Trying to fix my Brother-in-Law’s 10yr old Laptop...

  • Published on Aug 7, 2018
  • My sister said that her 10yr old laptop isn't working and asked if I could fix it... can I? Watch and find out. But probably not.
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    Trying to fix my Brother-in-Law’s 10yr old Laptop... | JayzTwoCents
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  • mdcorman 55
    mdcorman 55 2 hours ago

    I just sold a dell inspiron to a person with the backpack computer style and alot of extras and upgraded it from vista ( which was just coming in)give you and idea how old the computer was before I sold it a year ago........ to windows 7 pro.....kinda wish I hadnt because I wanted to use it to tune my harley with a fuel pack but I guess I can pick up a cheap laptop to do the job. I hardly ever used the computer collecting just and still look new out of the box mine was red Repair Never worked for me.....I did on my computer which had issues with the new ssd harddrive I had to do a cmos CHKDSK /F/R took all day but fixed my frive and good to go and also had to update my bio and clear my cmos because I could get internet nor access my bios.....yea behind by 4 bios upgrades...and why do they make them so darn hard to just upgrade???? need a program to open the file so you can uograde the bios.....MAN

  • Dukez Venom
    Dukez Venom 4 hours ago

    My mom had this type of laptop. GOt her a new one instead...

  • Jayden Charbonneau
    Jayden Charbonneau 17 hours ago

    Tbh if I was trying to recover data from that laptop I would've just booted off of a flashdrive and accessed the files on the hard drive from a low level utility and just copied from there.

  • banana potato
    banana potato Day ago

    "not that kind of happy ending"┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴

  • JustAMan
    JustAMan Day ago

    You could upgrade the CPU to T9600 or possibly the T9000 Quad for a few bucks ($10). Basically, everything on socket P should work. The biggest problem with these old machines is that 4GB DDR2 SODIMM modules for laptops are extremely rare. I think two laptops originally came with such modules, a HP and an Apple.

  • Jason Edwards
    Jason Edwards Day ago

    You wrote brother -in- law but you say sister...

  • James Roggy
    James Roggy Day ago

    LMAO with the screws......i have never done this...durp

  • the hadster
    the hadster 2 days ago

    damn man you have so goddamn computer parts

  • Atho' O Atho'
    Atho' O Atho' 2 days ago

    US Military OS

    EZAZ AHMAD 3 days ago

    how can i fix boot failure detected?
    GA z170x G7
    i5-7400 CPU
    PSU CX600 corsair
    corsair vengeance ddr4 2400mhz 8gb
    GPU GA 750ti 4GB
    HDD 1tb+320gb

  • Duy Khánh Gaming
    Duy Khánh Gaming 3 days ago +1

    Fix 10yr laptop for 10 mins


  • Division Alpha One
    Division Alpha One 3 days ago

    6:50 sister in law?

  • Nevaran
    Nevaran 4 days ago

    Relic you parents use a fujitsu siemens laptop from 2006 or so. My grandmother has a less broken laptop but from 2003 or so even

  • Jack Scarratt
    Jack Scarratt 5 days ago

    bet he found the sex tape

  • imrealizee
    imrealizee 5 days ago

    5:50 i feel ya so hard

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen 5 days ago

    i rather just convert that into a chromebook/linux. X)

  • Two_Heads_Talking
    Two_Heads_Talking 6 days ago

    You know watching this makes me realise just how many of you guys are out there.
    Self proclaimed PC experts who have zero experience on any of the older technology.

    Ive got an old Sony PCG-NV170, its from about 2002 so 17 years old and it works just fine... never a single problem that I couldnt fix and yeah it runs just fine on XP because it doesnt need the internet so the lack of security updates is moot.

  • Nemanja Nedeljković
    Nemanja Nedeljković 6 days ago +2

    1) Doing windows recovery made me cringe so much. You do not want to write anything to disk you want to recover data from.
    2) Looks like MBR is detected and there is something wrong with partition header, since partitions are showing up. (It could still be that part of MBR is fucked up, but I doubt it)
    3) Windows is not able to mount parition, which probably means it is something wrong with the partition table.
    If you want to just recover photos and lose directory structure, reccuva is pretty good at detecting image signatures on disks and recovering images.
    4) If you want to go step back and fully diagnose what is broken, you are probably going to have to run some kind of live linux.
    Things you want to look at are:
    - SMART status of the disk
    - Use fdisk (for MBR or gdisk for GPT) to take a look at partition info
    - Use testdisk to see what happened to partition
    - Use photorec in place of reccuva, to recover files based off signature.
    5) Things data recovery company can do and you can not:
    - Replace electronics with ones from donor disk (and maybe replace firmware on that board)
    - Move disks to another enclosure, for broken mechanics
    - Use better SATA controller created for data recovery to talk to disk and avoid some common problems

  • Adam Darroll
    Adam Darroll 6 days ago +3

    how to repair broken computer
    step 1 rip out the hard drive seeing as you know it is the harddrive giving the problem
    step 2 rip contents of drive off to backup tke required files
    step 3 put 500GB ssd in fresh install of windows
    step 4 put wanted files back
    step 5 give computer back

  • MrStoffzor
    MrStoffzor 6 days ago


  • R4FMalik
    R4FMalik 7 days ago

    if u have a gtx 1080 ti lying around ... can u sen dit tto me... i need a card... my gtx 970 is broken

    • MrPlunt
      MrPlunt 5 days ago

      1. This vid is like 9 months old.
      2. Why would he do that? He surely has one but if u would get one, everyone else would want one too...

  • R4FMalik
    R4FMalik 7 days ago

    if u have a gtx 1080 ti lying around ... can u sen dit tto me... i need a card... my gtx 970 is broken

  • Alessandro Zanardi
    Alessandro Zanardi 7 days ago

    Jayz you can use GetDataBack, you can find it somewhere online

  • James Reduta
    James Reduta 8 days ago

    Love Your Videos its really helpful!

  • bluesillybeard2 bczhefgthspswd

    *the computer keeps interrupting him as he is talking about old game sounds

    haha haha hah ah

  • new_ codern
    new_ codern 9 days ago

    can u fix my laptop? :>

  • Yahid1 Gamer
    Yahid1 Gamer 10 days ago

    What the hell I literally watched the video and turned on my computer now my computer doesn’t wanna boot

  • Not Santa
    Not Santa 10 days ago

    You can try to boot windows through your Windows USB thingy and split the Windows partition away from important files on the broken drive then reinstall windows onto the split partition. You might lose little to no data, but it'll work if the "broken" drive can still function or spin. It'll just mean that the Windows boot was corrupting the entire disk.

  • Tyler Furrison Tech
    Tyler Furrison Tech 10 days ago +3

    I subject you to 1000 years of constant post code diagnostic beeps that interrupts your speech constantly.

  • Spinkey
    Spinkey 11 days ago

    your lack of linux hurts us

  • Nick Moore
    Nick Moore 12 days ago

    If the owner chose the "free Windows 10 upgrade", then the original OS would've been Windows 7 since the T4400 was released in 2009. Since the laptop's military surplus, that sounds about right for specs. It also sounds about right for the corrupted drive issue, which was very likely caused by the suboptimal conditions during its use in Afghanistan (as shown by the damaged shell and screen casing).

    That dust gets everywhere, even if you regularly blast it with one of those canned air things. You're right though, I don't think you could save the computer with Windows Diagnostic Repair... but the drive itself might've been accessible with a USB dongle adapter for file transfers. No guarantee, but if your primary objective was to extract the photos it's worth considering.

    The other thing to consider is that Microsoft has a 5-year support policy on Windows-based processors, effective from the date the processor model was released. So the T4400 would've been unsupported after 2014... god I hope your sibling-in-law didn't get nailed with the Powessere.D bootkit during the forced Windows 7/8 obsolecence in 2016.

  • Computer Power
    Computer Power 12 days ago

    He has low short memory. Time for an upgrade.

  • Yyeeaahhbbooii_
    Yyeeaahhbbooii_ 12 days ago

    run HDAT2

  • josh wake
    josh wake 12 days ago

    I recover bad hard drives I have all the software and hardware I can recover those photos for you back them up repair the drive and reload the photos and send it back and did I mention that its only 20 dollars to do it

  • Tautvydas Deržinskas
    Tautvydas Deržinskas 13 days ago +3

    Greedy guy, you could at least give her SSD :(

  • George Tsiros
    George Tsiros 13 days ago

    do not move HDDs when they are working, do not even tap the DESK they are on. ESPECIALLY when you suspect they are at the end of their lives. You think i'm shitting you, let MHDD run on one and tap the desk to see the HDD hiccup. They are EXTREMELY sensitive.

  • Ru Ch
    Ru Ch 14 days ago

    Did he try to navigate into the files with the command line? "cd" ? I had a bad drive where it would not work with windows but I could get the data via command line extremly slow though!

  • Martin Kromann Jensen
    Martin Kromann Jensen 14 days ago

    Why would U even consider installing Windows on a normal harddisk... - You know better :-)

  • Brendan C
    Brendan C 14 days ago

    that font its press start p2

  • I SwearSheWas16
    I SwearSheWas16 14 days ago

    My pc is 12 year old
    Still no issued or upgraded

  • juselara02
    juselara02 15 days ago

    man, 2009 seems son far right now

  • Louis Johnson
    Louis Johnson 15 days ago

    If the photos weren't backed up, they can't be too priceless.

    JOSH GAMING 15 days ago

    Why is your laptops charger gaming?

  • Isaac Wright
    Isaac Wright 15 days ago

    Unfortunately, even my backup hard dribe says Caution. BTW what did that one say in CrystalDiskInfo?

  • Isaac Wright
    Isaac Wright 15 days ago

    By the way, these laptops on eBay are the same price as a new one. Please reply.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 16 days ago

    I hate, really hate bad drives. Best thing to do with a physicly damaged drive, is try to clone it while skipping bad sectors. Your only hope, if not actualy send it to a lab.

  • Dzedmin Dzihan
    Dzedmin Dzihan 16 days ago

    10 year old laptop has GTA 5 on it and my 2 years old computer that can't run GTA San Andreas in 30fps is wtf

  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkerson 16 days ago

    found the hard drive that was good

  • Maksim Radevski
    Maksim Radevski 16 days ago

    Apple computers be like: Call Apple technical support!!!

  • IM A CAT
    IM A CAT 16 days ago +1

    Hey i need your help or else my mom and dad will kill me about this
    So i turn on my laptop and i just see a black screen i did all the tutorial but some doesnt work plz your the only one can help me plz help plzzz its toshiba satallite

    CHRISTOPHER LEE 16 days ago

    Yep MS DOS

  • yw1971
    yw1971 17 days ago

    5:51 - next time check first on TheXvid how to get the Hard drive out...

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore 17 days ago

    Gibson research SpinRite software will probably recover the drive. It took 18 hours the last time I tried but I got 100% recovery. link:

  • Muhammed Ali
    Muhammed Ali 17 days ago

    Or you can use hirens boot CD and try windows xp live mode and copy those photo's you want and then install windows

  • Dingle Flop
    Dingle Flop 17 days ago

    In our Oregon based shop, we mount screwed NTFS drives in Linux. In the vast majority of cases, the files they want are actually fine. Linux will mount it read-only and you can grab the files you need before the drive completely dies.

  • Kenneth Tom
    Kenneth Tom 18 days ago

    A total waste of our viewing time

  • Thomas Vilhar
    Thomas Vilhar 19 days ago or are good for an old laptop like that.

  • Riasat Salmin  Sami
    Riasat Salmin Sami 19 days ago

    best part of the video.

  • Jehad Gh
    Jehad Gh 20 days ago +10

    nothing special , he just tried to download some free ram like me

    • Er B
      Er B 6 days ago

      +nah I did the same thing only I downloaded some ram

    • nah
      nah 8 days ago

      +abuda gupta nah i just downloaded more hard drives now my laptop runs like a dog with aids and is on steroids

    • abuda gupta
      abuda gupta 13 days ago +2

      I did that to my laptop today and it fucked it up

    • samuel lovius
      samuel lovius 14 days ago


  • Morgan Reyman
    Morgan Reyman 20 days ago

    you must use a exact same harddrive, lift out the discs and put them in the other drive, the problem often is the reading-heads get loose

  • Ben 1989
    Ben 1989 20 days ago

    So what was the point in this video?

  • IGAofficial
    IGAofficial 20 days ago +7

    Literally i laughed when the drive came out by just removing 1 screw 😂🤣🤣😂😂😅😆.... lol
    #Onlyjay 😅

    • ProBang 2
      ProBang 2 15 days ago

      That´s a Dell Inspiron 1750. The tray with the harddrive is actually secured with two screws.
      Sure? Very sure..! Anyways, it was funny to see for me, too.

  • Wolf Mobile
    Wolf Mobile 20 days ago

    You should have put an ssd in there

  • Dj T Productions
    Dj T Productions 20 days ago

    Give her a new laptop you cheap ass

  • René Castillo
    René Castillo 21 day ago

    If the Hard Drive is compromised or potentially damaged, the first thing that you must do is try to access to the data for backup. Then try to repair the machine.

  • seth duffey
    seth duffey 21 day ago

    Zork nostalgia.. Cheers

  • Two Pills a-day
    Two Pills a-day 21 day ago

    Command Prompt using the recovery environment

    BCDedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
    CD boot
    Attrib BCD -s -h -r
    Ren C:\boot\bcd bcd.old
    Bootrec /RebuildBcd


  • Jacob Corporon
    Jacob Corporon 21 day ago

    0:36 that was me when i was little

  • Jan Klinge
    Jan Klinge 21 day ago

    Wait? “This notebook belongs to my brother...” & “You don’t want to deal with a very emotional sister...”? First it was your brothers, and then your sisters?

  • Calum Davis
    Calum Davis 21 day ago

    the entire video i took a nap

    • Alex Oelkers
      Alex Oelkers 18 days ago

      Well that's because you're a idiot.

  • amr lamborghini
    amr lamborghini 21 day ago

    When you slide out HDD from the side
    And the amount of screws that you take out is unnecessary that's hilarious.

  • Ghanta Wala
    Ghanta Wala 21 day ago


  • Hardipinder Singh
    Hardipinder Singh 21 day ago

    This is a very late comment but you could try heiren boot and extract content

  • NaeMuckle
    NaeMuckle 21 day ago +7

    Whenever a pc is corrupted i install a lite linux distro on usb. The OS installs in RAM and any files that survived will show up. You can then transfer them to a good HDD.

  • Ari Sadraddin
    Ari Sadraddin 21 day ago +2

    If you want your data and your windows won't boot , instead of the windows repair headache , get a bootable Linux flash boot to live Linux and you're good to go . Much easier much faster .

    • ShadowThatKillz
      ShadowThatKillz 21 day ago

      Ari Sadraddin I was thinking the same thing too. He might not be familiar with it

  • Dyn
    Dyn 21 day ago

    Or buy a new one maby

  • Ohoganclan
    Ohoganclan 21 day ago +1

    Use Linux and recover the data

  • MonkeyPants676
    MonkeyPants676 22 days ago

    proceeds to throw pc across room

  • Petr Zifcak
    Petr Zifcak 22 days ago +2

    You fool. You had one job. Save data. WTF are you doing ? Get the drive out of the fing laptop..... OMG jay dont do this kind of videos....

  • josh
    josh 22 days ago

    A war criminal's dirt-filled laptop doesn't work and he wonders why.

  • Cahaya Mati
    Cahaya Mati 22 days ago +35

    hey.. why you dint try BOOT LINUX AND BACKUP ALL FILE

    • masterElmar
      masterElmar 18 days ago +3

      Windows 10 cant read a Windows Boot partition you need linux or some special Software to open the Partition. Some times people dont know anything about Windows. I hate these people.

    • KzR V.
      KzR V. 20 days ago +5

      I saved files once with a bootable Linux USB. Windows couldnt even open the drive, like Jay!
      Once on Linux I was able to save all my files.

    • Roberto Bautista
      Roberto Bautista 20 days ago +6

      That would be the first thing I would do :/

  • Wheryez AG
    Wheryez AG 22 days ago

    i have laptop

  • Joshua Latham
    Joshua Latham 22 days ago

    Top tip for recovering data: Don't boot to the got damned HDD. Take it out and use a read only data device. You can stick your hard drive in and it will block and writing to the drive allowing you to read freely. You can get a read only UDD25 for $45, definitely worth it depending on what data you have lost.

  • Geo Belmont
    Geo Belmont 22 days ago

    i participated in the free update, it was just a couple years later...

  • Wonka0998
    Wonka0998 22 days ago

    Everybody should be using cloud storage for important files by now

    • Joshua Latham
      Joshua Latham 22 days ago

      There is no cloud storage, there is only someone else's PC.

  • Boeing 797
    Boeing 797 22 days ago

    Does that Dell Inspiron have a Toshiba hard drive? I have an Inspiron 1564 from the same era, with a Toshiba 320 GB SATA hard disk drive.

  • Transformaster
    Transformaster 23 days ago

    First you said it's your brother in law.. then you said your sister..

  • DazzleGazza
    DazzleGazza 23 days ago +1

    why does he pronounce error as "air"?

  • Vapelyfe95
    Vapelyfe95 23 days ago

    6:48 he's like, God please dont let me find a sex tape

  • Adam Crow
    Adam Crow 24 days ago

    crystal disk for checking the drive. why did you not look into Hirens boot?

  • AoiMei
    AoiMei 25 days ago

    I have the same laptop it was completely fine and because i wanna buy a pc i give the laptop to my 9y/o brother after 2 days the laptop has no screen :)

  • bradley coop
    bradley coop 25 days ago +1

    Did you put it rice ?

  • Ordinary GP
    Ordinary GP 26 days ago

    What the hell is that? That PC looks like trash. But idk

  • •Erica XD•
    •Erica XD• 26 days ago +80

    did you try turning it off and back on again?


    actually i’m not sorry.

  • Dayton Dingman
    Dayton Dingman 26 days ago

    Oh you build computers? Fix all my shit.

  • stupid productions
    stupid productions 26 days ago +1

    where do i get a windows 10 iso file
    im trying to go from centos 7 to windows, help

  • Doki Bubó
    Doki Bubó 27 days ago

    laptops always sucks.never buy them.ssd can boost them up but after a while stil run shit.

  • Tegar Oktavianz
    Tegar Oktavianz 27 days ago +1

    Brother or Sister?

  • gaming frenchies
    gaming frenchies 27 days ago

    Im just looking at all the parts in the backround and just thinking wow

  • Leme Bear
    Leme Bear 27 days ago +1

    My goodness this video is not only informative but hilarious. I love it.