STRANGEST Places in Russia

  • Published on Jun 22, 2017
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    11.Yamal Craters
    During a routine trip, helicopter pilots spotted a mysterious hole, deep in the Siberian Permafrost. Before it was news, a second hole was reported... then a third.
    At this point, it was not easy to dismiss the curious case of the sinkholes, craters, shafts, whatever you want to call them.
    By February 2015, a total of seven craters were reported, and people wanted answers. The first official reports stated the craters were caused by explosive methane release, a process connected to global warming....
    But other theories have surfaced as well. The holes were there the whole time, they were just covered by ice plugs, that ice melted and boom - there is a hole again. The methane in the area is typical.
    Unfortunately, the 2nd theory doesn't explain the built up material around the hole, which is indicative of an explosion and not fast melting ice.
    Both theories do have one thing in common, global warming, but that's a subject for a different video.
    Stranger still, some internet detectives believe that the craters are the result of experimental plasma arc weapon technology....
    9.Vottovaara Mountain
    In 1978, a Russian adventurer stumbled across this mysterious and unsettling place. Even though it has grown in popularity, the mountain is still hard to access. There are no paved roads and nice tourist welcome centers that hand out visitor maps.
    With stories of UFO landings, rituals of sacrifice, and eerie “stone pools”, the Vottovaara Mountain will surely be the subject of discoveries in the future. But for now, we only have stories.
    The whole surrounding area is of special importance to the ancient Sami people, who have lived on these lands for 100s of years, and to this day, pagan believers visit the mountain in hopes of understanding it.
    The dead trees give out the weirdest vibes, maybe they are the trapped souls of all those ancient people that were sacrificed here?
    8.Bolshoi Zayatsky Island
    7.Novaya Zemlya
    5.Kizhi Island
    Lots of weird little islands around Russia huh?
    Kizhi island doesn’t have a grand mystery or unexplained history around it, it's just… different.
    The big 22 dome church we see in these pictures was built in 1714 and has managed to stay strong to this day, with only minor repairs. At one point, the church was surrounded by a massive wall that served as protection from Polish and Swedish attacks.
    The island is part of the Kizhi Open Air Museum, and anyone that is interested in the beautiful architecture, can visit around 90 different wooden structures. Pretty cool.
    4.The Amber Room
    3.Mir Mine
    Another TheXvid Certified ClickBait 3000, the mir mine. The Kimberlite Diamond Pipe “Peace” was one of the deepest open pit mines in the world, so big that helicopters are not allowed to fly over it because of the apparent “suction” by its sheer size and depth.
    Well, not really. There isn’t any “suction” or staggering gravitational change, the real reason behind the no fly zone is the change of air temperature above the pit. The temperature difference can cause a deadly loss of lift that an inexperienced pilot can not recover from.
    There is also the whole De Beers conspiracy… which is more fact than conspiracy really. The mining operation in Russia was so big that the De Beers Company, the main distributor of diamonds in the world, had to start buying most of the production from the Mir Mine, so they could still charge exorbitant prices for their diamonds… such nice people right ?
    Screw it, lets look at some more mines, so we have the Mir Mine at
    #4, then the Udachnaya Pipe at #3, at number #2 we have Chuquicamata in Chile; and at #1, the largest man made hole in the world, the Bingham Canyon Mine located in Utah. Needless to say, I’m making a mine video in the near future.
    2.The Motherland Calls
    1.Church of Andrew the Apostle on Vuoksi River
    We have arrived at our final destination; the secluded Church found in the middle of a river. Believe it or not; the church is not 100s of years old, it was actually built in the year 2000.
    The Church is open to anyone who is willing to make the trek across the river. If you are afraid of small boats; you can always wait for the winter, when the water around it freezes.
    So did you know how many time zones Russia spans? The answer is 11, just for comparison, the continental US spans only 4 time zones.
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  • soozeepim247 PIMM
    soozeepim247 PIMM 2 months ago

    LUBISH ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • LodiTX
    LodiTX 3 months ago

    Marching through Russia the Germans looted the Amber Room and sent it back to the Fatherland. As the Russians kicked Nazi asses all the way back to Berlin they found Schliemann's Gold (Look it up on Google if you don't know what that is), and sent it back to the Motherland, denying for years they had it. After the dissolution of the USSR they said, our bad, we do have it. The Germans demanded it being immediately returned. The Russians were agreeable. They said, "Sure we'll return Schliemann's Gold, as soon as you reture the Amber Room.

  • LodiTX
    LodiTX 3 months ago

    I would be frightened if I had any idea of what arc (or ark, but surely not) weapon technology is. As it is, I choose to consign it to the list of things about which I say Oh, well.

  • Gege D
    Gege D 3 months ago +1

    Russia is very interesting!!

  • Pasha Pasovski
    Pasha Pasovski 3 months ago

    How many people died building railroad tracks in the US! Not worth mentioning, they were Chinese!

  • Pasha Pasovski
    Pasha Pasovski 3 months ago

    1/8 of Worlds land mass and you find only 11 wired places!?

  • RobertoCaires_official
    RobertoCaires_official 4 months ago

    Russia the most fucked up country where everything impossible can happen in a normal day

  • Ivan Russianov
    Ivan Russianov 5 months ago

    I was in these islands in the White sea near the big russian monastery Solovki. Russia is full of intersting and beautiful places.

  • Jack Errick
    Jack Errick 6 months ago

    1540 th like! || 124,624 thx view!

  • Branden Tempelmeyer
    Branden Tempelmeyer 6 months ago

    Flow don't worry about nuclear weapon testing anymore they're coming out with far worse things than that just as an example of one of the easy ones to make look up rods from God

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    Rick Autry 7 months ago

    Uighur is pronounced 'Wigger', not 'Youger'.

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    Your accent gets thicker and thicker through the video😂

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    ..OMFG.. slaves of Stalin ..OMFG..

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    a typical Russophobic,ignorant video

  • ΔΜΨR
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    The largest man-made hole in Russia is 12 km

  • Jane Shepard
    Jane Shepard Year ago +4

    I've been at Kizhi island, it is very beautiful and old place. Also volga river!

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    blue eagle Year ago +2

    Beautiful places sad they are being ruined😞

  • Bucket of noob
    Bucket of noob Year ago

    chernobyl is most strangest place ever cause it had mutants and radiation

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    What a bad video, or poorly made video. Looks like it was made by a teenager with a brand new video editing program, and thus he/she tries out every single effect and fade on the menu.

  • サイレントボイス

    Ancient people: *builds long lasting building that modern people don't understand*
    Modern man: *builds house dosent last 5 year has to be repaired*

  • Данил Бырка

    My cousin and his parents lived in Norilsk, don’t know much about the city tho

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    World Unearthed, its so nice to see you have so many subscribers now and more importantly, your work is so cool and consistent. keep it up mate!

  • Gathering No Moss

    Man what a fucking annoying narration.

  • Гугл Отьебись

    500 000 and 18000 died in norilsk?!!! Are you crazy or dumb??? Where you taken this numbers from??? Wikipedia?

  • Mike 1958
    Mike 1958 Year ago

    Think of all those poor souls who died building Siberia's wealth. Think they're still walking about?

    • ΔΜΨR
      ΔΜΨR Year ago

      No, bloody Stalin kill them all

  • Sergey Май
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    Ahaha! Slaves in ussr? Are you out of your mind?

    • КОМ
      КОМ 11 months ago

      gyan marco role so the american propaganda says

    • КОМ
      КОМ 11 months ago +3

      Sasha Wire ваш вымышленный мир, где рабы рыли Беломор канал, не является историей СССР.

    • Leonid Govorov
      Leonid Govorov Year ago

      Made by gulag prisoners

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      Not millions but billions!!

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    neo stiv Year ago

    Sami people is actually Finland so to say

  • Margaret Edwards
    Margaret Edwards Year ago +6

    Grow up you idiot's!! Global warming is a fraud to make money from ordinary decent people who have been lied to!! Global Elite are scamming people and robbing them Via corrupted govts!!!

    • Manthan Shah
      Manthan Shah Year ago +2

      Margaret Edwards I can't tell if you're joking or you're actually that dumb.

  • boomdikkeboktor -Janis

    12 timezones you missed kalinigrad

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    Place #1: Russia

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    Russia is shit.

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      Jason Cougar here in south texas ... i hear ya 😁🤘

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    Real mans dont use boats on number 1, they swim :)

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    i diged the sink hole. i gav UFO 1 botle of uncle vodka and after that i ddn seen Mr Alien again. comme and look my hole. thank you. forbanden vodka .jeg blev fuld.

  • Vadim T
    Vadim T Year ago +22

    WTF guys?
    Cold War ended at 1991, do you hear about it? Why do you use propaganda from previous century?
    Norilsk built by prisoners, not slaves. There is has never been a slaves in Russia. Unlike the USA.
    I can say: all roads in USA built by slaves; for slaves.
    5600 of about 70 000 died during construction Panama Canal. Are they victims of "congress regime"?
    It's so stupid, guys. Fcuk the propaganda.

    • Gamma Orion
      Gamma Orion Year ago

      Вообще-то в России рабства такого как на западе никогда не было

    • Gamma Orion
      Gamma Orion Year ago

      Vadim Kaz крепостные не были рабами. имели 1 день в году поменять барина а также могли пожаловаться. скорее ближе к рабам были дворовые

    • Vadim Kaz
      Vadim Kaz Year ago


    • Arachnofondler
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      Vadim Tsapulin No modern roads in the US are built by slaves

  • Михей Тиховей

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  • Name Name
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    Uighur is pronounced "wee-ghur".

  • Nikita Belomestnykh
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    Your voice is terrible. Stop speaking.

  • Антон Алексеевич

    i born in Norilsk)

    • Tin Yuaz
      Tin Yuaz Year ago +2

      Probie, yes it is, you can taste sulfur in the air... There are too many factories around, but I don't think its more poluted than quite a few Chinese regions where people suffer from smog.

    • Гамулятор
      Гамулятор Year ago +3

      Not by that much. But still there really stands out a lot of CO2. Much more strongly than ecology, people are almost crushed by the almost total absence of the sun for several months and a small number of warm summer days (3-10 days, rarely more).
      Given that the city is closed to foreigners, I would not really trust journalists not from Russia.

  • Ezzzy Noscopes
    Ezzzy Noscopes Year ago +5

    number 1 NFKRZ house

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  • Duplicity
    Duplicity Year ago +27

    actually -53 C is not the record for Norilsk. Norilsk had -72 C...

  • mane771000
    mane771000 Year ago +2

    in ukrain(kiev) has the same statue rodina mat` zoviot

  • Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump Year ago +44

    In Soviet Russia
    Strange Places live in You.

  • Dawid Dubanosow
    Dawid Dubanosow Year ago +2,73.6888193,463m/data=!3m1!1e3
    odd shapes near city/town. architecture looks soviet, not even tiny bit of modern Russia there. whole area looks like that. whole surrounding of this lake. Btw that lake looks like on of those chemical water reservoirs u can spot near electro stations in post soviet block countries. With that difference this fuckn lake is a size of Belgium, or even bigger.,73.6145947,425m/data=!3m1!1e3
    No idea what this is, but most buildings look to be demolished. There are some points, towers that look very similar to that NSA tower in Berlin from cold war era. There are numerous spots like that around that lake.,73.5917301,424m/data=!3m1!1e3
    This thing freaked me out. Looks like that satanic symbol, but obviously its not about that. It shape had to came from some kind of purpose for sure. Maybe somebody has a clue what this could be?,74.5197596,3878m/data=!3m1!1e3
    A bit far from other spots, there is marked abandon military base (as i understand it). If im correct its name is Balkhash 9 whatever the fuck that means. Very soviet again tho.,73.4820774,4960m/data=!3m1!1e3
    Sary Szagan - only found some info about that from Polish/Russian internet newspaper called "sputnik". Later on found out that this whole place around that lake is one big military nuclear testing poligon. Or was. Now it seams more like old idea of some anti missile system, that is now active only around Moscow to protect kreml.
    In this article they basically compare it to american area 51, if not better because this shit is for real. Russians had tested there rockets that were meant to protect their land from space attacks and shooting down satellites. one big wtf.
    So thats my idea for some episode on here, could be cool right?

  • Ingvar Z
    Ingvar Z Year ago +1

    fake stories...

  • Amro Adams
    Amro Adams 2 years ago +27

    I consider Russia as a continent...not just a big country

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    Клюква-ягода цветёт.
    И лягушки на болоте,
    Развлекают весь народ.

    • ΔΜΨR
      ΔΜΨR Year ago +2

      Там чудеса: там леший бродит,
      Русалка на ветвях сидит;
      Там на неведомых дорожках
      Следы невиданных зверей;
      Избушка там на курьих ножках
      Стоит без окон, без дверей;
      Там лес и дол видений полны;
      Там о заре прихлынут волны
      На брег песчаный и пустой,
      И тридцать витязей прекрасных;
      Чредой из вод выходят ясных,
      И с ними дядька их морской;
      Там королевич мимоходом
      Пленяет грозного царя

  • 7777777fresh
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    Dude , Russians just built a new military base on Novaya Zemliya.

  • Kieren Buckley
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    because Russia is so large it's difficult to explore just half of the country

  • Alexander Mashin
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  • Grunoloj
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    The Motherland calls
    - for what?
    - kill fukin Nazi that for what

  • Electro-Cute
    Electro-Cute 2 years ago

    Conspiracy is not the opposite to facts. There is just a conspiracy when a conspiracy theory is true. If humans didn't go to the moon then there would be a conspiracy. But because that happened there is no conspiracy when it comes to moon travel.

  • Илья Якименко

    The strangesr places are Kreml' and Mavzolei

  • Cuasacat S
    Cuasacat S 2 years ago +2

    Hey, Amber room was found in Poland, google up

  • Berliner Stadtschloss
    Berliner Stadtschloss 2 years ago +1

    Where the amber room is ? Oh, I didn`t know that anybody would care to know:it has become the paneling of my party cellar, so what?

    • Gamma Orion
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      Berliner Stadtschloss you doesn't sound like a bright bloke

    • Berliner Stadtschloss
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  • Branon Fontaine
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    There's nothing wrong with wanting to make money, I LOVE having and spending money, so the talkin shit about the DeBeers people is retarded....they don't owe anyone a goddamn thing, all you worthless millennials think you're entitled to everything without having to pay for it when really you're entitled to absolutely jack shit....your whole generation is fucking pathetic and the rest of us are embarrassed by you dirtbags.....

  • mbear1
    mbear1 2 years ago +41

    No, the original name for Stalingrad was Tsaritsyn (Imperial Russian period). Then it changed names to Stalingrad. Then yo Volgograd (grad= city, Volga in the Volga).

    • Anton Slavik
      Anton Slavik Year ago +2

      Волгоград переименовывали два раза. Этот город был основан в 1589 году и сначала назывался Царицын, потому что первоначально был расположен на острове на реке Царица. Местные народы по-тюркски называли эту реку «сары-су» - «жёлтая вода», название города восходит к тюркскому «сары-син», что значит «жёлтый остров».
      Google Translate
      Volgograd was renamed twice. This city was founded in 1589 and was first called Tsaritsyn, because it was originally located on an island on the Tsarina River. Local people in Turkic called this river "sary-su" - "yellow water", the name of the city goes back to the Turkic "sary-sin", which means "yellow island".
      P.S. Ur mom gay

    • Daniíł Zúbik-Kusznarzów
      Daniíł Zúbik-Kusznarzów Year ago

      GhostCZ007 Grad means "city"

    • Daniíł Zúbik-Kusznarzów
      Daniíł Zúbik-Kusznarzów Year ago +1

      Anton Slavik Idiot?

    • Anton Slavik
      Anton Slavik Year ago

      "Tsaritsyn" has nothing to do with "Tsar" or "Tsarism", it's actually some turkic word.

    • GhostCZ007
      GhostCZ007 Year ago

      Grad doesn't mean city

  • mbear1
    mbear1 2 years ago

    18,000 sounds like a low number for a forced labor camp in Siberia....

  • Epsilon
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    1:55 - 18 thousands died? Hey, I thought it was 60 millions or something like that!?

  • Todor Markov
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    T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE 2 years ago +9

    wow! 11 time zones. they can't say they don't have time for anything, hell, pick a zone!

  • Christian Kelley
    Christian Kelley 2 years ago +1

    Just for future reference since I see the Sámi talked about often in these kinds of videos; the Sámi have lived in Sápmi (Arctic Scandinavia & Western Russia) for around 10,000 years, not hundreds.

  • Lucius I. Patriot Bygotte de Aquitas

    Wut? No mentioning of Labinkyr and Vorota lakes, Tunguska Event place plus many more scary forests and mountains?

    • Ron Rio
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      Lucius I. Patriot Bygotte de Aquitas damnnnn ... make your own video 😁🤘

    • q0w1e2r3t4y5
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      Chertovo Kladbishche

    • Jones Johnson
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      He even zoomed in on google maps on this labyrinth and completely ignored the giant monastery with 9m thick granite walls and the Stalinist concentration camp where tens of thousands died on the exact same archipelago...
      Also lake Svetloyar with an entire medieval city rumoured to have sunk in it and to this day people crawl around the shores on their knees. Also countless abandoned military sites, and funky derelict factories if you know where to look. Also Kamchatkas geysirs, and the huge never finished house of soviets building in Kaliningrad that looks like a robot head, and I could go on and on...
      That little church on island is cute but not impressive, you can find many like that and even far older ones, "motherland calls" statue in Stalingrad is meh, the original amber room probably not even in Russia anymore and the copy just another room of many funky ones in the palace.

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    • u666sa
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