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  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
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    r/Letsnotmeet has scary Reddit stories from users who have encountered real-life psychopaths and murderers. Some of the stories in today's video are chilling. One woman found that someone had been living inside of her walls for MONTHS, and you won't believe what else they found inside of the walls. If you like these scary Reddit stories, subscribe to my channel to show your rsupport!
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  29 days ago +2150

    A few days ago someone requested I do more r/letsnotmeet
    I read comments and listen to fans!
    Any other subreddit you think I should tackle?

    • Silver
      Silver 2 days ago

      I love the stories and the way you told them. But tbh that music is almost a bit much, my heart started pounding real bad. Is there any chance you can leave it out? It think the stories in themselves are enough tou give you real anxiety and are shocking to begin with. I don't want to sound like an entitled Karen, just a thought. I already get real shivers from the music :'D Help.

    • MegaMyown
      MegaMyown 4 days ago +1

      The dad reflexes one sounded amazing

    • Jutso Mazazaki
      Jutso Mazazaki 8 days ago

      6:09 i know wha hotel that is from cuz my dad showed me cuz he had to patch it up

    • Chavah Bjork
      Chavah Bjork 12 days ago

      I think you should do r/letsnotmeet a lot more often. It's one of the best.

    • Considerably Irked
      Considerably Irked 14 days ago

      Do this again!

  • joe scalf
    joe scalf 7 hours ago

    sure enough im listening not watching

  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 10 hours ago +1

    People living in my walls is like one of my greatest fears. Like sometimes I'll just softly knock to a rhythm on the wall to help me fall asleep, but I'm terrified someone on the other side will knock back.....

  • Jaydea williams
    Jaydea williams 14 hours ago


  • noam k
    noam k 20 hours ago

    Wait wait wait, i need someone to tell me the genders in the last story, how would op sleep with one of the girls while the guy might have wanted to rape him, from what i realized op was a male, so was his friend, there were 2 girls and one guy with them who tried to do whatever to op

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 22 hours ago

    Getting money from that guy as part of the Candice story makes no sense since he couldn't afford drinks- how is he going afford to pay them off. Sure they could be really dumb but seem too organised for that. Maybe just psychopaths who want to cut him up.

  • Habyland Blah
    Habyland Blah Day ago

    Welp i am not going to sleep tonight

  • person
    person Day ago

    16:57 i don't want to alarm you but, i think they where trying to get OP drunk and than hug him without his permission (or rape him.)

  • Autumn Davis
    Autumn Davis Day ago +1

    They were gonna use him for a cult ritual

    • Anika N.
      Anika N. 14 hours ago

      Yeah, that's what I thought as well. Near my school there was also an old, empty house. A lot of my friends went in regulary (we weren't allowed, of course), because it was a great spot to shoot photos for arts projects, you know, with the "lost-places-touch" and some of them later told, that they had discovered a "satanist room" in the "dark part" of the house (where the windows had been shut with planks), with satanist signs all over the walls and candles on the floor... I'm not sure if this room was real, or if they just had made up a story to scare the rest of us, but if it was real, I'm glad noone ever met the people who had done this.

  • Jasmin Sekic
    Jasmin Sekic Day ago

    yea organ theft probably

  • Frisbee 'n' Cookies

    I'd laugh if that last story was just a secret birthday party his co-workers organised for him.πŸ˜‚

    SHINING SPRINKLE 2 days ago

    I have heard story 3 before

  • High Owl
    High Owl 2 days ago +1

    Omg I watched this video the DAY BEFORE I leave to go on VACATION FOR A WEEK. WRONG CHOICE.

  • DrVoo PL
    DrVoo PL 2 days ago

    No fucking way!!!

  • Pauletta Brooks
    Pauletta Brooks 2 days ago +1

    Type in on youtube cute girl bout me to there house steve d same story red head named candis my theory :get ready for detective pikachu refrence: SOMEONE STOLE STEVES STORY!
    That last one dosent work at all: ok pokemon refrence over no in all seriesness if this story is real then😐😯☹😰

  • Sans Skeleton
    Sans Skeleton 2 days ago

    So for the last story with that Candice chick I think the dude ran into some black market organ dealers or something

  • Wintertimber17
    Wintertimber17 2 days ago

    More like r/NoSleep

  • Amber S.
    Amber S. 3 days ago

    I think the last one you said but instead of the man raping him they were all going to rape him

  • Graham Lane
    Graham Lane 3 days ago

    In the first one, I could fit in the hole if it was my only survival.

  • Fallen Rose
    Fallen Rose 3 days ago

    For the last reddit post i think that 'Candice' was going to black mail him for sleeping with a minor, it happened to one of my mums friends and now he has to be registered as a sex offender but they could of maybe tortured him to death, also happened to one of my mums friends or they could do both, happened to one of my dads friends. Basically my family has seen everything...its kinda sad at this point

  • Queen Ducky
    Queen Ducky 3 days ago

    Thx then

  • raffelon
    raffelon 3 days ago

    I didn't think about the last 3 things (yes that means that the prior ones came to my mind too)
    to clearify: this is about the end of the video with the comment about the last story

  • Guns to memes
    Guns to memes 3 days ago


  • Pablo MoysΓ©s
    Pablo MoysΓ©s 3 days ago

    In the last story, the minor blackmail theory makes no sense unless they knew OP or his family was loaded. Unwilling organ donor sounds pretty silly. My skeptic side tells me this could be just a very well made up story or OP was more drunk/drugged than he thought. A rape/murder attempt sounds more plausible, assuming it's a true story and op remember most things clearly.

  • JenJac 123
    JenJac 123 4 days ago

    The first story is from true horror stories. You know the channel

  • TheMario&TailsChannel 246880

    Steven d did something about candise

  • Chris
    Chris 4 days ago +1

    Definitely leaning heavily towards unwilling organ donor for that last one.

    JUDEAH 4 days ago

    GHOST!GHOST!GHOSTperiod question mark

  • Sans11002
    Sans11002 4 days ago

    Blackmail or human trafficking that's what I think it could have been

  • Usernamesdonotmatter

    A friend told me a story about a man who met a girl like this. She didn't have a distinctive wig or anything. Anyway, I can't remember if it was a Tinder date, but they had a good first date. No sketchy signals. She invited him back to her place for dinner for the next date. When he got there, the woman wasn't there, but now there was a group of people. They basically kidnapped him and took all his personal info. He was eventually released and he still has to deal with the fallout. Not much you can do if they steal all your personal info. But yeah, maybe it was something like that. They could have been planning to simply steal his information and rob him.

    It's also a good explanation for the wig. You see, you would remember the wig more than their faces. And mixing the girls would also make it difficult for identification later.

  • Rennoc Lehctim
    Rennoc Lehctim 5 days ago

    8:42 I swear I saw this before as one of those animated horror stories

  • Jessica Maples
    Jessica Maples 5 days ago

    The Candace story was on a Steven d episode

  • Śhady Śhady
    Śhady Śhady 5 days ago

    Y am I watching this at 11:00pm

  • Arieanna Davis
    Arieanna Davis 5 days ago

    Candice... Hmm Bright red hair... Hmm (Intro kicks in) PHINEUS AND FERB ARE GONNA DO IT ALL.

  • TheTri ForceMaster
    TheTri ForceMaster 5 days ago

    Watching this in a hotel, thanks for the nightmares

  • Jake Games
    Jake Games 6 days ago

    i think i heard this story before but its awesome bc rslash narrates it xd

  • Ross Carey
    Ross Carey 6 days ago

    ngl id have went along for the ride at 21, but for my daughter id go along now also to be fair lol, this guys biggest problem is he never actually confronted the candice

  • Alan PLAYZZZ
    Alan PLAYZZZ 6 days ago

    I think the red hear gril wanted to get him drunk so he will not notice the different face and the mite have bin a trap to murder p.o. that's maby why there was a male voice to kill op

  • McNoodle Doodle
    McNoodle Doodle 6 days ago

    Should have look at the liquor store and maybe just maybe they have a security camera that might help identify the girl and help understand what her actual info and understand what maybe crimes they committed if ever that is right? Camera always camera

  • TheRedGamerFPV
    TheRedGamerFPV 6 days ago

    Ok I'm having nightmares now cause I recognize that bathroom from one of my vacations, holy shit I'm going to have another nightmare like last night

  • Lachdacotch
    Lachdacotch 6 days ago

    The last one I think is r@pe

  • anonymous
    anonymous 6 days ago

    The first storyyw

  • anonymous
    anonymous 6 days ago

    Omg this vid is from another vid a horror video

  • Famingo Fan UwU
    Famingo Fan UwU 7 days ago +1

    I don't think that they switched for black mail, for having sex with a minor, because the first girl was saying to the other girl that she couldn't do it, she might have changed her mind from the original plan, I think they were gonna all rape him, but mostly have the man and record it and sell it on the dark web or something as a rape porno, so they could make money off of a guy that they thought was drunk, and then possibly take all he has including his kidney or something.

  • TheAubreyrae
    TheAubreyrae 7 days ago

    Nuclear revenge

  • LadyShay
    LadyShay 7 days ago

    I was thinking something violent. Like the trio were gonna lul the dude in with sex, then murder him.

  • Brock Morris
    Brock Morris 8 days ago

    They was trying to kill him and then sell his body on the Black Market.

  • zach not my actual name

    Or murdering him

  • Da Bananananana
    Da Bananananana 8 days ago

    Human trafficing?

    • Da Bananananana
      Da Bananananana 8 days ago

      Were the wig girls being forced to do something?

  • Jason Toddman
    Jason Toddman 8 days ago

    Well, I'm no private investigator - just an ordinary shmoe in fact - but i was independently thinking of the rape theory he mentioned myself as the story was still wrapping up.
    Whatever the true case may have been, sounds like the story-teller dodged a bullet... possibly even literally.

  • A Random Sam
    A Random Sam 8 days ago

    from the story at 8:38, that story is being taken from Steven D's channel. I have the video link right here.thexvid.com/video/7ws1mqLps04/video.html

  • The Pasty British Guy From Wonderwoman

    I was almost relieved that you weren’t playing that music again. But, alas, I eventually heard it

  • Sailor Anime girl 101

    Steven d did a vid about this

  • Quacksta OW
    Quacksta OW 8 days ago

    That Candice girl story, i think i remember it from a Steven D animation

  • crimsonbehemoth
    crimsonbehemoth 8 days ago

    I swear I heard creepypasta music as the guy was was in the bathroom

  • Oh Noes Bad News
    Oh Noes Bad News 8 days ago


  • History With Aidan
    History With Aidan 8 days ago +1

    Never watching these videos again at 10:30 at night the day before I’m going to BSA summer camp and disconnect for 6 days

  • Amber Graham
    Amber Graham 9 days ago

    what about the freaking friend that he left there????

  • BerrypawEO
    BerrypawEO 9 days ago +1

    Two β€˜girls’ were actually really good cross dressing guys (it’s amazing what cross dressers can do) and wanted to get him drunk enough that he doesn’t realize that they’re actually guys by keeping shirt on and using the only entrance that guys have for?

  • Wheatley
    Wheatley 9 days ago +1

    Reporting this woman for noclip through walls.

  • The Furry Sniper
    The Furry Sniper 9 days ago

    im thinking that it was basically a long death, drug>rape>leave forever to eventually die or either starvation, dehydration, or goes too insane and mid shits down.

  • Xavier Alfonso
    Xavier Alfonso 9 days ago +1

    Holy Molly, The Red Hair Girl reddit post is presented here too? Wow

  • Terry Wallace
    Terry Wallace 10 days ago

    This is the best subreddit I've seen on this channel

  • Forgot Other Password
    Forgot Other Password 10 days ago +2

    So, regarding the other story with "Candace," I'm trying to think over everything it could be.
    You've mentioned the possibilities of rape of various types, kidnapping/human trafficking, organ harvesting, blackmail, and drugging/robbing OP.
    If they were going for the plan of having OP sleep with a minor, and then blackmail him, then they didn't need to break into the house. The line "He's drunk as hell. He can barely stand up. You do it." implies some hesitance in Candace, but it could also be her trying to get the second woman to contribute in some way. The specific words "You do it" make me think that it isn't sleeping with a minor and blackmailing. If they were planning to do blackmail, they could have the woman claim he raped her, regardless of age, and I think that would be plenty of blackmail on it's own.

    The most suspicious part to me is just how drunk "Candace" tried to get OP. She was clearly trying to get him to the point of being as close to blackout drunk as possible.
    I'd like to put forward a few other, if significantly less likely, possibilities:
    1) A relatively extreme group of cultists. "Candace" and the other two (at least) could have been part of a cult, and possibly trying to either get him drunk enough to not resist them, so that they could kill him or, drugging him into joining. I say "relatively" extreme, because all cults are extreme, and the ones that commit murders/human sacrifice are far more extreme than others. This could have been the second woman's initiation, and would explain the wig switch (this mostly is for the point of them trying to be subtle enough with the switch to not alert the drunk man), the "you do it" line (Even if they aren't cultists, I think it may be their first time doing this, whatever "this" is, and woman 1 either lost her nerve, or thought woman 2 should step up to the plate), and them breaking into the abandoned house for it. (Getting blood out of any type of building material is a bitch.) In hindsight, this could even explain the sheer amount of alcohol "Candace" bought. Alcohol is a blood thinner, and if they were a cult planning to sacrifice someone, or use their blood for one reason or another, having blood that both flows out easier, but also will take longer to coagulate? It would make things easier.
    2) Scapegoating. This one is the least likely possibility, but it's possible they could have planned to use him as a scapegoat for another crime being commit elsewhere. This could be done along with the blackmail idea from before. If he wakes up with no memory of that night, they could easily set him up to take the fall for multiple crimes, have the second woman claim he raped/kidnapped her, and he wouldn't be able to deny it, because he wouldn't even be able to remember what actually happened.
    3) This is a weird one, but there is the possibility of human trafficking as a living blood bank, as opposed to being sold into the sex trade. I believe this is not the case at all, but it's possible. It's also possible that if they were planning to sell his organs, that they might focus on keeping him alive and whole until they have a buyer.
    4) Kidnapping and extortion of relatives. Extremely unlikely, but possible.
    5) Some entitled mother was asked by their kid for some blood.

  • MestreLeviatan
    MestreLeviatan 10 days ago

    When Silent Hill becomes real.

  • ReDeX
    ReDeX 10 days ago

    Wasn't that Candace story in a story time of a animator on yt lmao

  • Vecremser
    Vecremser 10 days ago

    It was probably rape and organ trafficking.

  • ScourgeAshfur95
    ScourgeAshfur95 10 days ago

    i could fit through that hole!! easily to

  • Iguana I
    Iguana I 10 days ago

    The last one was probably rape , and was supposed to get the dude so drunk he wouldn’t have remembered. I feel that the girl in the wig acted like the original candace if they went in the room, and the OP would’ve thought, being drunk , it was her whilst the other one got more victims.

  • Cayden Devonshire
    Cayden Devonshire 10 days ago

    I thought it said r/lest snort meat lol