Tricks Advertisers Use To Make Food Look Delicious! DIY Food Photo Hacks and More by Blossom

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
  • Ever thought how food advertisements make you drool over them?
    Well, we have revealed the tricks!
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  • Derek Goodner
    Derek Goodner 11 minutes ago

    Real beer still looks better than fake foam beer

  • Paul Romero
    Paul Romero Hour ago

    Don’t ever disrespect bacon like that!

  • Chris Ayotte
    Chris Ayotte Hour ago

    Does the boiled eggs in microwave trick work?

  • sum ting wong wit varinna

    *Illusion 100*

  • Bearded Octopug
    Bearded Octopug 3 hours ago

    9:17 Don't have a cork screw, try the cork shoe

  • Star Truett
    Star Truett 3 hours ago

    Mine went to cooking tips instead of false advertising

  • Smendrick Pepperell
    Smendrick Pepperell 4 hours ago

    Not tricks just fraud. This is what Germany was talking about in the 1930's

  • kruff39
    kruff39 4 hours ago


  • Nicolas Leone
    Nicolas Leone 5 hours ago

    That is NOT how u cook a steak

  • Nicolas Leone
    Nicolas Leone 5 hours ago

    This turned to cooking life hacks very quickly

  • Gem ASMR
    Gem ASMR 5 hours ago

    Everythings a lie!!!!! Lol but also some cool tricks

  • Devin Wang
    Devin Wang 6 hours ago

    This teaches you how to make tasty food!

  • Gipsar
    Gipsar 6 hours ago

    Went from tricks advertisers use to putting plants in bottles and bottles in shoes, then DIY Molotov cocktails?

  • LoxBaxEdox :p
    LoxBaxEdox :p 7 hours ago

    9:55 it was hard but worth it

  • nathan koury
    nathan koury 7 hours ago

    When girls wear makeup this is pretty much what is happening

  • Adsa 16
    Adsa 16 9 hours ago

    This channel is in love with alcoholism

  • Jose Rodriquez
    Jose Rodriquez 10 hours ago

    This is one hell of a video, with lots of helpful info..👍🏼👍🏼

  • Gangster Gaming
    Gangster Gaming 10 hours ago


  • samuel YT
    samuel YT 11 hours ago

    You cant eat those

  • Luck z
    Luck z 12 hours ago +1

    I dont get it. Whats your point???

  • Leon Flames
    Leon Flames 13 hours ago

    This is why i only eat Subway and Zacby's both are great places to eat and you get what they show

  • Vianca Arroyo
    Vianca Arroyo 13 hours ago

    Tried the boiled eggs DIY and it did NOT work. When I took them out of the microwave, the egg was not cooked all the way.

  • Mejay
    Mejay 13 hours ago

    1:12 is that beer? Because beer actually has lasting foam

  • psychedelic waste
    psychedelic waste 13 hours ago

    their tricking us guys hahah

  • Andrea Codoshian
    Andrea Codoshian 15 hours ago

    That bacon trick is sweet

  • Greasy hair
    Greasy hair 17 hours ago +1

    When did thid video end up as food hacks rather then the advertising thing?

  • Christl Wahrheit
    Christl Wahrheit 17 hours ago

    LOL, 1:13 sorry but in many countries in the World the normal beer is looking like your commercial. Maybe your technic to fill in or your beer isn't great ;)

  • MEI NA
    MEI NA 18 hours ago

    can i eat this food if i made it

  • Elizabeth Herrera
    Elizabeth Herrera 18 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey is not aloud to close McDonalds

  • Disturbed God
    Disturbed God 18 hours ago

    I guess I've been using the ice trays wrong my whole life 😂😂

  • removal man
    removal man 19 hours ago

    See that's what I'm talking about😡🗡🔫

  • Psychoanalytical87
    Psychoanalytical87 19 hours ago

    Instead of using my weekend meeting up with guys from POF this is what I'm doing

  • TheFruitpower
    TheFruitpower 19 hours ago


  • diwakar mula
    diwakar mula 19 hours ago

    TheXvid wants to know your location for creative ads

  • asherdev joby
    asherdev joby 19 hours ago +1

    I thought all the advertising foods will be eaten by the advertisrs .now I understood that it can't be eaten

  • Umarurin
    Umarurin 19 hours ago

    The thumbnail... I don't see why you should compare a commercial burger to a burger that isn't even the same kind of burger...
    At least use the same kind of burger like a commercial cheeseburger vs a non-commercial cheeseburger.

  • Not Interested
    Not Interested 19 hours ago


  • Lady Red
    Lady Red 20 hours ago

    These commercials and real life are hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Allea Project
    Allea Project 20 hours ago


  • reputaytion
    reputaytion 20 hours ago +1

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me but the real burger looks better

  • Yousouf Goollamkader
    Yousouf Goollamkader 21 hour ago +1

    I can't believe that is this real

  • chemicalsam
    chemicalsam 21 hour ago

    Should be illegal

  • Andrés Rincon
    Andrés Rincon 21 hour ago

    Y el tomate

  • babyg plays
    babyg plays 22 hours ago

    This is fake

  • Jonh Burrows
    Jonh Burrows 22 hours ago


  • Joey beanbags
    Joey beanbags 22 hours ago

    That thumbnail over exaggerating, I’m not rich but I live in a rich area of NY and are fast food looks good

  • Mike Wazoski
    Mike Wazoski 22 hours ago

    HACK: Want to take Pictures of milk and drink it? Just pour Bleach

    Don't do it rly don't.

  • Jerry Branham
    Jerry Branham 23 hours ago

    Hello. I just wanted to comment on this video and to tell you I love your channel. The video is very informative. I have subscribed. Thanks for the great work. Greetings and Respect from Canada!!!

  • millercmdn
    millercmdn Day ago

    These rich white crakkkas got all the tricks 🤣🤣

  • Grant Heglin
    Grant Heglin Day ago

    I ain’t mad

  • Suguna N
    Suguna N Day ago +1

    Before speaking about commercial and reality once look at your filtered profile picture and the original you in the mirror
    Just joking

  • saf dipo
    saf dipo Day ago

    Thats beer must be american beer

  • Jumble Drops1029

    Sad people only care about money and not the customer anymore.

  • Luv Official
    Luv Official Day ago


  • Sedew
    Sedew Day ago

    This went from showing how commercials fool use to cooking hacks quickly

    PAIN MASTER Day ago

    Intresting so if i put a pin in a egg wouldnt the yellow stuff come out?

  • Michael Howe
    Michael Howe Day ago

    Thanks for telling us how to make a Molotov lol

  • LinkToThePastry
    LinkToThePastry Day ago

    Video takes a hard turn at 2:42

  • Адам Садулаев

    С третьей минуты какие то ёбаные лайфхаки пошли

  • Abstract thought


  • Natalie Friede
    Natalie Friede Day ago +1


  • francis takacs
    francis takacs Day ago

    That's life.

  • Victor Frey
    Victor Frey Day ago

    Real olive oil dont freeze

  • kristalin c
    kristalin c Day ago

    This was so funny to me when we learned about this in Mass Communications.

  • tuna slad
    tuna slad Day ago

    thanks now im WOKE

  • Tech
    Tech Day ago

    The lengths advertisers go to make a quick buck. Yeesh.

  • Sand Shrew
    Sand Shrew Day ago

    Lol, that Iron steak trick... I've used it so many times with chicken breast

  • millatym04
    millatym04 Day ago

    This video basically depicts American culture in a nutshell.
    Everything is a facade....

  • Kenya Castillo Encarnacion


  • earl williams
    earl williams Day ago

    Yeah it's called false advertisement and getting away with it

  • Pixelkid99
    Pixelkid99 Day ago +1

    So wait our life is a lie😨😨😨

  • Koncha 04
    Koncha 04 Day ago


  • SR_ Dewasmes01
    SR_ Dewasmes01 Day ago

    1:13 in portugal its not like that....

  • htx Josh
    htx Josh Day ago

    Everybody knows the bone trick come on

  • Janilah Cannon
    Janilah Cannon Day ago

    Wendy’s really did that because I bought a biggy bag the sandwich was flat

  • Gamer Experto
    Gamer Experto Day ago

    Lo del huevo en el microondas es mentira no lo hagan yo lo ise y el huevo exploton dentro del microondas e iso un pegostre orrible y olia a huevo podrido no lo hagan

  • Alonzo T
    Alonzo T Day ago

    I feel betrayed....

  • LukeTheNuke1111
    LukeTheNuke1111 Day ago

    Wait, is this a baby channel? Like the tv channel 📺

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo Day ago

    Is that so? Khaaa... I was fooled all along.

  • Jocelyne Carranza ღ ღ

    So True 😂💕
    I love it.

  • 따뜻해신기해

    Oh hungry ....
    It will be great ..

  • Andrew Solis
    Andrew Solis Day ago

    My life is a lie...

  • ALeX98V GaMeOVeR

    That's how commercial advertising works.

  • ALeX98V GaMeOVeR

    Motor oil for breakfast!

  • Melissa Stark
    Melissa Stark Day ago

    Lol tampons

  • Watch With Me
    Watch With Me Day ago +4

    Filling a wine bottle with torch fuel isn't really safe especially on the dinner table 🤷‍♂️🙈

  • AlAxe Pocoyo
    AlAxe Pocoyo Day ago

    at first it is food advertising then it switch to cooking tips wth

  • Christina Done
    Christina Done Day ago

    Honestly who puts dish soap in they drink🤣🤣

    • Christina Done
      Christina Done 17 hours ago +1

      Pando I meant like what happens if a person was to put soap in there drink and they drank it lmao

    • Pando
      Pando Day ago

      I have a feeling you're not understanding the entire concept here. Hint: It's for advertising purposes. The foam remains intact longer with soap. You don't actually drink it.

  • Thefirstfool
    Thefirstfool Day ago

    Fake commercials now how to cook food BOI

  • ブンジンガチ勢


  • Sicarii
    Sicarii Day ago

    Our lives are a huge lie.

  • #UnicornLover plaz

    Today is my birthday exact 12am in night 18th april my birthday

  • Badon Nongkynrih

    Very ingenious

  • Dominykas Dominuk

    Oil doesn't really freeze

  • sleep tight
    sleep tight Day ago

    Ok makes more sense now

  • Cuddy D
    Cuddy D Day ago

    If Gordon Ramsey saw all this microwave cooking he would have a heart attack

  • Joe Chung
    Joe Chung Day ago +5

    So that turkey was killed for nothing???

  • Stunt Smith
    Stunt Smith Day ago

    The wine bottle tiki torch thing is a horrible horrible idea. If it’s not tempered glass that can handle the heat it will shatter and leave burning tiki torch oil everywhere. I highly doubt that wine bottle is tempered glass

  • Mindaugas Laurinaitis

    Half of the vid is just food 'hacks'