a polished and completed game.

    • I'm DavidAnimations
      I'm DavidAnimations Year ago

      That Vimlark go you

    • Toast Studios
      Toast Studios Year ago +1


    • Doktorn
      Doktorn Year ago +1

      Grify The Great Indie games is such a broad category that this just isn’t true

    • synocalPOGMAN
      synocalPOGMAN Year ago +2

      @Grify The Great your joking right

    • Grify The Great
      Grify The Great Year ago +21

      the aesthetic looks comparable to paid indie games on steam

  • Hotdog
    Hotdog Year ago +121

    Dude, your game was featured on the top 20 best games for the GMTK game jam 2020! Congrats!

  • The Tyrant
    The Tyrant Year ago +317

    I pressed the "Take me to a random game button", and it ended up taking me to your game! That was before this video was even out. I didn't even realise that it was your game! I do remember being super impressed by it though.

  • KalechippsDev
    KalechippsDev Year ago +207

    I'm seriously impressed by how quickly you were able to release this! Kudos

    • Fluxbox
      Fluxbox Year ago

      Rugbug Redfern construct 3

    • Rugbug Redfern
      Rugbug Redfern Year ago +1

      @LegendECA Construct 2

    • AJ-
      AJ- Year ago

      @LegendECA visual coding

    • TOOKI163
      TOOKI163 Year ago

      I know you and wat h you

    • LegendECA
      LegendECA Year ago

      what programing language do you use?

  • Reset
    Reset Year ago +29

    You should fully fledge this game, and then add a speedrun mode! This would be a great SR game!

  • Hayden the eeeeeeeeeeevil male eukaryotic organism

    “kill your darlings” led to the game looking much more polished, and this devlog was well written and engaging

  • WormJuice
    WormJuice Year ago +15

    Such a nice game!
    I love how you keep getting those "gotta keep playing" ideas.

  • henry@
    henry@ Year ago +5

    Awesome stuff, it’s a more polished version of what I ended up making. Well done mate

  • Samuel B.
    Samuel B. Year ago +12

    The mechanics of this game is innovative and the robot is so cute! I love it!
    GameJam is the best place to see innovative games sometimes :)

  • Ryan Bain
    Ryan Bain Year ago +6

    I participated as well and can verify that writing down ideas in the brainstorming process really helped me let go of that one idea I got stuck on

  • NilaCk
    NilaCk Year ago +14

    the game is amazing, your wip in the discord really was making us feel with you

  • Itsjustjord
    Itsjustjord Year ago +6

    Great game dev log, really interesting and well presented! :)

  • Arachnid56
    Arachnid56 Year ago +8

    This is really inspiring :)

  • Mika de Grote
    Mika de Grote Year ago +34

    13:38 Is that the solution to level 9? I didn’t know you could chain jumpers together. Also, you can just bridge the gap by putting the last to platforms back to back at the top.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +7

      That was my plan but I figured there were more. I never even thought about just bridging the gap. That's awesome!

  • Helios
    Helios Year ago +6

    You are really good at game james!

  • Zakku
    Zakku Year ago +6

    How have you not blown up? This video is really well made. Good job man :)

    • Zakku
      Zakku Year ago

      And no im not a bot lmaoo i just really enjoy coding game jams and stuff

  • JTLdude extra
    JTLdude extra Year ago +45

    I was planning on participating but I just couldn’t think of anything.Maybe next time.Anyways,your content is amazing and don’t stop doing what you love!

  • Martin
    Martin Year ago +2

    You made in 48 what would take me months!
    Guess I'll have to work harder on my videos, inspiring man!

  • AJ A
    AJ A Year ago +70

    "Kill your darlings"
    dang man didn't think my life was gonna change today thanks for this lil bit of advice

    • TrashCaster
      TrashCaster Year ago +6

      Anakin probably thought Vimlark said "Younglings"

  • Vespir Belmont
    Vespir Belmont Year ago +1

    This devlog is really nice! The game also looks really fun; I'm definitely gonna have to check it out.
    I wasn't able to join the jam due to a bunch of complications. But can't wait to see how things turn out next time!

  • Icham Sakkar
    Icham Sakkar Year ago +4

    This reminds me of those flash games where you put things to make a ball reach the end, but with a good artstyle

  • Zokki
    Zokki Year ago

    the fact that this took 48 hours is amazing, this game is incredible for being made in 48 days; you are amazing at what you do.

  • Casper was here
    Casper was here Year ago

    This reminds me a lot of the flash games I’d play in the computer lab at summer camp. It looks really nice and polished especially since you made it in only 48 hours.

  • Exodus
    Exodus Year ago

    Amazing job! Trying to get into making my own pixel art for my games and swapping engines soon now that I got a windows computer instead of a chromebook XD

  • Jeremiah Watson
    Jeremiah Watson Year ago

    I'm surprised by how quickly you did all of it. Program, Art, and Sound...Great Job

  • Troglodyte Studio
    Troglodyte Studio Year ago +1

    It looks absolutely awesome!

  • CarbsCode
    CarbsCode Year ago

    Wow this game looks so awesome! You have a great style in your pixel art and animating :) Also I was reminded of Lemmings the game back on cd rom... if any one remembers it haha 😄

  • Someone
    Someone Year ago +1

    This seems really good. I really like your dev log videos. Keep it up, great work. :)

  • Tytn
    Tytn Year ago

    Was alot of fun. Great game and design for such a short window

  • Oskar van Velden
    Oskar van Velden Year ago

    Found your devlog via BenBonk and love how you share your process of this GMTK game jam.
    Now I want to make a devlog myself as well ^^
    Except I didn't record my progress - so need to do that next time for sure :P

  • 8enb
    8enb Year ago +1

    Nice game! I also took part in this game jam, and also made a pixel are style game! Always fun! Good luck with seeing results tomorrow! Hope you do well!

  • Drewpy Music
    Drewpy Music Year ago +1

    Looks super super clean, nice work!

  • Johanna Daher
    Johanna Daher Year ago +1

    Super cool! Love it as much as I love participating on game jams ♥️

    MERKNOWS Year ago

    This is so much inspiring devlog and I really want to learn pixel art using Photoshop, that's just too awesome doing pixel art using PS.

  • Preflop Store
    Preflop Store Year ago

    Whoa! I love the robot and game idea, the artwork and animations are sooo coool! I hope to be able to make a game half as decent someday, I can believe you did all of this in such a short time. So I’ve like and subscribed because I’m throughly impressed! Great job and I can’t wait to play it 😉

  • Beni Rodriguez
    Beni Rodriguez Year ago

    Great game!.. played through it and had fun! Well done!

  • neon_paradox
    neon_paradox Year ago +2

    Great Game! Please expand it!

  • bodhi
    bodhi Year ago +3

    Dude, that is very polished. Nice job!

  • Sanat Biswal
    Sanat Biswal Year ago +1

    That robot looks really cute and the game looks really polished as well. Awesome devlog. Loved evert bit of it. Cheers ✌️✌️

  • vihaan suryawanshi
    vihaan suryawanshi 4 months ago

    congrats dude for winning in the jam the game was amazing this is the best game in my whole life

  • Cathy Chopping
    Cathy Chopping 7 months ago

    I like how the game is a Super Mario Maker-style puzzle game, and it looks great! You really made those 48 hours count.

  • Sonicboomcolt
    Sonicboomcolt Year ago

    Your game was really well done! :D

  • Coach Abdul
    Coach Abdul Year ago

    i really loved this game .. i played it awesome .. i finished also my first game and game jam

  • Acropolise
    Acropolise Year ago +1

    Amazing video, as always!

  • BlueSplice28
    BlueSplice28 Year ago

    Just stumbled upon this video and I think the cute little robot at 6:11 would’ve been perfect and honestly really nice artwork with that guy!

  • level1
    level1 Year ago +2

    Really cool game and good idea for a game where you don't control the player, but control the environment. Keep it up! :)

  • Monster Claws
    Monster Claws Year ago +1

    Awesome work man...this is what i do in free time, make games for fun...that's my life i guess ;)

  • Alan Siqueira
    Alan Siqueira Year ago +2

    I love it! Going to give it a try later on today

  • Reyhaneh Kia
    Reyhaneh Kia Year ago

    It would be awsome to see you complete it with the slowdown and speedup and stuff.
    Great job

  • Games By Saul
    Games By Saul Year ago +1

    Great work! Seeing your process was insane , but think we went about quite a similar way x)

  • Jeremiah Watson
    Jeremiah Watson Year ago

    Dude! You made top 20!!!! NICE JOB!!!! They even featured your game on the channel!

  • Andrei Cura
    Andrei Cura Year ago

    I'm new to your channel so may I ask what application did you use in making that game and the pixel arts? I'd like to try them out!
    Great work btw!

  • IPHONE 123
    IPHONE 123 Year ago

    such a good game man, well done

  • Lioc De Parmesan
    Lioc De Parmesan Year ago

    Awesome job ! which kind of tool did you use for the squash and stretch animation?

  • Mathusan Selvakumar
    Mathusan Selvakumar Year ago +1

    I played your game and I liked it very much. And you made a super interesting devlog !

  • Stig Helge Westerheim

    Really fun game. I got trough all 10 levels. Could do more with this. Different enviroments and tools. :)

  • Swapnil Gaur
    Swapnil Gaur Year ago +1

    Wow your commentary is better than many million subscribers channels. Good luck!

  • Doc
    Doc Year ago

    I've been using c3 like you too! I didn't know i couldve made such a polished game. Although I've been trying to do so for weeks

  • EEDev
    EEDev Year ago

    This game looks awesome!!!

  • Whos_Who
    Whos_Who Year ago

    I played it before seeing this video and was able to complete some levels with parts left over. It was such a fun game.

  • Avery Makes Games
    Avery Makes Games Year ago +1

    Top #16 in the Jam! Congrats man!!!

  • Mr. Bastos
    Mr. Bastos Year ago +1

    came back to this video because you were in the top games of the jam! pretty awesome.

  • Lootical
    Lootical Year ago +2

    This reminds me of an old amiga game named "Bill's Tomato Game". I really loved it as a child, so cool to see something similar. Great work!

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago

      I had never hear of that game but it looks awesome!

  • GhostBoo
    GhostBoo Year ago +4

    What if you could use this mechanic for a boss battle? 🤔

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +2

      That could be interesting. Didn't even have time to think of a boss battle.

  • Yelluh
    Yelluh Year ago +1

    This looks very cool!

  • Dido Slimani
    Dido Slimani Year ago +2

    I really I had fun this two days the gmtk game jam was epic and I hope you participate on global game jam love your videos

  • NorseHeim
    NorseHeim Year ago +1

    dude the game itself is soo adorable 😍😍!!

  • João Gabriel Marques

    Hey man I started on gamedev a couple weeks ago and I'm really liking your content.
    Also, which engine do you use? And which language do you prefer?
    Anyway keep up with the good content bro

    • João Gabriel Marques
      João Gabriel Marques Year ago

      @Vimlark Wow so you have done all those GameJam's games without coding at all? That is incredible. Thx for the thumbs up

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +1

      Congrats on starting, I hope you are enjoying yourself. I use Construct 3, it uses a visual scripting event system. You still write all the logic but no syntax. I'm not really a programmer so I don't know any programming languages.

  • b0b1goat2
    b0b1goat2 Year ago

    This is ridiculous, all the art looks so great it would take me a week to just do that

  • fFALLEN Mobile
    fFALLEN Mobile Year ago +1

    This is good, could be a for real game!

  • Game Development Tutorials

    I participated in this jam. My project was Losing Control

  • Wannibe Manisha
    Wannibe Manisha Year ago +1

    Such a well packaged and polished game. I loved it! I didn't get to finish this time around but definitely gonna get back to it since I think it has potential. I hope I can get to the point that you are someday! Game jams are so fun!

  • Luke K.
    Luke K. Year ago

    dude this is the second game jam where you KILLED IT. you need to just make something for steam and make some bank!!

  • Sami Lehtilä
    Sami Lehtilä Year ago

    The "moving" of object could have been easily implemented by having the last added or removed item remembered as selected. Then "moving" could be done by remove + add. Just my 2 cents, maybe next time 😏 looks awesome I love puzzles, keep up the good work!

  • Rohan Upadhyay
    Rohan Upadhyay Year ago +1

    Wow this looks so cool!
    Btw what game engine is that?

  • Gabriel Hamoui
    Gabriel Hamoui Year ago

    Great game and great channel! Just subscribed.

  • Zycian
    Zycian Year ago +1

    You should totally make this a mobile game

  • ragreenburg
    ragreenburg Year ago

    Can we just take a moment and point out that glorious mustache? This man knows how to live life.

  • Nulono
    Nulono Year ago

    Level 9 is beatable with only 3 jump pads, if you put one of the platforms on top of the tower of sawblades.

  • CuL8R
    CuL8R Year ago +1

    For educational purposes, would you consider sharing a c3p? I'd love to see/analyse your eventing. Or maybe release one for sale as a template in the Scirra store?

    • CuL8R
      CuL8R Year ago

      Vimlark for someone like me, who’s learning, it would be cool to see how you did things like the click and drag, jump-springs, menu, etc. Even spaghetti can be interesting to see someone’s thought processes when building for a jam. No one expects polish on a gam made in 48 hrs. Haha that’s just silly 😜

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago

      I'll think about it. It's honestly and utter mess and not the proper way to do everything. The spaghetti code is very real.

  • Julianne Nichols
    Julianne Nichols Year ago

    Hey, you mentioned a squash and stretch function in your vid, could we maybe get a tutorial? Great vid btw!

  • Karan Kaushik
    Karan Kaushik Year ago +1

    Love this channel

  • Ver Million
    Ver Million Year ago

    What game engine did you use?
    I love the vid btw, i always like seeing how these games are developed

  • akamag
    akamag Year ago

    Saw gmtk's video! cool to see you made it into the vid! keep on with the good work

  • Tamar Peer
    Tamar Peer Year ago

    I am so jealous... I wish I had the skills and the time (I was a day late) to participate

  • vas1900
    vas1900 Year ago

    What kind of engine/software have you used? Looks really nice! I just found it it was Construct3 in case if someone will be asking.cheers

  • Nulono
    Nulono Year ago

    One minor thing that bugged me about the game was the platform sprite. The fact that it only attaches to the wall at one point in the middle makes it look like a seesaw, so I was initially confused about its function.

  • Kelvin O. S.
    Kelvin O. S. Year ago

    Loved the characters :)

  • Kareem Otoum
    Kareem Otoum Year ago

    Honestly Im happy I didn't take part in this one because Its simply very frustrating to somehow go viral off a game that doesn't display even half of what you are capable of developing as a game creator

  • CodedByJade
    CodedByJade Year ago +2

    great game, good luck! what engine do you use for games dev?

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +1

      Actually on Construct 3. I started with 2 but 3 is amazing!

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +1

      I use Construct 3 :)

    • CodedByJade
      CodedByJade Year ago

      @Jaguar thanks!

    • Jaguar
      Jaguar Year ago +2

      He useed construct 2

  • Shantel Makes Stuff

    this turned out awesome

  • TheKnightDeluxeMC
    TheKnightDeluxeMC Year ago +1

    The game is really good!!!! overall

  • Kristian Wells
    Kristian Wells Year ago +1

    I ended up staying up until 11am to finish as I swapped game engines on the last day, 14 hours straight of gamedev is a killer and I finished, but I forgot an export file and it's unplayable, so that was a bummer

    • Kristian Wells
      Kristian Wells Year ago

      @Vimlark it's ok, I learned a lot and still had fun, I'm gonna keep working on it and finish it up hopefully.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +1

      Oh no! That's a huge bummer. I'm sorry to hear that :(

  • Prajakta Madhav
    Prajakta Madhav Year ago

    Now u must be proud that your game won the jam..... Congratulations🎉🎊🎁

  • GraviToad
    GraviToad Year ago

    I have never seen one of your videos but I will subscribe because I love programming so I am instantly a fan

  • Matrettr
    Matrettr Year ago +1

    Can i ask in what engine you made this game ? And what about programming is it part of this engine ? Nice video and your game was very nice too

    • Matrettr
      Matrettr Year ago

      @Vimlark thx for answer. Very nice

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago

      I use Construct 3. It uses a visual scripting event system.

  • Jaume
    Jaume Year ago +1

    looks good good job

  • DereckD R
    DereckD R Year ago +2

    You made it into the top 20, 👍

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +1

      I know, it's crazy!

  • Fiona Xie
    Fiona Xie Year ago +1

    This video makes me want to start making games too! Does anyone know what software he's using to code and make all of these?