Denmark U21 1-5 England U21 | Solanke's Ridiculous Backheel Chip! | Official Highlights

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
  • England U21's netted 5 goals in a superb away win to Denmark, stretching their unbeaten run to 22 games. Dominic Solanke and Dominic Calvert-Lewin both had a brace, whilst Demarai Gray was on the scoresheet too as Aidy Boothroyd's Young Lions' secured a comfortable victory.
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Comments • 306

  • _cw1 _
    _cw1 _ 7 days ago


  • jatojo
    jatojo 4 months ago

    A few pretty bad defensive actions by Denmark there.

  • lo xienche
    lo xienche 4 months ago

    Solanke need to go on loan

  • Harrison Hucks
    Harrison Hucks 4 months ago

    Weak penalty. Biased commentators ahaha

  • 陸中のツァラトゥストラ

    England confides that every man will do his duty.

  • Nobody knows
    Nobody knows 4 months ago

    Imagine this man with a rangers strip!

  • Game Denmark
    Game Denmark 4 months ago

    I'm danish 😔😞😭

  • Jami Huff
    Jami Huff 4 months ago

    Solanke's backheeled chip was a bit special wasn't it?

  • Rob Calvert
    Rob Calvert 4 months ago

    Considering the likes of Chilwell, Alexander Arnold, Sancho etc all qualify for this team, there really is a huge depth at this age.

  • Budda Bless
    Budda Bless 4 months ago

    Our youth are looking fantastic.
    Proud of how far we’ve come in a short space of time.

  • George LFC
    George LFC 4 months ago

    It’s a pity that none of these players will get any game time in any top 4 English team, having talent is only one part of it they need to know what pressure is and they only way to get that is being in teams that are challenging for silverware. Unfortunately the FA is only concerned with money otherwise it would do something about English players. The FA should make a rule that all English teams should have at least 50% English players in the first team 20 man squad.. as I don’t see how this would ruin English football it would just mean teams would only bring in the best from Europe and not the average players from around the world..

    • Jason Francis
      Jason Francis 4 months ago +1

      I absolutely 100% Agree what you are saying!
      Because Why?
      I suggest the same thing too!😉

  • jim morris
    jim morris 4 months ago

    Foden is just CLASS

  • Top Cat
    Top Cat 4 months ago +1

    Solanke has signed for Rangers

  • asff afagfag
    asff afagfag 4 months ago

    Africa vs Denmark

  • mab m
    mab m 4 months ago

    also it was only denmark so its not that big of a deal. and as for solanke and calvert lewin neither of them are good enough. i predict they will both be in the championship before long.

  • mab m
    mab m 4 months ago

    this is the youtube channel for england football? do you know anything about football? you don't chip by hitting the ball into the ground. it wasn't a chip.

  • Euan Nicol
    Euan Nicol 4 months ago

    Solanke to Rangers. Gerrard will put him on the map.

  • Ee Mobile
    Ee Mobile 4 months ago +2

    Solanke is one over rated player dont know how he a professional

  • SeptembeReamyAzi Nonglait

    liverpool Solanke

  • richard bloor
    richard bloor 4 months ago

    England are good at football. Pisser!!!

  • Eddie Thorne
    Eddie Thorne 4 months ago


  • Reece Wilson
    Reece Wilson 4 months ago

    Solanke is boss in U23s but he rarely takes his chances for Liverpool when he is given game time.

  • Libertarian Views Scotty M

    Can't wait to see this young boy Solanke here at Rangers on loan in January, from rumours I'm hearing, a couple past _'Shellik'_ would do us nicely at the piggery dome :)

  • MMafieMc
    MMafieMc 4 months ago

    Solanke next move will probably define his career. He is gonna have to think does he want football or fame for 15 mins. There must be cue at Liverpool to take him at the mo . I hope he don’t end up with Gerrard at Mordor

  • Jogo Lock
    Jogo Lock 4 months ago +1

    World Cup winners 2026, lump your money on now

  • MrKronologi
    MrKronologi 4 months ago

    Can England win World Cup?

  • David Loera
    David Loera 4 months ago

    every single key player for this u-21 is not getting the minutes they deserve with their club

  • Stephen Simpson
    Stephen Simpson 4 months ago +3

    A very impressive England performance and it's not just the result but the manner in which it was achieved. Solanke's second goal wouldn't have looked out of place at a much higher level. Some really good England performances in this match.

  • Shaun Pierce
    Shaun Pierce 4 months ago

    Is that the Blue Water arena in Esbjerg?

  • Moroccan Yellow
    Moroccan Yellow 4 months ago

    Preferred Solanke's header

  • chicken fake
    chicken fake 4 months ago

    Dominic Solanke reminds me that we Liverpool used to have a one-of-a-kind player whose name is Stan Collymore.

  • Aldo Zilli
    Aldo Zilli 4 months ago +3

    Not a coincedence todays best European teams are a mix of black, mixed race and white players. Brazil has been dominating football for years for this reason. You can only achieve that level of strength, speed, guile, spirit, intelligence and discipline by mixing up the gene pool. All black African teams lack some of the above attributes in the same way all white teams do. For this reason Spain, Italy and Germany are slipping down and England, France, Belgium and Holland are overtaking them.

    • Tell them We're not sheep
      Tell them We're not sheep 4 months ago

      Haven't seen Brazil dominate anything for a while now, just about finding the right kid, getting him the right training and being in the right team with other kids they click with.

  • craigclass
    craigclass 4 months ago

    future is bright for england

  • Mo! Abbaly
    Mo! Abbaly 4 months ago

    Wow this English U21 are the real deal!!!

  • peter T
    peter T 4 months ago +1

    That back heel flick ... if that was a Brazilian player it would be on MOTD for weeks ...

  • World News 24x7
    World News 24x7 4 months ago

    England nowadays looking youth generation.but once the youth players masterbute they will down on fitness senior players always welcome

  • Buster Andreasen
    Buster Andreasen 4 months ago

    Good job England from Denmark!

  • partonk night
    partonk night 4 months ago

    chelsea academy scores 2 pogU but not in team anymore sad

  • Dark Black
    Dark Black 4 months ago

    Top England clubs have no respect for these young players and thats why France will rule football until eternity in Europe.

  • ming xin
    ming xin 4 months ago

    It's coming home

  • Michael Davies
    Michael Davies 4 months ago

    Please remember guys, these are all U21 players. Don't try to correlate this to actual club play or even international play at that.

  • 2minstral
    2minstral 4 months ago

    Some good players coming up from this team.

  • steve wilkos
    steve wilkos 4 months ago

    it was an open goal back heel nothing special about that

  • Tabs T
    Tabs T 4 months ago

    opponents were poor

  • Mlungisi Mndebele
    Mlungisi Mndebele 4 months ago +3

    LOL England pundits say Rashford must leave United to "develop and get game time" but Foden and Solanke should remain where they are.Am not laughing I swear.

    • mab m
      mab m 4 months ago

      It is because of the manager in charge of united. He is known for ruining youngsters and then they flourish elsewhere. Because they are world class and mourinho only looks at long ball ability. he is the rich clubs tony pullis.

  • Muhammad Bin
    Muhammad Bin 4 months ago

    Callum Hudson Odoi shuould have been pick instead of Kieran Dowell 💤💤💤💤

  • Tahsin PlayZ
    Tahsin PlayZ 4 months ago

    Ooh england has a bright future

  • frds
    frds 4 months ago +1

    Solanke is good. But only to the teams which suits his style of play,I mean the team where they utilizes targetman in their gameplay. Liverpool's tactical doesn't suits his style

  • dannyboywhaa
    dannyboywhaa 4 months ago

    Came to admire this back heel chip... left appreciating that marvellous header much more!

  • david lykkegård winkler

    I hate the new thing is all black European national team... being born in a country should not give the right of a nationality.

  • Ardhi P Kuswara
    Ardhi P Kuswara 4 months ago

    players for u-21 are more than 21


    Solanke should not honor any call to play for England senior team but instead, he should come back home to play for Nigeria because his father is from Yorubaland in Nigeria, END OF THE STORY

  • ITZ Alfie
    ITZ Alfie 4 months ago +4

    If solanke keeps this up and starts playing well for Liverpool then I think we’ve got a great player on are hands

    • Matt Norris
      Matt Norris 4 months ago

      Would happily take him at Southampton to fix the fact that we couldn't hit Venus with a fleet of rockets.

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed 4 months ago

    Racist first commentary, no comment about the run

  • Mr. Tamang
    Mr. Tamang 4 months ago +2

    always youth team of England are great.

  • B. Nainggolan Channel
    B. Nainggolan Channel 4 months ago

    Foden is English Coutinho

    • B. Nainggolan Channel
      B. Nainggolan Channel 4 months ago

      I'm a Liverpool fan and I don't watch Iniesta, but since Countinho is his direct replacement it make sense to me.

    • Clown Fulz
      Clown Fulz 4 months ago


  • Tyler Lee
    Tyler Lee 4 months ago

    sancho is like the flash

  • Eagle Flyer
    Eagle Flyer 4 months ago +2

    Like England 2017,2018 Strong team.Shirt 7 Gray Second Raheem Sterling.....

  • Seeing Is Believing
    Seeing Is Believing 4 months ago

    Well done lads now go warm up the bench on Saturday 🙄

  • Herr Piggelin
    Herr Piggelin 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that it shouldnt have been a penalty?

  • Josh Minter
    Josh Minter 4 months ago

    Kieran Dowell gets nowhere near enough praise as he should. A workhorse in midfield.

  • Arkseys 'quitted' -
    Arkseys 'quitted' - 4 months ago

    England did well but can we just appreciate the pas of denmarks first goal wow

  • Trash Boy
    Trash Boy 4 months ago +1

    Where is Gomes ?

  • Eric Dale
    Eric Dale 4 months ago +1

    This team can just beat you in so many ways.... in the air, on the ground, with pace, with possession it doesn’t matter. Absolute masterclass

  • Rubinho 040
    Rubinho 040 4 months ago +1

    Waaa that penalty is beast

  • Rubinho 040
    Rubinho 040 4 months ago

    Everbody talks about france jouth but Engeland mate

  • M1cha9lReedBAYBAY 666
    M1cha9lReedBAYBAY 666 4 months ago

    Dirty back heel love it

  • andy keo
    andy keo 4 months ago

    Foden the manc shite is a robber.Done for stealing a car.To overated no mark and apparently his driving might be worse

  • dennis odhiambo
    dennis odhiambo 4 months ago

    People are just shouting Phil Foden yet he did not contribute much in this game

    • Aman
      Aman 4 months ago +1

      2 assist u fool!!!

  • Louie Smith
    Louie Smith 4 months ago

    solanke deserves a first team appearance

  • Rembo // TottenhamFan
    Rembo // TottenhamFan 4 months ago

    And our senior squad is also very young. Kane is 25, Alli, Chiwell, etc. The future is bright for the three Lions.

  • Beast Ballers
    Beast Ballers 4 months ago

    Solanke is on fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • barnbersonol
    barnbersonol 4 months ago

    More nimble, skilful, direct football from the English. Howeeee!

  • Tommyboy80808
    Tommyboy80808 4 months ago

    Denmark 1 - Ghana 5

  • Roy Sherpa
    Roy Sherpa 4 months ago

    This guys are great.well done boys

  • trane foong
    trane foong 4 months ago

    Foden and Solanke.. amazing

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 4 months ago

    2022 world cup is ours

  • raksmeypich neth
    raksmeypich neth 4 months ago

    Is Ryan sessegon gonna be the future left back for England?

  • Ben Steiger
    Ben Steiger 5 months ago

    Kieran Dowell is absolute class, I'm surprised he hasn't featured for Everton really at all this season, he was incredible for us under Warburton at Forest. Need to get him and some of these other lads more first team experience

  • Ian Williams
    Ian Williams 5 months ago

    This team is unbelievably good

  • Fortune
    Fortune 5 months ago +8

    There’s something about this u21 team that sparks so much hope

    • Matt Norris
      Matt Norris 4 months ago +1

      Tbh, I even feel a little bit like this with the senior side now which I don't think I've ever felt. We were a a great cross and a mental lapse away from a World Cup final, we've since beaten the team that knocked us out, our Under 21s are looking brilliant and the younger lads are proving their quality in good leagues. Sancho and Reiss Nelson have everything that wingers like Walcott & Lennon lacked for us and have both looked incredible over the last 12 months.

  • Lee Kok Yong
    Lee Kok Yong 5 months ago

    english football is suck

  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable 5 months ago

    It's hard for young English players to get a game at their clubs. So they have to express themselves as a team at international.
    I still think clubs should have a rule to play home players. It's fair.

  • Football Plus
    Football Plus 5 months ago


  • futbolers to go
    futbolers to go 5 months ago +6

    My god, England have quite a future ahead of them...

  • Vaisal TV
    Vaisal TV 5 months ago +3

    It's coming home?

  • Brandao
    Brandao 5 months ago

    Great Result and some exciting Talents to watch ☝🏾

  • Mandume Ya Ndemufayo
    Mandume Ya Ndemufayo 5 months ago

    To think that Mason Mount has been given a senior cap ahead of Lewis Cook and Tom Davies..

    • Mandume Ya Ndemufayo
      Mandume Ya Ndemufayo 4 months ago

      +Pete Owen Yes true.. a call up I should say.

    • Pete Owen
      Pete Owen 4 months ago

      Mandume Ya Ndemufayo He hasn’t won a cap. He just made the squad. Injured at the moment. Hopefully back soon.

  • anthony chiu
    anthony chiu 5 months ago

    denmark keeper gone full karius

  • Charles B.A Lenoir
    Charles B.A Lenoir 5 months ago

    Wack dons. This shit look so easy for these man lol

  • espben360
    espben360 5 months ago

    Nelson and sancho tearing it up in the Bundesliga. foden and solanke need to go there as well, they would be great at like a wolfsburg, Schalke. hertha Berlin. ect. maybe even another country

    • P MF
      P MF 4 months ago +1

      Foden doesn't need to leave IMO. He's learning a lot at Man City under Guardiola. Other English player should follow Nelson and Sancho's steps, though.

    • Clown Fulz
      Clown Fulz 4 months ago +3

      +1028481 exactly

    • 1028481
      1028481 5 months ago +4

      espben360 foden is getting game time though so why would he leave? He’s also learning from de bruyne and Silva 2 world class midfielders

  • Seneca’s Adoptive Son
    Seneca’s Adoptive Son 5 months ago +6

    Foden plays just like Silva. I guess playing with him everyday in training has an affect especially when you are built quite similarly...

    • Matt Norris
      Matt Norris 4 months ago

      He's obviously been mentoring him as well which is great for Foden and great for England. The lad's exciting to watch, I have ever growing confidence in the youth that England are developing what with Alexander-Arnold, Sancho, Nelson, Sessegnon & Gomez developing rapidly and showing their class recently and I'm sure Foden will do the same once he gets a good run of games in the league.

  • White Fang
    White Fang 5 months ago

    A sad penalty, I don’t think it was necessarily intentional but still a foul.

  • Lil SuperCongo
    Lil SuperCongo 5 months ago +2

    Everything goes through foden, what a class talent

  • Hrithwik Pramod
    Hrithwik Pramod 5 months ago


  • KingDoms Kingdom
    KingDoms Kingdom 5 months ago

    Well done lads, extremely happy for Dimi getting on the score sheet too. Our under 21s are looking very sharp.

  • lunga lunga
    lunga lunga 5 months ago

    I remember pep removing yaya toure for a young bosquets, and henry for a young pedro, he also gave a lot of minutes to palyers like thiago ,isaac cuenca ,christian tello, seems like he doesnt wanna promote the young english players

    • Alphonse Anikkal
      Alphonse Anikkal 4 months ago

      +Lex foden need a loan season

    • Lex
      Lex 5 months ago +2

      Foden just turned 18....

  • Steven Sterling
    Steven Sterling 5 months ago +15

    Kane, TAA, Gomez, Stones, Chilwell, Alli, Foden, Sancho and many more to come.. damn if this keeps up I really think football could come home

    • Vinny Mac
      Vinny Mac 6 days ago

      +Daniel Foster Yeah he''s much better than Ali, who just seems to run around like a headless chicken and not do or create anything

    • Daniel Foster
      Daniel Foster 4 months ago +5

      And James Maddison ,He's Good

  • Steven Sterling
    Steven Sterling 5 months ago

    Never understood why Klopp didn‘t send Solanke out on loan.. I mean he has promised Brewster game time (the reason why he singed a new contract) you‘ve got Sturridge, Origi aswell.. but all I see is him putting his faith on Firmino, despite him not being on form currently.. Basically you‘ve got 4 players for 1 position.. plus he often puts Salah there aswell

    • Charles B.A Lenoir
      Charles B.A Lenoir 5 months ago +1

      4 strikers on the bench actually

    • Charles B.A Lenoir
      Charles B.A Lenoir 5 months ago +1

      I knoooow! He's got a striker there who hardly scores but creates chances but yet has 3 strikers on the bench hungry for a tap in at least.

  • dont Trash the Future!
    dont Trash the Future! 5 months ago

    He need minutes play at Liverpool...