FIRST LOOK: Sick Of It - Coming Soon


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  • Amico Duke
    Amico Duke 9 minutes ago

    Yes, Yes, yes. we needed more Pilky101 content

  • beko120056
    beko120056 18 minutes ago

    In case you wonder about the music: Incredible Bongo Band - Apache

  • Chelsea Jessica
    Chelsea Jessica 20 minutes ago

    Am I in charge or is me brain in charge?

  • Pat Tibbs
    Pat Tibbs 33 minutes ago

    I'll tell you who's not having a laff - the public

  • The Last Man On Earth Highlights

    This is amazing I’m so excited

  • bigman25plus25
    bigman25plus25 50 minutes ago

    Wait... is this real or a fan edit? (I can't tell anymore)

  • Karina Alves
    Karina Alves 2 hours ago

    Best comment section on youtube right now!!!

  • Kennel Man
    Kennel Man 2 hours ago

    "You're an idiot... play a record!" xD

  • Shaun Connolly
    Shaun Connolly 2 hours ago

    I'm glad his aunt is starring in it as I want to see her split tennis ball...

    MARZILLA SANZ 2 hours ago

    Finally Karl came out of retirement!

  • Um um um um & Whatnot
    Um um um um & Whatnot 2 hours ago

    "I don't like fun"

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens 3 hours ago


  • EccentricM
    EccentricM 3 hours ago


  • MountainKing626
    MountainKing626 4 hours ago

    I can’t wait for this

  • Ziggy Rotten
    Ziggy Rotten 4 hours ago

    I think the real question here is,
    Is Clive Warren going to be in this film?

  • 72LAT
    72LAT 4 hours ago

    Wet Knee Houston

  • Negative Pressure Productions

    Coral! Wait am I on the right video? ...Meh, oh well

  • John
    John 7 hours ago

    Hahahaha YEEEEES God I've missed Karl

  • randomer246
    randomer246 7 hours ago

    I wonder if he works for K.P. Plumbing 🤔

  • K3
    K3 8 hours ago

    Like a ripped tennis ball...

  • BirdyLegs
    BirdyLegs 8 hours ago

    Karl is such a natural actor, he was the only reason to watch Derek.

  • S22 F
    S22 F 9 hours ago


  • Claude Speed
    Claude Speed 9 hours ago


  • Preview Films
    Preview Films 9 hours ago

    I always knew he could act. Cant wait

  • Ethan Hughes
    Ethan Hughes 10 hours ago

    Can’t fucking wait

  • ¡SM667
    ¡SM667 10 hours ago

    I thought this was going to be a twin thing.

  • Azrael
    Azrael 11 hours ago

    I'm super excited for this! When's it out?!

  • mOejOe33
    mOejOe33 11 hours ago

    Awesome. Can't wait. Will this be aired in the US? Sure do hope so.

  • Zedshan
    Zedshan 11 hours ago

    Oh Karl!!! It's good to see you again. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

  • Samgab
    Samgab 11 hours ago

    Does the brain control you, or are you controlling the brain? I don't know if I'm in charge of mine. I was makin' shopping list right, going right, need some rice, kidney beans, and I thought I had everything, then something went: Oi! Don't forget the onion!

  • Samgab
    Samgab 11 hours ago

    Meh. He needs Gervais and SMerch to extract his funniness. And to get his 'ed squoze.

  • TheRoadAhead
    TheRoadAhead 11 hours ago

    Are we still pretending this isnt an act?

  • Josh Valle
    Josh Valle 12 hours ago

    Dare i say..... A TALE OF TWO HEADS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Kat
    Kat 12 hours ago

    man moths???

  • Hydra Jamm
    Hydra Jamm 13 hours ago

    I just say karl in the thumbnail so now im here

  • richard coughlan
    richard coughlan 13 hours ago

    Wow!!! I thought we had seen the end of pilkington!! Beyond excited about this. Doubt it’ll be as good as idiot abroad though

  • colombianecktie
    colombianecktie 14 hours ago

    this looks absolutely brilliant! I can't wait for this to debut!

  • PissedOffByron
    PissedOffByron 15 hours ago

    Weird way of spelling an idiot abroad

  • spettit2011
    spettit2011 15 hours ago

    Extremely excited. I think this will move comedy forward in dialogue like Louie did.

  • FontuneTheTeller
    FontuneTheTeller 15 hours ago

    God I love karl

  • PIXYBoy79
    PIXYBoy79 16 hours ago

    Bloody ell Karl has come a long way. Next be will start doing stand-up, watch!

  • Arod
    Arod 16 hours ago

    Omg..yes!!!! Break away from Ri double Ki.

  • Alex
    Alex 16 hours ago

    Hell yeah

  • Darth Watson
    Darth Watson 16 hours ago


  • yuh66h
    yuh66h 17 hours ago

    I thought he retired? very glad to see he's still making stuff though

  • Rob
    Rob 17 hours ago +1

    Stay green, stay in the woods, stay safe. Goodnight.

  • thegamingchip850
    thegamingchip850 18 hours ago

    if there is a narrator I hope its Ricky

  • Mr. Lambert
    Mr. Lambert 18 hours ago


  • W
    W 18 hours ago

    When life gives you a head like a fucking orange, Karl Pilkington

  • W
    W 19 hours ago

    And my brain said "Onion"

  • PS4 Gamer
    PS4 Gamer 19 hours ago

    This sort of confirms it for me that he has always been an actor 🤔🤔

  • Steff ZZz
    Steff ZZz 19 hours ago

    Whether it's a potato or a nut, It's a foodage

  • Cheese
    Cheese 19 hours ago

    A man moth?!?!?

  • GoreBag Le Mort
    GoreBag Le Mort 20 hours ago

    Ohhhhhh hell yes thank you! Satan does answer prayers! New kp!

  • Stoo Deejay
    Stoo Deejay 21 hour ago

    Suzanne must be after a new camera

  • Mikey R
    Mikey R Day ago

    Were you a tall baby?

  • J-M C
    J-M C Day ago


  • MaxedZerkerBlondy

    This will be so, so bad.

  • Jeff Bellefontaine

    Karl actually acting is great

  • Vince Ritchie
    Vince Ritchie Day ago

    The lid bin. The bid lin. The bin lid. Yeah?

  • Vince Ritchie
    Vince Ritchie Day ago

    “Put that, on a leaflet, and put it through people’s door”
    - KP looks after me!

  • Sonny Percival
    Sonny Percival Day ago +1

    But is it about a fire that didn’t happen, a wife that didn’t exist and a cat that didn’t look happy?

  • Brady Gibbins
    Brady Gibbins Day ago

    "get ya knickers off"

  • RecliningCoffeeMachine

    Meh.. Chinese look older!

  • OneBagTravel
    OneBagTravel Day ago

    There’s little Karl over there pushing the buttons. Say hello Karl.

  • danm003
    danm003 Day ago

    Load of shite. He's not an actor.


    Love Pilkington .
    About time he wrote and starred in something.
    Cant wait.

    DLC ENERGY Day ago

    I'm using me fables
    if he wanted my pie, i'd have to give it up.
    everyone likes the smell a bacon.
    he had his helmet on, but his head come off...
    he likes the ones with jam in...
    heads are meant to be round ya cheeky bastard.
    you're not gonna be around anymore.
    at no point am i ever gonna lick a little frogs 'ed
    it's a very strooong, tea bag.
    Ooh, Chimpanzee That! MONKEY NEWS!!
    Half man, Half biscuit
    I've always wanted to, kick a duck up the arse.
    You never see an old man eating a twix.
    It would be spiteful to put a jellyfish in a trifle
    and you'll neeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeerr.... see... an old man... eat a. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaaaars... bar bar bar.
    play a record.

  • BoxHead's Corner

    Karl is BACK baby!
    Fk yeh!

  • lloydie86
    lloydie86 Day ago

    This is going to be great

  • Ragora
    Ragora Day ago

    Time to finally find out, is Karl in charge or his is brain in charge?

  • Dreamcaster
    Dreamcaster Day ago

    ahah looks great, please be written well, could be the new louie

  • Valto
    Valto Day ago

    I know it's just a teaser but it looks pretty funny. I hope Mr. Dilkington has the grit to make something great without Gervais and Merchant, he really always was the funniest of the bunch and this might just be his thing where he can show his best.

  • venatorclass07
    venatorclass07 Day ago

    Alien gives man a beard

  • K Dub
    K Dub Day ago

    Best comment section EVER.

  • juan soro
    juan soro Day ago

    Monkey news?

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams Day ago

    Karl Pilkington portrayed by Graham

  • Franky Ramone
    Franky Ramone Day ago

    How on Earth do I watch this in the United States?

  • thegamingchip850

    I will be so happy if Clive Owen shows up and he says it's Clive Warren

  • Yaaqob Nasser
    Yaaqob Nasser Day ago

    Can't wait

  • dollface Rosenberg

    Need... More... Karl.....

  • MrNeckCrack
    MrNeckCrack Day ago

    Weird that this is coming out right around the time I re-binged the Ricky Gervais show....hard....

  • liam symes
    liam symes Day ago

    Girlfriends, do we need em?

  • Mr Grin
    Mr Grin Day ago

    Can't wait to see this

  • Jonnyreb1988
    Jonnyreb1988 Day ago

    Hairy Chinese kid an that.

  • Samuel Burton
    Samuel Burton Day ago

    "why didn't they just look both ways"

  • Mick
    Mick Day ago

    Cannot bloody wait for this.

  • Liston Metcalfe
    Liston Metcalfe Day ago +2

    Head like a fuckin orange

  • Liston Metcalfe
    Liston Metcalfe Day ago +1

    Head like a fuckin orange

  • Chris Carney
    Chris Carney Day ago

    50 pence!

  • HodorThe SilentHero
    HodorThe SilentHero 2 days ago

    Head like a fucking orange

  • Mr. J Pennybottom
    Mr. J Pennybottom 2 days ago +1

    Starring Clive Warren

  • Trollface Shitpants
    Trollface Shitpants 2 days ago


  • Dursun Sahin
    Dursun Sahin 2 days ago

    im gonna take up juggling...

  • Edward Hinton
    Edward Hinton 2 days ago

    Always knew he was a act from the start.

  • Owen Grant
    Owen Grant 2 days ago

    Congratulations on the movie carl. Look forward to watching it.

  • Mythagoras
    Mythagoras 2 days ago


  • pomegranate sounds
    pomegranate sounds 2 days ago

    Was that aunty Nora? 😂

  • Al Joyce
    Al Joyce 2 days ago

    The Idiot Abroad becomes enlightened; it's not Masonic at all.

  • ant lewis
    ant lewis 2 days ago

    the boiler must have packed up again.