Half in the Bag: Solo: A Star Wars Story

  • Published on May 29, 2018
  • Mike, Jay, and Mike's drug induced hallucination name Rick Evans talk about the most unanticipated anticipation of a movie called "Solo: A Solo Wars Star Wars Solo Story"
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  • The Psychic Ninja Wizard

    my favorite of the "non-original" films...

  • The Dumb Dog
    The Dumb Dog Day ago

    Im with Rich I loved it and I know its wrong

  • LucidStateDept
    LucidStateDept Day ago

    Wait... What just happened?

  • Michael Lapinski
    Michael Lapinski 3 days ago

    It says the escape pod was “in the ships log”

  • Señor Poodles
    Señor Poodles 4 days ago

    Solo was a great movie. More people need to see it.

  • tatakai no kaizen
    tatakai no kaizen 4 days ago


  • OneBagTravel
    OneBagTravel 5 days ago

    The multiple copies of Vampire Assassin behind Mike is the real MVP of this video.

  • santiago451
    santiago451 7 days ago +1

    So, I'm a little late to this party, but goddamn... the Last Jedi broke you guys. Look at how soft you're being to this pile of burning crap, after slamming the hell out of Rogue One -- an infintely superior movie compared to this hot mess. At first, I thought everyone was just being polite to the one guy who saw his high-school sweetheart in Qi'ra, but after 20 minutes of the back and forth... nope, you're broken. I wouldn't trust you to review a Ghostbusters sequel at this point.

  • augnkn93043
    augnkn93043 7 days ago

    Is grandma tarkin in this movie?

  • Fredly
    Fredly 8 days ago

    I just noticed Space Cop in the shot of the bounty hunters at 26:31

  • Kodie Kulp
    Kodie Kulp 8 days ago +1

    So.... Lando totally fucks Nien Nunb

  • Big Tall Paul
    Big Tall Paul 8 days ago

    26:31 I spy with my little eye...

  • Jules Verde
    Jules Verde 9 days ago

    Maybe if they didn't watch the bootleg copy of this movie they could see it better? I dunno, I actually enjoyed the darker, murkier tone of the movie. It fit in well with the plot, environments, and timeframe of the SW universe at that time

  • Ray Deen
    Ray Deen 9 days ago +1

    You actually liked this drivel? You're part of the problem. Please stop so maybe we can get some decent Star Wars movies.

  • John Armbruster
    John Armbruster 10 days ago

    So now that Balok appeared in Solo, can we finally confirm Star Wars and Star Trek share universes?

  • spartacus36526
    spartacus36526 10 days ago

    Gotta make sure Dr. McCoy has a case of the "not-gays".

  • Andyilmatto
    Andyilmatto 11 days ago +1

    Ah, Red Letter Media: my guilty pleasure after watching ANY movie.
    Also: Rich Evans' laugh truly can cure any illness.

  • KohinaREC
    KohinaREC 11 days ago +1

    I want to see an Obi-Wan film that is a six hour philosophical epic focusing on an ascetic, primitive, bleak existence that contrasts the the protagonist's previous life in neon glow of Coruscant and the hectic, bloody war he fought for years, losing everything he held dear. It would be filled with meditation, swirling sand (that is annoying and gets everywhere), freezing in the nights, sweltering during the days, looking for water, pondering, wandering, studying the Force (which often would remain silent in the cold static of space) ... and with no action scenes.
    It would be a story about a tired, aging man who wants to find peace and secretly wishes the Empire would never truly arrive to this harsh sanctuary.
    The film would open with a panoramic still of the Dune sea and for five minutes we would see Obi-Wan slowly trudging across the screen, silhouetted against the blasting blue sky, a small moving speck in the vast desert, away from the questionable civilization of Tatooiine.

  • Andrew Stage
    Andrew Stage 14 days ago


  • Uncanny X
    Uncanny X 16 days ago +2

    the last rian johnson film ...... we can only wish

  • trevor random
    trevor random 17 days ago


  • Victor Pleitez
    Victor Pleitez 18 days ago

    Yo for real, I swear I thought my tv was busted, I kept fiddling with the brightness to fucking see what was going on in this film.

  • Mixalis Sar
    Mixalis Sar 19 days ago

    I liked the movie a lot

  • Johnny5point6
    Johnny5point6 20 days ago +1

    The worst part of Solo was putting the IMPERIAL MARCH IN THE MOVIE, ON THE TVs!! What?!

    • BeefMissileband
      BeefMissileband 17 days ago

      Johnny5point6 that was fun, it was in a major key. Why not? It’s a military march, why can’t it be diegetic for the empire?

  • EK Blackwell
    EK Blackwell 20 days ago +3

    Intro: "Everybody hated it" Review: "We LOVED it!"

  • freespeechisdead isdead

    27:05 Fans have been debating this for decades, and then the writers got into explaining it. That is something that should have never been explained. The most simple explanation is this is a completely alien civilization and the word parsec means a measurement of time in their language. The fact that they are speaking english at all is ridiculous, and yet fans quibble over this? I throw my hands in the air....

    ...and wave 'em like I just don't care.

  • Scythe Booty
    Scythe Booty 21 day ago

    thank fuck I'm not the only one who thinks that Sam Witwer's Palpatine is terrible

  • TheCandyMan2407
    TheCandyMan2407 22 days ago +1

    Women and gay people aren't nerds. It would be damn near impossible to find one that would have some passion and be capable of directing a decent Star Wars, comic, whatever movie.

  • JoosH orsumbuddy
    JoosH orsumbuddy 22 days ago

    It was better than the Last Rian Johnson "film".

  • SizzleChest McMurphy
    SizzleChest McMurphy 22 days ago +1

    "Like a football player wrote it." *laugh* That really set Rich off.

  • S P
    S P 22 days ago +1

    For me, the new star wars films just don't have a weight to them - they just feel a bit like thin plastic compared to the solid oak of the originals

  • xoeleox
    xoeleox 22 days ago

    "Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs" could have been a function of how Hyperspace works - meaning Han could have found a more efficient route through the Kessel Run, a dangerous section of hyperspace.
    But no. Asteroid nebula storm gravity well w/ space kraken thing. Cool.

  • urblammo
    urblammo 23 days ago

    You're wrong about Maul...

  • Joe Rogan
    Joe Rogan 23 days ago

    That guy on the right.. feels like they were desperately looking for someone with a "I liked the movie" opinion, but they couldn't find anyone good so he was their last choice.

  • david mcfadden
    david mcfadden 23 days ago +6

    Richards' laugh makes my cat meow every time!

  • Dave Booshty
    Dave Booshty 24 days ago

    42:41 Several of the escape pods the Imperial guy says , as to say the Falcon had a "Few" ? Not just the frontal one.

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B 25 days ago

    I watched it at home with my family, and it is one of the only movies i have ever fallen asleep to.

  • The No.1 Guy
    The No.1 Guy 26 days ago

    C-3PO is literally the original stupid robot doing a stupid thing to move the plot....just continuing the tradition really

  • Scott William
    Scott William 28 days ago

    It's ok

  • Nathan Lemire
    Nathan Lemire 28 days ago +2

    In old technical drawings, the round thingy on each side are escape pods

  • Nathan Lemire
    Nathan Lemire 28 days ago

    Why is there space fuel in SW anyway?

  • Nathan Lemire
    Nathan Lemire 28 days ago

    Parsecs being distance is still valid, because less distance is probably less time, yes it's a space shortcut. :D

  • Movies Under The Surface

    Solo is about how dark worlds crush the dreams of even the best and most positive people. It's an attempt to explain the cynicism of Han Solo at the beginning of the original trilogy. It's a character study,. It's trying to be a deep film with heart, not just a shiny fun ride like a Bond or Ocean's 11 movie.

    This is why the visuals are so dark, the visuals reflect a dark world (a world controlled by the empire) that destroys everything positive and optimistic. Lighting the visuals up for humor and lightheartedness would have gone against everything this movie was about.

    Also, this heart is why Han says "I have a good feeling about this" instead of the trademark "I have a bad feel about this". His optimism hasn't been crushed at this point, it gets crushed later in the story.

  • Fence Rhoskal
    Fence Rhoskal 29 days ago

    I like how they went on to mock Jay getting the fact that Obi-Wan and Darth Maul dont have a connection as enemies, just a nice moment of humility. And granted, its not like phantom menace is good or greatly memorable, while that last scene is probably the greatest thing about it making Obi a more sympathetic character, having at least one character we care about die and making for action that has some meaning behind it especially if they do round out the storyline with robo legged Darth Maul

  • colegmr
    colegmr 29 days ago +1

    Darth Maul is the Boba Fet of the prequils.

  • The Indie Diary
    The Indie Diary 29 days ago

    Give me 'Mr Plinkets Solo: A Star Wars story review'. Please!

  • Ri
    Ri 29 days ago

    expand this unexpandable world lmao

  • Sheriff Bigby Wolf
    Sheriff Bigby Wolf Month ago +7

    Can we have a star wars film about Dexter Jetster's prospecting buddy who recognized Kamino poison darts?

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago

    Lando was the best part of the movie.

  • Luke S.
    Luke S. Month ago


  • Create Tube
    Create Tube Month ago +1

    3 more Rian Johnson shit wars incoming

  • Em Hu
    Em Hu Month ago

    Solo was much worse than this review gives credit for

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago +1

    I actually thought Solo was pretty good and I liked Rogue One. Oddly the stand alone or spin off films are better than the sequel trilogy. Force Awakens I do think is ok. Prequels are kind of mediocre and had some good scenes but a lot of wasted potential and The Last Jedi was the only one in my opinion that flat out sucked. Solo was good, but because of Last Jedi, people didn't get to see it which is a shame because it was decent.

  • Howard Maxwell
    Howard Maxwell Month ago

    26:30 Rich Evans, bounty hunter

  • David Diaz
    David Diaz Month ago +1

    This is off topic, but Green Arrow is like a Han Solo. Not that Batman hack in the CW Green Arrow

  • Lotan Kritchman
    Lotan Kritchman Month ago

    Umm hey guys, there was no Sith Lord in Solo...

  • Ross TheNinja
    Ross TheNinja Month ago

    I watched this on a plane and turned the brightness up. It was still dark and I thought it was the screen.

  • Intoxovision
    Intoxovision Month ago

    The quartering is a proven shill.
    Look into it.

  • 3catswatchingtopgun

    how did you guys even see what happened? every scene was so dark. even in well lit rooms, there was a dark glaze like someone had farted on the lens.
    all i got from this movie was that the millennium falcon is actually a strong progressive lesbian. eat that jk rowling

    • 3catswatchingtopgun
      3catswatchingtopgun Month ago

      ok good you guys mentioned how murky and terrible it looked. God bless.

  • MonkeyspankO
    MonkeyspankO Month ago +4

    Times watched Solo: Once
    Times watched this review: twice

    • MonkeyspankO
      MonkeyspankO Month ago

      +bossalanator i prefered Rogue one, even VIII was better imo...not sure why, weak story, cliche, under-used awesome actors. can't put my finger on it

    • bossalanator
      bossalanator Month ago

      i liked it fucking good. nice little movie. what did you think about it?????

  • nickthebold
    nickthebold Month ago

    I mean I sort of feel like she didn't betray him. Seems like she is clearly under the thumb of Maul. By saying everyone else died she potentially saves him.

  • Draco Mundo Streams

    I like the narrative that Rich Evans is a shared hallucination.

  • curdstar
    curdstar Month ago +1

    Totally with Rich on this one. I kinda loved it too.
    Going on about the train sequence is a bit Cinema Sins. I mean, why don't we just transport fossil fuels in planes in the real world if we are going to nit-pick on shipping methods. Always thought the idea that Star Wars was that the world was all very lived in too, thus the use of trains wasn't something I felt needed questioning.

    • Grant Erickson
      Grant Erickson 18 days ago

      curdstar I’m an industrial engineer, so blatantly stupid things related to my field annoy me in movies when I’d otherwise ignore them. I don’t care if you ignore them, but that doesn’t make them not stupid. The train really isn’t important when the rest of the movie was far worse.

    • Grant Erickson
      Grant Erickson 18 days ago

      curdstar I don’t even like Star Wars dude. New Hope and Empire were pretty good, and Rogue One has nice visuals (as it should as shameless fan-service), but it’s a highly overrated franchise. Like Avatar or every movie in the MCU, you have to sacrifice things to have such broad appeal. Like meaningful themes or complex characters. They’re spectacle movies, only a few steps above Pacific Rim and Transformers. They’re not exactly “thinkers”.

    • curdstar
      curdstar 18 days ago

      +Grant Erickson Level with me: are you sure you aren't one of those in denial Star Wars nerd?
      "ignorance of the economics of transport"
      I mean, FFS! It's space Indiana Jones. Only nerds would nitpick a train being in space Indiana Jones.

    • Grant Erickson
      Grant Erickson 18 days ago

      curdstar “comb over carefully”
      I did this because of your ignorance of the economics of transport. It’s a pretty obviously stupid detail, and not one that needs to be thought about very deeply. Your nitpicking of a minor point in the video is the reason I had to lay things out as if speaking to a child. It doesn’t ruin the movie on its own (the god-awful pacing does that), but I don’t feel the need to ignore plot conveniences in corporate trash.

    • curdstar
      curdstar 18 days ago

      +Grant Erickson Yeah, I'm not even going speak to any of that. I wouldn't be able to enjoy any film ever if I were to comb over carefully why trains shouldn't exist in the likes of Star Wars. It's *really* not *that* big a deal and if folk allow it to be so when watching these movies, in particular, it is more fool them.

  • DenzoGamin
    DenzoGamin Month ago

    32:25 - 32:55..... The most I've ever laughed from watching these reviews!

  • Mo Shambles
    Mo Shambles Month ago

    Pretty decent movie but it probably shouldn't have been made.

  • Jacob Devoid
    Jacob Devoid Month ago

    Mike's Chewbacca impression was great.

  • blah rar
    blah rar Month ago +1

    Being sick of it and hating it are two different feelings

    • S R
      S R 28 days ago

      those feelings are not mutually exclusive

  • Ian Linn
    Ian Linn Month ago +1

    Lando definitely liked the robot, but he's definitely not into dudes. In the extended universe that is no longer canon, he had a wife. Would it be pansexual to be attracted to non-human beings? Because aliens in Star Wars can be attracted to each other.

  • Special Agent Washing Tub

    I would have loved a stand up Star Wars comedy written by the Lego Movie guy. Then again, if he was busy making this, we wouldn't have had Spiderverse so soon.

  • Little Tipple
    Little Tipple Month ago

    I think that the last 5 minutes may have been the greatest time spent on youtube ever!

  • Douglas Weiss
    Douglas Weiss Month ago

    They shoulda just ripped off Casino Royale and had her die, hardening Han to the bone, which would make him sympathetic in A New Hope. But I agree with Mike and Rich nonetheless.

  • David Hudson
    David Hudson Month ago +1

    Yeah... the whole parsec thing could have been left as that one line. There's no real need to force an explanation for it. Another way they could have gone would be to show us that Han just makes up stuff and doesn't know what a parsec is or gets his terms confused.

  • Jeffrey Riley
    Jeffrey Riley Month ago +4

    Rich: "I enjoyed the film!"
    Jay: "Why?"

  • Bryce Gladwin
    Bryce Gladwin Month ago +5

    that's just disingenuous. the movie looked nothing like what you showed in your clip.

  • Sgt Snoke Em
    Sgt Snoke Em Month ago +1

    I'd like to see a movie of Republic Commando but based after the game where Delta Squad goes Rogue and Sev get's super revengey because he was left behind. Like Strike Back but in Star Wars.

  • Sgt Snoke Em
    Sgt Snoke Em Month ago

    My last name is Ford and I;m Australian.
    When I was a kid my dad had me convinced Harrison Ford was our uncle lol.
    Cruel but if I was in his place I'd totally pull that one haha

  • Lawrence Manzo
    Lawrence Manzo Month ago +2

    The lesson here is the more you hate Star Wars, the better you will like The Last Jedi and Solo. Reason being; Kathleen Kennedy & her all-girl writing club also hate Star Wars.

  • Lauren Crocker
    Lauren Crocker Month ago

    What is the music that plays when mike is trying to figure out how to pull off the escape pod?

    • InitialVox
      InitialVox 16 days ago

      "Move Like This" by Jules Gaia

  • grumpyotter
    grumpyotter Month ago

    Has there EVER been a prequel that at least equaled the quality of the original? Not just in Star Wars--in ANY film?

    • Sgt Snoke Em
      Sgt Snoke Em Month ago +1

      +grumpyotter yup. Fair call.

    • grumpyotter
      grumpyotter Month ago +1

      +Sgt Snoke Em I was thinking of that one, but's it's not entirely a prequel--just has flashback scenes, so I don't think it qualifies. And while the flashback scenes are AMAZING, I think the present scenes aren't quite up to par with the original Godfather. So, i guess I'd say that one is half good.

    • Sgt Snoke Em
      Sgt Snoke Em Month ago

      Does the Godfather 2 count?
      The DeNiro scenes as young Vito.

  • ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose

    Darth Maul is dead. Also I'm terribly tired of British actors.

  • Young MC
    Young MC Month ago +1

    Alden Ehrenreich is great in Hail, Caesar!
    And he was okay in Rules Don’t Apply.

  • kushan101
    kushan101 Month ago +1


  • DJ Squishy
    DJ Squishy Month ago

    I usually don't care enough to defend star wars bullshit but I will defend maul, he's the only character I care about and is really cool in the shows

    RAINY DAY Month ago

    dont know why everyone is up and about or spicy about the movie..... it was an okay movie. something you will forget in a week.

  • biggreenmachine2007

    “Hey Jay what time is it.”
    Ignoring watch on left wrist.
    “I don’t know... two-ish?”

  • Pants
    Pants Month ago +1

    I can hear the camera man's voice with my Sennheisers. Cool test for high end headphones!

  • weavehole
    weavehole Month ago +2

    Hey! Which eu novel mentions and explains Vader’s tiny hologram as being that he didn’t need to embiggen himself to be intimidating?

  • weavehole
    weavehole Month ago +1

    Has anyone watched Solo twice?

    • ZedK49
      ZedK49 Month ago

      literally nobody

  • TheManelich
    TheManelich Month ago

    using trains in a inexpensive spaceship era is like using horses when you have planes

  • Pega Doodle
    Pega Doodle Month ago

    Just shows there's no accounting for taste

    Still, I wouldn't say any of the current 4 SW movies were amazing. Each one had problems.

  • Strwz
    Strwz Month ago +2

    *the last rian johnson film*

  • Big JJ
    Big JJ Month ago +2

    Just watched it on Netflix for the first time. I was bored and uninterested for like 85% of the movie. And when it ended, I said out loud, "that was it?!" It was so boring...

  • Escalating Barbarism
    Escalating Barbarism Month ago +1

    It's really troubling that this 6.5/10 dull action-adventure movie is the best and least offensive of the four modern Star Wars films.

  • Ultimate Hedgehog
    Ultimate Hedgehog Month ago +1

    18:38 L 3

  • MetaL BraiN \m/Extreme Metal Enthusiast \m/

    I agree with Rich. I liked Solo. I liked it much more than Rogue One, and I couldn’t get through The Last Jedi, it was for me, unwatchable. I’m not sure about the TFA. I did like that movie, but I didn’t watch the whole movie. I went to a theater that serves beer, and I got wasted and was pissing every 15 mins.

  • William Rhea
    William Rhea Month ago

    After the foggy mess that was Rush and the foggy mess that was In the Heart of the Sea, surely the cinematography can be lain at Ron Howard's door.

  • Fluffy Gutts
    Fluffy Gutts 2 months ago +1

    This movie was just soooooooo dull. Never thought I'd say that about a Star Wars movie, I was fed up about half way through and started fussing about doing other things. By the end of the movie I was'nt even looking at the screen, I was painting Warhammer and chatting with my hamster, Daisy. She didnt like the movie much and she really likes sci-fi for the most part!

  • Blaine Sandoval
    Blaine Sandoval 2 months ago

    Darth Mail is just a visual? Y’all are daft.

  • mcfry13
    mcfry13 2 months ago

    I just saw this movie and... I didn't... hate it. It wasn't great by any means, but I genuinely liked this WAAYYYYYY more than Last Jedi. I thought I was supposed to hate this movie, but what I really hated was the marketing of this movie and the far left media trying to make this seem like a social justice film. It was that. At the end the day, it was an above average SW movie with bad pacing and a couple of bad characters, but overall enjoyable