FIRST LOOK: Sick Of It - Coming Soon


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  • Curtains O'Sandwiches

    "Clue: The Scottish fellas can't get into their emails... they 'Kenny Loggins'."
    "Play a record."

  • Susan Brown
    Susan Brown 9 days ago

    This looks brilliant.

  • Glockta
    Glockta 10 days ago

    cant come out soon enough.

  • Seven Ellen
    Seven Ellen 11 days ago

    Clive Warren had better get a cameo in this.

  • cobainx15
    cobainx15 14 days ago

    Ages ago...

  • theCrpldOrphnPrjct
    theCrpldOrphnPrjct 15 days ago

    Just watched it. I really enjoyed it! I hope there is a 2nd season.

  • Jack R
    Jack R 21 day ago

    omg literally what always wanted to have this show made

  • roccoxxxx1
    roccoxxxx1 22 days ago

    ...A man moth?!

  • Michele Anderson
    Michele Anderson 22 days ago

    Not one but TWO Karl Pilkingtons?! Sign me up!

  • Roger Gomez
    Roger Gomez 25 days ago

    look at his littl' face
    suzzane makes a cameo & no one would know
    at least now there are two halves of a brain

  • John Pizzurro
    John Pizzurro 26 days ago

    The man is a genius.

  • MattJDHD
    MattJDHD Month ago

    0:24 this got me good. Hahah. :D

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Month ago

    Hmmmm.. it is a bit cringe. I prefer natural unscripted KP. Just my opinion, before you ding bats spit your dummy out 😂

  • Pete S
    Pete S Month ago

    Great concept for a show but the other characters in it are so fucking annoying its unwatchable. Karl is naturally funny and doesnt need other shitty actors and shite scripts

  • fenhen
    fenhen Month ago

    Mr. Dilkington.

  • Leon Youngs
    Leon Youngs Month ago

    “There’s people out there without arms, it doesn’t mean I’m gonna take up juggling”

  • HePaidIt
    HePaidIt Month ago

    Looking forward to this. I would watch a show of him peeling an apple.

  • Beth Goodman
    Beth Goodman Month ago

    Is this actually Karl, or did he die and it’s someone who had his face transplanted onto theirs and had to do the show?

  • Mister Bear
    Mister Bear Month ago

    Starter, main, pudding.. shits.

  • Eka Febrianita
    Eka Febrianita Month ago

    Is that auntie Nora?

  • Musicosis
    Musicosis Month ago +1

    Some excellent moments in the show. Some average bits. Season 2 could be amazing if it builds on the weird and extreme bits. The solitude man conversations, the holiday with the aunt, the Asian toilet scene, the long taxi ride with the father and son and pregnancy. Great stuff!

  • Paul Walker
    Paul Walker Month ago

    I would not wanna watch anymore are id think im watching Eastenders

  • Paul Walker
    Paul Walker Month ago

    Not as good as all the rest off stuff karl done .watched them all im really sick off it for sure

  • Adam Webb
    Adam Webb Month ago

    ...lil cripple fella in a wheelchair
    ...lil chinese fella
    ...lil gay fella
    ...lil monkey fella

  • Amy McLaughlin
    Amy McLaughlin Month ago

    How can I watch this in the states? I can't find it anywhere!

  • Jan Miller
    Jan Miller Month ago

    Love LOVED the first 4 episodes!!! Karl is the boss and one bad ass buggar at that!!! After An Idiot Abroad ended we were so sad.... but this is superb !!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Adam Daruk
    Adam Daruk Month ago

    If the make an idiot abroad season 4 after this my life will be completed.

  • joe bloggs
    joe bloggs Month ago +1

    It’s mostly shite this is the very best bits

  • Exploring with Byron

    Why’s there a frog going round killing a thousand people

  • Daftboy89
    Daftboy89 2 months ago

    ricky: this is mental! you`re a mad man!

  • Fyrecide
    Fyrecide 2 months ago

    Is this from Karl, Karl's Brain, or The Onion Brain (aka nunc plurimos cerebri, or "mancus plonkticus wanklicus")?

  • Fyrecide
    Fyrecide 2 months ago

    It's over saying, "...'right?" in the hallway every morning...

  • biffalump
    biffalump 2 months ago

    1.26 and I’m hooked utterly brilliant

  • Ciara Fennessy
    Ciara Fennessy 2 months ago

    Give em a game of swingball or summit!!

  • The Beast
    The Beast 2 months ago +1

    *He had a helmet on, but his head come off.*

  • Gregorys Mode
    Gregorys Mode 2 months ago

    Karl your what happens, when people will watch anything.

  • SpaceCake Recipe
    SpaceCake Recipe 2 months ago +1

    “Am sick of it “ - Multiculturalism / Diversity

  • NikTheFix
    NikTheFix 2 months ago

    A lot of this show is visual and really subtle - like the fondue set and coffin in the charity shop or his face when waiting to have a wank in the bathroom of the pharmacists upstair flat. You need ff and rew controls for this one.

  • Craig Williams
    Craig Williams 2 months ago

    I enjoyed the first 3 episodes, if your a Kp fan and a listener to the podcasts you will relate some of the scenes to some of Carl’s stories. It’s an honest feel good show that had me understanding and relating to Carl. We all have this conscience in the back of our heads that likes a whinge. The scene with the baby at the nightclub was a let down but overall a great series that seems to be getting better. I’m not a fan of aunty Nora, I feel her accent is not fitting, I’d thought she’d have a Manchester accent, it’s really annoying. I can’t see this being appealing to those who have not followed the podcasts, you need to understand Carl and who he is to really understand the show. Overall though a great watch and look forward to the rest, looking forward to the split tennis ball! Ha

  • mester Manchester
    mester Manchester 2 months ago

    Just watched episode 3&4 Karl is a genius!

  • charlie johnston
    charlie johnston 2 months ago

    Brent Hogwell

  • den o
    den o 2 months ago

    Pity I don't have Sky.

  • Insomniac
    Insomniac 2 months ago

    Lmfao Karl Pilkington is a damn national treasure fr get this lad knighted ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • KingDerpyGoat
    KingDerpyGoat 2 months ago

    Not gonna be funny he said 😂🤣

  • Fungi Pranks
    Fungi Pranks 2 months ago +1 watch karl Pilkington prank calls

  • Atom Knows
    Atom Knows 2 months ago

    If this is comedy then laughter is in danger of going Extinct.

  • Scott O'Donnell
    Scott O'Donnell 2 months ago

    How can I watch the episodes in the US?

  • blessedarethebroken
    blessedarethebroken 2 months ago


  • I'm actually the Stig
    I'm actually the Stig 2 months ago

    Suzanne needs an extension on the loft.

  • ChallengeGaming
    ChallengeGaming 2 months ago

    I think there’s some bacteria that has a better life than that.

  • mickbelfast
    mickbelfast 2 months ago

    This is what sky decided was more worth while than champions league football

  • SaintDre7
    SaintDre7 2 months ago +1

    This show is great. I loved it so far.

  • Jeremy Adams
    Jeremy Adams 2 months ago

    How do I watch in the U.S?

  • NINjA- JAY
    NINjA- JAY 2 months ago +1

    Fucking awesome

  • [[[ _*Dragonier*_ ]]]
    [[[ _*Dragonier*_ ]]] 2 months ago +1

    This is weird. It’s like scripted, but it’s not, all at the same time XD

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 2 months ago

    Can’t wait for this loved idiot abroad and moaning of life

  • Crab Burger
    Crab Burger 2 months ago

    Can this guy play any thing else apart from the same old moaning maniac??

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 months ago

    How about making the show available to the first world?

  • cpt kirk
    cpt kirk 2 months ago

    Reeks of moone boy

  • mistyblueeyes
    mistyblueeyes 2 months ago

    A lot of the stuff Karl says (not just in this) , I think "yeah, I sort of get that" and I'm not sure if that makes me weird or do other people get him too lol.

  • Very good
    Very good 2 months ago

    Just noticed the red dots above the 'i's in "Sick of it", probably another jab at the man's perfectly round head.

  • Raphael Wedd
    Raphael Wedd 2 months ago

    Did he really split with Suzanne? :/

  • Ross Burke
    Ross Burke 2 months ago

    This looks fucking top notch 😂😂👌

  • Tom
    Tom 2 months ago

    Susanne read the paper while I played with a ladybird

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies 2 months ago +1

    It is total rubbish.

  • BranAndPaula
    BranAndPaula 2 months ago

    Can’t wait to watch this! I love Karl Pilkington.

  • ceb
    ceb 2 months ago

    Head like a fucking orange

  • John Dough
    John Dough 2 months ago

    i'm stoked

  • Beneficial Knowledge
    Beneficial Knowledge 2 months ago

    Idiot Abroad. Hahaha

  • Tara DeLucci
    Tara DeLucci 2 months ago

    How can I find this in the US?

  • craig savidge
    craig savidge 2 months ago

    Karl pilkington is the best

  • dr Clements
    dr Clements 2 months ago

    Looks good

  • Alpha Draconis 989
    Alpha Draconis 989 2 months ago

    Glorious. Thank you for bringing this to the screen!

  • Finlay Jones
    Finlay Jones 2 months ago

    “Lesley, where are ya?”

  • afk4dyz
    afk4dyz 2 months ago +2

    Is this out yet?

  • Aj Rayment
    Aj Rayment 2 months ago

    The juggling line fucking brilliant
    He's so funny and it's true!

  • Abu Noqtah
    Abu Noqtah 2 months ago

    i loved the show it was great cant wait for the next episode

  • ShaiyaStudios
    ShaiyaStudios 2 months ago

    Boring wasn't it. Slow paced and basically a watered down Curb Your Enthusiasm. And why is his aunt American.

  • xPadge112x
    xPadge112x 2 months ago

    I love how he has become this guy. Anyone else here since xfm? No worries if you havent either. We all appreciste the unsung naive genious that is pilkers. Who has a head like a fucking orange.

  • Math Davies
    Math Davies 2 months ago

    Disappointed in the first 2 eps, was really looking forward :-/

  • Porta
    Porta 2 months ago

    Absolutely love Karl and look forward to seeing this but please Sky after this series get him doing unscripted stuff again because that is when Karl is at his funniest. He is the most funny person on this planet when doing unscripted stuff lol.

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    Hubert Cumberdale 2 months ago

    Winner mate . Well done. Just watched the first episode . Ricky and that tall west country twat will be secretly pissed off a bit.👌👍

  • Stu Mackenzie
    Stu Mackenzie 2 months ago

    Are people really taking this as proof that Karl has always been scripted?

  • Henric Carlsson
    Henric Carlsson 2 months ago

    I will buy the blu-ray, no denying.

  • James Morrison
    James Morrison 2 months ago +1

    Everyone commenting Karl quotes is awesome. I’m scrolling through them and getting flashbacks. It’s an amazing feeling, knowing that there are so many Pilkington fans that are as obsessed as I am with the round headed manc called Karl. Or is it Brett?

  • don't believe the hype
    don't believe the hype 2 months ago +1

    I wonder if Ricky still has Karl's money from an idiot abroad. In the pot

  • chris monks
    chris monks 2 months ago +3

    I hope theres a laugh track but its just ricky

  • Sinister But Happy
    Sinister But Happy 2 months ago +1


  • Phil Perri
    Phil Perri 2 months ago +1

    Karl, good work. Cant wait to see it

  • Elaine Creaven
    Elaine Creaven 2 months ago +1

    modern day philosopher

  • Rumble Shakes
    Rumble Shakes 2 months ago +1

    Most relatable movie.

  • A Friendly Bandit
    A Friendly Bandit 2 months ago

    Next we need a new season of the moaning of life 😂

  • gerry o sullivan
    gerry o sullivan 2 months ago

    Clive Warren and Rebecca de Mornay better be in this!!

  • opollo
    opollo 2 months ago

    hahaha love it

  • Mr Bradshaw
    Mr Bradshaw 2 months ago +1

    Who remembers on the Ricky Gervais Show when they were talking about Karl’s inside voice they’ve basically put that into a series😂 class

  • stereo man
    stereo man 2 months ago

    Yeah but the problem with twins is you always get a little snidey one.

  • Corea Kixx
    Corea Kixx 2 months ago

    This is going to be brilliant!! Can't wait...but I guess I'll have to.

  • Paul Palmer
    Paul Palmer 2 months ago

    Brilliant, cant wait for this.

  • Sh hhh
    Sh hhh 2 months ago

    This comment section is epic guys keep it up!

  • Dan Bailey
    Dan Bailey 2 months ago +1

    I've loved Karl since the podcasts but his new show makes me question just how much of an act he's been putting on all along. Trust Sky to milk the **** out of someone. He'll be on A League of Their Own next...