Mixing All My Liquid Lipsticks Together

  • Published on Nov 23, 2017
  • For my next installment of "Bad Makeup Science" I decided to tackle my liquid lipstick collection and mix them all together into one giant frankenlipstick! I have about 90 liquid lipsticks of all different kinds and brands - matte, velvet, satin, Kylie, Colourpop, Wet N Wild, Kat Von D and more... and I had to see what would happen if I mixed them all together! Which name did you guys like the best?
    Also, if you're looking for a color dupe - i'm pretty sure love bite by kylie is a close one, as is toolips by colourpop!
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    Mind The Gap
    Velvet Jacket
    Drowsy Maggie Session
    Hot Sole
    Call Girl
    Tommy's Tango
    Roma Trompeta
    Dance of the Cygnets
    Good Time
    Don't Hold The Feeling
    Oohs And Ahhs
    It's On You
    Very Naughty Boy
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +14116

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING BBs!!! i hope u enjoy this bad makeup science video... i couldn't leave out my 88 liquid lipsticks (yes i know i have a problem). what should i do next?? i was thinking highlighters, to suit the festive mood! hehe. also, if you're looking for a color dupe - i'm pretty sure love bite by kylie is a close one, as is toolips by colourpop!

    • chloe m
      chloe m 8 days ago


    • Subhashree Ray
      Subhashree Ray 26 days ago

      Try mixing all nail polish 😜

    • Alex and Dominik
      Alex and Dominik 2 months ago

      Highlighters. Ye😏😌💖😻

    • Oof Oof
      Oof Oof 2 months ago

      Your hilarious. I love you

    • Amanda Clark
      Amanda Clark 3 months ago

      Saf please name your lipstick Dumbledors Pajamas and please mix together nail polish if you have any and thanks.

  • Chris Armstrong
    Chris Armstrong 4 hours ago

    Maybe you should have put in mini marbles into the tube, like they do with nail polish. Might've made the mixing step easier.

  • Alicia Perez
    Alicia Perez 14 hours ago

    Next thing you know you’ll be mixing all your mascaras and eyeliners together

  • Gypsy J
    Gypsy J Day ago

    ooo love the color!

  • BoysLikeFlowersToo
    BoysLikeFlowersToo Day ago +1

    FrankenMakeup should be your beauty guru makeup line
    FrankenGuru (subset of FrankenEyeshadow)
    Also see

  • Sophie Michelle Perry

    My favourite is Buffy The Butthole Slayer

  • xxLunarWolfxx
    xxLunarWolfxx 3 days ago

    Dumbledore's pjs

  • Pennybear The dog
    Pennybear The dog 3 days ago

    Franken fiends merch!

  • Kookies & Tae
    Kookies & Tae 3 days ago

    I have 21+ liquid lipsticks . I still haven't found my other ones....😧

  • Mason Philipow
    Mason Philipow 4 days ago

    Watch from 6:34 to 6:37

  • Justine S. Harrison
    Justine S. Harrison 4 days ago

    Barney's Pelt

  • Justine S. Harrison
    Justine S. Harrison 4 days ago


  • Elizabeth Faye
    Elizabeth Faye 4 days ago

    dumbldors pjs

  • Kairi Burton
    Kairi Burton 5 days ago

    Its ok that ur an liquid lipstick horter im a cup hoter

  • Caitlin B
    Caitlin B 5 days ago

    Dumbledores pyjamas for the win

  • Morgan M
    Morgan M 6 days ago

    Pleas tag me in something

  • Cherry cat 07
    Cherry cat 07 6 days ago

    All of Safiya’s Franken-makeup’s always seem to come out the same color lol 😂

  • Nails Are Life
    Nails Are Life 6 days ago

    7:30 - Did Ty say "lipdicks"?

  • L&S
    L&S 7 days ago

    Dumbledores Pyjamas

  • Keanna Dhillon
    Keanna Dhillon 7 days ago

    It took u 3 hours to make this🥴 this is how much time and effort u put into ur vids omfg🥰 (btw I’m a new member of ur squad and ur my favorite😭❤️

  • Shiney Cherry
    Shiney Cherry 7 days ago

    You should try using all your lipsticks on layers and see how thick it ends up

  • Abigale Willcock
    Abigale Willcock 7 days ago

    6:19 I like how the syringe says single use only

  • Ryan Meneo
    Ryan Meneo 8 days ago

    Was watching at 1:40 am when she mentioned that time

  • mara denchuk
    mara denchuk 8 days ago

    buffy the butthole slayer im-

  • Cooky Girls
    Cooky Girls 8 days ago

    I like barnies pelt

  • Katarzyna Grzywacz
    Katarzyna Grzywacz 8 days ago

    Tchaikowsky ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Wolfy Stich
    Wolfy Stich 9 days ago

    I know this is late but you should were an outfit out of all the makeup 💄you mixed together

  • Marina Pillai
    Marina Pillai 9 days ago

    I like the last name the best

  • The Cinnamon Roll
    The Cinnamon Roll 9 days ago

    You should do a full face of just your mixed makeup

  • Tracy Anne Freires
    Tracy Anne Freires 10 days ago

    I *love* this video

  • panda corn
    panda corn 11 days ago +1

    I like Dumbledore's pajamas

  • K8 L33
    K8 L33 12 days ago

    I see alot of glitter towards the end

  • Abbie Robson
    Abbie Robson 12 days ago +3

    Weird question but why do you do most of your amazing bad makeup science videos really late at night

  • That girl with a voice

    Saf should mix all the Franken makeup together!!!

  • Nico and Gabi
    Nico and Gabi 13 days ago +1

    I have a conspiracy theory!!! In every video they always film at night and not in the day time what if there VAMPIRES 🧛‍♀️😂😂😂😂

  • Clara Martinez
    Clara Martinez 13 days ago +1

    random person: hey i like your lipstick
    saf: thanks I mixed 86 different lipsticks together to get this shade...

  • Evie Boylan
    Evie Boylan 13 days ago +1


  • Chloe Barnes
    Chloe Barnes 14 days ago +1

    Dumbledores pjs

  • Skits R us
    Skits R us 15 days ago

    Buffy the butthole slayer is the best

  • xx seses
    xx seses 16 days ago

    How about u use all your previous mixing make up for a day the lipstick, foundation etc

  • Alex Paul
    Alex Paul 16 days ago

    Get yourself someone who looks at you and gets excited the way Safiya looks and gets excited for pizza 👏👏

  • Ashley Hahn
    Ashley Hahn 16 days ago

    This was so satisfying to watch 2019 anyone????

  • Bazal Morani
    Bazal Morani 16 days ago

    where do I get the franken makeup??

  • SanitysRebellion
    SanitysRebellion 16 days ago

    This is so very late but did Saf ever try to find a dupe for Frankenmatte? I love the color.

  • artistic Colors
    artistic Colors 16 days ago

    The plate that the pizza was on....we have the same exact one!

  • Allie Therson
    Allie Therson 16 days ago

    You should do a Full face using only Frankin makeup

  • Shychu2007 Griggers
    Shychu2007 Griggers 17 days ago

    Try mixing slushy (( sorry if I have had spelling 😅 ))

  • Jeanie Fenner
    Jeanie Fenner 17 days ago

    Fluffy the butthole slayer should be its name.

  • Blythe Brooks
    Blythe Brooks 17 days ago

    Wait why didn't she put them all into a bowl and just not use a tube

  • Mari Malmer
    Mari Malmer 17 days ago

    So, this poll is probably over, but I enjoyed the video so much that I just had to comment: while my inner Potter-head and Buffy-buff is inclined to root for options 1 and 3, I would like to come up with a suggestion of my own: "Purple Burphole" (alt. spelling "Purple Burple" or "Purphole Burphole"), just because it describes the color and alludes to the "butthole" in a slightly more convoluted or euphemistic way. You get the idea of said scrunched-up area, all the while making sure that people know that the pucker in question is located between the cheeks of your upper front half, rather than those of your lower back 😂

  • Ella Enloe
    Ella Enloe 17 days ago

    Does anyone know what other video she is filming

  • Teaokyo
    Teaokyo 17 days ago +1

    Dumbledors pajamas 😂

  • Abby Brookes
    Abby Brookes 17 days ago

    you should call it Gryffindor interior robe

  • Rose Leibovitz
    Rose Leibovitz 17 days ago

    Watching this makes me half sad and half jealous. It's an interesting experiment to test the market of colours, but on the other hand, I just wish I had all of those. Truly, I prefer lipgloss but watching this made my magpie brain want all of those lip products. Must go shopping.

  • Life Mit
    Life Mit 17 days ago

    You should have put a metal ball in there like lip sense to help mosh it

  • virendra pratap Singh
    virendra pratap Singh 18 days ago

    How can you just let go so much of makeup darling😭😭😭😭

  • CrazyPotterhead 1000000%

    Dumbledoors pjs

  • SkyWolf Gaming
    SkyWolf Gaming 18 days ago


  • Kilian Rayleigh
    Kilian Rayleigh 19 days ago

    Thank you, I ordered pizza because of you.

  • Kawaiikitty 5
    Kawaiikitty 5 19 days ago

    Dumbledore’s pajamas

  • Emily Nguyen
    Emily Nguyen 19 days ago

    I think it stayed on because of the slight bit of the 18 hour lipstick

  • watermelonxsmile
    watermelonxsmile 20 days ago

    I kind of feel like she should have put them all in a cup to mix and then melted them a little, and THEN put it into a bottle?

  • Kendra Phillips
    Kendra Phillips 20 days ago

    anyone else bothered by her plain jane cheese pizza..

  • Xiomara Hernandez
    Xiomara Hernandez 20 days ago

    there are things needles that could probably be thin enough to get inside

  • Amelia Gearing
    Amelia Gearing 20 days ago

    buffy the butthole slayer is a great name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LPS Cakes
    LPS Cakes 20 days ago

    You should do a nail polish with simplyNailogical

  • Lena Otaku
    Lena Otaku 20 days ago

    Zoomed it after there are some sparkles.

  • G
    G 20 days ago

    Why would you start doing this at 11pm??? 😂

  • Viewer 01
    Viewer 01 20 days ago

    Mmm now i get the reason why she is getting fatter

  • Kaylee Schulte
    Kaylee Schulte 21 day ago

    What did you do to that pizza!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Kaylee Schulte
    Kaylee Schulte 21 day ago

    Watch the language

  • Jessica Kraus
    Jessica Kraus 21 day ago

    I think the mixed color turned out beautiful! I would buy that shade

  • Georgia Ceravolo
    Georgia Ceravolo 22 days ago

    U should do a full face of Franken makeup

  • Hope Crawford
    Hope Crawford 22 days ago

    Buffy the but-hole Slayer

  • Charlotte Poulter
    Charlotte Poulter 22 days ago

    buffy the buthole slayer

  • Emerson Caniglia
    Emerson Caniglia 22 days ago

    This is a weird thing but you should mix all your mascaras together or mix different kinds

  • Maddie C
    Maddie C 22 days ago

    Saf: Oh shi- znit..
    Me: Nice save there, Safiya *thumbs up* lol

  • Petra Poštolková
    Petra Poštolková 22 days ago

    Im all for Buffy the butthole slayer 👏👏 thats just hilarious

  • AngelPlayzz Roblox & More

    Imagine mixing all my eyeliners together

  • Bella Grace Lythgoe
    Bella Grace Lythgoe 23 days ago

    Oh schiznit

  • Kaeli Dagg
    Kaeli Dagg 23 days ago

    Oh if only she knew what was coming when she first left buzzfeed

  • The place for every bodey Larson

    Did you think in a liquid lipstick

  • Jada Hann
    Jada Hann 23 days ago

    Do bronzer or contour

  • Celia Hartnett
    Celia Hartnett 23 days ago +1

    Tyler:Oh DaS a NaYsTaY

  • ekstadropsen
    ekstadropsen 23 days ago

    Buffy the butthole slayer sounds like something very different from a liquid lipstick😂😂😂😂

  • Brianna Cunningham
    Brianna Cunningham 23 days ago

    Call it “Very Berry”

  • Uni Queen
    Uni Queen 23 days ago


  • Shazia Khan
    Shazia Khan 23 days ago +1

    Saf -“Is it an innie or an outie?”
    Tyler- “Its a nasty.”
    LOL I’m dying.

  • Abby Kat the Lemur
    Abby Kat the Lemur 23 days ago


  • elannia ball
    elannia ball 24 days ago

    U could go bye all the bath bombs from bath and body works and mix them together ❤

  • Full Audio
    Full Audio 24 days ago

    You should do a full face of make up with the Franken makeup

  • Rosii Davalos
    Rosii Davalos 25 days ago

    I love the names😂

  • Hope Goforth
    Hope Goforth 25 days ago

    i love diss

  • Ronika Chand
    Ronika Chand 26 days ago

    Number 3 is best and kinda cool of a name

  • Lee La Launebär
    Lee La Launebär 26 days ago

    anyone else confused why she didnt scrape the lipsticks into ther tube directly? why use syringes at all?

  • delylah and danika
    delylah and danika 26 days ago

    Dumbledore's pajamas cuz they are dumbledore's pajamas

  • Iris sullivan
    Iris sullivan 27 days ago

    Saf should do a random number generator picks my outfit.

    how it would work is she would give clothes numbers and then use the generator and get a random number and
    crazy outfit

  • Addy loves
    Addy loves 27 days ago


  • Diodely Chavez
    Diodely Chavez 28 days ago

    6:01 She wasn’t even pointing at the bottle.. what did she think was gonna happen 😂😂😂

  • Reanna Martin
    Reanna Martin 28 days ago

    you should mix all your lipliners together and make a franken-liner