• Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • One last chance to help me finalise rules! This was recorded before I flew out to America for the fight, but once I'm back in the UK we'll REALLY get on with it!
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  • drift.TV
    drift.TV 17 days ago

    win by 4 or more goals = promo pack

  • Zachary Payne
    Zachary Payne 19 days ago

    Stop raging

  • Fraser
    Fraser 20 days ago +1

    You should get a goal keeper that gets chemistry

  • Joel Mwangi
    Joel Mwangi 20 days ago

    You should do what josh and Simon do

  • Yambo Vegie
    Yambo Vegie 20 days ago

    Do something similar to Simon Zidane one

  • Yambo Vegie
    Yambo Vegie 20 days ago

    Tobi: good block
    3 secs later: opposition scores

  • Tony Chan
    Tony Chan 20 days ago

    'ill be disappointed if i don't win' goes on to get fucked

  • Nathan Hilton
    Nathan Hilton 21 day ago

    Do what Ethan did in his series. Us the market to upgrade the players from bronze to silver to gold to if and so on.


    you do know you can buy players too haha, but just using packs and players all ready in club does make it interesting

  • spotty beatz
    spotty beatz 24 days ago


  • Daniel Serek
    Daniel Serek 25 days ago

    You should get 2000 coins for a kane goal and 1000 coins for a kane assist also if u win a game you get 2000coins and a draw is 1000 coins. you use coins to get players of the market like if u agree also much love from Poland Tobi :)

  • xyhad
    xyhad 25 days ago

    Also, try using chemistry styles on harry kane

  • xyhad
    xyhad 25 days ago

    Use 4-4-2 as a formation too btw amazing formation

  • Saumaan
    Saumaan 25 days ago

    Sell Kane get the potm vardy as vardy is way better then Kane

    C4J FOOTBALL 25 days ago

    Make a pot then put all the silver and gold player in and make them all English so u get chem and pick the randomly then buy them

  • nabil 876
    nabil 876 26 days ago

    you cannot buy any players just use players from packs this will make the series more interesting and unexpected

  • Eyoda Eyoda
    Eyoda Eyoda 26 days ago

    When you can get min son

  • rAnd0m_ gAmiNg_23
    rAnd0m_ gAmiNg_23 26 days ago +1

    Win=premium gold pack
    Rage quit=gold pack
    Loss=downgrade a player
    Hat trick=premium gold pack
    Win by more than 3 goals=premium gold pack
    Loss by more than 3=downgrade 2 players
    Like so that Tobi sees this

  • Adam R
    Adam R 26 days ago

    MEANWHILE!!! Wtf was all that about 😂

    BIGBAZZ 26 days ago

    Do you even like Kane being a united fan??

  • Eleanor Ogle
    Eleanor Ogle 26 days ago

    if kane gets a hatrick my buy a gold

  • Gustav Hegg
    Gustav Hegg 26 days ago +2

    I Just love how all the sidemen are starting their fifa series again.

  • kajka_12
    kajka_12 27 days ago

    In your opinions is it worth buying kane for my premier league side or not cause I don't know what to do

  • RylanDusWrk
    RylanDusWrk 27 days ago

    Maestro On kane

  • ArinE
    ArinE 27 days ago

    You have completed objectives claim the rewards

  • ramtin karimaei
    ramtin karimaei 27 days ago

    If u had rashford u would have a full gold team after one game

  • T Fichman
    T Fichman 27 days ago

    you should just get a full gold team to start with. That is the only way this series is going to feasibly finish.

  • Julian Cannata
    Julian Cannata 27 days ago +1

    Change formation to 41212 narrow

  • Al
    Al 27 days ago

    add a chem style to Kane

  • mike 1234
    mike 1234 27 days ago

    For a gold player I would get gray he has pace and is cheap

  • Stotty PlayZz
    Stotty PlayZz 28 days ago

    I think you should stop trying to pass to kane all the time and just try and get the wins and as you keep getting goals, the goals from Kane will start intertwining into you every-game scenarios

  • Diego Armour
    Diego Armour 28 days ago

    Get pace pace pace it’s op

  • Oliver Mincher
    Oliver Mincher 28 days ago

    Idk what you expect off a bronze team

  • Doug GimmeDome
    Doug GimmeDome 28 days ago

    The only way Kane will work is if you get a pacey striker next to him like Lucas

  • Michael Tadese
    Michael Tadese 28 days ago

    Kane is able sucks change it cause he is not that good in fifa 20 because of his pace

  • twan vogelzang
    twan vogelzang 28 days ago

    If you have 3 upgrades why not upgrade 1 player straight to gold

    CHELSEA MIKEWOOD 28 days ago

    Get James from Man U 92 pace

  • D K
    D K 28 days ago

    Should just upgrade Harry Kane to son

  • E- 9
    E- 9 28 days ago +1

    Play squad battles with to improve your team and after play division rivals

  • Ryan Bollhauer
    Ryan Bollhauer 28 days ago +1

    For your gold upgrades, you should upgrade them by rating. So non board (82), then board players (85), the do walkouts.

  • Fx
    Fx 28 days ago

    You should’ve based it around an Icon

  • Blake Thomas
    Blake Thomas 28 days ago

    You really need to work on your passing

  • Tom Hilton
    Tom Hilton 28 days ago

    Kane is one of the worst players you could of picked to use ngl, he’s lack of speed, agility and balance means he’s really poor especially with his weak foot feeling very lacklustre

  • 0.dembele11
    0.dembele11 28 days ago

    Just buy silver players from the market to Get some chemistry

  • Jared Monaghan
    Jared Monaghan 28 days ago

    Get scream traore and do the vardy sbc

  • Rio Smith
    Rio Smith 28 days ago

    get that scum out of your team f Plymouth all the Plymouth fans looking at this then I'll just leave this here 4-0

  • Nathan Porter
    Nathan Porter 28 days ago

    Don’t get packs, for every goal you score you just buy a player like you did in old series’s

  • Coran Mitchell
    Coran Mitchell 28 days ago

    By the way tobi the free kick physics like if you tap them its a free

  • Rosh w
    Rosh w 28 days ago

    I think this will be pretty interesting
    A goal with Harry Kane means you take off your strongest player who isn't Harry Kane and replace him with a bronze.
    When you win you get a pack
    For a draw your allowed to buy upgrades from the market
    Your allowed to sell players
    No player on your team can be above 86

  • T4 Tomster
    T4 Tomster 28 days ago

    Why don't you play like normal people and try to get the best team possible with the coins you gain by playing and opening rewards?

  • Jonty McNulty
    Jonty McNulty 28 days ago

    1 Kane Goal - gold upgrade pack (in Sbc’s)
    3 Kane goal - 7.5 k pack, and upgrade in team (if team is fully upgraded then any chem style)
    1 Kane assist - Gold pack
    Team win - buy any player u can with your coins ( still following the rules of upgrading the team but by bit )

  • Bigmc1245
    Bigmc1245 28 days ago +2

    When Kane gets an assist you should put chemistry styles on players

  • Nathan Wright
    Nathan Wright 28 days ago +1

    Swap your two CB for more chemistry and wasp your two CM for chemistry just move them around the other way round

  • raf tsopoul
    raf tsopoul 28 days ago

    Change the badge this team really sucks

  • Lochie Cummins
    Lochie Cummins 28 days ago

    no, kane is kane

  • Leo Elms
    Leo Elms 28 days ago

    U should definitely buy players so you can get chem

  • Grayson Brooks
    Grayson Brooks 28 days ago

    U should buy the upgrade players for chemistry so that you can choose the players

  • Melissa Mccafferty
    Melissa Mccafferty 28 days ago

    Buy players you dum ass

  • Hrystac Ghynime
    Hrystac Ghynime 28 days ago

    Win by 2 = best pack on the store
    Win by 1 = premium gold pack
    Draw = gold pack
    Lost = discord chooses a position that you discard but Kane is not allowed to be discarded
    Loving the vids good luck

  • Max Shamwana
    Max Shamwana 28 days ago

    kane is trash use a better player because it would be more interesting, no hate just saying