I Dressed Like My Indian Grandmother For A Week

  • Published on Oct 21, 2018
  • I spent a week with my Indian grandmother (dadi ma) living her lifestyle and wearing her clothes. :) Check out 23andMe if you want to do your own ancestry test! 23andMe.com/MichelleKhare
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  8 months ago +2408

    I am so proud of how this video turned out. Originally it was just going to be a video following trends..and turned into such a special video with dadi ma. isn't she the cutest? :) hope you guys loved it!! tell me what u think!

    • Dadrienne Williams
      Dadrienne Williams Month ago

      I absolutely adore you. I’ve been binge watching all your videos and just seeing how much detail and hard work and dedication you put in your videos is very inspiring to me and to learn your background and see how genuine you and your grandmother are really touched me. I just love how you give your all without caring too much what anyone has to say. Well idk if you’ll see this but i just wanted you to know that your amazing and a special human being☺️

    • Ann Barwick
      Ann Barwick Month ago

      You were so respectful to your dadi ma

    • John Ming
      John Ming 2 months ago

      Michelle Khare will you marry me Wokka wokka

    • Vanshika Nayani
      Vanshika Nayani 2 months ago +1

      I"m for india

    • John D
      John D 2 months ago +1

      Michelle, you could make a feed sack look good! This is a good look for you.

  • amie_ 2002
    amie_ 2002 8 hours ago

    I miss my grandma 😔

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh 20 hours ago

    I knew it , she was half Indian....I always had a feeling while watching her other videos that she looks very Indian...I was right...😁

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh 20 hours ago

    I knew it , Michelle was half Indian....😃

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh 20 hours ago


  • Courtney Ellis
    Courtney Ellis Day ago

    Your grandmother is precious.

  • Kareem Moutez
    Kareem Moutez 4 days ago

    Lol how many of us know the Pooja words by heart even though we’re not Hindu. Bollywood, classic movies especially movies with Kajol.

  • Kareem Moutez
    Kareem Moutez 4 days ago

    I was waiting for the okra recipe. Also my favourite south Asian vegetable dish.

  • Tiasa Tilak
    Tiasa Tilak 4 days ago

    you looked so pretty in the Indian clothes 😍

  • Akira Alexis Soyra
    Akira Alexis Soyra 5 days ago

    Boi! Nobody measures except white people with all their fancy cooking tools... 🤣 Japanese just roll with it using chopsticks!

  • Audrey Heidgerken
    Audrey Heidgerken 5 days ago

    I actually have an aunt that is from India, so when we went there for her and my uncle's wedding it was very special. It was different and very cool to see the way that a different culture does a wedding. It's just really cool to see the similarities and differences that we have with other cultures. Also, the food is good too because of all the different things that they would use to make their food.

  • Audrey Heidgerken
    Audrey Heidgerken 5 days ago

    The outfit from day three somehow reminded me of jasmine

  • Kayla_123xX xX
    Kayla_123xX xX 5 days ago +1

    I’m Cambodian and Mexican

    I never met a other Cambodian besides my family

  • Josephine Walter
    Josephine Walter 6 days ago +1

    Don't measure is part of my culture too AKA Mexican heritage Honestly though it's kind of hilarious

  • Madeline Lui
    Madeline Lui 6 days ago +1

    when your dadi ma hugged you i cried omg

  • claire elizabeth
    claire elizabeth 7 days ago

    Hi I’m white

  • k
    k 7 days ago

    I can really relate to your situation because my family is partly from Argentina and I really learn alot nee stuff about the culture when im there. Great Video!

  • Skyler plays Roblox YT

    My grandmas actually did that too

  • Akparis 21
    Akparis 21 7 days ago +1

    Omg she posted this on my birthday!

  • Josephine Desmarais
    Josephine Desmarais 9 days ago

    You should do a learning a language in 60 days, that would be cool

  • Anant Nigam
    Anant Nigam 9 days ago

    I miss my dadi.

  • Blue Ivy
    Blue Ivy 10 days ago

    Michelle, I am very happy that you made this video. I am pretty sure this video has made Hindus(not only me but others) very welcomed to see someone respecting Hinduism. You are a great person. We all have seen how much you went through and we are there to support you. God bless you Michelle and your grandmother!

  • Tabbitha Coughlin
    Tabbitha Coughlin 13 days ago

    I would have liked to see how the meal turned out.
    Beautiful clothing!

  • Pauline Julien
    Pauline Julien 13 days ago

    That was really inspiring to me. I am half French and half Armenian, and growing up I was only really exposed to the French side of my origins and felt different from the other kids mainly because I looked a bit different, but I was also quite proud of coming from two different cultures. My mum grew up in the sixties as a daughter of immigrants and received quite a lot of racism and discrimination and really wanted to assimilate, so she thrived to become even more French than most French people (she became a French teacher and a specialist of modern French literature), rejecting her Armenian origins in that process. She didn't learn the language or even go to Armenia. It kind of leaped a generation I guess, because I always felt proud of my Armenian origins and would love to go there one day, which my mother never really understood as I was brought up in the French culture. But somehow I never felt completely French and I really want to pass this onto my children, I want them to be proud of being the result of many different cultures (my partner is Swiss with German and Greek descent, so they will definitely be a great mix of origins xD).

  • Elisa Van Mechelen
    Elisa Van Mechelen 15 days ago

    If ur also half racial whatever leave a like and comment saying what u r.
    I'm half Latin half Dutch.

  • Wazha Syeda
    Wazha Syeda 17 days ago

    I'm Bengali and watching this reminds me a lot of my culture and its so interesting to see the similarities and differences. Great video ❤❤❤

  • Tide Pods
    Tide Pods 18 days ago

    my grandmother keeps coming to my house and giving me indian dresses.

  • Elizabeth Sanchez
    Elizabeth Sanchez 19 days ago

    My parents would send us to Mexico every summer to be with my grandparents. It's the greatest gift they have given to us, besides life, of course. To see frame of the stone house where your father was born and where 11 children grew up really makes you think twice about not working your ass off and making their sacrifices worth it.

  • xelocin
    xelocin 20 days ago

    Your dadi is so elegant for her age. Her lustrous locks are serious goals.

  • Divya S
    Divya S 20 days ago

    How many Indians watching this??

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos 20 days ago

    Im also half white and half Indian

  • Meiyu O'sullivan
    Meiyu O'sullivan 20 days ago

    Meets grandma at 2:45 if you wanna skip intro 🥳

  • Lynn K
    Lynn K 21 day ago

    why are you half white and half indian? arent you half danish and half indian? or half white half asian?

    as a german-american i feel like people often don't care enough about where you come from if you are "just white"

  • Deshara Love
    Deshara Love 21 day ago +1

    " I don't measure that's the main ingredient in Indian cooking" 😂😂😂
    Same black people don't measure nothing you taste it til it's right

  • CrazySushiCat
    CrazySushiCat 21 day ago

    I wish is could have had a grandmother like that!!😍😍

  • Ainsley Zirkle
    Ainsley Zirkle 22 days ago

    “Home is where the family is” I love that 🤗

  • Cheese Nuggets
    Cheese Nuggets 22 days ago +1

    Michelle:I love color
    *is wear all black

  • Jezreel Bullock
    Jezreel Bullock 22 days ago

    The saris (sorry I probably spelled that wrong) are so beautiful. I have always thought that it's one of the most beautiful styles of clothing. It's like wearing art. The small details and the bright beautiful colors have to make you feel beautiful when you out it on. I know I said beautiful so many times but idk how else to describe the way it looks haha

  • XL Official
    XL Official 22 days ago

    Is that not Gayatri Maa, or am I missing something when she called her Laxmi maa? Cause Laxmi and Gayatri are different, but people often mistake the picture of Gayatri maa for Laxmi maa or even Ganga maa.

  • Lizbeth Cervantes
    Lizbeth Cervantes 22 days ago +1

    I did a project in India and I got to see the wonderful culture they have. I loved this video.

  • Bindi Patel
    Bindi Patel 23 days ago

    Oh my gosh!! I go to that mandir with my family, it’s so crazy that you were there with your grandmother

  • Jack sparrow
    Jack sparrow 23 days ago

    I was quite confused(/or say not sure) that is she(I mean her ancestors) Mexican or Indian and Today I got my answer

  • Frostbite Future St. Chill

    But . All Asians never measure when they cook that includes me

  • Rose G
    Rose G 23 days ago +1

    As a girl who is half Taiwanese and half white this is something I absolutely relate to. The awkward (well meaning) questions, the racist assumptions, the difference in cultures, etc. I felt the sentiment about the “distance” from my asian side as well. I don’t get to see my asian relatives often and I’m not fluent in Mandarin like I wish I was. Thank you Michelle. The biracial community is one not often served.

  • Dollar Diva
    Dollar Diva 23 days ago

    I 💖you!!

  • Sorcerersupreme007
    Sorcerersupreme007 23 days ago

    This was such a fantastic video! You got me to laugh so much with your dadi ma and your interactions. Especially when your grandmother told you she didn't measure when cooking, lol, my grandmother is the same way. It was an especially great look into the life of an Indian American. It did cause me to ask the question, and it may have been asked and answered already. Do you have a religion you ascribe to or are you non-religious?

  • sweetyslimegirl awsome

    Hi it's your cousin I changed my gmail

  • KanmaniKarthikeyan Shanmugam

    Any girl in the world will be more beautiful with Indian outfits. That's is the beauty of Indian culture..

  • Elizabeth Ferro
    Elizabeth Ferro 24 days ago

    The outfits are beautiful I loved them

  • Gaurav Chaudhuri
    Gaurav Chaudhuri 24 days ago

    Like which Indian grandmother isn't like that

  • erica whitchurch
    erica whitchurch 27 days ago

    I am so glad you got to do this with your grandmother. Mine was Japanese but hell bent on, because we lived in the u.s. we were to be American. So that meant no kimonos, no Japanese, no Japanese traditions.

  • sNippSss bts
    sNippSss bts 27 days ago

    I'm Indian... And most of the facts weren't accurate.... But looking at your grandmother so intact with her roots and you so connected to it makes me very happy

  • deathsetmatch60
    deathsetmatch60 28 days ago

    I’m actually mixed like you are I love learning and historical events I’m America half Mexican so I’m 50/50 on my dad’s side the John Adam family tree from my grandma’s family before marriage and my mom’s side of Italy and language and different religions which I love and it just amazes me and ya

  • Deepika Vadrevu
    Deepika Vadrevu 28 days ago

    I feel like I have the same story of how your grandmother felt when she moved here, in 2017. I can totally relate to being impacted by the highways in Chicago and I know the pain behind "washing clothes in a bucket". I am 29 yo now and I feel like I would want to see myself living like your grandmom maybe 30-40 years from now. Just as independent, positive and progressive!

  • Deepika Vadrevu
    Deepika Vadrevu 28 days ago


  • Heather Elzinga
    Heather Elzinga 28 days ago

    I love 23&Me! My stepsons are 1/2 white and 1/2 East Indian, so this was particularly interesting to me. Their mom prefers them to identify as Asian.

  • Channy Whocares
    Channy Whocares 28 days ago

    I do envy the colorfulness of the Asian traditional clothing though, I will admit that. I mean in my Teens you probably could have haunted me with that but now as an adult, I am legitimately jealous to not have any connection to traditional clothing and even if Iahd it would be plain simple black where I live now. Yawn! :D I guess that's what you get for your ancestors being a*holes to anyone, in the end, you just delete yourself, but that lowkey reminded me I always wanted to try to cook like the recipes in the cookbook of my great grandmother even though my 20th-century self doesn't eat half of that stuff anymore.

  • Zooleah Zarate
    Zooleah Zarate 28 days ago

    A lot of Mexicans don't measure either, my grandma didn't measure, my mom doesn't measure, and neither do I 😂

  • Lalita Vava
    Lalita Vava 29 days ago

    Your dadi ma's puja was heart touching!

  • Vinayak Vidhyasagar
    Vinayak Vidhyasagar 29 days ago

    Woow beautiful

  • Shelby Ruiz
    Shelby Ruiz 29 days ago

    This has inspired me to follow through with a concept I want to do with my grandparents of interviewing them and capturing that part of my families lives. I appreciate this type of content, Thank you Michelle

  • Panic! At the coliseum

    I live right beside Birmingham AL !!

  • speedygonazls1800s
    speedygonazls1800s 29 days ago

    I was so tucked when I heard you ask your grandma about your family history

  • Beth Hughes
    Beth Hughes Month ago

    This is a gorgeous video

  • Kawaai cow Kawaai
    Kawaai cow Kawaai Month ago +2

    Indian clothes are so stunning and beautiful

  • Caitlin Nicell
    Caitlin Nicell Month ago


  • Rey Marie
    Rey Marie Month ago +2

    People ask my mom “what are you” my mom answers “my dad is from North Carolina and my mom is from South Korea“

  • Jada Conner
    Jada Conner Month ago

    That’s so cool I’m also from Birmingham

  • GoFloGo
    GoFloGo Month ago

    OMG MAMI JI or more like dadi GI!! lol sanskari beti your making me proud

  • Bug
    Bug Month ago

    This reminded me so much of my Portuguese grandma. My Vovó immigrated to Canada when she was a few years younger than Michelle's Dadi Ma, without knowing any English. My grandfather, Vovô (now passed like Michelle's Baba) came before her to find work (without knowing any English, either) and faced huge challenges, prejudice, and maltreatment by those he found work with (like having to sleep in a barn, not being paid, and having to survive on only apples for a time). Like Dadi Ma, my Vovó never measures anything when she cooks and is also religious (Catholic in her case). She also has a huge love and appreciation for her "new" country, to which she came to find a better life for her family. She has an intense love for her family and for where she grew up. Having come from the Açores, her first glimpse of snow was when she left Portugal and she still finds the cold of winters difficult. At the time that she came, she had to fly in a very small plane for the first leg of her journey and it was terrifying because it was so rickety and jumped around so much! She always greets and hugs me like she hasn't seen me in a long time and won't see me in a long time, and I always hug her back that way.
    Love these quotes from Dadi Ma:
    *"I don't measure; that's Indian cooking."*

  • Neethu P
    Neethu P Month ago

    my grandma's super duper conservative and I chuckled a bit at the thought of walking out in just a sari blouse and the under skirt like michelle did when she didn't know how to drape the sari herself in front of all the cameras LOL, my grandma would probably spontaneously combust at the thought

  • Veritaserum
    Veritaserum Month ago

    Dadi is right! When mom cooks, she just throws stuff on there, not caring bout each tiny ingredient and care just bout the dish as a whole.
    Also, my fav dish is bindi masala and kaaju masala!

  • Re M
    Re M Month ago


  • Heather VanDyke
    Heather VanDyke Month ago

    You should do a challenge where you isolate yourself in your home for an extended period of time to shed light on what it’s like for older adults in the US who are home bound.

  • Zoe Jeffery
    Zoe Jeffery Month ago

    Your grandmother is adorable!!!!!!!!

  • Noemie Fukasawa
    Noemie Fukasawa Month ago

    your grandma speaks english sooo well

  • Noemie Fukasawa
    Noemie Fukasawa Month ago

    do you speak indian?

  • Ramiya Salman
    Ramiya Salman Month ago

    love this video

  • cinnymoon
    cinnymoon Month ago

    My nana passed away last month and I only wish to have a video like this with her. It was very nice of you to make this not only to share with us but to have for you and your family down the road. This was a beautiful video. Thank you for allowing us to see your family's story.

  • Centennial
    Centennial Month ago

    Your videos touch the heart and the brain. Well done!

  • Upasana Deka
    Upasana Deka Month ago +1

    You look reallllllllyyy Indian in those attires. I kinda love it 🙊

  • Pursuit Your Dreams

    Thanks for introducing Indian homely culture.

  • Aruna
    Aruna Month ago

    Being from Trinidad, my great great grandparents came from India, we sing the same song when we d aarti, its nice to know we did remember some things. As for the measuring, thats a grandma thing!!! They dont measure! I loved seeing you wear your grandma's clothes. This was such a sweet video

  • Melissa M. Vidanueva

    How long did it take to go and visit her home country?

  • indian fad
    indian fad Month ago

    Indians are the results of africans f#(king europeans and they moving to the indian subcontinent,so most of us are mix black with white,u get grey duhhh

  • Error! Sansy The Skeleton

    I Wish I Was Dat Pretty-

  • Keke Bell
    Keke Bell Month ago

    I wish I had a grandmother or great grandmother that had an immigration book, but my family did not immigrate. I had already heard a few stories from my mom, but after taking a DNA test, I found out that I have very strong African ancestry and my ancestors were slaves that were brought to states like Virginia, Mississippi, and the Carolinas(I have family in all three, so it makes sense). I've always wished to have stronger ties with my background.

  • Amita
    Amita Month ago

    Bhindi Masala

  • Oomie Says
    Oomie Says Month ago

    I would never think she was white at all

  • tianna belknap
    tianna belknap Month ago +2

    your dadi ma seems like such a kind and beautiful soul, i really want to just sit and talk to her. what an amazing woman! ❤️

  • Zippy
    Zippy Month ago

    Your grandmother is amazing. She seems so loving and such an amazing woman. You are so lucky!

  • leilani mathews
    leilani mathews Month ago

    This video is lovely, I'm half Thai and in two weeks i'll be going to thailand with my grandparents and i'm so excited to learn more about Thai culture. We go to temples and the small local Thai festivals here, but I am so excited to experience things like my gandmother did and like my mom did when she was young. I would always ask my mom what her life was like in Thailand and what it was like moving here, how hard it was for her being in high/middle school and having to learn English and grow accustomed to a new life, especially living in the southern states. i've never asked my grandmother what it was like because for some reason, I never knew how to, but I want to ask her about everything :)

  • Ellie D’Souza
    Ellie D’Souza Month ago

    I’m southern Indian! But I hate that I’m really dark. But I’m adopted so I don’t know any of my biological family. But my dad (adoptive) he was Indian so it felt like I could connect with some of my heritage. But he died when I was 5. So now I just left out.

  • IceFox_FireFox
    IceFox_FireFox Month ago +3

    You're so beautiful, I love the sari's on you!

  • Shae Grey
    Shae Grey Month ago

    Lol that’s what you should wear everyday earn your culture idoiot

  • Rahz Al-Ghul
    Rahz Al-Ghul Month ago

    What's funny is my dad came from India only a year after your Grandma and I'm like 5 years older than you but we have a generation gap

  • Maryam Braimah
    Maryam Braimah Month ago

    You look like my aunty

  • Teresa Bhowmik
    Teresa Bhowmik Month ago

    u can have a better life anywhere across the world u dont necessarily have 2 migrate in some other devoleped country

  • Lucy Payne
    Lucy Payne Month ago +2

    omg michelle your dadi ma is beautiful!!!!! She's such a gem and so kind! (ooo btw we share the same birthday!)

  • SmileOfNz NewZealand

    I always had a feeling u were indian