Children interrupt BBC News interview - BBC News

  • Published on Mar 9, 2017
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    There was an unexpected distraction for Professor Robert Kelly when he was being interviewed live on BBC News about South Korea. But he managed to keep his composure and complete the interview successfully.
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  • Britty Britty
    Britty Britty 7 months ago +59813

    I love how he's just closing his eyes hoping it's all a dream that'll go away when he opens 🤣

  • Chuck's Astrophotography
    Chuck's Astrophotography 3 months ago +11059

    The way his wife stays low to the ground thinking she's off-camera makes it even more hilarious.

    • Nomalski
      Nomalski 9 hours ago

      @Zunel Ahmed that is his wife, his wife is korean

    • Verstappen
      Verstappen 19 hours ago

      @Harry S you right I just watched it ..thanks for clarifying that bro

    • Harry S
      Harry S 19 hours ago +1

      @Verstappen it's his wife. There is another video on youtube where the bbc interview the whole family.

    • Verstappen
      Verstappen 19 hours ago

      Her maid not his wife

  • Ren
    Ren 2 months ago +3411

    It was hilarious when his daughter came into the room, and it was more hilarious when another baby entered, and it was terribly hilarious when his wife rushed in and immediately kidnapped those two kids out of his vision😂

    • 오복이
      오복이 11 days ago

      @William MacRoberts 능지 ㅋㅋ

    • Renjini T
      Renjini T Month ago +1

      @William MacRoberts bruh watch prof Kelly is back with his family video there you will understand that she's his wife

  • Emma C
    Emma C 2 months ago +2102

    This never gets old, too funny. It’s the wife that makes it more funny 😂😂😂😂

    • Alicia Delgado
      Alicia Delgado 24 days ago

      I agree she went frikaloids. I feel bad how she pulled those two out of the room. Omg!! Hilarious! ☺️

    • Dorian F
      Dorian F Month ago

      @Phoenix Echoes Audio perfect response....that all I wanted to know! 👍

    • Phoenix Echoes Audio
      Phoenix Echoes Audio Month ago +1

      @Dorian F because this happened 5 years ago and they're well known people and have done several follow up interviews as well as articles showing how people ASSume she's "the help" vs his wife 🙄

    • The Noisy Spectator
      The Noisy Spectator Month ago

      @jing jing Well, what was the name of the British man who was doing an interview in a parking lot, that time,when a plastic bag flew up, hit him in the face, and he could not get it off?

    • jing jing
      jing jing Month ago +1

      This is Boris Schwarzenbegger.

  • S S
    S S 2 months ago +586

    When the second baby enters like a boss I'm crying.

  • Cindy Higham
    Cindy Higham 2 months ago +409

    I have watched this at least 50 times, and I still die laughing each time I see it! Kids keep us humble, do they not?

  • Darkmildalways
    Darkmildalways 3 months ago +225

    Its makes my day every day watching that little girl strolling in like dancing 🕺 straight up to her dad without a care in the world absolutely love it 😀 ❤️

  • Push King
    Push King 2 months ago +595

    The way children came in. The way mother took them back. And the facial expression. Looks more like a cartoon scene.

  • Castillejo Shian Casmer
    Castillejo Shian Casmer 2 months ago +113

    I like the professionalism of the mom, she's a full time housewife and it isn't an easy job. Respect to all great moms out there.

    • Rat Master
      Rat Master Month ago +9

      @William MacRoberts is life too hard on you ? XD

  • spoyledbratt
    spoyledbratt Year ago +57834

    2017: We laugh at him.
    2020: We relate to him.

    • mry
      mry Month ago

      ' And 2022 .

    • Neil Gerace
      Neil Gerace Month ago

      I never laughed at him. He's a working dad.

    • Luv
      Luv Month ago +1

      2022: we got recommendation again

    • Georg Brendel
      Georg Brendel 2 months ago

      Best commune!

    • phetsoisa
      phetsoisa 2 months ago


  • Amanda Dougherty
    Amanda Dougherty 2 months ago +117

    This is still one of the best moments ever to be captured in BBC reporting.

    • Freddy Odonohoe
      Freddy Odonohoe 2 months ago

      And the one with the taxi driver playing along with the BBC interview 😂😂🇮🇪🍀

  • Trisha
    Trisha 2 months ago +131

    More than 4 yrs later this is still the funniest thing on the internet

    • Hoops
      Hoops 20 days ago +2

      Totally agree 🤣😂

    • Freddy Odonohoe
      Freddy Odonohoe 2 months ago +1

      And the one with the taxi driver playing along with the interview on BBC 😂😂🇮🇪

  • Tangiia Enjoy
    Tangiia Enjoy 2 months ago +218

    😂😂😂😂 This still is the best thing that ever happened on BBC hahaha So wholesome, so real and so funny

    • lisa pan
      lisa pan Month ago +1

      It is real 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Freddy Odonohoe
      Freddy Odonohoe 2 months ago

      @TheGoogleArchipelago 😂😂 yes I remember that 😂😂

  • Lola Loray
    Lola Loray Month ago +29

    I love how the whole family crashed into the room and dad/hubby is just like “pardon me”. So adorable 🥰!

  • pavel OoO
    pavel OoO 2 years ago +74024

    Everyone’s entrance is equally hilariously unique.

    • Minaryeon
      Minaryeon 27 days ago

      HahahHH omg this spot on

    • alexander valaris
      alexander valaris 2 months ago

      But nobodies was as good as Kramers

    • Barbara Roberts
      Barbara Roberts 2 months ago

      @Mc Doofin LMFAO😂😂😂

    • L Li
      L Li 2 months ago

      @Mc Doofin you are genius. u r the one made me laugh so loudly

    • Stella T.
      Stella T. 3 months ago

      That is so true🤭🤭😂

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Month ago +17

    This is still the greatest tv news blooper of all time. Adorable and hilarious. The way real life imitates a comedy skit here is just uncanny. The timing, the escalation, all perfect.

  • This Is Me
    This Is Me 2 months ago +45

    This still has me crying with laughter almost three years on... definitely one of my favourite YT vids of all time!

  • Robert McClafferty
    Robert McClafferty 2 months ago +11

    It's been several years since I first saw this. It's still funny. The daughter is a natural comedian. Very determined young lady. She took the seriousness of the conversation right out. Her brother following her leader. Poor Mom embarrassed trying to get the children out. Best of luck to the family.

  • Matti Viitanen
    Matti Viitanen 3 months ago +456

    The funniest part is how mom doesnt even explain anything to the bigger child

    • K-MASHUP
      K-MASHUP 2 months ago +19

      @Таня мир how can you just say something like that when you literally have no idea of the facts.

    • mathgeekgirly
      mathgeekgirly 3 months ago +11

      Yes, she is the mother and wife.

    • Brinley V
      Brinley V 3 months ago +4

      Yep, I just looked it up and it's the mother 👍

    • Brinley V
      Brinley V 3 months ago +19

      @Таня мир I'm pretty sure it's the mom

  • Farzana Nadeem
    Farzana Nadeem Year ago +4687

    It’s been over 3 years but this interview still makes me laugh, how the mother zooms in🤣🤣

    • Halo
      Halo 9 months ago

      @Nora Adam it’s the maid . . . Very sad

    • Nora Adam
      Nora Adam 9 months ago +1

      @Lubin1337 thats not a Philippine woman. The woman in the video is Korean lol.

  • Khd Mhd
    Khd Mhd Month ago +21

    This video right here sums how much beauty there is in the world. Family is love and family is life. This man will forever appreciate the smiles his family brought to the world ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kwang-Hwan Kim
    Kwang-Hwan Kim 2 months ago +12

    보고 또 보고 또 봐도 사랑스럽다 ㅋㅋ중간중간 눈감고 당황스럽지만 행복하고 사랑스러운 미소를 지으며 쏘리 하는 아빠도 너무 웃김 ㅋㅋㅋ 애기들과 어머님은 말 할 것도 없고

  • Bubul Chutia
    Bubul Chutia 2 months ago +19

    At the end the way his wife closed the door made the clip even more hilarious

  • GayPrepperz
    GayPrepperz 5 days ago +2

    I love the way the first "struts" into the room. Refreshingly funny. When is the last time you watched the news and smiled?

  • CocoBlushXX
    CocoBlushXX 2 years ago +10239

    What killed me was how the Mum closed the door at the end 😂.

    • Adelaide Slt
      Adelaide Slt 3 months ago

      She really thought she wouldn't be seen if she duck😂

    • Saloni Verma
      Saloni Verma Year ago


    • Satirical / Sartorial
      Satirical / Sartorial Year ago

      @Ito Fernando you ridiculous for assuming his wife not of color...

    • V MM
      V MM Year ago +1

      Her flies were still undone though 😂 she'd been in the bathroom when she realised the kids had stormed the interview

  • Noetic Aphrodite
    Noetic Aphrodite 2 months ago +17

    I don’t think the baby gets enough credit. The baby opening the door with seeming purpose and intention and serenely gliding through our of nowhere cracks me up 😂

  • Apostle David E Taylor Cult Watch: JMMI

    I love this clip so much. I laugh each time I watch it.
    It felt sad for the family who had several people call Child Protective Services on the mom, claiming child abuse for taking the children out so quickly, saying it was “harmful” to the daughter. Obviously this was not abuse but a super funny moment of showing the reporters real life, behind the “door of mystery”.
    The children were not harmed, just wanted a little daddy time.

  • StarrDust
    StarrDust 12 days ago +2

    I love how she marches into the room. Coolest entrance, ever! Then the baby comes along and has to be all loud and clunky about it, tee heeeee!!!!! Sorry, Dad ;)

  • Arrania Winter
    Arrania Winter Month ago +1

    This still makes me laugh every time I watch it. I love her little dance into the room at the start

    GARVITA SARNA 7 months ago +13709

    The little girl came stomping in
    The baby came rolling in
    The mother came sliding in
    -EPIC 🤯

    • karto ha
      karto ha 3 months ago

      @Ordo Ill wtf

    • Freeyful
      Freeyful 3 months ago

      @rg te Well, I don’t live in Korea so what’s obvious for you isn’t for me. Can’t we let this go, seriously? Anyways, you have to learn to be “broad-minded” and now I have, so lets move on.

    • Maggie Lie
      Maggie Lie 3 months ago


    • El Mejor
      El Mejor 3 months ago

      Hey ! It is your girl Tee Tee !!!!!!!!!!✌️

  • Javiera Cortes
    Javiera Cortes 2 months ago +7

    Amo este video, es muy chistoso y muy tierno porque es muy humano.
    Siento que en la sociedad en adultocentrismo le ha dado mucha validez a la seriedad… pero la realidad es que los niños existen! Y en su eterna inocencia nos demuestran que nada es tan serio.
    Hubiese fluido genial si tan solo los hubiese dejado estar ahí ♥️

  • Ale
    Ale Month ago +2

    Never gets old! And now that I'm a mother I definitely understand her struggle in that video.

  • Vaibhav Mehta
    Vaibhav Mehta 2 months ago +6

    This never gets old😂😂

  • VivienneHope
    VivienneHope Month ago +2

    It's a hoot, never tire of it and learn more when least expected. Love how Ellen pointed out the slide into the room and poor mum was interrupted at the toilet when kids "made their break" so trou are undone. Tee hee. Love this vid. If you pause it right, you can see child number one is actually being dragged across the floor which is even more hilarious.

  • s0fa
    s0fa 3 years ago +26204

    The part where the baby rolls in kills me every time 😂

    • Phoebe O
      Phoebe O 2 months ago


    • Ladenna Young
      Ladenna Young 3 months ago +1

      The baby looked SO clueless. That's what had me laughing about him. He was like, what is all the fuss about? We are just trying to vibe with daddy, like we normally do. LOL.

    • Smitty Werben Jaggerman Jensen
      Smitty Werben Jaggerman Jensen 3 months ago

      "OK I PULL UP"

    • Julio Valenzuela
      Julio Valenzuela 3 months ago

      Lmao 😅

    • Hassan Anas
      Hassan Anas 3 months ago

      He should have just taken it with at most sportsmanship. This is real life. No formalities there. We enjoyed it. Would have enjoyed more if he patted the baby n smiled. But he was nervous.

  • 핵소름
    핵소름 2 months ago +13

    책상인척 침대에 책 올려둔것까지 너무 허술하고 유쾌하고 귀여움

  • Kumar Kislay
    Kumar Kislay 21 hour ago +1

    Mom's entry was awesome
    Drifting like a racing car🤣🤣

  • hallmark
    hallmark 2 months ago +10

    Each entrance of the toddler, the baby and then the wife is hilarious. I love this video lmfao

  • Ken Wong
    Ken Wong 3 months ago +8

    Each moment just keeps getting better and funnier! Little girl sashayed in. (Laugh). Baby wheeled himself in with stroller. (Laugh out loud) Frantic mum ninja herself in. (Laughing crazily) Dad’s priceless expressions.
    Mum dragging the kids out. (At this point I lost it) And the icing on the cake - mum crawls back to close the door. (Ok, stomach hurts from laughing too much)

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 7 months ago +12268

    When the baby wheeled itself in the room, I almost died. 🤣

    • アルビナYunoa
      アルビナYunoa 3 months ago

      @Unsensible Mischeif themselves is a word

    • Crazy Ishan
      Crazy Ishan 3 months ago

      Itself?? 😂😂

    • Mbtilover 357
      Mbtilover 357 3 months ago

      Lol how did that baby even roll in

    • Dave Carter
      Dave Carter 3 months ago

      @Jordan lol omg I laughed at the wording

    • learn english
      learn english 3 months ago +1

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣the same

  • ChooseYour Poison
    ChooseYour Poison 2 months ago +1

    I enjoyed the follow up interview where the whole family is watching this video and laughing about it. It's good that the dad and mum have a sense of humour and were able to see the funny side, they seem like a beautiful family. (And to some vaguely racist comments - she is NOT "the nanny," she is his wife and the mother of the children.)

  • Phoenix Echoes Audio
    Phoenix Echoes Audio Month ago +3

    I love how this happened 5 years ago, was covered by so many news stations, the family even had a FULL follow up two years ago... and people are STILL insisting his Korean wife was "the nanny" or "maid."

  • Ken
    Ken Month ago +1

    The wife escalated the situation to new, meme-worthy heights!

  • Megan Marino
    Megan Marino Month ago +1

    the way the mom literally drags the kids out of the room is iconic in of itself

  • Pedo Bear
    Pedo Bear 6 months ago +9876

    I love how the mom busts in and drags them away like she's pulling wounded soldiers away from a battlefield

    • Kuba Borowiec
      Kuba Borowiec Month ago


    • aquariantay
      aquariantay 3 months ago +4

      @A Santos because if she was a white woman, you would not have assumed she was the nanny... don’t be dense now.

    • Viola Willows
      Viola Willows 3 months ago

      @Katelyn Calvo u can clearly hear the child speaking korean and wtf do u mean “the way she slid across the room” did it not occur to you that the father is literally in a meeting rn??

  • Allaiya
    Allaiya Month ago +1

    This will never not be funny & make me laugh. haha
    It is too perfect. And relatable.

  • Just Paechy
    Just Paechy Month ago +1

    I've watched this too many times to count, really just gets me laughing 😂

  • Janelle
    Janelle 2 months ago +25

    0:14 I still CANNOT get over how the baby really just pulled up in there!!! 😂😂😂 like: 😎🚗⚡

  • Midnite St0rm
    Midnite St0rm Month ago +2

    Love how his wife freaking slides into the room. Lmao

  • Morgan Godi
    Morgan Godi 2 years ago +37827

    Why is no one appreciating the mom’s drifting skills?😂😂

    • sus jake pauls dad
      sus jake pauls dad 2 months ago

      the way the child was being dragged across the floor out of the room and the way she just close the door on low ground lol

    • K-MASHUP
      K-MASHUP 2 months ago

      @Angry Albert Einstein She's the mom mate

    • K-MASHUP
      K-MASHUP 2 months ago

      @JL no she's not

    • Perpetual Student
      Perpetual Student 2 months ago

      @Anna Cho how is it racist?? Please do me the favor and explain.

  • 투더보름달
    투더보름달 2 months ago +4

    진짜 사랑스러운 가족이다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 온가족이 다 귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Simone Martins
    Simone Martins 2 months ago +2

    Relembrando esse lindo vídeo que, toda vez que o vejo, acho fofo! :))

  • Badieh Bashman
    Badieh Bashman Month ago

    This video is the best and it never gets old. I can watch it over and over 😂😂

  • vlowolv Take
    vlowolv Take Month ago +2

    Yes TheXvid, please keep recommending me this video once in a while. I will click it every time to put a smile on my face and warm up my heart. Thank you.

  • Glenn Hoddle
    Glenn Hoddle 10 months ago +21985

    Why is no one talking about how awesomely the baby wheeled in BY HIMSELF ???!!!

    • Kerker Trandov
      Kerker Trandov 2 months ago +1

      @Mel P why

    • Scarlet & Que
      Scarlet & Que 3 months ago

      Haha, right?!

    • HenryD3bby
      HenryD3bby  3 months ago

      YOOOO 🤣🤣

    • S&B
      S&B 3 months ago

      I know! I was specially impressed when the mother single-handedly got them out for the room! And then she shot out of view to close the door.

  • Oscar Personal
    Oscar Personal 2 months ago +6

    I love that kid, casually swinging her way into the room. Hahaha

  • Pretty Flower
    Pretty Flower Month ago

    Mother's reaction is the funniest 😂😂😂

  • Vanessa Lopez
    Vanessa Lopez 2 months ago +1

    I love how the girl went in, and then the baby...😂

  • André Dudatt
    André Dudatt 2 months ago +7

    0:19 I guess the woman was a surfer on a past life because the way she enters the room deserves an olympic medal 🏄‍♀️🥇🤌🏻😂

    • *Stop*Looking*For*My*Name
      *Stop*Looking*For*My*Name 2 months ago

      His wife probably got punched in the face a few times that night for not keeping those kids in line while he's trying to work.

  • Elon Musk Zone
    Elon Musk Zone 11 months ago +10046

    The more you watch it the funnier it gets.

  • 이나라
    이나라 2 months ago +2

    The way she sliding into the door is awesome

  • sowell fan
    sowell fan 2 months ago

    I can relate. Working at home, I am often in a meeting. My husband crawls into my office space to check my meeting status when he wants to talk to me. 😂

  • S N
    S N 2 months ago +3

    I love this so much. 😂 😂😂 I could watch it every week to restore my faith in human wonderfulness. 💗

  • Nik Naython
    Nik Naython 2 months ago +4

    I love how the baby comes in in his little chair

  • Pranisha
    Pranisha 5 years ago +4524

    The way mom rushed in I guess she was probably watching the news on TV 😂 Just imagine watching your husband on a live interview on BBC and seeing your child casually walking in dancing. She must have been terrified!

    • *Stop*Looking*For*My*Name
      *Stop*Looking*For*My*Name 2 months ago

      His wife probably got punched in the face a few times that night for not keeping those kids in line while he's trying to work.

    • Saloni Verma
      Saloni Verma Year ago


    • julia
      julia Year ago

      @니일 안티?? 그게 무슨말이야

    • Scoot poyo
      Scoot poyo Year ago

      Her pants are unbuttoned. Looks likes the kids made to his room when she was using the restroom. Poor mom

  • Kat Jax
    Kat Jax Month ago +2

    Still watching this in 2022 and it’s more precious and relatable than ever

  • IamHestia
    IamHestia 2 months ago +1

    This will never get old. Work-from-home life 🤣

  • Hawaiian Keiki Wanderer
    Hawaiian Keiki Wanderer 2 months ago +4

    When you have a road runner mom🤣🤣🤣 all look sooo cute! This video should get an award because it made the channel more popular. Kids are adorable !😘😘😘

    AskCHRISSY 2 months ago +1

    I still laugh at this hilarious 😂

  • Miguel Medina
    Miguel Medina 3 months ago +14651

    Everyone's talking about the super confident girl and her dance entry, but can we just take a moment to appreciate how the baby in a wheeler came in rolling after his sister? He rocks XD...

    • yacine dbz9874
      yacine dbz9874 3 months ago

      having a daughter is such a blessing, i wish i could have a daughter one day

    • Ghaushah Infinity
      Ghaushah Infinity 3 months ago

      😂😂😂 too fast and furious

    • Anthony
      Anthony 3 months ago

      Hahahahaahaha savageeee

    • Sandra Miller
      Sandra Miller 3 months ago

      That baby comes in like "I am the destroyer of worlds." The mother's shocked expression, as she realizes all her worst fears are true, both kids in the room, knocking books over *while her husband is on the air*.

    • GAY Athanor
      GAY Athanor 3 months ago

      And the ninja mom

  • Helen Linin
    Helen Linin 2 months ago +33

    23:23 Hermosa elección 😘 TOPGIRLS.UNO de los mejores conciertos ❤
    10:10 Staccy: ''Hyper''
    11:12 Sun: ''Hotter''
    11:12 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
    00:18 Joonie: ''Cooler''
    18:00 Yoongi: ''Butter''
    10:10 Amoy: ''Monks''
    23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente

  • Ezee
    Ezee 25 days ago +1

    The kids walked and wheeled in like bosses 😂

  • Lewis
    Lewis 2 months ago +6

    It’s already funny when the child walks in with the dance, but the baby and the mother take the cake.

  • Sandra Snow
    Sandra Snow 2 months ago +1

    This clip makes me laugh every time I see it.

    FUNNY VIDEOS AND MEMES 7 months ago +22192

    The fact that she did all that in less than 20 seconds , THAT'S A NINJA STYLE

    • A len
      A len 3 months ago

      @AR 🤣🤣🤣🤣his wife was not fired. This just shows how easy it is to assume. He and his WIFE did a follow up video.

    • Galaxy S
      Galaxy S 3 months ago

      Isn't she Korean though?
      You guys might never know how many Korean people had died because of Japan before 1945.
      It's like you guys are saying
      She looks like Queen Elizabeth even though she's actually Irish.
      But I take it for humor
      She moves really quick yes 😏

    • Queen Optimist
      Queen Optimist 3 months ago

      Ninja for sure 💯🤣

    • K S
      K S 3 months ago

      @Deadpool she literally doesn’t…

  • Ike Hilyard
    Ike Hilyard 2 months ago +2

    Its too hilarious how that little girl waltzes in. 🤣

  • Minerva C
    Minerva C Month ago

    I love this video. It was so funny and he didn't even move. Very well composed.

  • A A
    A A Month ago +1

    😂😂😂. I've replay 5 times and always laught of that.

  • nayathau
    nayathau Month ago +3

    The way his wife came to pick the childrens🤣🤣

  • Lee bada
    Lee bada Year ago +16121

    That behavior of the children seems to be evidence that the father is usually friendly.

    • Shalom4714
      Shalom4714 3 months ago

      That is what I thought too! A father who is active and engaged with his children.

    • Ksa
      Ksa 3 months ago

      Yeah, you can see he was even slightly smiling about it instead of looking mad about it

    • Adelaide Slt
      Adelaide Slt 3 months ago

      Y is eveyone arguing wtf. THAT'S A NATURAL REACTION, of course he'd nudge her.
      Trust me, i grew up with a very stict emotionally distant cold parents, I wouldn't come close even if I was a child.
      The original comment is correct

  • SubmergedStegosaurus
    SubmergedStegosaurus 2 months ago +1

    That toddler walked in there knowing damn well what she was doing 🤣🤣

  • Debra Anaya
    Debra Anaya 2 months ago +3

    OMG that was so funny And the reporter had to keep his composure... the little child walking in and then the baby in the Walker casually cruising in to the room and then the lady trying to lay low and get the kids out of there and not be seen was so damn funny LOL...

  • N Q H
    N Q H 3 months ago +17

    They laughed at him, only to experience it themselves just less than 3 years later.

  • doc usa
    doc usa 2 months ago +3

    Never get tired watching this over and over again

    NETWORK TRAILER 2 months ago +1

    That was literally painful moment ever. I feel that pain man... Imagine you was the guys and you were live.....

  • Master of Earth
    Master of Earth 2 months ago +6

    2022 but still watching😂

  • Roji N
    Roji N Month ago

    The way the wife just slid through like that is hilarious

  • Phoebe O
    Phoebe O 2 months ago +2

    The way she came and snatched those kids up out of there did it for me 😆 🤣 😂

  • Nakirilover69
    Nakirilover69 Year ago +20681

    The daughter walking in was like: I'm gonna end my dad's whole career

    • Daily life vlogs
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    • Kit Walker
      Kit Walker 4 months ago +1

      @John Xu yeah, his wife and not his maid. Stereotypes 😂😂😂

    • Kit Walker
      Kit Walker 4 months ago

      She meant, I'll make my daddy famous today

  • LoveViolet Flowers
    LoveViolet Flowers 17 days ago +3

    Every time I see this video, I can't help but laugh. It is hysterical! I love the way the little girl comes marching in. She's not thinking about important discussions about world events; she just loves and wants her daddy. Baby toddles in, taking advantage of the open door. Poor mom is trying to help dad maintain some sense of decorum, but by that point, he can't suppress his reaction to the humor of it all, and he lets out a chuckle. Some of the best moments in life are those that are unplanned. What a beautiful, funny, spontaneous, refreshing clip. I love it!

  • 🔥Pot Pan Fire 🔥
    🔥Pot Pan Fire 🔥 Month ago +1

    That little happy dance he makes before interrupting the interview!

  • 순부두개찌
    순부두개찌 2 months ago +7

    애기 ㅋㅌㅋㅌㅌㅋㅌㅌㅋㅋ 끌려나갈때 아왜~||||~~ 하는거 진짜 귀엽네

  • MrGilRoland
    MrGilRoland 2 months ago +64

    Baby in the wheeler: “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.

  • sawsaw lang
    sawsaw lang 10 months ago +9779

    From that little girl's way of walking to her father, you can already see that he is a good father.

    • Taylor Sergeant
      Taylor Sergeant Month ago +1

      @Kathryn Graves it’s a live news interview u only get a certain amount of time, it was important to him and he clearly knew that his wife you help him out here.

    • William MacRoberts
      William MacRoberts 2 months ago

      Yeah I especially like the way he just pushes her away like she's a complete burden very loving father

    • abc def
      abc def 3 months ago

      @Forrow who doesn't know the fact that Brown is Asian? 😂 wrong assumption or prejudice regarding someone’s race is called racism and I never supported someone being racist against brown male either. Brown ppl can be racist against East Asian and so can East Asian be to Brown ppl. Read the point brah :)

    • 밀키럭키
      밀키럭키 3 months ago

      The child said "stop it mommy." in Korean.

    • shampoonka
      shampoonka 3 months ago +1

      @Pallav Sinha that was his wife, not nanny

  • Sheikh Aisha Ashfaque
    Sheikh Aisha Ashfaque 2 months ago +2

    The time when the door also gets closed😂😂

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    JustSammie🌺 2 months ago

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    This video never gets old must have watched it 20times or more 😂😂🍀🔥🇮🇪

  • Rikicherri (was BitterTaeKooK)

    1st kid: walks in like a boss.
    2nd kid: just vibing.
    The woman: Ninja slide.
    The man: questioning his existence

  • Nnabuo Chisa
    Nnabuo Chisa Month ago

    Funniest video on the internet... I really love this, family is everything