Blind Ice Cream Taste Test

  • Published on Jun 4, 2018
  • We're tasting popular vanilla ice creams to decide which grocery store brand truly makes us scream for ice cream. GMM #1336
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Comments • 7 925

  • Meme Goldbars
    Meme Goldbars 8 hours ago

    Dreyers is called edy’s in most places

  • Life'saBeach
    Life'saBeach 13 hours ago

    My favorites are Ben and Jerry and Tillamook, which is also a fun place to visit when you are on the Oregon coast

  • Lydia Hogue
    Lydia Hogue 21 hour ago

    Rhett: "There's a sharp spot I don't wanna get hit"
    Link: "blame the guy holding it"
    Also link: *repeatedly hits face on spoon creating a bounce*

  • Bree Knighten
    Bree Knighten 22 hours ago

    Hands down homemade ice cream is the best. I love making it.

  • IronNinjavsGaming

    Rhett wins most darts and Link wins all blind taste tests

  • Nish Patel
    Nish Patel Day ago

    Ben and Jerry’s is the best

  • Jaguar God
    Jaguar God 5 days ago

    Breyers be the best vanilla ice cream

  • vending machine reviewz

    Link nearly shat himself in the beginning 00:04

  • Errin Rowland
    Errin Rowland 5 days ago

    Two guys one spoon

  • Donald Bagwell
    Donald Bagwell 9 days ago

    “I think I got a little bit on my beard” Rhett... sweetie... you had more then a little ice cream on your face. Take a hot towel and go clean yourself up

  • Zachary Allen
    Zachary Allen 13 days ago

    Rhett... How do you do your hair??? It looks SO GOOD. What product and routine do you use do make it look like that!??!

  • Oscar Valenzuela
    Oscar Valenzuela 14 days ago

    This is the best episode !!!

  • Agent Zero 3432
    Agent Zero 3432 17 days ago

    That commune spoon though! haha

  • James W
    James W 17 days ago

    Tillamook has 2 better vanillas. Old fashioned and french.

  • Person of marshmallow
    Person of marshmallow 18 days ago +1

    Wow this was...

    Very vanilla

    • Foodie Eats
      Foodie Eats 17 days ago

      alright leave. your daily internet consumption is over

  • Martel Renteria
    Martel Renteria 18 days ago

    Now that I think of it I didn’t have ice cream like all winter or none at all till now 😂 never thought of it

  • Kmartino
    Kmartino 19 days ago +3

    Vanilla? The BEST? No. Chocolate is.

  • Preston Roundtree
    Preston Roundtree 20 days ago

    Breyer's actual has little pieces of the vanilla bean in it, I just started the video but I'm guessing that'll be the best

    NERDTINGSS 20 days ago

    Offended by the lack of BlueBell

  • Rebecca Miljanic Makeup

    "The ice cream is back!!!!!" Was a thing in upstate New York (Waterloo/romulus/ovid)

  • Nigel Davis
    Nigel Davis 25 days ago

    I wish you guys would just serve the foods in normal ways.

  • meg
    meg 28 days ago

    "As you can see we cant"
    Never gets old

  • Phoebe Gordon
    Phoebe Gordon Month ago

    I eat ice cream all the time in the winter... hahaha

  • Lawrence Tyler
    Lawrence Tyler Month ago

    Tillamook is amazing

  • NotYourAvgGamer
    NotYourAvgGamer Month ago

    I feel like blindfolds werent all that necessary other than for our enjoyment.

  • Santiago Sepulveda
    Santiago Sepulveda Month ago

    the first time I heard communist spoon

  • Elizabeth Hunter
    Elizabeth Hunter Month ago

    Wtf is tillamook

  • k c
    k c Month ago

    who else is watching exactly one year later?

  • Pickleboy 21
    Pickleboy 21 Month ago

    I want the farm

  • Steampowerd 213
    Steampowerd 213 Month ago

    Where was mayfield????

  • Gracie White
    Gracie White Month ago +17

    "I don't want to touch tongues with you man" Link of 2018

  • Charles Semon
    Charles Semon Month ago

    The taste tests are always their best videos

  • Brie Pearson
    Brie Pearson Month ago

    I’m just here cringing at how they say Tillamook😂😂

  • Tiffany Pottenburgh

    Rhett is literally disgusting I gagged multiple times looking at him and his disgusting beard 🤮

  • GeminieCricket
    GeminieCricket Month ago

    STOP these guys are too old for this childish a straight test taste.

  • F. Foster
    F. Foster Month ago

    gross with the communal spoon. WPS

  • F. Foster
    F. Foster Month ago

    only video I've skipped bcus yall had vanilla ice cream. should've used chocolate.

  • Chris Playz
    Chris Playz Month ago

    My favorite is mayfield brand it's the best

  • jenna andrews
    jenna andrews Month ago

    Rhett is like a mix between a news anchor and the brawny papper towel man

  • Mr potatoman123
    Mr potatoman123 Month ago

    I love Haagen dazz and I eat it every day

  • LoadedPotato
    LoadedPotato Month ago

    5:49 Expose the person holding it!

  • LoadedPotato
    LoadedPotato Month ago

    2:46 I'm with link. Vanilla ice cream is great.

  • Hamflabagaba
    Hamflabagaba Month ago


  • sayed lathif
    sayed lathif Month ago

    Im watching two guys,eating some ice cream,on a chair,for some minutes,from a giant SPOON.
    What am i doing with my life...

  • Sean 3061
    Sean 3061 Month ago

    For me it’s definitely Kawartha

  • Danny24
    Danny24 Month ago


  • Ezra Morrison
    Ezra Morrison Month ago


  • Jacob Wright
    Jacob Wright 2 months ago +1

    0:00 that escalated quickly

  • Don Pablo
    Don Pablo 2 months ago

    Talenti is better than all these

  • helen martinez
    helen martinez 2 months ago

    Maybe just a tad is I bit of an understatement

  • daniel smith
    daniel smith 2 months ago

    do a march madness thing for ice cream

  • Jake Dwinell
    Jake Dwinell 2 months ago

    Vermont's Finest! (Other than me)

    ISSA VIBEZ 2 months ago

    the last ice cream is actually edys

    ISSA VIBEZ 2 months ago

    breyers is more on the creamy thick side than it taste

  • Steven Willhoite
    Steven Willhoite 2 months ago

    California prices in there merchandise store

  • Ashly
    Ashly 2 months ago +1

    Ice cream companies, take notes

  • Pavel Shevchenko
    Pavel Shevchenko 2 months ago

    Dreyer’s is Edy’s in Michigan

  • nome_ secretrose
    nome_ secretrose 2 months ago +1

    Hi from Finland! When Ben & Jerry's ice cream came to Finland, I just knew Im gonna be eating it every saturday...aaaand I was right 😍 Its so good.

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 2 months ago

    Why do they choose the most ineffective methods for dispensing the food in these videos lmao

  • Brooke_Emma_Nicole
    Brooke_Emma_Nicole 2 months ago +1

    3:43 “it’s definitely not Breyer’s.” So.. who’s gonna tell him?

  • Bankai’s And Apples
    Bankai’s And Apples 2 months ago

    “Winter is Coming” again

  • Flash 9775
    Flash 9775 2 months ago

    Who else thought Link was holding a milkshake at the beginning?

  • Real Mrbeast
    Real Mrbeast 2 months ago

    Two words...Turkey Hill

  • drowsee
    drowsee 2 months ago

    ice cream keeng

  • Savannah Tolley
    Savannah Tolley 2 months ago

    BlueBell Is The Best, PERIOD‼️

  • bigagigamigaliga
    bigagigamigaliga 2 months ago +1

    And what did you do with the leftover ice-cream on the spoon? It would have been enough if you just gave each a ball. I hate how wasteful this is...

  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis 2 months ago

    Right off the bat, really set off my OCD when he didn't say good mythical morning

  • Welly
    Welly 2 months ago

    ..poplar =/= always = "the best"

  • IronNinjavsGaming
    IronNinjavsGaming 2 months ago

    Link does better in blind taste testing than throwing darts

  • klgonz
    klgonz 2 months ago

    I actually like dreyers lol