Rare moment of bipartisanship at end of impeachment trial day

  • Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) concludes his impeachment trial argument against President Trump for the day, and the Senate honors the pages on their last day.
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  • AK Kk
    AK Kk Month ago +1

    The case had no facts to prove due to cover ups by Republicans. Democrats knew that and used this trial as a precursor to election so that the Americans wake up and are more aware. The Party of Abraham Lincoln is not what Republicans are now. Democracy rules and vote for Democrats. Vote for the lesser evil I.e Democrats.

  • alice goodman
    alice goodman Month ago

    Thanks, these folks gave me a nice clean place to live never happened before . Thanks Mr.Trump. Thanks Mr.Carson.

  • Frank Biggs
    Frank Biggs Month ago

    This dude is a joke. I watched the entire trial, democrats have nothing, it's almost a joke to watch this.....

  • Tommy Two Tone
    Tommy Two Tone Month ago +1

    Republicans won but they will not be reelected. Start looking for a good retirement home

  • nv vam
    nv vam Month ago

    I am happy this crap has finally come to its end

  • Sophie Sadeghi
    Sophie Sadeghi Month ago +1

    Bye 👋🏻 CHucky

  • Bubber Cakes
    Bubber Cakes 2 months ago

    Both of these men realize how this should go down; Biden’s son should be investigated an Trump should be impeached and locked up as a traitor to our great country. I have voted for people on both sides and will continue to do so, but we all knew that Trump should never have even been allowed to run. Anybody remember Trump University? How was that not a felonious crime?

  • ideaquest
    ideaquest 2 months ago

    CNN Fake News is focusing on the wrong things.

  • Thomas Stillman
    Thomas Stillman 2 months ago

    Democrat's can rationalize loosing as a win. Keep up the good work! lol

  • L. R.
    L. R. 2 months ago

    Dear God please remind our politicians of the oaths they took. Please guide them to put our country first. Amen.

  • Michael Shane
    Michael Shane 2 months ago

    DemocRats are trying to destroy our economy.

  • Elvoray Bane of the Darkness

    CNN - Home of the Talking Toiets

  • Moosieman WTB BIKELIFE
    Moosieman WTB BIKELIFE 2 months ago +1

    Trump 2020 💪💪💪it's very clear very clear these people hate trump💪💪just let the American people vote🤔like I can see the hate and that is bad 🤔 that's how people get charged wrong 🤔accused wrong🤔in no court can you come half prepared 🤔in school you are taught to come prepared 🤔THE HOUSE DEMOCRATS ARE SUPPOSE SET THAT VERY EXAMPLE 🤔 NOT all this assuming 🤔he said she said 🤔that's not even aloud in gangs 🤔not aloud in your home 🤔well I assumed you was madd🤔This crazy😤Imagine you are the boss and your employees are mad🤔they just get to making things up🤔and that's how a business or person/persons get their name ,insulted disrespected wrongfully accused 🤔 wrongfully charged ECT🤔

    LOVE YOUR LIFE 2 months ago

    Love your life

  • George Santos
    George Santos 2 months ago


  • Chris Topher
    Chris Topher 2 months ago

    This is click bait Bullshit. Oh, bipartisanship during the impeachment trial? MUST WATCH! OH! It’s just a bunch of old guys saying empty platitudes to the youngsters.

  • Missbojangels
    Missbojangels 2 months ago


  • Robert Perry
    Robert Perry 2 months ago

    Ok that more like it, at the end of the day. It's not the end of the republican' party, just the end of their king. So instead of passing them trump darkness for the future. Pass to them the fact's that they are here for the people. Not a dam king. And when the democrat's take over, They are going to reach out to republican's and say. Hey we will always have disagreement's, but fact's and evidence just don't lie. Now let's get our dam country and white house back in dam order. And work together, trump has fuck up to much shit. To be wasting time with a dam child.

    • RandmGye
      RandmGye Month ago

      What a bunch of bullshit. Come November you'll be crying again. If the Democrats ever take over we are doomed. I guess they'll give you free shit.

    • Robert Perry
      Robert Perry 2 months ago

      The best point after all this still stand's. When cumming's said hey we are better then this.

  • Tracy turnbull
    Tracy turnbull 2 months ago

    Trump 2020..... Semper Fi !!!! remove Shifty

  • James Jones
    James Jones 2 months ago

    Schiff is a nutcase and his legacy will show it.

  • Snow Jordan
    Snow Jordan 2 months ago

    The only bipartisanship thing in the trial is both sides feel it's physically tiring to have such a long session into the night.

  • Ali Saleh
    Ali Saleh 2 months ago

    Adam Schif should run for President

  • Amerigas Gabe.k
    Amerigas Gabe.k 2 months ago

    Really... 10 minutes... really...

  • Machut Zimik
    Machut Zimik 2 months ago +1

    Shifty Shift is so hilarious

  • Sean Cusker
    Sean Cusker 2 months ago

    stop tapping the podium.

  • Marton Steve
    Marton Steve 2 months ago


  • jimmyjackass
    jimmyjackass 2 months ago

    When will CNN and Fox get tired of lying ? Answer is never . They're getting rich of you sheep that watch this B/S

  • Darlene Monen
    Darlene Monen 2 months ago

    If they have something to hide they will fight it to the end. That's just how they are. A guilty person wont just come out and say yes I'm guilty. They dont have the conscience. If theres a chance they wont give in. Period!

  • Judy McBride
    Judy McBride 2 months ago

    What an actor.

  • Sonya Johnson
    Sonya Johnson 2 months ago

    This is such a farce. The Dems take the floor and talk about how the GOPers are so unpatriotic, traitorous, and shameful ... but when the cameras stop rolling, everybody is all friendly and shit - as our democracy is dying because of their rogue criminal president. Please.

  • Kasthoorie Pollmeier
    Kasthoorie Pollmeier 2 months ago

    Make all papers available/to hell with protocol/Lets get this done/Hope there's no Dems in that party/Poor kids!!!!

  • Kasthoorie Pollmeier
    Kasthoorie Pollmeier 2 months ago

    No Democrat will be president for another 20yrs/this parody is the Dems legacy/not acceptable/cry. Cry. /Stop Already/if you want any voters!!!!

  • Joe conti
    Joe conti 2 months ago

    Trump will be re-elected in 2020

  • Fender Strat
    Fender Strat 2 months ago


  • Dave Miller
    Dave Miller 2 months ago

    I hope to see "The Don" kill a opposing leader with his own hand during his second term. That would be awesome. Maybe even a few American democrats; after all they just a bunch of commy/marxist scum.

  • trafficjon400
    trafficjon400 2 months ago

    Show the same courage". i salute '. let's keep our courage in the order of the people for the Good". and Courage to prevent the Fall of the truth Please. I believe both "sides" have a lot of Good , or the fight would not have last for as long and beyond as it has. Good comes out in the End and Will win Again.

  • MB R
    MB R 2 months ago


  • Ivory Fyall
    Ivory Fyall 2 months ago +1

    If you dnt have a soul. You just dnt have a soul? These is some evil black hearted ppl you dealing with Mr Schiff But God Bless you and keep you safe. They all will reap what they sow. God see it all. He has a special place in hell for Trump's Big Fat Rump!! Wait just wait?🙏🙏🙏

  • Remate Cox
    Remate Cox 2 months ago

    How can any senator vote to keep Trump in office? It would be the worst thing to happen if DJT is left in office for our USA.

  • Rick Troiani
    Rick Troiani 2 months ago

    When will the Dems stop the make belief, stop the lies..No facts what so ever. Wait for Monday and next week they will be shaking in their pants. The Trumps attorneys will show fact and will prove the lies that was said during this week. It won't be nice. They are doing this so that time is wasted on finding how corrupt the Dems are and all the pay off they received while under Obama. They are the crooks that were sore losers. The Clintons hired hit men to murder key witnesses before the trial of embezzlement. Hillary getting paid millions of dollar for a half hour speech in Iran..She sells uranium to Iran and Iran sells to Russia. Nuclear weapon anyone. What's going on here? What no trial. 30 thousand email deleted and Comey said it was not a major violation / breach. The truth will come out. Once this sham is over watch out.

  • Paladin Geste
    Paladin Geste 2 months ago

    I was click baited here.
    Chris Cuomo, one of antifa's own. Commie anarchist scum.

  • K. Mark
    K. Mark 2 months ago

    Looks like the circus is in town

  • Bigbradwolf
    Bigbradwolf 2 months ago

    Could some leftist or CNN please explain to me what exactly has Trump done that was wrong?it seems that Democrats want to impeach Trump for Biden's corruption. Perhaps Adam Schiff and some of these politicians and CNN should get a real job in a coal mine for a while and see if they would be so angry at Trump.

  • Vince Norman
    Vince Norman 2 months ago

    Fake News:CNN doing a documentary on FakeNews.The most hilarious development to date. How can an organization which has produced the most fake news in history create a documentary on fake news. But wait! Maybe the revelation they are producing this documentary is fake. 😅

  • tractor
    tractor 2 months ago

    CNN, Democreats lost ! GO TRUMP !

  • kaleilw
    kaleilw 2 months ago

    Bitch "Moscow Mitch" Mcconnell is a drug dealing pos. A tomato mortar would be too good for him. Too bad for this country that he survived polio.

    JET JET 2 months ago +2

    They haven't even gotten into how Joe Biden *WHEN HE WAS VICE PRESIDENT* LOANED HIS BROTHER Frank $57 MILLION DOLLARS *OF TAX PAYERS MONEY* to invest in COSTA RICA and *HE LOST ALL OF IT* and then he gave him *ANOTHER* $45 MILLION DOLLARS *OF TAX PAYERS MONEY* to invest in Africa and *HE LOST ALL OF IT* wait til that comes out!!!

  • irish lady
    irish lady 2 months ago

    I feel like I was click baited into this, but it's just too bad the republican senators can't show these pages (interns) that there's any courage or justice in the senate....

  • JayJ
    JayJ 2 months ago

    This is such a joke we all know Trump did nothing wrong......hate him all you want but even you democrats cant be this stupid to actually believe this nonsense? The Ukraine Prime Minister himself said trump did nothing wrong that right there makes this a complete waste of time and taxpayers dollars

  • Tony Alkuhali
    Tony Alkuhali 2 months ago

    This president is the worst president in America. His heart is charged, even hatred, and racism is a selfish man

    • Tony Alkuhali
      Tony Alkuhali 2 months ago

      @Paladin Geste ahhh you are right I just copy the too a nother chenille

    • Paladin Geste
      Paladin Geste 2 months ago +1

      Sounds like English is not your first language.

  • nolisr115
    nolisr115 2 months ago +1

    Prove the democrats Wrong bring the witnesses

  • Augie Rockero
    Augie Rockero 2 months ago

    wWat? dogs and cats living together? Madness!

  • Kjostolf Borchgrevink
    Kjostolf Borchgrevink 2 months ago

    You say that the ambassador that was so "ruthlessly smeared" is now a hero... so, according to your logic then President Trump must be the greatest hero of all because of all the ruthless smears by the leftist democrats, right ? You're judging heroism by the amount of ruthless smears that have been lodged against somebody, right ? What hypocrisy ... as Shakespeare said... "Me thinks thou dost protest too much."

  • Kjostolf Borchgrevink
    Kjostolf Borchgrevink 2 months ago

    Their bosses didn't have to testify because their positions are covered by executive privilege Adam ... and everyone in an appointed position in the executive branch serves at the pleasure of the President of the United States, who happens to be the head of the Executive Branch. Their jobs are at risk every time there is a change in administration Adam... your pontificating of heroism has no basis for truth, and rings hollow.

  • Greg
    Greg 2 months ago

    No matter how much CNN spins it

  • Greg
    Greg 2 months ago

    There is no positive outcome from the actions of Democrats.

  • Greg
    Greg 2 months ago

    It’s a damn sham and a damn shame we have no leaders in Washington D.C. just idiots. Frigging shame.

  • Greg
    Greg 2 months ago

    House Managers have waisted taxpayers money making no case because this is all bs. All of it.

  • JJ Riggs
    JJ Riggs 2 months ago

    Now who'll show courage and investigate the former Vice President?

  • Greg
    Greg 2 months ago

    The bug eyed lying bug a boo. Why did no one in the Senate just go up to him and drag his ass out of the Senate with a boot up his ass.

  • ماهر حسين
    ماهر حسين 2 months ago

    Adam he is Jewish jerry nadler also jewish and Schumer also jewish why jewish don t like trump they give them everything

  • anthony corbin
    anthony corbin 2 months ago

    Wow...well after this blows up in their face like every other thing they've tried...while wasting 3 years and millions in taxpayers money...what will it be next ..I'm sure they have a pile of facts like always ....lol

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa 2 months ago

    Still more lies from Adam Schitt as he tries to help his team avoid execution and jail time. Pain coming wannabe Shakespeare.

  • J.L. Klamer
    J.L. Klamer 2 months ago

    "... who thinks there is a scenario in which Yovanovitch, Vindman, Bolton, Hill, Taylor, every witness is lying, and a fantasy we only heard from the president's team is the real story? For them, rights are rights important."

  • J.L. Klamer
    J.L. Klamer 2 months ago

    "... who thinks there is a scenario in which Yovanovitch, Vindman, Bolton, Hill, Taylor, every witness is lying, and a fantasy we only heard from the president's team is the real story? For them, rights are rights important."

  • J.L. Klamer
    J.L. Klamer 2 months ago

    "... who thinks there is a scenario in which Yovanovitch, Vindman, Bolton, Hill, Taylor, every witness is lying, and a fantasy we only heard from the president's team is the real story? For them, rights are rights important."

  • J.L. Klamer
    J.L. Klamer 2 months ago

    "... who thinks there is a scenario in which Yovanovitch, Vindman, Bolton, Hill, Taylor, every witness is lying, and a fantasy we only heard from the president's team is the real story? For them, rights are rights important."

  • Ken Jamison
    Ken Jamison 2 months ago

    It is difficult to comment about this corrupt, self serving, lying, slimey, bug eyed son of a bitch...I guess I just did, didn’t I? Kenneth H. Jamison

  • donny lincoln
    donny lincoln 2 months ago

    Satan is using the Democrats to cause chaos deception and hatred when will the American people have enough of that charade and hatred when will the American people stand up against the American media who is trying to dismantle and deceive the American people they want trump to be held accountable by letting go Joe Biden and honeybun America this is not right

  • joe mama
    joe mama 2 months ago

    Call Adam (schiffhead) Schiff at DC: (202) 225-4176 Hollyweird: (323) 315-5555
    Misrepresenting California's 28th District for too long!
    Call Nancy (batshxt crazy) Pelosi at DC: (202) 225-4965 SF: (415) 556-4862
    Misrepresenting California's 12th District since 1,000,000 BC! (When dinosaurs roamed the earth!)

  • Michael Nitsch
    Michael Nitsch 2 months ago

    you demoncrats have been relentlessly attacking trump with your lies false accusations and lying inuendos since he took office and i for one am sick of you godless people we can see you for what you are wicked liars especially nancy and adam shiff!
    i would never vote for the damn Demoncrat party again as you have all shown us what type of heartless and satanic people you are! hoping to break him so he won't run for office again that makes you people evil and how well you serve your father in HELL!
    and joe talks about trump's corruption and what about his corruption and consorting with trafficked women eh joe/

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 2 months ago

    What a circus act the wiretapping scammers are... The sleazy treasonous shiffty shiff is embarrassing fool in is attempt to overthrow the peoples elected president.. Always trying to invent crime in his scamming spins pretending to be important news

  • Fire Lord
    Fire Lord 2 months ago

    They changed the title from “schiff ends day with standing round of applause” or something around there lOl

  • Wolverines Fight
    Wolverines Fight 2 months ago

    Why didn't Schiff allow Republican witnesses in the House hearing?

  • stable genius
    stable genius 2 months ago

    Draft Dodger and Tax Dodger is being found out.

  • ramos1258
    ramos1258 2 months ago

    GOP are more terrorist than American. It’s a shame people are not educated enough to see this

  • Jay Gibson
    Jay Gibson 2 months ago

    Get out of my seat.

  • bro morgan
    bro morgan 2 months ago

    Adam Schitt will go down in history as having "Ample evidence of
    NOTHING" while he floats down his own Schitt Creek, without a paddle,
    whistling the blues. Boy does it smell bad. LOL Hallelujah! Does GOD
    the Father have a sense of humor? U bet HE does! Next watch AMERICA get
    shocked as the evidence comes out from Rudy, Durham and the B2 bomber
    pay load - Bill Barr.

  • Brad Gray
    Brad Gray 2 months ago


  • Brad Gray
    Brad Gray 2 months ago