Half in the Bag: Solo: A Star Wars Story


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  • sonicjrjr14
    sonicjrjr14 8 hours ago

    I loved L3

  • Chad Rudiaschy
    Chad Rudiaschy 15 hours ago

    Rich Evans... Why do they keep him around? Are these people friends? Is Rich genuinely slowly losing his mind? Do they just keep him around to make fun of him?
    I'm not upset, I'm just genuinely baffled that someone who so consistently fails with language is hanging out with adults.

  • Rise and Shine
    Rise and Shine 20 hours ago

    One ad roll? God bless you.

  • Joshua Cottle
    Joshua Cottle 20 hours ago

    Mic check for Rich and Jay.

  • Andrew McNaughton
    Andrew McNaughton 21 hour ago

    I kinda loved it too. It's a live action EU/Legends novel or comic book. It's stupid, but appropriately Star Wars stupid.

  • Chase Grambling
    Chase Grambling 23 hours ago

    A movie director asked jay what he thought of his movie on twitter, jay didn’t see that the guy asking was the director and he said it was “boring as fuck”. The director got offended and jay realized who it was and apologized, this is why I love jay.

  • Catalin Borz
    Catalin Borz Day ago

    I always liked Ewan Mcgregor as Obi One

  • baroverkropp80
    baroverkropp80 Day ago

    Should we all hate Luke Skywalker now, for being a robot slave owner?

  • mgmgeorge3
    mgmgeorge3 Day ago

    will there be a mr plinkett video for the last Two Star wars movies?

  • Mitchell Wooldridge

    Nobody seems to be raising the redundancy of the Darth Maul set-up. Obi-Wan and Maul already had their CANON showdown in Star Wars: Rebels - it was short and it was fantastic! The point is we already know Obi-Wan kills Maul on Tatooine about a year (?) before A New Hope - Why make him a big Easter-egg/cameo/twist?!

  • Violet Nop
    Violet Nop 2 days ago

    in a dark theater. movie starts.
    and i start to see things i recognize
    and that's a good thing

  • Brendissimo
    Brendissimo 2 days ago +1

    I kind of loved it too.

  • McDangerously
    McDangerously 2 days ago

    This movie did not deserve to bomb like it did. I liked this better than rogue one for sure.

  • maximusprime98
    maximusprime98 2 days ago +1

    I like to believe that Han was just bullshitting about the Kessel run, hoping that the space yokels wouldn't notice.

  • Shea Layton
    Shea Layton 2 days ago

    Is that kid Lando behind Rich Evans? ....or kid Boba Fett?

  • Tyler Cotton
    Tyler Cotton 3 days ago

    Jafar may need glasses: A Star Wars Story

  • J Whit
    J Whit 3 days ago

    Is your mini blind that f'ed up on purpose? Is it an artsy thing ? Looking at the rest of the room i' d say it fits right in. Ok then.

  • David Elsea
    David Elsea 3 days ago

    The movie, without Han Solo, Lando, and Chewy, is Firefly. And seriously, I would have been fine with that. Nathan Fillion playing Malcolm Reynolds is more Han Solo than Alden Ehrenreich playing... Han Solo.

  • JackFlash771
    JackFlash771 3 days ago

    Not a huge fan of Star Trek 2009 but the actor, Karl Urban (lifelong Trek fan), improvised the line, so it wasn't in the script. Meanwhile, the OG name comes from a Civil War era term for doctors: "sawbones." I'm ok with them dropping that in the alternate reality.

  • Andrewik
    Andrewik 3 days ago

    "Several of the escape pods have been jettisoned."
    Fuck you.

  • Hassan Natha
    Hassan Natha 3 days ago

    Where's Deadpool 2?

  • fat cow
    fat cow 3 days ago +1

    why are people so interested in other peoples sexuality? who gives a fuck if Landos pansexual, bisexual or trysexual. ITS A MOVIE YOU FUCKS. honestly feel bad for the spastics that get triggered by movies.

  • Nils Bodin
    Nils Bodin 3 days ago

    I wouldn't worry about the obi wan-movie, the franchise will be bankrupt by then 👍

  • charlesandhisworld
    charlesandhisworld 3 days ago

    I liked it!!!

  • SirAssAlot TheThird
    SirAssAlot TheThird 3 days ago

    I kinda liked Solo it was nothing special but it was good it definantly had flaws though

  • SirAssAlot TheThird
    SirAssAlot TheThird 3 days ago

    Why is Mike wearing his Mr Spock ears?

  • Karl Wa
    Karl Wa 3 days ago

    Vampire Assassin still scattered everywhere in Mike's shots lol

  • Tobin Erwin
    Tobin Erwin 4 days ago

    How can a big Star Trek fan like Rich have trouble remembering the name Kira?

    NOOO MY SWITCH 4 days ago

    Why is it that the Disney Star Wars movies look and feel nothing like Star Wars movies?

    • fat cow
      fat cow 3 days ago

      uh because they're trying something new to revive this dying franchise?

  • Ron Wylie
    Ron Wylie 4 days ago

    The brain joke at the front end of this critique was funny but unfortunately accurate, the common tranquilizer "Amitriptyline" { incidentally the drug that killed Heath Ledger} has side effects and one of them {remember this is prescribed to people who suffer depression} it makes you suicidal {honest, you just could not make it up, it is actually on the box lol

  • Dxtyj Yftghj
    Dxtyj Yftghj 4 days ago


  • Hunter VanderZwaag
    Hunter VanderZwaag 4 days ago

    Transporting Spaceship fuel using spaceships...BRILLIANT. That's not going to waste an unnecessary amount of a valuable resource AT ALL...

  • Roberto Rodriguez
    Roberto Rodriguez 4 days ago

    OK, seriously, why do they keep using the word ass in Star Wars, Last Jedi with Poe saying "Big ass door", and now this Droid saying "presumptuous ass", it takes you out of the movie, and is cringe-worthy. Not even the prequels had it, which are looking better and better by the day. I never thought I would hear that word in Star Wars. SMH.

    • Roberto Rodriguez
      Roberto Rodriguez 2 days ago

      fat cow funny you should say that, I am an atheist, I have no problem with swearing, have at it, but the type of swearing in Star wars is very subtle, and not overt, like Han saying I'll see you in hell or obi wan saying damned fool idealistic crusade, the writing was smarter is all im saying. plus don't make fun of my granny Nancy she gives good head.

    • fat cow
      fat cow 3 days ago

      okay granny nancy we'll make sure to keep those Satanic words out of our good Christian movies! No swearing, got it (ass is actually the WORST curse word you can use, so hurtful.) but you're completely fine with children being slaughtered at their school by a member of the staff? Quite an enigma you are.

  • TheMoonchinKing
    TheMoonchinKing 4 days ago

    Is he basically a male version of Rey in this movie??

  • Metallizombie
    Metallizombie 4 days ago

    They showed an incredible amount of restraint by having the obi wan maul rematch last seconds and have a strong emotional beat.

  • Mike North
    Mike North 4 days ago

    I’ve liked Rogue One the most, sue me

  • Josh Hill
    Josh Hill 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that the people who are most obsessed with race and gender are the people who say that race and gender don’t matter?

  • Seannyboy70
    Seannyboy70 4 days ago

    He reason they made the Kessel run in 12 parsecs was because L3 had a huge navigational database. They installed her data into the "Falcon".

  • Zombie Cowboy
    Zombie Cowboy 4 days ago +1

    Jay's opinion is wrong. This movie was corny af, but fun.

  • E.S. Andrews
    E.S. Andrews 5 days ago

    The "Join the Empire" propaganda video was playing the Imperial March. That kinda bothered me.

  • E.S. Andrews
    E.S. Andrews 5 days ago

    Speaking of three white leads............

  • de4th1snt3nough
    de4th1snt3nough 5 days ago

    The best part of the whole movie was when they zoomed up on Ben Kenobi's face... wait that wasnt in the solo film? Nvm it all sucks then

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 5 days ago

    Also (spoilers), I'd say the middle was the best part of the movie. I liked from when he joined the army and met chewy, to about the time when Lando just up and left in the Falcon. The movie started to fall apart a bit for me after that. I didn't like how the Marauders from the train scene show up again and the leader is like a little kid. Then they turn from being marauders who were introduced as only caring about being a pirate basically and having no regard for life, to being all about starting a rebellion (THE Rebellion?). The Kessel Run was part of the middle of the movie I did enjoy, though I could have done without there being a giant space squid in his little short cut. I hate to tell you the odds, Han, but the odds of you running into some sort of giant alien that tries to eat you on every adventure is approximately 3,720 to 1.

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 5 days ago

    Slight Spoiler: What I didn't like about L3 was her weird relationship with Lando, and when she got shot or whatever and he was holding her droid body and hysterically saying " I can fix you...I can fix you" cus he's been using her as a sexbot or w/e. I definitely picked up on the Lando-robo love vibe and I never heard of this pan-sexual rumor b4 watching Half-in-the-Bag just now. I always just thought Lando banged every hot chick he saw after giving them a Colt 45.
    And I like the prison break scene where chewy goes off to help other wookies....but what was dumb about that scene was when L3 removed the restraining bolts on the prison droids, they all started banging on the controls and dancing across the prison control room buttons like a bunch of wild chimps. The droids know how to work the controls, why would they suddenly think banging on them was the best way to free the prisoners?

  • Samen Spelen
    Samen Spelen 5 days ago

    I laughed my ass off. Liked this review more than the movie 😂😂😂

  • Jeff O
    Jeff O 5 days ago

    Star Wars lite. Diet Star Wars. Script is one cliche after another. The whole thing is so silly and cliched, it's impossible to take the serious parts seriously. The guy playing Solo is not right for the part and Glover looks incredibly uncomfortable weeping over a droid and being made to look like Solo's buttmonkey. Woody Harrelson acts like he accidentally signed up for the wrong movie. The droid is some politically correct bullshit. Villian is boring. Emilia Clarke is fucking gorgeous.

  • SeeFood Diet
    SeeFood Diet 5 days ago +1

    Here is a game to make Solo more enjoyable if not deadly. Get your favorite beverage and take a shot for every one of these conditions: Easter egg reference made, poorly lit scene, and inconsistent plot points you will likely perish before the end of the film. Good luck.

  • Don Korb
    Don Korb 5 days ago

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sam Witwer does a "terrible" Palpatine?? You didn't just say that, did you? His Palpatine voice is perfect. Sure, he doesn't sound as much as Ian McDiarmid as Ian McDiarmid does (Duh), but I think every instance of him voicing Palpatine sounds amazing.

  • Sagiri Izumi
    Sagiri Izumi 5 days ago

    You guys should have trashed this. It's a garbage movie.

  • Kjell
    Kjell 5 days ago

    What if Darth Mal is Snoke? Deformed or something after a second fight with Obi Wan. And used is connections in the empire and criminal underworld to quietly build a new Empire. ©

  • Adrijana Radosevic
    Adrijana Radosevic 5 days ago

    Wait, WHEN is this movie? All of it suggests it's post phantom menace, but Darth Maul should then a) be dead b) be unable to exist because we already have the 2 Sith (Sidious and Vader). I am so CONFUSED!

  • Matt Wales
    Matt Wales 5 days ago

    Two words: Taika Waititi

  • Sebas Peimbert
    Sebas Peimbert 5 days ago

    This video has more views than people in the seats for watching Solo

  • Ashley Keyser
    Ashley Keyser 5 days ago

    The clone wars is actually great. Amazing writing

  • maisha eugene
    maisha eugene 5 days ago

    Maybe Hon could have been seduced by an older woman only to be used by her and her gang or her owner to take the fall for something he didn't do, and all of it sticks with him his whole life, which makes him kinda bitter and leery of others. Also, we could get that classic VO that Indiana does.....I think that would be cool.

  • Shane D
    Shane D 5 days ago

    love that image of space cop as a bounty hunter

  • T.J.
    T.J. 5 days ago

    Darth Maul will show up in the Boba Fett movie, where he will have an epic showdown with Boba and Jabba. That's how Jabba knows jedi bullshit doesn't work on him...

  • Khotgor
    Khotgor 5 days ago

    You know, I didn't see the movie, cause I don't give a real fuck about Star Wars... but the SJD bit, about it being more like a parody than an actual thing...
    yeah people have made over the top jokes about them, only for them to become true... and each time it does, people make another ridiculous joke about them... which also becomes true, which makes it less funny and more... I don't know, retarded/scary/maddening/irritating, depending upon the subject matter.
    Not sure what the 'parody' was, but if it is, it either is true or will become true later, because god damn people will never cease to amaze you.

  • Strength and Honor
    Strength and Honor 6 days ago

    Disney slogan: “Ruining Star Wars one movie at a time”

  • Jon Hurt
    Jon Hurt 6 days ago

    Honestly tho they could easily do alot of good stories with solo or strwars stuff they could have him in prison or kessel type stuf spice smuglin they have a ton to work with without doing all the same stupid ass repeated fan service garbage thats tooooo dumb to watch I HATE THEM!!!!! (quivering lip) wahhhh

  • Jon Hurt
    Jon Hurt 6 days ago

    man theres just so much good in starwars that could be used namely in the old books but amzing ideas very cool like grand admiral thrawn ect. wouldnt be hard to do but pedowood just cant make movies now they are to corrupt to much propaganda just sucks now all their movies. which is to bad I hope after hw crashes and dies maybe then wer can have a real movie industry again maybe do some kinda fan backed thin like they do now with kickstarter or some such would be sure itd be better then hwood can do dats 4 sure bra.. i godda go navis runnin outa air

  • Benny of Junto
    Benny of Junto 6 days ago

    Lando's Parsecual

  • Stefan prnsl
    Stefan prnsl 6 days ago

    That fat guy is super stoned

  • Bernie Addit
    Bernie Addit 6 days ago

    More toy episodes

  • Jessamy Del Papa
    Jessamy Del Papa 6 days ago +1

    Leonard Nimoy was supposed to paint his skin red when he first played Spock but he knew that on black and white televisions it would have looked awful, like black-face, so he refused. That's prob why Disney decided on coloured holograms instead of the blueish black and white because Darth Maul would also have looked like an offensive bad idea. But why did they choose Darth Maul? The timeline makes no sense: he was killed off by Obi Wan in the pre-quals, who was in his prime at the time - young 20s-ish, But by the time Obi Wan meets Han in A New Hope he's very old and Han isn't much older that he is in Solo, young 20s-ish. It would have made more sense and been the perfect opportunity to introduce Snoke. Everyone was asking where he's been all this time; supposedly super powerful and old enough that he would have been around since Palpatine's been in charge.

  • Tracy Colletta
    Tracy Colletta 6 days ago

    I love you guys!!

  • Danny Dolan
    Danny Dolan 6 days ago

    Seriously though, I am going to start using "nontroversy"

  • AstraVex
    AstraVex 6 days ago

    I enjoyed what I stayed awake for :)

  • William Writepony
    William Writepony 6 days ago

    But... the escape pods are on the side. The gap in the front is the missile tubes...

  • Red Vega
    Red Vega 6 days ago

    Why does he laugh like that

  • Matisaro
    Matisaro 6 days ago

    Sorry, no obi wan movie maul, Obi wan killed maul, in cannon. Video media. Great fight too.

  • Sothis
    Sothis 6 days ago

    Rian Johnson's last movie? Are you guys saying the star wars fanbase is going to run another person out of Hollywood?

  • JAY EM
    JAY EM 6 days ago


  • Jeviok
    Jeviok 6 days ago

    More people have watched this review than the actual movie.

  • randomly28
    randomly28 6 days ago

    Always good laughs.

  • Eddie Fernandez
    Eddie Fernandez 6 days ago

    Best part of this movie was Warwick Davis with the rocket launcher. They gave him the blunderbuss in Pirates as well. He always seems to get the biggest gun.

  • Ben Sloan
    Ben Sloan 7 days ago

    "han solo and his dog"
    you do realize as far as lifespan han is probably like chewie's third human pet, right?

  • TheRoadToRed
    TheRoadToRed 7 days ago


  • James O'Connor
    James O'Connor 7 days ago

    The first time I watched this was a pirated version filmed in the cinema and I thought it was just a bad autoexposure in a bunch of scenes. But if I watch a torrent and think it is not terrible I will try to get to the cinema to support it. Very surprised to see the darkness was not just the camcorder version.
    Still thought it was a surprisingly enjoyable movie though after not being excited for it whatsoever beforehand. Maybe that was why The Last Jedi left such a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Alec McInnis
    Alec McInnis 7 days ago

    Actually, Lucas *did* know what a parsec was, in the original script it's much clearer that Han is simply talking out his ass to sound good and that look Old Ben makes that you closed in on is very much on purpose.

  • Irrelevant402
    Irrelevant402 7 days ago

    Well got back from Solo and had a pretty fun time actually.

  • TheDucciano
    TheDucciano 7 days ago +1

    *The Last Rian Johnson Film* - ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  • Joik
    Joik 7 days ago

    I thought solo was actually pretty good surprisingly

  • GrandFunker
    GrandFunker 7 days ago

    I don't find Glover to be doing an impression necessarily. He's doing what DeForest Kelly would call "behaving". He deserves some props.

  • timotheus1973
    timotheus1973 7 days ago

    I enjoyed the Solo movie. It was fun. I want a Solo 2.

  • Paul Heitkemper
    Paul Heitkemper 7 days ago

    Geez, the reverb, tho.

  • Erin Dougherty
    Erin Dougherty 7 days ago

    You're the only people I've heard talk about how offensive L3 was. I was constantly angry with how much her feminism was a reason to roll your eyes. Thanks for setting us back, Star Wars...jerks.

  • Jordan Fayd'herbe
    Jordan Fayd'herbe 7 days ago

    That picture of Space Cop with the bounty hunters is fucking gold.

  • Member When
    Member When 7 days ago

    I was disappointed that Darth Maul didn’t have a skateboard.

  • Chanon McDaniel
    Chanon McDaniel 7 days ago

    Looks like Rich is going to be able to keep those Disney Lucasfilm checks coming & at least Mike & Chris won't be taken out by the Disney mafia.

  • CrazyDave746 -
    CrazyDave746 - 7 days ago

    Well look at that, Rich Evans got a coin.

  • Not_Plausible
    Not_Plausible 7 days ago

    Rich Evans is the worst star wars character since L3.

  • Powbro1985
    Powbro1985 7 days ago

    So many misinformed middle aged dumbasses who didn't even watch Clone Wars and Rebels and still are not up to date with the Canon timeline

  • Ben McNeill
    Ben McNeill 7 days ago

    Holy shit, you guys did a Brian Butterfield reference/visual. I'm impressed.

  • Scattered Dice
    Scattered Dice 8 days ago

    What do you mean there were no light sabers?! I counted two, in the hands of Darth Maul the 2nd, viceroy of the Sith federation co. ltd.

  • James Cunningham
    James Cunningham 8 days ago

    its a train 'cuz that translates to roller-coaster that Disney already has in production at the parks...WHORES!!! The Mighty Mouse Machine rolls across the Land...Absorbing all

  • Storms and Saugeye
    Storms and Saugeye 8 days ago

    Hey I read those Star Trek X-men crossovers.

  • Gideon Johnson
    Gideon Johnson 8 days ago

    He bought homoepathy pills so they wouldn't actually do anything to him for the gag.

  • Dave Hintz
    Dave Hintz 8 days ago

    Lol maul couldn't be in a Kenobi movie. The first time he met obi-wan since phantom menace was in rebels, and obi-wan killed him.

  • Havel the Rock
    Havel the Rock 8 days ago +1

    What was that music at the end called? had a good beat.