GENIUS INVENTIONS that make the world a better place !

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • GENIUS INVENTIONS that make the world a better place !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to GENIUS INVENTIONS that make the world a better place !

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  • Camille Gotay 19
    Camille Gotay 19 2 hours ago

    #teamAzzy. I love your videos and your soooooo cute I subscribe and hit the like button and hit the notification bell

  • Andres Canas
    Andres Canas 7 hours ago

    I have a wheelchair swing at my school

  • Alina Fatima
    Alina Fatima 14 hours ago


  • Anime Amie
    Anime Amie 20 hours ago


  • Eesen Poke
    Eesen Poke Day ago

    0:37 I’m color blind

  • Andrea Eilts
    Andrea Eilts Day ago

    Delicious 👌

  • LPS CookieSquad
    LPS CookieSquad Day ago +1

    *The swing for wheelchairs would be so useful! I broke my arm and leg at the same time so I have to use a wheelchair because I can't work the crutches•~• like I need to go there😂*

  • slashbomberrillo

    And have you ever watched the greatest showman

  • slashbomberrillo

    I love you assy

  • cc smith
    cc smith Day ago

    I am part of the AzzyLand family! I

  • Araceli Trujillo

    Mosquitoes love my dad and I I have 28 bites rn

  • Kristina Guiher
    Kristina Guiher Day ago

    I cried in this video becuase so much sweet things

  • SwagHQ Little Brother


  • Alyson Overholt
    Alyson Overholt 2 days ago +1

    Azzy I watch the Ads for u.So u can get those MONEYS!!!

  • Ivy Mck
    Ivy Mck 2 days ago

    I have a phone and I'm 6 years old

  • gina sanders
    gina sanders 2 days ago

    Can you put the phone battery in hot pockets????¿???¿???¿

  • Emma Lewis
    Emma Lewis 2 days ago

    im in ya fam!

  • Akira's Funny Life
    Akira's Funny Life 2 days ago

    Azzy: I wish people loved me like mosquito do!
    Me: I wish people love me like fleas do!!! It’s true. I once got more than 25 bites, and those where only on my leg!

  • PenguinGacha123
    PenguinGacha123 2 days ago

    i live in sweden U w U i get all the chokolate!

  • Shooting Shooting
    Shooting Shooting 2 days ago

    Azzy: going to sleep in my table bed
    The Next Day
    Kweb: Azzy come over here!!!
    Azzy: coming...HITS HEAD...oof

  • Anime OtakuxRuiz
    Anime OtakuxRuiz 2 days ago

    Yay singapore finally have some attention

  • Jj Me
    Jj Me 2 days ago

    10:16 Zach king?

  • Popcorn Mania
    Popcorn Mania 2 days ago

    Azzy did you know they also work for bobby pins the dance teachers used them

  • Ava Darby
    Ava Darby 2 days ago

    My dad was cycling once and a car stopped in front of him and my dad hit the car and fell onto the road after that about 4 card drove past him and an old woman helped him out of the road

  • angel love
    angel love 3 days ago

    my name is angela too

  • Loner Goat
    Loner Goat 3 days ago

    My park has a wheelchair swing :D

  • Xavier Antony
    Xavier Antony 3 days ago

    I recommend Toomb Raider and Fortnite.

  • Xavier Antony
    Xavier Antony 3 days ago

    You should do a gaming channel.

  • Pawel Mazur
    Pawel Mazur 3 days ago +1

    Oh, hi

  • Emily Kennedy élève

    Girl, we have the same problems (I'm clumsy too)

  • Alexis Klaus
    Alexis Klaus 4 days ago

    Same I'll be covered in mosquito bites to

  • Ibro Sekic
    Ibro Sekic 4 days ago

    You craing😢😢

  • Playtime322
    Playtime322 4 days ago


  • Kierra Griswold
    Kierra Griswold 4 days ago

    I am allergic to mosquitoes

  • Erica E Crow
    Erica E Crow 4 days ago

    Can you please come to my house? We are in driggs 140 Olivia Cort bats 140

  • Trophie Kids Playtime

    Are you trying to say you're the one gets mosquitoes the most in the world oh no it is me.

  • olga bermejo
    olga bermejo 4 days ago

    I need kite

  • Lacey Hanlon
    Lacey Hanlon 5 days ago

    I have been lying on my bed for 3 hours just binge watching sad things. like if you do the same thing,

  • Jessica Moran
    Jessica Moran 5 days ago

    Same yo

  • Jeanne Tamagny
    Jeanne Tamagny 5 days ago

    I was camping once and I got 20 mosquito bites

  • Harry Douglas
    Harry Douglas 5 days ago +2

    All baskets are like this in the UK 🤣😂

  • Hufflepuff Me
    Hufflepuff Me 5 days ago

    I would need the althymers one for my granny she keeps walking on the road

  • Oliwia Hajdus
    Oliwia Hajdus 5 days ago

    7:50 did anyone stopped the vid to read it?😂 if u did pls give a like

  • Jalopy
    Jalopy 5 days ago

    0:50 is where I leave.

  • Anne White
    Anne White 6 days ago

    I need that kite card!!

  • Illusion the Demon
    Illusion the Demon 6 days ago +1

    "everybody deserves to have fun" YES!

  • Devin Fricano
    Devin Fricano 6 days ago

    I have a surprise for you.

    LOVE YOU AZZY 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • S LAAN
    S LAAN 6 days ago

    I think me and my friend is too tall for that

  • Syvarnh Riddell-Walters

    This was awesome

  • Grm657
    Grm657 6 days ago +2

    The mosquitos love me to and I'm allergic!
    Like if your allergic!👍🇺🇸

  • Becky Hay
    Becky Hay 6 days ago

    I'm that person who gets all the attention from the mosquitos as well #WishItWasMyBro 🥰Love u Azzy🥰

  • Delaney Roman
    Delaney Roman 6 days ago

    There is a wheelchair swing at my school

  • clive chua
    clive chua 6 days ago +1


    PUSHEEN GLACEON 7 days ago +4

    2:34 Bobby Pins : I can disappear so easily!

    Hair Ties : HOLD MY BEER

  • KotaBear Dotzlaf
    KotaBear Dotzlaf 7 days ago

    i think the reson mosquitoes like you i cause your bloode is o-

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy Gamer 7 days ago

    Azzy I love you!

  • Audrey GF
    Audrey GF 7 days ago

    Mosquitos love my blood😂

  • Stuffy Queen
    Stuffy Queen 8 days ago


  • Stuffy Queen
    Stuffy Queen 8 days ago

    How wow

  • Stuffy Queen
    Stuffy Queen 8 days ago


  • Digger And Jody
    Digger And Jody 8 days ago

    11:52 , love me love me say that you love me, kiss me kiss me say that you miss me

  • Audrey Bratten
    Audrey Bratten 8 days ago

    In Ohio the mosquitoes love me but in Pennsylvania they love my sister

  • Seanod7 Sean
    Seanod7 Sean 8 days ago

    This is the funniest video

  • Its Amy Martinez
    Its Amy Martinez 8 days ago

    I see I have a park next to my house and it has those swings the ones were the parents and the kids swing on

  • Robert Rankin
    Robert Rankin 8 days ago +1

    You can take a dog into every store if you're blind

  • Natalie Burrows
    Natalie Burrows 8 days ago +1

    I spend sooo long In the shower

  • l Zgharbi l
    l Zgharbi l 8 days ago

    The mosquito favorite is me

  • Diana Kouhia
    Diana Kouhia 8 days ago

    Im from sweden and i never knew that there was a Coop here that had the map

  • Miss Modern 101
    Miss Modern 101 8 days ago

    I woke up
    Got dressed
    Became billionaire

    Now read it reverse

  • Esme Doodle
    Esme Doodle 8 days ago

    Hey Azzy remember the Mushroom book thing We've got them in England at tesco!

  • Glitter Unicorn
    Glitter Unicorn 8 days ago

    Who saw that when azzy said she could just crawl under her table her bed was like 2 feet away? Only me? No hate tho i love you!!!!'

  • Nadya Funny
    Nadya Funny 8 days ago

    I live in Singapore and had never seen the senior citizens tap for longer crossing time.

  • Lego Artist
    Lego Artist 8 days ago

    I'm a moskito bite person each time I go to my grandma I get 6 moskito bites in my leg and sometimes I finish my Vaseline

  • Ghala Al hammadi
    Ghala Al hammadi 8 days ago

    I get sick 🤒 from mosquitoes

  • Elijah Airlie
    Elijah Airlie 8 days ago

    i know the pain i am bitten by 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 mosquetos

  • Elijah Airlie
    Elijah Airlie 8 days ago

    me dont have a phone

  • grace loves hamsters

    Singapore does not even have that....the card is only to get cheaper rides on buses annd MRTs

  • Nick Kinsella
    Nick Kinsella 8 days ago

    2:00 My dad always cycles to work and last week he got knocked off his bike by a car when he was waiting at a roundabout. He now has a boot on his leg, needs crutches and can't walk that far.

  • Jodie Prince
    Jodie Prince 8 days ago +1

    You make my life so much better thanks

    Love you azzy😇

  • Sonny Sadler
    Sonny Sadler 8 days ago

    Azzy have u ever heard of a lock on a toilet if it's red someone's using it

  • Wilona Pe
    Wilona Pe 8 days ago

    9:40 We already have those here in the Philippines

  • X Tron gaming
    X Tron gaming 8 days ago

    LEGO is a plural

  • Crystalgirl 12
    Crystalgirl 12 9 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I have subscribed to Azzyland
    And you should too

  • Alex LL
    Alex LL 9 days ago


  • Kamran Khalid
    Kamran Khalid 9 days ago

    My Country (The Country My Family Is From ) Has Only A Little Clean Water =( ( The Country Is Pakistan )

  • Violet ‘s bunny GAMING


    Weird.... and awesome

  • Octavia Patterson
    Octavia Patterson 9 days ago +2

    The lights on the bathroom thing, LOVE THOSE THINGS!! 😂😂😂👌

  • Tapiwa Hungwe
    Tapiwa Hungwe 9 days ago


  • skylah juf
    skylah juf 9 days ago

    I have a little sister that is in a wheelchair so are school has a swing for everyone that is in a wheelchair

  • tanaka mabvurunge
    tanaka mabvurunge 9 days ago


  • Innie Binnie STUDIOS
    Innie Binnie STUDIOS 9 days ago +1

    When she talked about the Miskito thing I started counting mine
    But when I counted them and realised the number i said..
    Me:I HAVE MORE THEN TEN?! :D My lucky day!

  • Babe Giraffe
    Babe Giraffe 10 days ago

    Ive seen the child parent swing at a park in Florida 🤯

  • Zahi Zahi
    Zahi Zahi 10 days ago


  • maddie cringe
    maddie cringe 10 days ago

    9:01 i have that! ;o;

  • Andrea Hopkins
    Andrea Hopkins 10 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Azzy is smart
    Just like you !

  • Zoie Chapman
    Zoie Chapman 10 days ago

    At my park I have swings like that

  • Ed Hupscher
    Ed Hupscher 10 days ago

    my dad is the masqito king

  • Archie Grogan
    Archie Grogan 10 days ago

    i love you to

  • Gotta Draw FAST
    Gotta Draw FAST 10 days ago

    Azzy, at a car wash nearby they take care of cars I think, so it usually takes a long time, there is a giant toy train track for kids and it's fun to play with also there is a window where the car get washed so that little kids can squirt the cars with either soap or water, I forgot. So the kids get to shoot cars while the cars get a better wash for free. It's awesome

  • Aryan Nangia
    Aryan Nangia 11 days ago

    9:25 the try guys 😋