Should Freddie Ljungberg get the Arsenal job full time? | Jame Carragher & Rafa Benitez | MNF

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
    Jamie Carragher and Rafa Benitez discuss Freddie Ljungberg's reign as interim head coach at Arsenal, and whether he should get the job full time following the Gunners' 3-1 win over West Ham.
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  • chris bullard
    chris bullard Month ago

    whatever happens the manager needs to be in by january 1st and then given a transfer budget to compete, there would be no point arsenal appointing someone mid january and their first press conference we get the normal "im happy with the current squad" tag line, i still dont get how spurs can sack Poch and appoint Mourinho next morning and we are still waiting

  • Steven Haskell
    Steven Haskell Month ago


  • Sean Dolan
    Sean Dolan Month ago

    No, stupid question. Man United all over again.

  • ZakAttack789
    ZakAttack789 Month ago

    He shouldn’t coz he’ll fail and destroy his legacy, but he should so Arsenal are still a laughing stock

  • Baron Sionis
    Baron Sionis Month ago

    Don't appoint Freddie as permanent manager. Not until we are 100 percent certain he is the right man for the job.

  • fagsandwich
    fagsandwich Month ago

    So much respect for Rafa. He's right, Arsenal fans aren't stupid. Work needs to be done now on the training ground. Players piss me off tho. They're more often get a manager sacked. This 2019/20 season is by far the worst for 'not playing for the manager'. Also Jamie says 'Arsenal showed us tonight that they want to win'. Fucksake it's coming to something isn't it?! Everton Watford Arsenal players NOT playing for the manager. And as for a team 'wanting to win' shock! The Horror!! You mean to tell me, that a premier league football team, Wants To Win?! Are you serious, stop joking around?
    Football win? As for West Ham. I don't think they'll go down. I also grudgingly admire the Hammers board for not sacking Pelligrini aglio olio Pepperincino. They have imense respect of him. He didn't need to come to manage in the UK. But he obviously saw it as, a great oportunity. The third largest london club.that, arguably, more often than not, under achieves. But has excellent potential. I really hope for the fans that West Ham Utd icf start hitting some good form. They have fine players.

  • The Hokage
    The Hokage Month ago

    who tf is jame.

  • Fletcher Keaton
    Fletcher Keaton Month ago

    Sorry Rafa, what?

  • Joseph Kirby
    Joseph Kirby Month ago

    I think, tbh, out of all the ideas being floated out there, he'd honestly be the worst choice. Granted, that's not to say he'd get the worst results, or is the worst coach, I just think that all the factors that go into decisions like these don't favour him. Like, at least what is usually seen with interim/new coaches, regardless of their quality, the players quality, the fixtures, etc. is immediate bounce-back. We've seen it recently with Jose at Spurs and the new Everton guy. These guys manage to inspire the players enough to have them play well, and get results, at least first time round.
    It's inevitable that Ljungberg will be compared to Ole, at the club I support. Regardless of what you think of Ole as a manager, or whether he was or is the right choice, he at least had the benefit of that amazing run of not just results, but performances. Remember, it won't be just results that get managers sacked, it's performances. Poch at Spurs just led them to the CL final, not so long ago. But he's gone, likely because the team seemed to give up (also a factor no doubt was Jose's availability). If only results mattered, David Moyes should still be at United, cos his problem was not winning the main games (opposite of Ole haha). But that was when I saw players not care. Emery needed to go because the players were playing really awful. Simple as.
    The difference is, Ljungberg didn't get results straight away. And even now he has, the performance for the majority of the game was as bad as it had been. Giggs wasn't given the job after Moyes, with what, 4 games of 3 wins and a draw? They need to do the same here. In my opinion.

  • Eddy Kane
    Eddy Kane Month ago

    Sky: How long will it take you to fix a team like Arsenal.
    Rafa: Ive done this in one week.

  • J. A.
    J. A. Month ago

    Are sky sports for real?

  • Mr. Jack M
    Mr. Jack M Month ago +1

    we need Rafa Benitez!!!!

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent Month ago

    Carragher always sounds like he is arguing politely with the other pundits .

  • Anjum Mughal
    Anjum Mughal Month ago

    The Spaniard speaks English better than the Englishman 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • David Hickling
    David Hickling Month ago

    Freddie looks like Pep's younger brother.

  • Musama The Slim
    Musama The Slim Month ago


  • ThisAndThat765
    ThisAndThat765 Month ago

    Can't believe you guys can even ask that question lol. Have you not seen how it went for ole at man united?...

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is Month ago +8

    Pep will quit soon like he always does when it gets tough.

  • MotoGPchampRossi46
    MotoGPchampRossi46 Month ago

    No, just no

  • HMQ
    HMQ Month ago

    This is why Arsenal is such a comedy. Over reactions to winning and losing.
    "We're in a relegation fight Wobbie. We're gonna get top 4 Wobbie"

  • oi oi
    oi oi Month ago

    3 games 1 win. SiGn hIM uP FoR 10 MiNs oF GoOd FOotBAll

    WHIPLASH Month ago

    this is a non starter because he hasn't got a managing licence you clowns 😂😂😂 he can only legally manage the club for 12 weeks 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Goofe
      Goofe Month ago

      WHIPLASH but you’re still right. He’s not gonna be the manager and you don’t always get the dispensation.

      WHIPLASH Month ago

      @Goofe thanks for the correction

    • Goofe
      Goofe Month ago

      WHIPLASH no you can get dispensation for that, because he’s gonna take the licence

  • LFC Spectre
    LFC Spectre Month ago +1

    There's Champions League winning manager Rafa Benitez Arsenal!

  • City Till I Die
    City Till I Die Month ago

    If West Ham didn’t bottle it this video wouldn’t even be made.

  • sam pea
    sam pea Month ago

    Rafa should take job

  • wasamater
    wasamater Month ago

    carragher laughing whenever valencia is mentioned 2:45

  • Shahdan Mohd
    Shahdan Mohd Month ago

    Rafa shoulda take the arsenal job

  • Ciaran Thayer
    Ciaran Thayer Month ago

    He beat a TERRIBLE West Ham team arsenal SHOULD be winning these type of games anyway

  • J-Madz U.K
    J-Madz U.K Month ago

    Outrageous, they need a proper proper manager!!! GET Benitez.

  • Ryan McDermott
    Ryan McDermott Month ago

    I would take Rafa at Arsenal

  • T Amazin
    T Amazin Month ago

    Rafa is being interviewed by West Ham as we speak.

  • Terab Ali
    Terab Ali Month ago +1

    Looks like arsenal will give anyone the job as long as you win one game. Shrew recruitment!

  • jack
    jack Month ago

    Ljungberg out will be difficult to spell so no chance

  • Anthony Woodhouse
    Anthony Woodhouse Month ago +1

    But he really does look like a Spanish waiter

  • Toby
    Toby Month ago

    Good old Jame Carragher

  • hom3r
    hom3r Month ago

    Honestly I don’t think he will stay as the manager for long.

  • John Tiseo
    John Tiseo Month ago

    Not on the results from one game, which to be honest, where lucky break got them back into the game.
    He like Mourinho may start well, but it is not long before it all goes wrong.

  • David Green
    David Green Month ago

    I'm no ARSE-enal fan by a long shot , but it's getting to the ridiculous stage where managers will be sacked at half time on their first game in charge, because their team is 1-0 behind

  • Khanya Mosetlhi
    Khanya Mosetlhi Month ago +1

    Only based on merit.
    If he wins the Europa League and wins top 4
    If not he shouldn’t be coach.

  • dom roberts
    dom roberts Month ago

    Why is Carragher still a pundit. He talks out of his arse

  • Beerus
    Beerus Month ago

    Quick answer: no, not yet

  • Juned Ahmed
    Juned Ahmed Month ago

    Everything wrong with the media / punditry. The man wins ONE game and they already hype him up to take the job 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • thomas roberts
    thomas roberts Month ago

    Please give it to him, it’s nice seeing this club get worse

  • Gd2knw
    Gd2knw Month ago

    Rafa we'll take u

  • mkk2010
    mkk2010 Month ago

    Just coz he won one game?

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards Month ago

    Ofcourse not

  • Martin Guy
    Martin Guy Month ago

    Everyone take the piss out of Merson on these shows but at least he answers these questions.

  • Crazy Person
    Crazy Person Month ago

    "Jame" Carragher

  • JC J
    JC J Month ago +2

    Agree about playing Kieran and Pepe. They 'aint gonna get used to the league on the bench.

  • Bandana God
    Bandana God Month ago

    Calm down yes we won but expected now we need to work on man city dont get carried away

  • Daniel Oliver
    Daniel Oliver Month ago

    Arsenal win a game and now Freddie is a candidate duck me you lot are desperate

  • Simply Balling
    Simply Balling Month ago

    I'm sure all Tottenham fans want Ljungberg to get the job permanently


    Sky sports hire mourinho he becomes spurs coach
    They hire Rafa benitez and will become next coach😂

  • matteastwood87
    matteastwood87 Month ago

    Yeh give it to him, gives me a laugh

  • Tawer Zadok
    Tawer Zadok Month ago

    Jesus Christ. Bet sky sports was waiting for this win to happen to do this story. Ridiculous.

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Month ago +1

    Let's not forget that west ham aren't playing well at the moment

  • Thavarajan sundram
    Thavarajan sundram Month ago

    If jlumberg can beat city, then he is the right manager for arsenal

  • Jonas filberg
    Jonas filberg Month ago

    No madafaka

  • Mojo K
    Mojo K Month ago +5

    Sky Sports logic:
    Should Ole get the perminant manager after 3 months
    Should Ljungberg be perminant manager after 3 games

  • BoxingB0oda
    BoxingB0oda Month ago

    Ljunberg: Drew Norwich, lost to Brighton at home, won against west ham... all were 15th and below when he played them
    Sky: Should he get the deal permanent
    Uhhhhhh na