Oakham - Least Used Station in Rutland

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
  • The County of Rutland has just ONE station in it - Oakham! Which means it's the least *and* most used station .. time to go there with Sam, who I get to do a drawing.
    Also features the Welland Viaduct! And a whole bunch of other fun stuff ...
    If you want to catch a very train over the Welland Viaduct, currently the times are:
    (They will change after 3 September 2019, once the work at Derby is complete, i.e they're not running to/from Derby whilst the works are taking place)
    0603 Melton Mowbray to St Pancras, [Viaduct at 0625]
    0926 Corby to Melton Mobray (This is the train I caught) [Viaduct at 0935]
    1709 Melton Mobray to Kettering [Viaduct at 1735]
    1903 St Pancras to Melton Mowbray [Viaduct at 1910]
    Sam designs brilliant things, if you'd like to hire him for a job/project his website is here: www.samjessupdesign.co.uk/

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  • Geoff Marshall
    Geoff Marshall  Year ago +150

    Sam's designs notes:
    The green and yellow are taken from the Rutland flag, the green representing the county's agriculture, especially its rich pastureland. The horseshoe, also taken from the Rutland flag, has traditionally been the symbol of Oakham since William the Conqueror gave the 125-square-mile (320 km2) estate to Henry de Ferrers, whose family name suggests a connection with iron-working or the farrier occupation.
    One of his privileges was to claim the forfeit of a horseshoe from anyone of rank visiting his lordship in Oakham. The acorns, taken once again from the Rutland flag, symbolise the former forest, which at one time covered much of the county. They can also be interpreted as representing "smallness and importance" and the oaks suggested by the name of Oakham.
    The viaduct shown is an interpretation of the famed Welland Viaduct. The boat represents Rutland Water, something the county is most famous for, and the boat itself has the initial 'OKM' printed on its sail, the three-letter station code for Oakham.
    Finally, the text is presented in 'Futura' which is the font of the current station owner, East Midlands Trains.

    • Wenlocke
      Wenlocke Month ago

      As an aside, the brewery next to the station make very fine beer (went to a wedding at the castle where all the horseshoes are kept, and they supplied the bar. Damn good.)

    • 6yjjk
      6yjjk Month ago

      Can't believe you didn't wait for the crossing barriers to come down and tie that flag to the end of one!

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Year ago

      It was only part of Leicestershire from 1974 until 1997. And postcodes don't correspond to counties - Aberystwyth, on the Welsh coast, has a Shrewsbury (SY) postcode - Shrewsbury is in England. Similarly, Nottinghamshire is landlocked but the NG postcode extends to Skegness.

    • Captain Richard Sensi-ble
      Captain Richard Sensi-ble Year ago

      It's on the Birmingham to Peterborough mainline!! Cross country trains. 1 train an hour from Leicester. Takes 30 mins.

    • Captain Richard Sensi-ble
      Captain Richard Sensi-ble Year ago

      Rutland isn't a county and only has one station anyway, it's part of Leicestershire and has an LE postcode. Dozens of Maccy D's in Leicestershire.

  • Flame Gaming
    Flame Gaming 6 hours ago

    I thought Rutland doesn’t exist

  • Thomas farquhar
    Thomas farquhar 2 days ago +1

    Sure Oakham is the least used station in Oakham, but there is always a bloody train coming past when we are trying to get to Tesco

  • Luca vlogs and gaming
    Luca vlogs and gaming 16 days ago

    Rutland is a conspiracy

  • Robert Willoughby
    Robert Willoughby Month ago

    As well as Birmingham - Stanstead Airport, aren't there still the Norwich trains

  • Jason Dykstra
    Jason Dykstra 2 months ago

    That logo looks amazing!

  • Jason Dykstra
    Jason Dykstra 2 months ago +1

    3:44 It's called a county

  • Matt King
    Matt King 3 months ago

    I should also point out that my favourite beer in the world "ten fifty" is brewed right next door at the Grainstore Brewery. I don't get back to the UK much these days (much to the chagrin of my family who still live in the town), but my first act on disembarking the train is always obvious.

  • Matt King
    Matt King 3 months ago

    As a Rutlander born and bred (says so on my birth certificate) I can confirm that Rutland is England's smallest county. It regained county status from Leicestershire in 1997 (realistically this has largely been viewed wistfully as a good thing, but practically as a bad thing). It is the smallest county in England, but only at high tide - a genuine fact I have loved all my life. Ironically, I have lived in Russia, Italy, Vietnam and Taiwan, and met more Brits in all of these places who have heard of it than I did back home.

  • Arriva Kid
    Arriva Kid 4 months ago

    the 2 random locos ex GWR now ScottRail

  • Ametrine Moon
    Ametrine Moon 4 months ago

    I'll be using the station when I go to London in July as I'll be down that way! There's more stations in Rutland, come on now LOL

  • CD80
    CD80 4 months ago

    How is it possible to be the only person on a 4-5 car meridian

  • eddyk
    eddyk 5 months ago

    In Rutland there is the village of Whitwell (population 41) which is twinned with Paris, France.

  • Laurence Hamilton
    Laurence Hamilton 5 months ago

    Rutland is the least used county

  • Charlie Clapp
    Charlie Clapp 5 months ago

    2:36, I think it was a ScotRail HST

  • Arthur Bean
    Arthur Bean 5 months ago +1

    Hi Geof , I am 8 and my grandma lives in Lyddington in Rutland. I love your videos , I often visit Rutland and Corby is where most people travel to or from for Rutland

  • Lauren Ann
    Lauren Ann 6 months ago

    I live in Rutland and we consider it as a county in itself! 😝

  • Dexterror
    Dexterror 6 months ago

    Wow Corby station looks ultra modern like stepping into the future, and those East Midlands train look fantastic, that countryside also looks beautiful like a perfect picturesque English scene

  • Henrys Adventures
    Henrys Adventures 6 months ago

    That was brilliant! Least used train over the longest viaduct to the most and least used station in Rutland, complete with the shortest HST passing through!

  • A. Shaw
    A. Shaw 6 months ago

    What a fantastic channel this is. I'm originally from the area and always visit the Welland Valley when I come back. Beautiful place.

  • Rebecca Nye
    Rebecca Nye 6 months ago +1

    The Isle of Wight vs Rutland size fact is true...but as the Isle of Wight is part of Hampshire county, Rutland remains the smallest county all year round!

  • James Tilsley
    James Tilsley 6 months ago

    Rutland is the smallest historic county since the Isle of Wight is historically in Hampshire.

  • Stephen Cooke
    Stephen Cooke 7 months ago

    I have read that steam hauled trains have to coast across the Welland Viaduct as the side to side application of power puts stresses on the structure. When I saw the Flying Scotsman a few years back that seemed to bear this out.

  • Cooking With Cows
    Cooking With Cows 7 months ago

    I often find myself opening google maps and retracing your steps. It's like your videos come with a little mini game to find the places and then to explore the things around it, that you don't capture with the video. It really astonished me to see on google maps just how long this viaduct is and how many tunnels are on the train line between corby and Oakham.

  • roger bixley
    roger bixley 7 months ago

    Lovely to see the county that I grew up in. I knew a signalman at Oakham….went to school with him….hallo Nigel. The Harringworth Seaton viaduct...a ggg ? grandfather of mine was a brickie and helped to build it....in the car going down the hill towards Seaton station….that was an old playground of mine as my dad was a porter there….happy times.

  • Eddie's Adventures
    Eddie's Adventures 7 months ago

    0:27 I thought it was least used?

  • Michael Stephens
    Michael Stephens 7 months ago

    In 2016, me and my uncle went over that viaduct behind the "Flying Scotsman" herself. on the way up from London Victoria to York. beautiful views from the viaduct, the field on your right as you are driving downhill, on the Oakham end, was filled with people watching us pass with their beer tent, and a viaduct maintenance platform with engineers waving at us as we passed them, a beautiful viaduct.

  • Lorraine Pickering
    Lorraine Pickering 7 months ago

    Why are you in Rockland to do this thing done in London I love you so so so wanna best I really really like is it of martial arts martial Geoffmashal

  • Aids
    Aids 8 months ago

    The horse shoe is to do with the fact a King travelling through Oakham would gift the town a horseshoe, it's tradition or something Idk. ;-;

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 8 months ago

    Someone please explain the HST-HST train that came through

  • Small Wonda
    Small Wonda 8 months ago

    SO COOL, MUST VISIT WHEN WE RETURN TO ENGLAND IN JUNE - thanks for putting this on the map!

  • mr moomooface
    mr moomooface 9 months ago

    There seems to be two liveries for West Midlands Railways' class 172s. One with a purple front and one with a yellow front. Is the purple-front design the original and they replaced it? Or is the purple-front livery just meant to represent a different type of service? I've noticed that Sam's design is popping up on class 170s to. Personally, I prefer the purple-front one.

  • Raph CJ
    Raph CJ 10 months ago

    One time i had to do the region on Geography

  • Jamie Nash
    Jamie Nash 10 months ago +1

    Can you do a video of kildonan in highlands

  • Transport News Finland
    Transport News Finland 10 months ago

    Rutland is a conspiracy.

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk Year ago


  • parris christian
    parris christian Year ago

    Rutland is the smallest county in the country

  • Lilly Bean
    Lilly Bean Year ago

    Ha ha ha I live in oakham 😂🤣

  • Dewdinni
    Dewdinni Year ago

    Geoff needs to do least used station in Staffordshire

  • Phill Wainewright
    Phill Wainewright Year ago +1

    The fact about Rutland and the Isle of Wight is perfectly *true* ... it even got mentioned on QI once!

  • Captain Richard Sensi-ble

    ONLY station in Rutland!! I'm there all the time. Birmingham to Stansted line. Between Melton Mowbray and Stamford. Lovely rural medieval town, as is Stamford.

  • martha hamilton
    martha hamilton Year ago

    I live in Oakham in Rutland and it gets busy rarely

  • Brie Jubridgianah

    2:36 when you said, "What the heck was that?"
    It was just a class 43 with no passenger coaches...

  • K.R. Baylor
    K.R. Baylor Year ago

    Here's some photos of the interior of the quaint Oakham signal box:
    That room will definitely be in a transportation museum someday...

  • Jo Hitch
    Jo Hitch Year ago


  • East Pavilion-er
    East Pavilion-er Year ago

    There is a direct train between this station and Cambridge where my university is. Added to the "hope to visit" list then.

  • Jeff Brogan
    Jeff Brogan Year ago

    That logo was not made on an iPad!

  • Reuben McKay
    Reuben McKay Year ago

    How about doing Barry Links, least used station in Britain.

  • richard Walker
    richard Walker Year ago

    I'm sure oakham is the only station in rutland , is it not?

  • Metropolitan Transport

    2:40 That was First Great Western Class 43 HST 4060 pulling Class 43 4081

  • Graham Clayton
    Graham Clayton Year ago

    11:47 - Do all matrix notice boards use "Calling at" instead of "Stopping at"?

    • Malachy Molloy
      Malachy Molloy 9 months ago +1

      Graham Clayton yes, in England all dot matrix boards say Calling At

    TRAIN SHIPS Year ago

    Cute Little Station.

  • Arthur Bean
    Arthur Bean Year ago +1

    i live in rutland

  • Hufflepuff Megan
    Hufflepuff Megan Year ago

    Can u do a these used station in West Yorkshire

  • Louis Todd
    Louis Todd Year ago

    That power move... CSX?

  • Raffaele Gervasio

    When is the next least used station because I find it really interesting!

  • Samuel Furse
    Samuel Furse Year ago

    Geoff, I love your videos, but neither of the things you called murals at this station are murals. Sorry. Murals are painted onto the wall--in fact the word is derived for other words for wall (the Dutch word for wall is muur). What we saw was a painting (waiting room) and a wall-mounted mosaic (outside).

  • sharon.amy.alfred films

    What's Rutland? Didn't know Rutland is an actual place.
    Damn it, Mark! I thought it was really a conspiracy!

  • Locomotionlotion
    Locomotionlotion Year ago

    What annoys me about this Corby line, is that it WOULD be used a hell of a lot more if there were decent connections to other lines. If there was a triangle at Manton, there would be regular trains with good use from Peterborough AND Stamford. If there was a connection to the ECML going North, you would open that up even further. Lost opportunity.

    • Canihavesome
      Canihavesome 10 months ago

      I'd like EMT to offer one of their Nottingham St Pancras trains to come through also - and with Corby being known as 'Little Scotland', they could run a Hogmanay special (or other holiday specials) to Edinburgh / Glasgow via Derby and York. I can see though, with the electrification of the line to Corby that Corby will become the last stop on the Thameslink service and not part of EMT's services (Anyone remember the Londonshire advertising campaign for Corby?).

  • JackLebeau66
    JackLebeau66 Year ago

    Is this the only least and most used station in the UK?