Trying to fix my Brother-in-Law’s 10yr old Laptop...

  • Published on Aug 7, 2018
  • My sister said that her 10yr old laptop isn't working and asked if I could fix it... can I? Watch and find out. But probably not.
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    Trying to fix my Brother-in-Law’s 10yr old Laptop... | JayzTwoCents
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  • Anthony Grubb
    Anthony Grubb Hour ago

    You know, all this arrogance in the computer industry toward old school technology is very tiring and makes this fellow look silly. NOTHING better comes at later times unless it is built on the previous technology... and since I know he didn't do all the programming and electrical engineering that millions of skilled people undertook to get us to ever new levels, then he should keep his mocking comments to himself (and that goes for the rest of the tech field mockers, as well). Similarly, I've known geeks with expertise in exactly ONE area who feel qualified to laugh at highly skilled professionals, including medical doctors, who have expertise in a variety of disciplines, all because they don't have the same level of expertise in the geek field. Puh-lease, get over yourselves! Even if you were born with a Hex Core chipset in your hand (which you weren't), you didn't create it. Everything you have you were given, so just be humble and address the solutions. Besides, everything you do well today can be equally mocked 30 years from now (mostly because you as a group encourage this kind of idiotic behavior).

  • Simon Wong
    Simon Wong 5 hours ago

    Dell inspeon

  • Stefan Filipov
    Stefan Filipov 11 hours ago

    Holy shit my cousin just bring me the same laptop for me to fix...I can tell i hate it from the sec i saw it

  • Xavier Glyder
    Xavier Glyder 13 hours ago

    happens to me yesterday and i had no back up

  • Juan C.
    Juan C. 15 hours ago

    It sounds like it's been in Afghanistan.

  • tan weekiat
    tan weekiat 16 hours ago

    You really do need to give them a lesson on I.T. wellness

  • Dean Pappas
    Dean Pappas Day ago

    At least you tried plus you got the computer up and running with a new drive so it's not a total loss. You could try maybe data recovery software, the link here is the motherload of rescue boot kits, it has tons of utilitys in it, including data recovery, wipe windows password etc, I use this all the time on my computer, you can even run windows setup in it to.
    It's the best boot rescue mini OS i have found.

  • Cole Y Mitchell
    Cole Y Mitchell Day ago

    just finished watching. funny sh!t. great video

  • Danny Raul Molina

    I wish someone could help me fix my Toshiba Qosmio x870, make it look as good as new.

  • xSavgs Gaming-Modding-Trolling

    pause at 8:44 sign of life

  • Lukie.x
    Lukie.x 3 days ago +6

    Look at all those parts in the background 🤤

    • Happy Meme
      Happy Meme Day ago

      Lukie.x flash bang and steal em all

  • Buddhabubbskid9000
    Buddhabubbskid9000 3 days ago

    Your a baby

  • Aspect
    Aspect 3 days ago

    get him a pc not fixing his pc

  • Ken Taylor
    Ken Taylor 3 days ago

    So... I never knew 2.5 sata drives existed @ 7200rpm.

  • myshare
    myshare 3 days ago

    good video thank you

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 3 days ago

    2:50 "and it has a PCMCIA slot"
    Me: what is that even suppose to mean?

  • juan cisneros
    juan cisneros 4 days ago

    Where to get windows xp or vista

    SBNFX 4 days ago

    What about that awesome pc in the back

  • Lâm Phạm Tiến
    Lâm Phạm Tiến 4 days ago

    Time remaining: bout 4EVER MINS

  • Daniel Tabor
    Daniel Tabor 4 days ago

    Was a Dell warranty repair tech for awhile. The beeps are codes incase the display isnt working or isnt visible.

  • Rikki Paul
    Rikki Paul 5 days ago

    Could have given her a better laptop or an SSD XD

  • jr Bhatti
    jr Bhatti 5 days ago

    The funny thing is even some newer PCs use those stupid sounds

  • Aldrac
    Aldrac 5 days ago +4

    Knock knock.
    Who's there?
    Interrupting laptop.
    Interrupting laptop... beep, beep, beep

  • Paul Skalla
    Paul Skalla 5 days ago

    The PhotoRec utility under Linux works fairly well. Its designed for crapped out flash sticks/cards, but Ive used it with flakey spinning disks. On one occasion, I actually opened a head crashed drive, jiggled the arm a bit, and git it to work for enough time to rescue some photos befire it died. Definitely not recommended, but it was a last ditch effort (and I wasnt going to pay the small fortune for recovery).

  • Vampz0r
    Vampz0r 6 days ago

    nobody made a joke about all the happy endings he goes on about? i thought i was browsing youtube... :)

  • Henry Atkinson
    Henry Atkinson 6 days ago +9

    I thought he would just use the HDD in another PC...

  • MeDontKnowYou
    MeDontKnowYou 6 days ago

    That noises is my new ringtone

  • TheJooomes
    TheJooomes 6 days ago +1

    I keep a copy of all my important stuff on two computers and an external drive.

  • VolticBat
    VolticBat 7 days ago +1

    This computer was my first computer. Mine was navy blue.

  • John Cate
    John Cate 7 days ago

    Take that Inspiron 1750, put in an SSD and replace that T4400 with a T9800 or T9900 and it will run like a new machine. I watched your video on the 15" version of that machine, a 1545, with a T9900 in place of the original T4400.

  • jeff knudsen
    jeff knudsen 7 days ago

    Those sounds puts a smile to my face :-D Love it :D

  • abu3qab
    abu3qab 7 days ago

    2:06 walk away man, the machine is reversing.

  • Paul Dacus
    Paul Dacus 7 days ago

    4:23 "We just need to make sure that Windows doesn't automatically wipe itself..."
    Like an old man who thinks a bidet is a water fountain.

  • MisterPikol
    MisterPikol 7 days ago

    don't get fooled by the title name, tech youtubers use that often to fool you into thinking they fix stuff from their relatives. Which is of course not the case.

  • ilikeapplepie33
    ilikeapplepie33 8 days ago

    Same one I have lost everything else in hurricane Harvey

  • kaz3d
    kaz3d 9 days ago

    My ex was a massive slot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • keefa99
    keefa99 9 days ago

    description says sister but title says brother

  • Equinox EDM
    Equinox EDM 10 days ago

    is this some kind of peasants joke? am i too genius to understand this?

  • Eralp Akpınar
    Eralp Akpınar 10 days ago

    If you install windows 10 again on that machine it will NOT delete the old windows' files. It puts them in a windows.old folder in the C:/ drive.

  • Dinoy Davis
    Dinoy Davis 10 days ago

    Buddy I'm also have struggling my Dell Inspirion n5010 2013..
    Can you recommend any new laptop for gaming and video editing !!!!

  • Sumona Florence
    Sumona Florence 11 days ago

    .. Jay what the fuck, just use Linux.. :f

  • कुमार उत्सव

    This is what happens when we try to install big new softwares in a ultra slow shit HDD.

  • Nina  Todorova
    Nina Todorova 11 days ago

    Hey my laptop has win7, but it's a bit slower. Can you install another os but all of my data to be the same but without Windows files? NO WINDOWS AT ALL

  • Bryan Sierra
    Bryan Sierra 11 days ago

    man i had that laptop and loved it

  • Speeds CSGO
    Speeds CSGO 12 days ago

    "Speaking of happy endings, we are doing a huge giveaway right now!" -JayzTwoCents

  • Karlo Galinic
    Karlo Galinic 12 days ago

    you suck in repairing old computers

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 13 days ago +1

    or you can use a Linux Live Distro...

  • Kenneth Cochran
    Kenneth Cochran 14 days ago


    • Larine
      Larine 10 days ago

      Kenneth Cochran I think you broke your caps lock key

  • Notpoop
    Notpoop 14 days ago

    Symptoms were the same as my sisters laptop. Turned out she dropped it, and the hard drives was essentially inoperable. Wouldn't even allow my PC to boot with the drive hooked up internally. And with an external enclosure, it just wouldn't index.

  • Notpoop
    Notpoop 14 days ago

    One of my proudest repairs was actually eliminating bad sectors off of my brothers desktop HDD. Everytime he would launch CSGO it would crash. Turned out CSGO was on a bad sector. Very satisfying fix as usually when hard drives "break" they break for good. He's still using the same mechanical drive now 5 years later.

  • Notpoop
    Notpoop 14 days ago +1

    When someone brings me a laptop like this to "fix" I just want to slap them....

  • - Jesus
    - Jesus 14 days ago

    *Porn Viruses*

  • pan pan
    pan pan 15 days ago

    why all users have dell?

  • TheSpaceDuck
    TheSpaceDuck 16 days ago

    I have a inspiron 5577. Its cool to see what the old old version if is computer is.

  • AlexStmz
    AlexStmz 16 days ago

    Tell your brother I thank him for his service 🙏🙏

  • klystron2010
    klystron2010 17 days ago

    "So what seems to be the problem?"
    "It started playing Despacito in 2-bit chiptune..."

  • pc tellez
    pc tellez 17 days ago

    5:46 LOL that was hilarious

  • Pablo Campos
    Pablo Campos 17 days ago

    Data is still there....if you do wanna save it! it can be done

  • Windows Tech Support
    Windows Tech Support 18 days ago +4

    Just call me I can fix your computer

  • SolomonPlayz
    SolomonPlayz 19 days ago

    you can do chkdsk /r in the installation cd

  • Jebus Jones
    Jebus Jones 19 days ago

    I tried to recover my sister's hard drive using Windows Paint, lol.

  • Ashraf Gergis
    Ashraf Gergis 19 days ago

    Whats his laptop called

  • LePat PiSang
    LePat PiSang 19 days ago


  • Jonas McCoy
    Jonas McCoy 20 days ago

    Surprised you didn't image the drive before trying to do anything to it...

    • Jonas McCoy
      Jonas McCoy 20 days ago

      Cringing when he moves the SPINNING DRIVE while it's ON, also the smacking it around on the table doesn't help if the drive is failing...

  • dangerous outlite
    dangerous outlite 20 days ago

    i have a dell latitude D620 my current pc (the one I'm using to type this) is i think around 12 and it works great but i cant install any app from the micro store but it runs hulu, netflix and youtube i cant upload my videos on it because obs wont run on it

    DIEP GOD 20 days ago

    5:42 😂

  • Bdiri Sadok
    Bdiri Sadok 21 day ago

    The windows automatic repair never repaired a thing for me my entire life and I breath computers. Windows 10 is the onr with the most unpredictable booting problems

  • Zubair Kabuli
    Zubair Kabuli 21 day ago

    0:14 fuck you too

  • Ben's Boring Videos
    Ben's Boring Videos 21 day ago

    Wait... THAT was the only thing you tried? Just hooking the hard drive up to an external USB reader? And when windows didn't find the drive you just gave up? Any moron could have done that.

  • Ivan Galaviz
    Ivan Galaviz 21 day ago

    Newwb... :(

  • groenendiek
    groenendiek 22 days ago

    Trying to let windows repair the hard drive was pathetic, when in case of a failing hard drive each attempt to read data is less likely to be successful. I only use that option when I am sure the hard drive is working properly AND I'm lost for other options. After seeing windows won't boot, I would have taken out the drive, try to read the s.m.a.r.t. data, and take it from there. If the hard drive doesn't show a folder tree and is clearly not reading much, you could try putting the hard drive in a freezer for a bit - a method that offers a small chance to accces the drive, find and copy that folder you want before it slides into a lasting coma again (I successfully rescued data this way once). I read comments saying you should have used Linux. Yes, and there are also a bunch of decent recovery programs out there. In short it was a shameful repair attempt from someone sitting in front of a rack filled with hardware, suggesting you are an IT professional. It is okay to botch a repair like this because your client or sister will not know you fudged it, and you can tell em anything you want. But to put it on youtube, heh that's a whole new level of bad.

  • 3mariusx
    3mariusx 22 days ago

    The first thing you should have done is read the smart chip of the hdd! Hdd sentinel one of the best program. That self diagnosis is a completely crap

  • 3mariusx
    3mariusx 22 days ago

    Come on man. Windows 10 is the bggest shit ever made. You always have to get an error.

  • Cake Monsta
    Cake Monsta 22 days ago

    he didnt check the history what a failure

  • Jalen Cheng
    Jalen Cheng 22 days ago

    He WAS a retired veteran?

  • SeikakuOtosan
    SeikakuOtosan 22 days ago

    i wonder if she ever sent it off to get the data recovered.. and if she did, what it cost and was she able to get the data.

  • NISom SOM
    NISom SOM 22 days ago +1

    I have the same cpu as the laptop

  • Rob West
    Rob West 23 days ago

    Take a look at the app Recuva.

  • DeadlyBOI
    DeadlyBOI 23 days ago +1

    Older than majority of the fornite players

    • FBI
      FBI 23 days ago

      you liked your own comment...

  • Leonnards D
    Leonnards D 24 days ago

    Welcome to my life until a couple of years ago. Fortunately the Core 2 Duo's were less and less now, though I've got one right now. That's third world for you. I went to this video expecting a full clean up and fixing the hinge, dusting, scrubbing, isopropyl alcohol and all, bit disappointed here. Not even removing fingertips Jay? Smh (jk).

  • chrisfrombp
    chrisfrombp 24 days ago

    Awww I was hoping that it would work. I feel like I learned a few things. Nice video.

  • Of Legend I Am Born
    Of Legend I Am Born 24 days ago

    It probably came with Vista. I bought my E1705 in 2007 and they were already shipping them with Vista. Dell told me it would cost an additional $150 for XP instead so I went ahead and had it shipped with Vista. Tried it for an hour and a half, nothing would work on it. Anti-virus was locking up, Morrowind wouldn't boot, etc. I finally said screw it, reformatted and installed my own XP on it. I put 7 Pro on it a year and a half ago for my mother, works great still imo. Only issue with it is she yanked a key off and the design of the keyboard it's about impossible to get it back on.

  • angel gomez
    angel gomez 24 days ago

    you hitted that drive at least 5 times during the video... how do you expect an onld drive to work if you keep hitting it?

  • lethalsilverdragon
    lethalsilverdragon 24 days ago

    Looks like the table corrupted. It can be fixed with the fixmbr command from a install disk. I bet he will never see this. Rats.

  • lethalsilverdragon
    lethalsilverdragon 24 days ago

    As a Dell tech, they still have that DIAG. It's better now. As does Lenovo and HP have DIAGs. Also I hope he doesn't undo all the screws to get to the HDD. I have watched way to many techs do that.
    Edit: Ok he did do that but he can fix that hinge now.

  • Argy Bargy
    Argy Bargy 25 days ago

    Why on earth would he torture that thing with having Windows on it...

  • Jimmy S
    Jimmy S 25 days ago

    More than likely Windows 7 for that generation of system. Or was shipped with Vista and 7. Vista was not part of the free upgrade to 10 only Windows 7 or above got the Windows 10 free upgrade.

  • Marko Zutic
    Marko Zutic 26 days ago

    you have all that hardware behind you and you give back to your sister 10 yrs old pc. Niiiiiiiiiice man.

  • Buda Ultimate Gamer
    Buda Ultimate Gamer 26 days ago

    hell naw!!!!

  • vollie the stardust
    vollie the stardust 26 days ago

    Just give it a hit, that works on many occasions.

  • jkw427
    jkw427 26 days ago

    Good thing it has win 10, then puts in a win 7 disc. I promise you, that will NOT repair anything.

  • Rosene Camance
    Rosene Camance 26 days ago

    when i saw the graphics cards box at the back side i think he sell graphics card

    • Rosene Camance
      Rosene Camance 26 days ago

      or he just love them like how drug adics love cocane

  • Orion MA
    Orion MA 27 days ago

    If your pc can not boot at all , the first thing you have to do , it is to enter your bios and load the default settings , then save & restart .
    If nothing happen , you can revover your data by installing windows on a new hard drive and using the old one in RAID by placing it in second position ( Bios ) , but only if the hard drive is not physically damaged , then you'll be able to extract your old data ( make sure to make a scan with your antivirus before extracting anything , otherwise you could corrupt your new system if you had a virus in your old disk ) .

  • Kernelpickle
    Kernelpickle 28 days ago

    Hiran’s Boot CD (on a bootable USB) is all you need to fix these kinds of issues.
    I’ve pulled data off of HDDs that were failing SMART test and in the midst of dying. The trick is making a bit perfect copy onto an external drive and performing data recovery. If it’s just the MBR that’s been corrupted, that’s a MUCH easier fix!

  • Elf On The Shelf
    Elf On The Shelf 28 days ago

    My laptop is 6 YEARS old

  • Robert Dumont
    Robert Dumont 29 days ago

    Try bootrec.exe with /fixmbr and/or /fixboot and/or /rebuildbcd from Safe Mode.

  • Katie Henn
    Katie Henn Month ago

    wtf is it me or does he sound like Matthias at 2:34 and after

  • Ramadhan
    Ramadhan Month ago

    I think I could actually recover that photo, send me the hard drive Jay

  • djsnowman06
    djsnowman06 Month ago

    Hugo's house of horror

  • Firas Dhouibi
    Firas Dhouibi Month ago

    boi , give him a new pc for fuck sick