Half in the Bag: Solo: A Star Wars Story


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  • deatheven13
    deatheven13 10 hours ago

    I like the idea of a different opening ... Something like they're in a nice hab unit apartment thing they're having dinner ...then the owner of the hab unit comes home and Han and Qira are wearing their clothes and jewelry and stuff and they cheese it ..that leads to the sewer worm and them holding out on the boss to try to squirrel away enough to get the fuck out of this hell hole.
    Boom bang boom. Comedy .. setting .. gravitas... MOTIVATION. But hindsight is 20 20 and last I checked I'm not a committee of movie scumbags making sure they tick all the requisite boxes.

  • Brooke Carlton
    Brooke Carlton Day ago

    23:40 The editing in this one might be their funniest yet.

  • XRayWizard369
    XRayWizard369 Day ago

    That laugh at 16:32 had me!!! 😹

  • dave87gn
    dave87gn 2 days ago

    This confirms that my decision to skip the new Star Treks was the correct one, old sawbones.

  • Joseph Storemski
    Joseph Storemski 2 days ago

    13:25 you'll thank me later.

  • Carl Pott
    Carl Pott 3 days ago

    I like tiny Vader.

  • Adiaha Alexander
    Adiaha Alexander 3 days ago

    OH MY *GOD* I'm only 3:14 into this review but I can't believe I agree with Rich Evens. Not to say that I don't often agree with Rich Evens, I do in fact agree with him quite often, but I *never* thought that *ANY* of the RLM guys would give a positive review of this movie.

  • The New England Nerd

    Kenobi killed Maul in the last season of Star Wars Rebels (it looked permanent) and given the timeline I don't think there's much story that could be told.

  • Urielization
    Urielization 4 days ago

    "Darth Maul gonna have a lightsaber fight with Obi-wan. " That already happend though...

  • MxMstrStve
    MxMstrStve 5 days ago

    Qi'Ra and Han grew up together... but she's British and he's American?

  • Big D
    Big D 6 days ago

    He learned how to steal those when he was ten. Oh no! Does this mean a new movie with ten year old Han Solo????

  • Lisa Littlejohn
    Lisa Littlejohn 6 days ago

    I love the look of utter defeat on Mike's face, the fact rich is trying to psych himself into liking this shit heap of a "movie", and Jay just looks like he doesn't want to be there, like hes the white filling of a depression oreo. Oh and Holy shit, a star wars movie actually flopped, a STAR WARS movie FLOPPED!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤗

  • Blondie_Bean
    Blondie_Bean 6 days ago

    Rich’s laugh is one of the best things I’ve heard in the last 5 years

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs 7 days ago

    That imaginary man was the only funny skitish thing ive seen here

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs 7 days ago

    The only flaw? Not that vader moved like a cripple, and thus is the least intimidating villian of all time? Whos only decent action sequence in 8 films didnt come til a few yrs ago?

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs 8 days ago

    I fucking love your guest

  • CountArtha
    CountArtha 8 days ago

    The Kessel Run should have been a well-established criminal operation where you smuggle some volatile but expensive substance off Kessel in a small ship and have to catch up to a bigger ship that can refine it - the faster you catch up, the more product you can refine and the more money you'll make. So when Han says he made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, he means he was able to overtake the refinery ship in less distance than it normally takes and that makes him an appealing hire for someone who wants a speedy charter flight off Tatooine.

  • S Dew
    S Dew 9 days ago

    first time i hear about this movie "solo"...

  • nihilistman
    nihilistman 9 days ago +1

    why did you zoom in on rich's TA AR shirt when he said he hated star war

  • theoddman
    theoddman 9 days ago

    Wait that was actually supposed to be Darth Maul? I don't get it - didn't he die in the first film before the Empire was even born?

  • Alden Jettpace
    Alden Jettpace 9 days ago

    These star wars fans didn't watch any of the clone wars series or rebels series

  • Henry Douberly
    Henry Douberly 10 days ago

    Also the mentioned Aura Sing

  • Henry Douberly
    Henry Douberly 10 days ago

    I'm with Rich. Solo didnt deserve to fail. People were so mad at TLJ that many fans didnt even give Solo a chance. Solo was awesome and I definitely reccomend it. Its on Netflix

  • IntelligentMoron
    IntelligentMoron 12 days ago

    HERE is the issue with the 12 parsecs things. They took the route many would choose, and which you guys have pointed out still doesn’t make much sense, that Han’s remark was supposed to be taken literally. Lucas’ script or not, the BEST interpretation of that ANH scene is simply that Han was just being Han by lying to this random old dude and naive boy stuck on a desert planet about the Falcon to take advantage of them. He didn’t mean it literally but as a sort of bluff to convince who he thought were basically desert dwelling nobodies that wouldn’t have much knowledge on what a parsec actually is.
    This way, it perfectly exemplifies Han early character and does away with this whole stupid Kessel Run discussion.
    Now, one could argue that in the Star Wars universe even desert dwelling nobodies would know basic space info like what a parsec is because of space travel being so prevalent, but we still have people in real life now who shouldn’t have graduated middle school let alone high school so it’s understandable. It’s Han, he took a risk by lying to get more profit and that encapsulates at least how he started out in ANH so it’s fine.

  • Mike Mastropierro
    Mike Mastropierro 12 days ago

    Wish they would have talked about Woody Harrelson more, for better or worse.

  • anjetto1
    anjetto1 12 days ago

    I liked L3

  • headsgrowback
    headsgrowback 13 days ago

    "Johnny Swashbuckler and His Friends in Space: A Star Wars Story" would sell plenty more tickets than Solo.

  • David george
    David george 13 days ago

    Star wars is shit, the entire franchise. The only reason people know what it is, is because it originally came out back in a time when people were easy to please simpletons. It is such a generic pile of shit of laser swords, gimps in plastic suits, and cliche nonsense, that if it did not exist, and you told any 13 year old kid "make a shitty space movie for me", they would make star wars.

  • Brix Alive Studios
    Brix Alive Studios 13 days ago

    26:32 uhm.

  • Atlas Amygdala
    Atlas Amygdala 15 days ago

    I want a scene in which lando slaps 3PO ass and sucks his robo tits

  • JSXS
    JSXS 15 days ago

    IDK if my TV sucks, or Netflix on XBox 360 sucks, but i couldn't see SHIT in this movie. I turned the backlight up to 10, bumped the brightness and had NO IDEA they were building star destroyers. I couldn't see any detail in the slug lady. I eventually decided it was on purpose for the "THE LIGHT! IT BURNS!" moment. Who knows.

  • Scott Inman
    Scott Inman 16 days ago

    The Solo movie is a specific example of exactly how to ruin all of the lore that feeds imagination by defining and quantifying the offhand dialogue from the original trilogy. Also, spending an hour to try to explain that George Lucas really knew that a parsec was a unit of measurement and not time was a giant laugh.
    Thank you for being honest and true, Red Letter Media!

  • Mike pancetta
    Mike pancetta 16 days ago

    solo Is easily the best of the new 4 star wars movies. I enjoyed it, Howard did well

  • jovan323
    jovan323 16 days ago

    Brown Greedo? Breedo?!

  • Jennifer Boddaert
    Jennifer Boddaert 17 days ago

    I loved Solo :)

  • BigBroLittleSis1
    BigBroLittleSis1 17 days ago

    Also ya... these guys really need to see the Star Wars Clone Wars show to understand WHY Maul is back and why he and old Ben have a connection... though I doubt very much Maul will show up in a Obi Won movie since Disney has already shown Maul dies in Star Wars Rebels in a brief fight with Ben.

  • BigBroLittleSis1
    BigBroLittleSis1 18 days ago

    I always thought he was called Bones because he was a doctor... who at times must fix people's bones...

  • DinnerBells
    DinnerBells 19 days ago

    Finally saw it.
    It became a Dr. Who episode as it progressed...
    And I don't even watch Dr Who...

  • Aerociviz Nicholas
    Aerociviz Nicholas 19 days ago

    Honestly, I'm surprised Jay was bored for the first part of the movie. It wasn't terribly exciting but definitely wasn't boring unless you're trying to be bored.
    That, and he isn't the Han we know from the beginning, or even at the end of the movie. He's still the good guy, not the smuggler who just cares about himself and Chewy, and not the guy who seems grumpy half of the time.
    Glover just gave an impression because, well, how was a younger Lando supposed to be lol.

  • Leo Laster
    Leo Laster 20 days ago

    So many (((white guys))) direct those films, it really has gotta stop.

  • Victor Moregore
    Victor Moregore 21 day ago

    Also Lando says, the Falcon is the fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy. So it needed to be fast, so double contradiction.

  • Holden McGroin
    Holden McGroin 22 days ago

    I loved the WWI-style battle in this film. I had a few "I KNOW WHAT THAT IS" moments because of all the real-world inspirations behind the equipment, props, and vehicles. These include:
    - The walkers with the Flak 88 turrets.
    - The forehead armor (stirnpanzer) that the stormtroopers had on their helmets that was inspired by what WWI German stormtroopers wore on theirs.
    - The DL-44 carbine is a Star Wars C96 carbine.
    - The Imperial Army troopers are equivalent to standard WWI German soldiers and the stormtroopers are equivalent to WWI German stormtroopers.

  • Sipher 117
    Sipher 117 22 days ago +1

    I agree with Rich. I was sick of Star Wars, and Solo was so refreshing.

  • King Bored
    King Bored 23 days ago

    bahahaahahhaahha. "The last Rian Johnson film". Brilliant.

  • TheQxx
    TheQxx 23 days ago +1

    Rich's laugh is so fucking obnoxious. I used to cherish it until I started wearing headphones. If they would just audio adjust whenever he forces one of those out, my ears and headphones would greatly appreciate it.

    • the dude
      the dude 22 days ago

      They just re use the laugh.

  • l1chwad
    l1chwad 23 days ago

    Pretty sure Maul wont be in an Obi-Wan movie since Maul was hunting Obi for a long ass time and was killed off in Rebels.
    But yeah, Mauls cameo is only good if you watch the cartoons, which I personally enjoy.

  • Joose Zanasi
    Joose Zanasi 23 days ago

    I felt that the whole "made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs" bit was retconned to make sense just like they did with the Death Star thermal exhaust port in Rogue One.
    So knowing what is shown in Solo, the line in A New Hope now is like saying "this ship is so manouverable and resilient that I was able to make a 100 mile trip in 40 miles by adventuring through a crazedly dangerous shortcut".

  • strelokblyat
    strelokblyat 23 days ago +1

    I forgot to fade out with the chair xD

  • B Dean
    B Dean 24 days ago

    i kind of loved it too

  • nuberiffic
    nuberiffic 24 days ago +1


  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 24 days ago

    There was obvious innuendo Lando was doing the dirty with the robot

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 24 days ago

    Didn't expect such a glowing review for an awful Star Wars movie

  • The Beluga Whales
    The Beluga Whales 25 days ago

    Was L3 talking about him cumming on her parts? Am I the only one that thinks this is the “pansexual” scene? 18:00

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres 25 days ago

    Listen you guys are not that funny you just think you are. You are merely mildly amusing.

  • Valjean Lafitte
    Valjean Lafitte 25 days ago +1

    The female droid's name is L3-37... WHICH SPELLS L337. *HOW THE FUCK DID THEY AWAY WITH THAT?!* Did Lawrence Kasdan and his son think they were being funny? Will Episode IX introduce audiences to LM-A0 and WT-EFF? Can Disney be stopped?!

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah 25 days ago

    you need to hear the song , Desperately Wanting by Better than Ezra to get how Han longs for Qira and watch the video for Erotica by Madonna just because, she sings about romance in that song

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah 25 days ago

    if they do a sequel to Solo, which I'd see, and they have him meet boba fett and Jabba, could Obi Wan be in it too? just not in the same scenes as Han? he met Darth maul in Rebels cartoon, do they have to show that again?

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah 25 days ago

    isn't it romantic? i liked the beginning drive for our love/lives scene

  • TransparentLabyrinth
    TransparentLabyrinth 26 days ago

    I agree with Jay. I think it would have worked way better had it been a more generic "Star Wars characters" story, rather than a forced "Han Solo origin" thing. Also, I was watching on my computer and had to turn the brightness and contrast way up at times to feel like I was watching an actual movie. I wondered at times if they made it dark on purpose to hide the fact that Alden Ehrenreich looks almost nothing like Harrison Ford.
    I also agree on pacing issues. I felt there were tons of "explain this thing's origin" moments that could have been cut out completely and made it into a much tighter and more interesting film. It also bothered the hell out of me that nobody reacts at all to what's-her-name blowing herself up near the beginning. It felt like she blew herself up in some reshoot-nonsense and then they never filmed anyone reacting to her dying afterwards. Hell, maybe she wasn't even in the story in the beginning.
    I found it ok in the last 1/3rd or so (I think I actually felt something) but it petered out weirdly, what with Han taking back the ship from Lando heartlessly when Lando's droid was now a part of it and what's-her-face love interest just running off with a sith lord in a totally unnecessary display of "lightsabers!! the force!!"
    I can't honestly say I think it was a bad movie. It was more like eating bland oatmeal. Just kind of there.

  • Jeffrey McDonald
    Jeffrey McDonald 27 days ago +1

    three minutes in and I wish I could "like" this again.

  • Andrew Hershberger
    Andrew Hershberger 28 days ago

    I understood the dark filter during the War scene, it made it feel gritty and terrible. But there is no reason for bad lighting when in the evil boss's pleasure barge.

  • Cody Hall
    Cody Hall 28 days ago

    Dath Maul is in The Clone Wars and Rebels

  • towairaito
    towairaito 28 days ago

    "nontroversy" rolls off the tongue so much better than "manufactroversy" thank you for this coin

  • Joseph Muir
    Joseph Muir 28 days ago

    I get Mike’s point about why they can’t just make a stand-alone Star Wars movie without having a tentpole-esque character; but, it also drives home the point as to why Disney shot themselves in the foot for rendering the expanded universe null-and-void. Seriously, while there was some definite shit in there, there was also some quality stories in there, replete w plenty of non-episodic characters who could’ve been used for more stand-alone movies.

  • Marten C
    Marten C 29 days ago

    I used to be a star wars fan ( not to the extreme, I never wore shirts, never had any merchandise or toys, I just loved the movies and extended universe ), but I have to agree with Rich.
    I kind of hate it now...
    I haven't seen solo yet, and I'll probably will never see it unless it's on tv or netflix has it, but even then I might be like "meh, let's see what else is on".

    And Darth Maul has more to him than the movies ever did justice.
    So if you're a person who only sees the movies it's only normal to see maul as a visual and nothing more.

    • Denis
      Denis 26 days ago +1

      It's on Netflix.

  • Sharktooth
    Sharktooth 29 days ago


  • Flowmoshun
    Flowmoshun 29 days ago

    Just finished watching Solo and I did not care for it. The big thing about it that made me sad was that I think Donald Glover did a great Lando, but we'll never see that again cause he got in on this shitty movie.

  • Tsuyoshi Miura
    Tsuyoshi Miura 29 days ago

    I really enjoyed the film too, it had some old fashioned flavor to it and the android was pretty awsome! it was a solid adventure movie

  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole 29 days ago

    It would have been brilliant if people in the movie kept talking up the Millennium Falcon with "less than 12 parsecs" quote and it's subtly hinted at that no one really knows what it means. Just a whole lot of smugglers trying to make this junky ship sound better than it really is and they just keep spreading the line when none of them have a clue about it.

  • Steve Willmott
    Steve Willmott Month ago

    Watch the android from star chaser lol

  • Samanosugon of Akkechi

    see if disney really wanted to make money they'd use that pansexual thing as a real advantage and start making porn with their characters so other people can't do it amateur or make parodies, then they have donald glover porn lookalike with giant penis fuck a robot, a man, women, and aliens. and then they do like, Luke and Leia taboo scenes, Han and Chewbacca gay(Han's a power bottom, Chewie is a bear obviously.) They could do gay Anakin and Obi-Wan scenes, Padme and JarJar, R2-D2 tortures a bound Padme with his electric shock thing and ties her up with his little grappling hook ropes. They'd have access to all this technology to make it look real and good. All they do is hide it behind some scummy people and a million holding companies to seperate themselves publically from their own product. And then they sue the companies in civil court and lose intentionally so they can get more press and boom they've opened up a whole new world of adult revenue streams.

  • Matt Hill From College 🧢

    It’s hilarious that rich is the one who tells mike his medication is wearing off

  • anthonyspecf
    anthonyspecf Month ago

    Why do people want an Obi Wan movie? I feel like we have already followed his life and exploits in the original/prequel trilogy. We have seen him from apprenticeship up until his death.
    The only thing we really didn't see is his time on Tatooine. Is it worth seeing him sitting on a hill watching Luke with binoculars for two hours?
    I suppose it would still be a better movie than Ep.8 lol.

  • Jimi Taco
    Jimi Taco Month ago

    From the bottom of my heart-
    Thank you for muffling that barking dog ADR. Nothing ruins watching something like my dog hearing another dog barking that he can neither see nor smell. He would have gone fucking bananas if you hadn't done that. Thanks again!

  • Rott Bot
    Rott Bot Month ago


  • s a d
    s a d Month ago

    why is there always audio distortions in episodes with rich

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Month ago

    I havent seen this movie yet , but that cast alone makes me never want to see it ever.

  • xenophonBC
    xenophonBC Month ago

    why not compare this to the wild bunch?

  • mystermistery
    mystermistery Month ago +1

    12 Parsecs: All they have ever had to do was say Han was talking out his ass in the cantina because he was half drunk and trying to bamboozle what he thought was a couple of farmers. That's it. None of this 30 years of people making up stuff about the Maw and all that. Just "Han was lying to get money, and Obiwan could tell but didn't care because he needed a ride".
    This right here is the core problem with Star Wars: nerds need every single part to be real and important.

  • kriqtic
    kriqtic Month ago

    I really liked it. I don’t know what else to say.

    • The Laughing Storm Born Again
      The Laughing Storm Born Again Month ago +1

      I was watching this super late as well lol. Honestly if I could have given Disney a hat with pieces of paper that had Star Wars movie ideas on them you could empty it and you wouldn't find a single one that said "Han Solo prequel movie". Most would just say "KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC!!!" Their priorities are a bit off over at Disney do they not remember the great prequel civil war in 1999? Fans so divided much like today I suppose. I liked Force Awakens and The Last Jedi though but Solo I didn't watch until like half a week ago.

  • Steve Vanderslice
    Steve Vanderslice Month ago +1

    Space Cop standing with the bounty hunters on Death Star at 26:31. Check it out I almost missed it.

  • originalSAGA
    originalSAGA Month ago +1

    Solo sucks ass

  • Clymax01
    Clymax01 Month ago

    Episode 1 - 4/10
    Episode 2 - 5/10
    Episode 3 - 6/10
    Episode 4 - 9/10
    Episode 5 - 9.5/10
    Episode 6 - 8/10
    Episode 7 - 7/10
    Rouge One - 4/10
    Episode 8 - 2/10
    Solo - 3/10

    • Denis
      Denis 26 days ago

      Episode 7 has Rey in it. It's a 3/10 at best.

  • Sharktooth
    Sharktooth Month ago

    More than any of the new Star wars films, Solo is the one I could watch again, I won't because the atrocious color correction gives me a headache. Its a shame. Probably the best story to come out of this resurgence and you can't follow it.

  • Flez
    Flez Month ago

    26:31 fucking space cop LOL
    Did you think no one would notice??

  • NPC #1373649592895495
    NPC #1373649592895495 Month ago +1

    I have always wondered and wanted to know about the kessel run but I was disappointed

  • juggernaught79
    juggernaught79 Month ago +1

    Lando f*cks robots...

  • Jacobinite
    Jacobinite Month ago

    holy fuck the small darth vader bit killed me

  • anthony schumacher
    anthony schumacher Month ago +1

    Watched this episode with my soon to be girlfriend on the day we got together. I wanted to make sure she’d enjoy redlettermedia before I made a move, and we’ve been together almost 8 months now.

  • Andrew Hershberger
    Andrew Hershberger Month ago

    Qi'ra used Han, he did put himself in service of her master, and the sith thing is to kill your master, who was the apprentice to Darth Maul. Who said there can only be one Sith? The Jedi?
    I loved that the rescued Wookie rubbed his head in response to "I'm Chewie's friend". Han looked alittle uncomfortable but, that Wookie is patting Chewbacca's dog.

  • Pierre Michel Bernard

    The train embodies everything Star Wars is about. It doesn't make any sense from a strictly logical perspective but it's also campy, it's visually interesting and it's marketable in the form of toys, video games and attraction parks.

  • Calego
    Calego Month ago

    Somebody give Mike a beer ffs

  • TheNeonRabbit
    TheNeonRabbit Month ago

    I think the "Lando is pansexual" thing came from the joke about all the cloaks in his closet. It went something like "Boy, he sure does have a lot of cloaks", followed by someone saying "Yea, a few TOO many" in a "nudge nudge wink wink" tone.

  • earthjin2000
    earthjin2000 Month ago

    Saw it on Netflix and I enjoyed it. All I can say is Star Wars the "last" jedi is poison to the Solo movie.

  • ZiplineShazam
    ZiplineShazam Month ago +1

    After about 45 minutes, I got bored and left the theater.

  • Beachdudeca
    Beachdudeca Month ago

    if you had never watch a Star Wars film , its easily to enjoy the film , that said . if you were excepting this to be focused on Solo u might have been sad

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago

    Somethings get a bad rap for doing their greatest hits lists . . the you know that we talked about dice. For a while, a lot of ppl nailed Gotham for putting in the references too soon or the characters, but hear tell, it's not your father's bruce wayne so they can get away with it. In Solo, some of it felt like, checklist . . the movie. But I enjoyed it, and for those who really want a Solo movie, they've got it. You're not forced to see it nor does it force it's way into the other movies in a way that you have to see it.

  • carlwinslo
    carlwinslo Month ago +1

    in 1970 something George Lucas wrote a throw away line about the ship making a journey in less than 12 parsecs not thinking that nerds one day would create Wookipedia and need an explanation for every fucking minuscule detail of the Star Wars universe. I was just thinking how crazy it would be to go back to 1995. Now im thinking of how crazy it would be to go back to 1979.

  • Mr Andrew
    Mr Andrew Month ago