I Got WEIRD Face Piercings To See How My Friends Would React...

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • this video isn't clickbait at all its crazier than you expect LOL.
    I got the WEIRDEST face piercings done to see how my best friends would react... the piercings were very painful and looked crazy...
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  • Tyler Ellis
    Tyler Ellis 5 hours ago

    i d i o t

  • Izzy Georgeson
    Izzy Georgeson 6 hours ago +1

    you purposely offended people with those piercings. I don't see anything weird about them, as they are just a way to express yourself. you've made me a little mad

  • Bryanna Ayala
    Bryanna Ayala 7 hours ago

    Why is it so long wtff

  • Selen Tuna
    Selen Tuna 14 hours ago

    Mad respect

  • rachel moore
    rachel moore Day ago

    I like the lip one

  • Dahlia Hydes
    Dahlia Hydes Day ago


  • Gianna. com
    Gianna. com Day ago

    The one in the nose looks a kinds strange but the eyebrow one and lip one is cute

  • Shadow !
    Shadow ! Day ago +1

    I can see the blood it dident help to blur ut

  • Amanda O’Halloran

    Is this classed as entertainment nowadays?? Scarring your face for life for a couple of likes. Seriously girl, get a frigging life! Your mates reactions weren’t even video worthy so congrats! Your video sucks and now you’ve got holes in your face. Well done doofus

  • William Eyelash
    William Eyelash Day ago

    Ok I thought she was going to get fake one but the girl is real about it

  • Ingrid izzy
    Ingrid izzy 2 days ago


  • Scarlet Baker
    Scarlet Baker 2 days ago

    Can everyone in the comments chill

  • Kurdistan Ahmad
    Kurdistan Ahmad 2 days ago

    U should keep the eyebrow and the lip one but not the nose one the other two suit u

  • bunnie
    bunnie 2 days ago +1


  • Emma McGinley
    Emma McGinley 2 days ago +3

    And this,dear children,is why you wait until the piercing has healed.

  • zara
    zara 2 days ago

    it honestly triggered me how she took the piercings out the day she got them done- YOU DONT FUCKING DO THAT

  • zara
    zara 2 days ago

    it honestly triggered me how she took the piercings out the day she got them done- YOU DONT FUCKING DO THAT

  • Lexie Jean
    Lexie Jean 3 days ago

    The eyebrow looks good

  • Angelica Marie
    Angelica Marie 3 days ago +2

    "when he was using like the spatula to like pinch it closed" 😂😂 it's called a clamp hunny.

  • Shaye Mitchell
    Shaye Mitchell 3 days ago

    Thank god you didn’t want them for real face piercings look like shit on you anyway tbh 😂😂

  • jehsus christ
    jehsus christ 3 days ago

    Clout chaser

  • Kazu Ha
    Kazu Ha 3 days ago +1

    disgusting. how can this get so many likes?? your followers are just as childish as you are

  • Darcy Summerill
    Darcy Summerill 3 days ago

    We have the same birthday just not the year

  • Aqua Adams
    Aqua Adams 4 days ago

    8:29 that is so bad wtf
    This needs to be taken down

  • jayden bell
    jayden bell 4 days ago +2

    y'all need to chill, if she wants to get her face pierced then sit back and enjoy or don't watch. You wish you were that wild.

  • Beka Rose
    Beka Rose 4 days ago

    idc how old this video is the way you talk about pierced people is disgusting. just a psa because apparently you’re dumb , piercings do not make anyone psycho or weird.

  • Kasey-ann Lane
    Kasey-ann Lane 4 days ago

    I would scream so much

  • Kasey-ann Lane
    Kasey-ann Lane 4 days ago

    Anyone see the door opening at 8:55 ???

  • mydogeatspuke
    mydogeatspuke 4 days ago

    People are saying the bridge is bad (that bar is far too long) but what is that lip positioning? Like seriously it's way too low and far too close to the middle. If she didn't ask for that specific placement, that piercer is terrible.

  • Sip My Tea
    Sip My Tea 4 days ago

    The nose piercing looks too long

  • shanaya howard
    shanaya howard 4 days ago

    I screamed when I saw blood

  • Kiba Nicole
    Kiba Nicole 4 days ago +1

    Why would you get that done just to take it out tf

  • Clay Whitting
    Clay Whitting 4 days ago

    Everyone giving her hate for the bridge and lip but girl you looking hot with them.

  • Kayla Sunset
    Kayla Sunset 5 days ago

    When I get my tongue and my foot tattoo with 4 hearts case I all ready have my nose and my belly pierced

  • Rey Jackson
    Rey Jackson 5 days ago +3

    Hope the clout was worth the permanent facial scarring

  • Jelina Snyder
    Jelina Snyder 5 days ago


  • owo x
    owo x 5 days ago

    ngl, she does not look good with those piercings i-

  • Heather May
    Heather May 5 days ago

    Nope just nope

  • Xx Depersonalized xX

    Dumb bitch

  • Gemma Bellamy
    Gemma Bellamy 5 days ago

    That was so much blood! The eyebrow and lip look really good on you though

  • Jessica Zanna
    Jessica Zanna 5 days ago

    keep the eyebrow oneeee!!

  • Mia Hazelgrave
    Mia Hazelgrave 5 days ago

    The lip piercing honestly suits you

  • Madison Whitham
    Madison Whitham 5 days ago

    She should do a part two septum top of the lip in centre bottom of lip in centre and eyebrow again because it was a vibe 💜

  • Avanna Ellormie
    Avanna Ellormie 5 days ago

    I actually use to love your videos, but after watching this I’m disgusted and can no longer support you.

  • Alex The Ghost
    Alex The Ghost 5 days ago

    This is literally the dumbest shit ever please rethink your life

  • mittens meaow
    mittens meaow 5 days ago

    The bridge percing bar is way to long

  • Rose Gumble
    Rose Gumble 5 days ago

    What a class A twat

  • Morgan Clemens
    Morgan Clemens 6 days ago

    This is literally the most ridiculous, judgmental video I’ve seen by you. Sooo glad I unsubscribed. Of course your nose bled. You basically tore out the blood clot by removing the piercing so soon 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • alone.at.midnight
    alone.at.midnight 6 days ago

    Nasty that youd post this shit

  • owlstrixvaria
    owlstrixvaria 6 days ago

    Is this what you will teach your children?

  • owlstrixvaria
    owlstrixvaria 6 days ago

    I wish your channel gets so much reports so they will take it down

  • Scarlett Willis
    Scarlett Willis 6 days ago

    i know this video is bad but that eyebrow piercing rlly suits her

  • Agebqj Abbwq
    Agebqj Abbwq 6 days ago

    Also the bridge was done wrong first the bar was too long and two it wasn’t deep enough even if she did keep it in it would reject

  • Agebqj Abbwq
    Agebqj Abbwq 6 days ago +2

    She’s going to have scaring and look back and regret this when she’s older because she just did this for views

  • niko bitan
    niko bitan 6 days ago

    Lord forgive me for laughing

  • A.nnabe11.e 606
    A.nnabe11.e 606 6 days ago +3

    The eyebrow and lip don’t actually look awful but that bridge!!! 🤮🤮🤮

  • A.nnabe11.e 606
    A.nnabe11.e 606 6 days ago +1

    Is she out of her mind!

  • em fab
    em fab 6 days ago

    i like the eyebrow

  • em fab
    em fab 6 days ago +37

    she literally has a industrial in her nose

  • Myana Polley
    Myana Polley 7 days ago

    The eyebrow suits u but not the others