The Death of the DCEU - A Rant


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  • Daniel Bifröst
    Daniel Bifröst 3 minutes ago

    The Kojima school of pacing :D :D :D

  • Eric Rhodes
    Eric Rhodes 6 hours ago

    Henry Cavill: The Man, The MOUTH, the legend

  • Sonny G
    Sonny G 2 days ago

    Latinum is the future

  • FragArena99
    FragArena99 2 days ago

    The "red"s in hollywood is toxifying good storytelling

  • Dubuya Jay
    Dubuya Jay 2 days ago

    I loved Dawn of The Dead, 300, and Watchmen, but his original works are a train wreck. His horrid DCU can't end too soon.

  • henrymac77
    henrymac77 3 days ago

    Dude, your videos are the closest I will ever again come to going to church. Godspeed.

  • Candy Chan
    Candy Chan 3 days ago

    Now if only if you can survive The Legendary Monsterverse and The Conjuring-verse....

  • KageMinowara
    KageMinowara 4 days ago

    Wooooooo Manowar! \m/

  • Gamer Doge
    Gamer Doge 4 days ago

    Dc is not in the level of mcu mcu has WAY MORE fans then dc but still superman left and there was so many fanboys and girls crying imagine ironman and cap got replaced

    Mcu:we have new cap and ironman

  • Tial
    Tial 5 days ago

    I saw Cannibal Corpse in Berkeley at a sold out show. Although I have no idea what a Manowar is...

  • akilhikari
    akilhikari 5 days ago

    Dude.....are you Spoony? Lmao

  • Coran Gallacher
    Coran Gallacher 5 days ago

    Fucking! Spot on 100%

  • brodro gamer
    brodro gamer 5 days ago

    Warner fucked up by giving these titles to untalented creatures.

  • Peter Attwood
    Peter Attwood 5 days ago

    Who would you have direct superman/justice league movies?

  • rayblack2004
    rayblack2004 5 days ago

    4:03 What a terrible read - you can just see her over ennunciating as per directors instructions and willing herself to get through this shit and star in something better.

  • Al G
    Al G 5 days ago

    JLA was STILL better than anything from the Marvel Suck off Festival.

  • stuff and things
    stuff and things 5 days ago

    You remind me of jay jona Jameson

  • Frank Lara
    Frank Lara 5 days ago

    Justice League was really hard to watch. But I thought "Man of Steel" was amazing. The tempo and story progression was awesome.

  • Lonely Wolf
    Lonely Wolf 5 days ago

    Was the Dceu even alive in the first place?

  • Neil Mitchell
    Neil Mitchell 5 days ago

    WB have totally shit the bed with the DCEU. Batman too old with no backstory by the time the JL, comes to prominence, Superman killing Zod, Death of Superman and Doomsday too early. To reboot would undo WW and (potentially) Aquaman's positivity. Same company fucked up Suicide Squad too. Whole thing is screwed before it's started properly. Thing is, Man of Steel was actually OK as a film and a launch point.

  • StuffedAnimalAdvisor

    That is still my favorite superman moment of the past decade. The airplane scene of superman returns.

  • Roo nok
    Roo nok 6 days ago

    Two half a nothings equals a whole nothing... Foghorn Leghorn

  • comwes907
    comwes907 6 days ago

    Berkeley NEEDS a Manowar concert or some test-driver

  • Lord Flame
    Lord Flame 6 days ago

    You should’ve said
    Shit x shit = Shit squared

  • mongsauce
    mongsauce 6 days ago +1

    Another “shouty” youtuber. Yay!

  • Chris Winter
    Chris Winter 6 days ago

    Nice gloves

  • Laurence Jones
    Laurence Jones 6 days ago

    I’ve only seen the dark knight trilogy and suicide squad and loved all those films, I’ll take your advice that the rest are horse apple, unless you implying the aforementioned are failures in which I’ll agree to disagree.

  • Helium Wool
    Helium Wool 6 days ago

    Even BATMAN is afriad.

  • Alyssa Coppock
    Alyssa Coppock 7 days ago


  • MonadoBoy
    MonadoBoy 7 days ago

    Green Lantern was part of the DCEU?

    • iDesireToasters
      iDesireToasters 5 days ago

      It was originally meant to be the start of the DCEU.

  • not shure
    not shure 7 days ago +1

    Sh!it + sh!t is shit squared...

  • Mercenary Knight
    Mercenary Knight 7 days ago

    I actually disagree with you. I enjoy Man Of Steel, BVS, & Wonder Woman. Justice League was entertaining, but Suicide Squad sucks ass. We will just have to agree to disagree here, Razor. ;)

  • Kaze Kami
    Kaze Kami 7 days ago

    Green Lantern was an okay film... It's biggest issue was it came out around the same time as Captain America, which was MILES better.

  • Jon-Erich
    Jon-Erich 7 days ago

    If there is one thing Justice Leage got right, it was the ending, or at least the post-credit ending. They hinted at the Injustice League, or the Legion of Doom or whatever they're going to call themselves. This means that since the folks at Warner suck at universe building, all they have to do is introduce a new villain in the solo films and then give some sort of hint at the end of each movie that the villain might form an alliance with Lex Luthor and you already have a premise for a Justice League 2. This is good because it means the solo films don't have to focus too much on universe building while still maintaining a clear continuity that allows all these heroes and villains to eventually meet one another. In fact, if they were to make a Justice League movie down the road and just call it "Justice League vs the Legion of Doom", that alone will get people in the theaters.

  • Horrormaster13
    Horrormaster13 7 days ago

    R.I.P. DCEU
    There was some potential for you to rival The MCU but Warner Brothers killed all that potential because of their incompetence.

  • Reptile Man
    Reptile Man 7 days ago

    Why doesn't superman just fucking laser the joker into oblivion, or any other villain without FUCKING INVINCIBILITY

  • Joolz1982
    Joolz1982 7 days ago

    “Batman v Superman makes The English Patient look like an action movie” lol

  • No Future Productions

    "The English Patient" NNOooooooooo!

  • Infernal460
    Infernal460 7 days ago

    Sorry Razorfist im gonna have to disagree. I like Henry Cavil and his acting I liked Man of Steel very much (flaws and all). But yes I am glad this DC universe is ending.

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader 7 days ago

    the dark universe is a stillborn universe

  • Mr LMB
    Mr LMB 8 days ago +2

    Literally reboot the whole universe I feel bad for wonder woman

  • MicShazam
    MicShazam 8 days ago +1

    Nah, I liked Batman V Superman more than any of that bland Marvel tripe they've been shoveling out since after the first Xmen movie. Was Batman V Superman perfect? No way, but far more interesting than any of that Marvel stuff everyone have been raving about for 15+ years by now.
    Ultimately though, it's all shit for kids.

  • i7fan
    i7fan 8 days ago

    *Old school Superman: doing awesome shit while saving shit! Bring it back!*

  • popfk
    popfk 8 days ago +1

    Watching from India. Great video. Keep up the great work.

  • Mahmoud Maguid
    Mahmoud Maguid 8 days ago

    Gold Pressed Latinium 😀

  • HolyknightVader999
    HolyknightVader999 8 days ago

    The sad fact is, the DCAU did lot of the concepts that the DCEU tried to do with style. Batman vs. Superman? The World's Finest movie. Justice League? They have two TV shows based on it. Point being, DC animated films and TV shows did things better than their live-action counterparts. Hell, you want a Justice League movie? Try Crisis on Two Earths. Two teams of super-beings battling over the fate of two universes. And the Lex Luthor in that movie actually looks, acts, and sounds like a real grown man. THAT is how you make quality DC content: good character buildup, interesting stories, and more depth than anything the fun but shallow Marvel movies can give.

  • HolyknightVader999
    HolyknightVader999 8 days ago

    Cavill's going to go work on a Witcher series as Geralt of Rivia. He doesn't need DC anymore. He's big enough of a star.

    DARTHMOBIUS 8 days ago

    It’s amazing how people are easily conned, BvS made double its investment thanks to China, same with JL, so much for ‘Flop’, what happened was that Fandango bought out ‘aint it cool’ and ‘Rotten Tomato’s, used it as a Skin for its > Social Media < platform, ‘Rotten Tomato’s demanded exclusives and that WB (whom ironically own stock in Fandango) whom refused to buy effectively ‘Likes’, akin to a Facebook Post, suffered Fandango’s Wrath, before BvS or JL had respectively had scripts typed, contracts inked through and through, and any preproduction started, Fandango ran a hate campaign for solid two years, they trashed what hadn’t even been made.
    Which is an interesting precedent, before you’ve even started making a movie, if you haven’t bought off the social media cartels, you’re movies gonna get fucked over before it’s even done and out at the multiplexes

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  8 days ago

      Tell it to Warner Bros. They're the ones who called it a flop. Marketing a film is not cheap. And Companies LOSE money marketing even successful films in China, defense force fucknob.

  • Jaffacus
    Jaffacus 8 days ago

    Not sure if anyone else has brought this up (had a quick scroll down but couldn't see it) but you're trending at the moment, at least here in the UK.

  • Chris Prusinowski
    Chris Prusinowski 8 days ago

    Zack Snyder is a terrible director just shy of Michael Bay. And I feel Henry Cavill could have been good in the role had he been provided a competantly written script, a even moderately good director, a studio that gave a shit! And the motivation to actually put effort into the role, he may have been able to be a memorable superman.

  • Chase H.
    Chase H. 8 days ago +1

    I hope he does a good job as The Witcher tho

  • Destroyer Inazuma
    Destroyer Inazuma 8 days ago

    It's an angelu!

  • Tommy Kavanaugh
    Tommy Kavanaugh 8 days ago

    Call me a dick head but was I the only one that was like hey why isn't superman played by an American ? I mean superman is basically American personified lll

  • ben31uk
    ben31uk 8 days ago +1

    Trending #30

  • Templar Knight
    Templar Knight 8 days ago

    TBF, I don't blame Justice League solely on Snyder, I blame it on Whedon as well. He may have gotten Snyder's blessing, but he pretty much outright plagiarized his own work in Avengers 1 several times on scenes alone. It was medicore mixed with copy-cats.
    But even then, Zack's track record is mediocre for Superman, and absolutely abysmal for BvS.
    So both of them fucked it, Warner Bros doesn't understand how to make a decent DC series, and I think DC is fucked on all levels. They thought they could match Marvel, and they got screwed by face-planting on their tied up shoes at the starting line.

  • Bobby Bologna
    Bobby Bologna 8 days ago

    jfc I just want ONE good Justice League that's it... just one good modern justice league, but it's so far beyond DCU's reach its so much infuriating. They're the real hipster of the comic book world, they were pissing off their fans long before it was cool

  • im back
    im back 8 days ago

    Liberalism has ruined dc and marvel

  • Shawn El Bucho Loco
    Shawn El Bucho Loco 8 days ago

    Someone needs to create a crypto currency called Gold-Pressed Latinum

  • Dupertron
    Dupertron 8 days ago

    Liked Batman v superman as it’s dark. Everything else can suck balls

  • Todd Pullara
    Todd Pullara 8 days ago

    I don't know how to feel...I love Henry Cavil as Superman, and I love Schnider (at least The 300, and Watchmen). Frankly, I enjoyed BvS, and JL. Sue me?

  • Why so serious ?
    Why so serious ? 8 days ago

    I like the idea of Charlie hunnam as Superman

  • wildside316
    wildside316 8 days ago

    After watching your 80s and 90s action movie reviews, could you please review Raw Deal?

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 8 days ago

    Does anyone know who plays the intro music?

  • Sean Browne
    Sean Browne 8 days ago +1

    This guy cuts better promos than 98% of the wwe roster.

  • Chris Sennwood
    Chris Sennwood 8 days ago

    Apropos gold pressed latinum... any plans for the second season of DS9? I began watching it again for your analysis, for the first time in the original English language.

  • wha da fu q
    wha da fu q 9 days ago

    I can't really critisize zack Snyder for justice league, his daughter commited suicide during the making of it

  • Rob Russell
    Rob Russell 9 days ago

    I'm really out of touch.... I remember when Superman TV series was fun to watch as a kid. Now it's just Supercuck, man of soy, slower than a DMV line and wimpier than the excuses to nullify Brexit.

  • LabRat
    LabRat 9 days ago

    Your voice soothes me

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 9 days ago


  • My Life is a Complex Pastiche

    To be fair, when they cast Jared Leto with a clown wig, i.e. Jesse Eisenberg to be Lex Luthor, one of the only things I find marginally interesting about the Superman series, I knew that DC's cinematic universe was as likely to survive as a harlequin baby; a Harley Quinn baby, if you will.

  • Zillion X
    Zillion X 9 days ago

    You put Ben Afleck as Batman and everything is already fucked before it has began. Wake the fk up! The guy is a machine of flops, defend him and you can burn in hell u SJWs pos!

  • NotOrdinaryInGames
    NotOrdinaryInGames 9 days ago

    Those DC movies are lacking the spark of LIFE. Every character is exactly who every child dreads to one day become: a dead inside boring mature adult.

  • brupile
    brupile 9 days ago

    You know which studio should make DC movies? Marvel Studios. Seriously though, Warner bros know nothing about comic book movies.

  • JustKorvac
    JustKorvac 9 days ago

    Why is Patrick Bateman making TheXvid videos

  • joseph race
    joseph race 9 days ago

    I meant to say when will the Marvel bubble burst sorry for my typing error.:-(

  • joseph race
    joseph race 9 days ago

    The one question that has got me thinking since 2015 is when will the Marvel bubble? Because There has been alot of bad comic book movies over the last ten years. The lone ranger, the Green hornet, Green lantern, Fan4stic, Jona Hex, TMNT 2014, X-men origins Wolverine, Amazing Spider-man 2, Batman V superman, Suicide Squad, Kickass 2 and kingsman 2 are just some examples.

  • ᛠᛚᛞᛥᚪᚾ
    ᛠᛚᛞᛥᚪᚾ 9 days ago

    I'm glad I never got into Marvel or DC, because I'd hate to see it die the death that it seems to be.

  • Raado14
    Raado14 9 days ago

    You sound exactly like Jim Carey

  • Gibster FGC
    Gibster FGC 9 days ago

    DC beats Marvel at comics, animated movies and games (Before the new Spider-man, cuz that shit lit)...its just "the big screen" that they fail at cuz the directors are shite

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones 9 days ago

    Why am I just discovering this channel? Your Awesome!

  • lifesentence
    lifesentence 9 days ago

    They needed to fire their writers and whoever the fuck is doing their garbage cgi.

  • lifesentence
    lifesentence 9 days ago

    That is a mistake.

  • Adam M
    Adam M 9 days ago

    Shit + Shit = 2Shit

  • ConspiracyKill Happens

    It doesn't always happen, but on this on I 100% agree with everything in this video

  • K8Nena9
    K8Nena9 9 days ago

    I still like DC still wonder woman was great. Also, shazam and Aquaman trailer don't look so bad. Plus Dark Knight trilogy was first to win awards. But i love that marvel's got their shit together. I love that they love superheroes.

  • Alex Basha
    Alex Basha 9 days ago

    I’m glad I like Marvel way more. Or I would be pretty depressed with this horse shit.

  • Palmski_91
    Palmski_91 9 days ago

    I honestly don't know why they don't get the guys who write the animated movies to do the live action movies

  • Imaad Ahmad
    Imaad Ahmad 9 days ago

    Snyder was good for dc. They should've stuck with his formula. It's when they tried mutating his vision to suit audience's expectations was when it all went to shit

  • newv newv
    newv newv 9 days ago

    And lets not forget the piss take that was Teen Titans GO to the movies. More like, Teen Titans GO to hell!

  • Chris Stinger
    Chris Stinger 9 days ago

    Shit + Shit = it.

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader 9 days ago

    If I was in charge of the DC entertainment wing I would have just made cinematic versions of their popular superhero animated series that would have been a surefire hit

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader 9 days ago

    Henry Cavill needs to be James Bond

  • BigBlobProductions
    BigBlobProductions 9 days ago

    "shit plus shit equals SHIT!!!"

  • PumpActionPanda
    PumpActionPanda 9 days ago

    Cavil is a terrible actor

  • Cybermedia Works Corp.

    If DC released their animated films to theaters they be toe to toe with marvel

  • Jack Biesty
    Jack Biesty 9 days ago

    My boy, you're trending in the UK!

  • Aerspasius
    Aerspasius 9 days ago

    I miss the DS9 shit

  • Muhammed Yousuf
    Muhammed Yousuf 9 days ago

    HEYYYYYYYYY HEY, don't blame henry cavill for Wbs fuckups and snyders errors alright he played the greatest superman I've ever seen, with better vision and direction from a better director and studio he could've made an amazing superman film to follow on from man of steel which was epic btw.

  • Fairbanks T
    Fairbanks T 9 days ago

    Damn, this is the most satisfying "God-FUCKING-speed yet.

  • Saghorse1978
    Saghorse1978 9 days ago

    HELL YEAH!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂