Putting Weird Things In A Coffee Maker (TEST)

  • Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • What happens when you put hot sauce through a coffee maker instead of water? Let's find out. GMM #1361
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Comments • 11 796

  • Edward's Branchline Productions

    What else could be put in a coffee maker

  • Camando 123
    Camando 123 Day ago

    Oreos and milk

  • Spector Gaming
    Spector Gaming Day ago

    I don’t think Rhett realizes that you can eat beef raw and not get sick lol

  • XxCactoos_ManxX
    XxCactoos_ManxX Day ago

    I absolutely ADORE how they got their GMM mugs right in front of them, yet they use some shitty glass cups! 😂

  • cstuned
    cstuned 2 days ago


  • Justin Good
    Justin Good 4 days ago

    5:36 link was very happy with Rhett’s complement😂

  • Philip Watkins
    Philip Watkins 7 days ago

    Should have steamed shrimp!!!

  • DarkLeagon
    DarkLeagon 8 days ago

    here in belgium we eat raw beef, but mostly between sandwiches no casualties yet so don't worry

  • Thomas Lopez
    Thomas Lopez 8 days ago

    Cookie dough with water as the liquid , brownies with milk as the liquid or Rice & cinnamon sticks and milk as the liquid

  • ACDCRocksmay Yoboiyoboi

    Do they not realize they are also drinking toothpaste

  • Griffin Kimbrell
    Griffin Kimbrell 10 days ago


  • Nyall Padre
    Nyall Padre 11 days ago

    This turned into a "Will it Soup?" episode real quick

  • Isaac Maldonado
    Isaac Maldonado 11 days ago

    “Brotha, I made you this hot koolaid..”

  • omega gabe
    omega gabe 12 days ago

    And I oop

  • omega gabe
    omega gabe 12 days ago

    Rett: I thawt I was eatin hotsauce
    Me: wait what

  • Daniel Herran
    Daniel Herran 12 days ago

    Cinnamon buns and chocolate milk!!! 😂

  • Emilia E
    Emilia E 12 days ago

    Worlds hottest chocolate.

  • igorwaltz3
    igorwaltz3 13 days ago

    Pizza should have been dehydrated. Guess Josh wasn't hired?!

  • Paul Bernabe Lagansoa
    Paul Bernabe Lagansoa 13 days ago

    Fresh milk and then a mix of swissmiss chocolate and coffee

  • Addis Martinez
    Addis Martinez 14 days ago

    breakfast foods or donuts

  • Stickingnote Gaming
    Stickingnote Gaming 14 days ago +1

    No, Rhett, coffee is not good cold.
    But pizza is

  • Averi Full
    Averi Full 15 days ago

    Cookies and milk

  • Ga Tech Company
    Ga Tech Company 19 days ago

    Put Brewed coffee through a coffee machine

  • Charlee Cat lady
    Charlee Cat lady 19 days ago

    If i went to their office i wouldnt use any of their cups

  • Josh Gettys
    Josh Gettys 20 days ago

    You should have ground up the cinnamon toast crunch. Like, put them in a coffee grinder or something.

  • Holl E. H.
    Holl E. H. 21 day ago

    Breaking Grounds- Rhett and Link's coffeehouse.

  • Holl E. H.
    Holl E. H. 21 day ago

    Rhett and Link's hot tottie!!!

  • Manuel Aguilar
    Manuel Aguilar 22 days ago +1

    Chocolate bars with milk and let the milk melt the chocolate 🤔

  • dion dangerfield
    dion dangerfield 23 days ago

    Cinnamon toast limp 😂

  • Marlize1911
    Marlize1911 23 days ago

    Call it pizzatea

  • Miroslav Ćulić
    Miroslav Ćulić 25 days ago

    Doo the Dew, bro!

  • Moppy G
    Moppy G Month ago

    Microwave weird things

  • Elite 4 Kahili
    Elite 4 Kahili Month ago

    Basically, Will it coffee? YES!

  • eric s
    eric s Month ago

    How about Putting weird things in a Soda Stream

  • ColtonMooney
    ColtonMooney Month ago +2

    And i thought i was weird for drinking hot oj as a kid 😂

  • dAspie David
    dAspie David Month ago

    Replace the coffee with pure coco powder.

  • Alicia King
    Alicia King Month ago

    Can you make hot chocolate in a coffee maker? Like cocoa as coffee and milk as water

  • Luke Henson Music
    Luke Henson Music Month ago +8

    Hannibal Lecter Coffee: ground-up Fava beans in the coffee filter, Chianti in the water tank. Make it happen.

  • Chris Booth
    Chris Booth Month ago

    Pancakes and syrup

  • lydia wold
    lydia wold Month ago

    Coffee grinds and then creamer (so you dont have to put the creamer in)

  • Layne Sucks
    Layne Sucks Month ago

    beef juice

  • Letícia Suzuki
    Letícia Suzuki Month ago

    2:13 it’s like Link looks at Rhett for his approval to make sure he actually is pressing the right button

  • Mitchell Ford
    Mitchell Ford Month ago

    Doritos and Gatorade

  • Elise Gonzalez
    Elise Gonzalez Month ago +1

    Chocolate (as the water) and strawberries (as the coffee)

  • Angélique Rose
    Angélique Rose Month ago +3

    I’m waiting for the day that they make cereal themed merch for Link

  • Scott OTK
    Scott OTK Month ago

    Tequila through takis or flamin hots.

  • Norris King
    Norris King 2 months ago

    Pine apple juice and pizza
    Lemons juice and avocados
    Tortilla chips and beef broth

  • the pizza Player
    the pizza Player 2 months ago

    Put chocolate cake and eggnog in a coffee maker

  • Meredith Schafer
    Meredith Schafer 2 months ago

    Crushed up nilla wafers in the top and root beer in the back

  • Wyndsor
    Wyndsor 2 months ago +1

    Put ice cream in the coffee filter and root beer in the back. Hot ice cream float.

  • Kendra Paterson
    Kendra Paterson 2 months ago

    Put Red Bull instead of water in the coffee maker.

  • Mr. Duno9
    Mr. Duno9 2 months ago

    y'all toothpaste is poisonous

  • SPCAJB93
    SPCAJB93 2 months ago

    So if you instead put jalapeños where the grounds go, with Starbucks ice coffee where the water goes. Will you have spicy coffee, instead of of coffee spice.

  • Diego Borja
    Diego Borja 2 months ago +1

    Hot sauce: JOEY! Let’s go make some wake up juice!
    👍 for reference

  • Caia x
    Caia x 2 months ago

    Cookies and milk!!!

  • Anastasia Podscochinova

    I wonder what Rhett looks like without his beard and moustache... he's got such an innocent face I bet he looks 14

    • Danz McNabb
      Danz McNabb 2 months ago

      Just watch one of their older videos.

  • Jacob Owen
    Jacob Owen 2 months ago

    The worlds hottest pepper with the worlds hottest hot sauce

  • TheGreatPugtato
    TheGreatPugtato 2 months ago

    Should of put doritos in it

  • Danielle Simpson
    Danielle Simpson 2 months ago

    Baileys liqueur and coffee !

  • Julian Williams
    Julian Williams 2 months ago

    Pig blood

  • Noah Farrell
    Noah Farrell 2 months ago

    grind up the cereal first!

  • Tiffany Farmer
    Tiffany Farmer 2 months ago +1

    Blood through the coffee filter

  • Joe Dagel
    Joe Dagel 2 months ago

    You guys should put wine through it with coffee grounds or fruit

  • Guy T
    Guy T 2 months ago

    Red Bull and coffee

  • Guy T
    Guy T 2 months ago

    Milk and ghost peppers

  • Asa Dockter
    Asa Dockter 2 months ago +1

    They should do putting weird things in a washer

  • Student Kali Jackson
    Student Kali Jackson 2 months ago

    pancakes and syriup

  • Bearski
    Bearski 2 months ago

    Did anyone else laugh a little too hard when Rhett said “breaking grounds!”...

  • italia pagaja adrianna
    italia pagaja adrianna 2 months ago

    You should do the coffee filter thing again but with koolaid as the water and then crunched Pringles as the coffee grains

  • Felix Zabala
    Felix Zabala 2 months ago

    they shouldve crushed the cereal i guarantee it wouldve been great

  • Lini25
    Lini25 2 months ago

    Kakao and milk

  • Brittany Cullip
    Brittany Cullip 2 months ago

    My co worker sent me a meme during work. It said 'I put redbull in my coffee this morning instead of water; and now I can see noises'
    You should try brewing coffee with red bull 😲

  • Curtis McCullohs
    Curtis McCullohs 2 months ago +1

    beer and pretzels

  • EMIproductions
    EMIproductions 2 months ago

    Putting hot sauce through chicken wings

  • justin upshaw
    justin upshaw 2 months ago

    Four loco and coffee....