• Published on Feb 11, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    I thought it was just me that had left over screws when putting sh*t back together, guess not.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    I have already taken everything I own apart, I guess it's time to go and purchase a 3D printer!

  • TheGLOCK17shooter
    TheGLOCK17shooter Month ago

    2:58 "These Nutz"

  • Gotchabro414
    Gotchabro414 2 months ago

    Those are some nice nuts

  • Jonathan Sleight
    Jonathan Sleight 2 months ago


  • Hugh Chapman
    Hugh Chapman 2 months ago

    Surely some BeeGees with all this Gibb talk..?

  • Samuel Saavedra
    Samuel Saavedra 2 months ago

    12:42 "There is no hole for this screw.." Too funny! I love his honesty when making mistakes.

  • Shaggy Manson
    Shaggy Manson 2 months ago

    I have a fealing you should have greased the hell out of all of those threads. Not sure the oil will last long. It looked like they had been greased when you tolk them apart..
    Are any of those bolts or screws torqued or got threadlock? wouldnt want the vibration to loosen them.

  • David Piechowicz
    David Piechowicz 3 months ago

    Ive been binge watching your vids. Just subbed. Wish i had your talents.

  • Evert Bunschoten
    Evert Bunschoten 3 months ago

    "In goes the gib and out goes the gib"

  • UStinman 84
    UStinman 84 3 months ago

    I've been using Bridgeport mill For years And for somebody who doesn't know what he's doing, you did A helluva job Bravo!!!!!!

  • archangel20031
    archangel20031 3 months ago

    If the ALIGNMENT pins don't line up, often the item being aligned is on backwards or 180° out.
    How do you know if the new alignment hole are straight?

  • ben jessup
    ben jessup 3 months ago

    get this man a parts cleaner

  • ElDiablo70281
    ElDiablo70281 3 months ago

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who laughs maniacally when things go well.

  • Pete Lasko
    Pete Lasko 3 months ago


  • DesertCookie
    DesertCookie 4 months ago

    6:47 "If that means that for the rest of the time that I own this machine it is oiled well, [...] that is a cheap hour and a half" *sells mill and moves to Montana half a year later*

  • Jeff S.
    Jeff S. 5 months ago

    1:57, was it a genetic thing that you were blessed with 2 more nuts?

  • Logan Third
    Logan Third 5 months ago

    You do realize, of course, that your lathe is kinda old too, and God knows what's in there... can't be too careful you know... :D

  • BrockGrimes
    BrockGrimes 6 months ago

    Make new gibs with it now

  • YuKonSama
    YuKonSama 6 months ago

    Beautiful machine. Want one too, no idea where to put it but that can be sorted out when it arrives ^^

  • Joe monroe
    Joe monroe 6 months ago

    I have to admit this has been one of my favorite sets of videos.

  • Norman Torok
    Norman Torok 6 months ago


  • Caden yes
    Caden yes 6 months ago

    y you should not put your nuts on the table

  • Reiley Logsdon
    Reiley Logsdon 6 months ago

    You had a lot of fun talking about nuts didn’t you

  • Paul Sim
    Paul Sim 6 months ago

    So, have you got the oil pump yet?

  • 10223220
    10223220 6 months ago

    My Bridgeport mill works real good but after seeing how dirty they can get its time to clean great job 👍

  • 111smd
    111smd 6 months ago

    i only have 3 issues with how you did these repairs
    1. you needed to indicate the split nut carrier before you drilled the holes for the split pins
    --this is because the guide-way's can vary from one machine to another, as those split pins holes are used as guides for surfacing the dovetails in the factory
    2. unless you are left handed the auto drive should be on the left hand side of the table
    --this is because if your right handed it will be harder to control the table with the safety handle
    3. i would have removed the knee section to make sure those oil-ways where open as well
    --this would have been good to do as you already had it down to this last bit already

  • Bill Ponderosa
    Bill Ponderosa 7 months ago

    67 dislikes from jealous neglected mills after watching this video

  • ProRata X
    ProRata X 7 months ago

    Alec: Yup lower nuts look good!
    Quotes to live by. Lol

  • QW Videos
    QW Videos 7 months ago

    Hi sorry to bother you, how hard is it to weld titanium? Why do so few people weld it? I have a motorcycle the exhaust is carbo fibre and a 48mm downpipe which is titanium but I can’t find anyone to tick or to weld...

  • Maurita Larson
    Maurita Larson 7 months ago

    I've been working on the mill lately and I think this is entertaining thing I've learned about the mill

  • Kenneth Janczak
    Kenneth Janczak 7 months ago

    Great job, really like how you care for your machinery
    Thanks for sharing 😊

  • Enclave
    Enclave 7 months ago

    How often do you think you'll be taking it apart for regular maintenance now that you know how to?

  • Kyle Mager
    Kyle Mager 7 months ago

    what's with the sailboat flash in all these videos? lol

  • Aepek
    Aepek 7 months ago

    No amazon affiliate links for the tools you use😕, maybe in the future you'll add & do this for us, please.

  • Aepek
    Aepek 7 months ago

    Query? Is it possible that mixing the nuts up, will be bad & cause damage? (Yep, know that's hilarious to say😉😅).
    Cheers, A

  • Aepek
    Aepek 7 months ago

    Nice "jib" joke, lol....
    Liked this series, was really fascinating & awesome to watch! Thanks
    Cheers Mate, A💙

  • Saul Ramirez
    Saul Ramirez 7 months ago

    Nuts on the table...all four of them lol

  • Samuel L. Jackson
    Samuel L. Jackson 7 months ago

    What's up with that sail boat after ten minutes? I slowed this down to .25
    Fortunately there was so slack in the software......
    I saw it Alec! O.o

  • Michael Guyette
    Michael Guyette 7 months ago

    Well if I was not human I would not care as I with that b s ing said, in time you will get cancer from your work more specific small cell lung cancer wearing protection will help like a respirator for everything you do in your shop especially fordging and sanding.

  • Steve Osborne
    Steve Osborne 7 months ago

    More yacht when fitting the gib

  • Steve Osborne
    Steve Osborne 7 months ago

    Subliminal yacht again 😂

  • green robot1663
    green robot1663 7 months ago

    lol I wonder if he ever got and used that maunal he mentioned in the first part XD

  • The Double Nickel
    The Double Nickel 7 months ago

    Did your manual ever arrive?

  • H Aleman
    H Aleman 8 months ago

    Sup with the sail boat?

  • Steven B
    Steven B 8 months ago

    The scribe is is very useful. Starrett makes a really good knurled stainless steel one that has replaceable tips. There is also scribes out there with carbide tips as well but they are a little thicker to accommodate the inserted carbides. Also since it is a 400 series stainless steel, if you ever have trouble reaching a small ferrous part at the bottom of a hole you can hold a magnet to the side of the scribe and it will magnetize the tip so you can get out the part. It work much better than trying to upend the hole and shake it out. Especially if you can’t invert it.

  • Steven B
    Steven B 8 months ago

    I love doing machine maintenance. I’m a journeyman machinist and welder so I do plenty of it and it is always so so rewarding to know exactly how to take apart the machine and fix it. The more you have to dig into it the more you learn. Thanks for sharing this fun project.

  • garryleerob
    garryleerob 8 months ago

    Excellent vid' Alec.. and it really is cathartic watching this lol.
    BUT after all the effort( and no little risk) in dismantling and clinical cleaning why didn't you clear the 'crud' shavings etc from the base of the mill (17.43) ?!!! Looks as if it was still there at the end..or is that just ingrained stains?
    Ha ha to be fair sat here having a coffee whilst watching it's so easy seeing the full picture...hardly multi tasking am I?
    Brilliant vid and entertaining to boot.
    To think only two days back I had no real interest in 'metalwork/forge work' ..then 'Forged in Fire' ...knives and sharpening then 'Damascus' led me here !
    Wish I'd followed this stuff up at my Grammar school...!! Did Metalwork lessons for a few years , unfortunately after 'O' levels Metalwork wasn't an option. Tbf it was never an interesting lesson to go to... I'm far older than yourself BUT it would have been ideal to have you teaching us then or at least or a teacher with your enthusiasm ... unfortunately I think ours was at the end of his career...that I can understand, retirement and enough of these 13-16 y.o. monkeys lol.
    Keep these vid's coming Alec !!

  • Jonathan Smythe
    Jonathan Smythe 8 months ago

    If i had your workshop i'd never leave. :)

  • Jonathan Smythe
    Jonathan Smythe 8 months ago

    You really do have a wide skill base Alec, as a maintenance fitter myself i can appreciate the time you've spent on your machines. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Great ethic mate.

  • Mark Grevatt
    Mark Grevatt 8 months ago

    Hi Alec great content on repairing the Bridgeport mill. You have a great character. Your so funny mate. There is one question I like to ask I want to invest in a Bridgeport mill. Could I ask the height and width of your Bridgeport mill. As I be buiding my workshop. Just want to make sure I allow for the total height for a Bridgeport mill thanks in advance

  • Albrat Gaming
    Albrat Gaming 8 months ago

    Alec, I must say you did a good job repairing the Bridgeport, Only one thing I would have suggested was that you got hold of someone who can do some surface grinding and get the gib's reground (along with the shims). At my old workplace we had our own surface grinder and just dropped the old gibs on there and ground them down to a clean surface - adding a new oilway ourselves with a "dremmel" type grinder. Then increase the shim by how much you had to grind. (usually only a couple of thousandths.)
    It probably made no difference, but we made our old machine work for another 8 years at least. it was built in 1943, I left the workplace at 8 years after our repair and it was still going strong. (I worked there for 13 years in total.)
    We were machining high carbon steel (tooling grade chromium vanadium.) to save money on tooling for production machines. The Milling machine saved us about 65k in tooling put batch of tooling we made. (the tooling cost 75k to buy from the OEM and we made the same tooling in house for 10k material / process and licencing costs. NB: it was for our own use only.)
    Our machine had a LOT of backlash when we got it... maybe a inch or two. hehe. We made new parts for it in house though using the lathe. Made our own bushes and keys etc. We even made our own gib's (before we dismantled the milling machine, finished them up with a surface grinder.) Took us a month to repair it while doing a bunch of other jobs around it. (we were shift working fitters repairing stock fencing machines. But we had to do everything including toolmaking.)

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 8 months ago

    So after the service it’s basically new.

  • Preston Klima
    Preston Klima 8 months ago

    I noticed that you scrubbed the floor before moving the mill back to it's original position. What kind of chalk did you use to mark where it was in the beginning? I'd like to get some if it can withstand a scrubbing and still be readable.

  • 2024bear
    2024bear 8 months ago

    darn nice job

  • 2024bear
    2024bear 8 months ago

    are you going to Tram your table in to the head since you had removed the table?

  • Larunaax The Mischievous

    The amount of care you took into getting your mill back to a proper working order makes me happy that you're not only hard at working to smith but you're also working to maintain your tools :)

  • Bryce Hinton
    Bryce Hinton 8 months ago

    Good job man I know first hand how nasty of a job that is!

  • gorillaau
    gorillaau 8 months ago

    Two more nuts... replacements are good.

  • Derron Bailey
    Derron Bailey 8 months ago

    As a professional milling machinist I say kudos to you. Great few videos, you have a good insight into milling and maintenance :D

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown 8 months ago

    What I like about your videos is the speed. I usually have to accelerate many youtube videos to 1.25 or 1.5 speed to enjoy them.

  • Screaming Llama
    Screaming Llama 8 months ago

    Why was there a subliminal shot of a yacht at about 1min 30????

  • max nye
    max nye 8 months ago

    You can tell Alec is enjoying talking about his nuts

  • Rex DukeR
    Rex DukeR 8 months ago

    Congratulation, Alec. You're now a machinist. Seriously. Been a factory worker in my early years. The guys that been working these and other type of mills for decade. Gizmo is the most common word. I'm not joking. Their quote "If you can set it, fix it and turn it on. Your a machinist. Just don't forget to oil it."

  • jhonnygesponny
    jhonnygesponny 8 months ago

    what's up with the sailing boat image at 10:10

  • Torsten Stütz
    Torsten Stütz 8 months ago

    Just a small hint: when using pressurized air to blow away chips and clean things....use glasses with side protection. Chips in your eye are no fun.
    Additionaly, when performing such a deep maintenance, i would have replaced all the norm parts (screws, bolts, washers, BEARINGS) performing moving functions with brand new ones.
    Buts thats just me.

  • Wolfy Wolf
    Wolfy Wolf 8 months ago

    Wow, 10 people on such a small boat :)

  • james chang
    james chang 8 months ago

    were did you get the gloves from do you have a link thank you jim

  • apollo robb
    apollo robb 8 months ago

    The silicone is there to stop coolant from going down around the table end plates if you run coolant

  • George Tapley
    George Tapley 9 months ago

    You did a great job in reconditioning your mill. Had it been me working on it I may have taken the time to scrape the ways so that they hold more oil. Other than that good on you and brilliant work.

  • Swiper Soixante
    Swiper Soixante 9 months ago

    what s with the sailing boat

  • Alexey Zaytsev
    Alexey Zaytsev 9 months ago

    Six hundred bucks? That's nuts!

  • fishisyum
    fishisyum 9 months ago

    Every time he references anything that out of context could be taken as sexual, take a shot.

  • thinfourth
    thinfourth 9 months ago

    Move the head forward.
    Then you are operating near the middle of the Y travel and are less likely to foul on the column when moving the X

  • Garbled User
    Garbled User 9 months ago

    nice sail boat @10:09

  • Kevin Schultz
    Kevin Schultz 9 months ago

    Haha the jib reference in the beginning.

  • Gary Hendrick
    Gary Hendrick 9 months ago

    Have you done the same for the lathe?

  • David Garrow
    David Garrow 9 months ago

    Love your work ethic Alec!! Somethings not right, rip it out and fix it! No job too small! Amazing!

  • Jackson Tan
    Jackson Tan 9 months ago

    Take a shot everytime says "NUTS"

  • Ulrik Kaul
    Ulrik Kaul 9 months ago

    Now you just need to do a little TLC on the Colchester Student MkII.
    It looks worse than mine:-)

  • Bobby D
    Bobby D 9 months ago

    little pick tool..... better known as automotive scribe.... ;)

  • Joe Hamilton
    Joe Hamilton 9 months ago

    Grab your nuts and make sure they're clean! HAHAHAHAHA! I love it!

  • Steve Haines
    Steve Haines 9 months ago

    whats with the couple quick glimpses of sailboats? A very enjoyable series!!

  • Kim Fuck U
    Kim Fuck U 9 months ago

    I'm really thrilled you still get parts for this old mill! However, the screwdriver is the worst thing I have seen as mechanic!

  • MyPic CelPic
    MyPic CelPic 9 months ago

    Diz nutz!!!.....LMAO

  • leahbyland
    leahbyland 9 months ago

    A silly little thing, but coming across this series pushed me to reseason my cast iron skillets today. Thanks!

  • FelheartX
    FelheartX 9 months ago

    I'm a programmer, why am I watching this, how did I even get here?? Anyways, I love it even if I have basically no clue what's going on haha.

  • MM 219
    MM 219 9 months ago +1

    Why was there a picture of a random boat with a sun set at 10:10

  • GeordieBiker422
    GeordieBiker422 9 months ago

    Are you saying i need to degrease my nuts before i oil them?

  • GeordieBiker422
    GeordieBiker422 9 months ago

    Are you saying i need to degrease my nuts before i oil them?

  • jason gozy
    jason gozy 9 months ago

    haha the flashes of a gib yacht were funny

  • Will Wade
    Will Wade 9 months ago

    There should have been a paper gasket instead of silicone on the end.

  • Will Wade
    Will Wade 9 months ago

    We used angle iron to level our glass scales. Hang one leg of the angle iron over the back with the other bolted to the table and snug the scale up to it and we were within 0.002 inches of perfect.

  • Cthulhu
    Cthulhu 9 months ago

    Nice nuts

  • Samuel Keller
    Samuel Keller 9 months ago

    how many times did he say nut?

  • aleid1996
    aleid1996 10 months ago

    Am i the only one who was really enjoying seeing Alec almost hump his machine by pulling and puching on it? Yes? Well alright i'll sit in this corner of perverts then XD
    Besides that, well done @AlecSteele ! Most people would never have touched their machine because it's basicly too scary!

  • fragwits
    fragwits 10 months ago

    now do the lathe :P

  • Roi Czechvala
    Roi Czechvala 10 months ago

    Again, who caught the jib reference?

  • Theophilus Jedediah
    Theophilus Jedediah 10 months ago

    There are so many English tools that I’d like to add to my kit but the prices are so much higher than USA made high grade tools...(just not as cool!)...