Showdown Bandit Gameplay (HORROR GAME) FULL Episode 1 No Commentary

  • Published on Sep 27, 2019
  • This is Showdown Bandit

    ► About this game
    Episode One. Something unnatural is stirring on the abandoned sets of the once popular kids puppet show, Showdown Bandit. Play as the awakened Bandit in this stealth-action-horror where your only hope of survival is entangled within the 3 rules of the show: Play your part. Guard your strings.
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  • Selena Garcia-Gamache
    Selena Garcia-Gamache 9 days ago +3

    (Chapter 1: Cactus Gunman and Showdown Bandit in "The Trail of Shadows)
    Narrator: (when Cactus Gunman was a child, he use to play western with his sister and El Chip, he knew about the différent between reality and make-believe, even cartoons and puppet shows. But now, there's one puppet was been brought to life in modern day, the place he lived in was abandonned. For now, Cactus Gunman, Serah, Steve, Cactus Girl and some of their friends were started to investigate in the Puppet-Studio since Yagu was born.)

    (0:00 Yagu's Favorite Toys cutscene)
    *door open creakily then close*
    Sonic: so, this is the Puppet-Studio. Right?
    Yagu: yeah! Since my creator built me when I was a baby.
    Bendy: more like baby-puppet.
    Cuphead: very funny, Bendy.
    Serah: all right, let's see we can find if you wanted us to show something.
    Yagu: okey-dokey! C'mon!
    *all walking*
    Showdown Bandit: *...* (0:14)
    Lorelei Undertaker: hello there! Are we feeling shy? You don't need to hide from me, poor little thing. It's a big scary world out there, I know...*noticed Bandit hid in the box* oh my! It' Well, that is something. Let's get you out of that box and out into the lights. *crate-door open squeak* oh my dear! Sure as my name is Lorelei Undertaker, I didn't drag you back up here on purpose! But if you're here, looks like there's some visitors was arrived. Which means the puppet-kid came here what he wants! Either way, I suppose we must get going! The show must go on!
    Showdown Bandit: *trying to get out of the box* (1:04) *began to standing up*

  • Selena Garcia-Gamache
    Selena Garcia-Gamache 9 days ago +2