r/Letsnotmeet THEY'RE LIVING IN MY WALLS! 😱😱😱

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
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    r/Letsnotmeet has scary Reddit stories from users who have encountered real-life psychopaths and murderers. Some of the stories in today's video are chilling. One woman found that someone had been living inside of her walls for MONTHS, and you won't believe what else they found inside of the walls. If you like these scary Reddit stories, subscribe to my channel to show your rsupport!
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  4 months ago +2340

    A few days ago someone requested I do more r/letsnotmeet
    I read comments and listen to fans!
    Any other subreddit you think I should tackle?

    • Mattie Karwin
      Mattie Karwin Day ago

      I don't think they were planning on anything about tricking him into sleeping with a minor. Remember what he heard her say, "you do it." If it had been the plan from the start, there'd have been no argument/discussion over who was to go out. Best case scenario: they wanted home boy's organs. Worst case... it wasn't about money.

    • Mahay Aized
      Mahay Aized 25 days ago

      r/boneappletea and more let’s not meet

    • Voltage The Pikachu
      Voltage The Pikachu Month ago

      Maybe something of a new style more like r/CrappyDesign or r/YouHadOneJob

    • anoko.seiran
      anoko.seiran Month ago

      R/ dad reflexes please? That was pretty interesting when you said that and I want to start to read some

  • William Pinkard
    William Pinkard Day ago

    Actually a real dad reflex would be to notice the guy stalking your kid and then beat the shit out of him.

  • William Pinkard
    William Pinkard Day ago

    I don't consider someone getting saved from someone creepy saved unless that creepy person gets beat up. If my kid is getting stalked by a guy I'm going to find him and fuck him all the way the fuck up but if it's a female stalking them I'm going to call the police on them.

  • Mattie Karwin
    Mattie Karwin Day ago

    I don't think they were planning on anything about tricking him into sleeping with a minor. Remember what he heard her say, "you do it." If it had been the plan from the start, there'd have been no argument/discussion over who was to go out. Best case scenario: they wanted home boy's organs. Worst case... it wasn't about money.

  • iwanttodie
    iwanttodie 2 days ago

    Redroom probably

  • Miu
    Miu 3 days ago

    6.20 Remeinds me of the movie Within. Is generally really good fuel for a movie. That poor woman probably had nowhere to go to. I kinda hope she won't get caught, she already struggels enough, if she has to do that.. And if she does get caught, I hope she will get help to get clean again.

  • Moff Ant
    Moff Ant 3 days ago

    the drunk guy one scared the living hell outta me.. I dont drunk, and i feel like this justifies it so much. im getting hostel vibes..

  • Berliner Mapping
    Berliner Mapping 4 days ago +1

    "Candice..." "...bright red hair..."
    Am I the only one thinking of Candice from Phineas and Ferb?

  • Buster Bear
    Buster Bear 5 days ago +1

    The second girl with the red wig could have been the male voice.

  • Buster Bear
    Buster Bear 5 days ago

    If it took 2 of them to take the mirror off then how did she get the mirror back up to hide?

  • Destiny Rose
    Destiny Rose 6 days ago

    Unwilling organ donor, has to be. She was clearly drugging op, and the Male voice could have been a black market surgeon, or a buyer for the organs. All I can be sure of, is that I'm so glad op managed to get away.

  • Saylor Ryan
    Saylor Ryan 7 days ago +1

    They live in the walls
    Me- Stranger Things?

  • Armchair warrior
    Armchair warrior 7 days ago

    I had something similar happen. Honey trap, girl told me to undress, while she go get something etc... she'll be right back, She closes door to bedroom, My pants down lol. I hear a male voice on the other talking to her. She suppose to be single and alone etc... I pull my pants back up. I brace door, Guy tries to ram into the door. I told him, I don't want any trouble and I'm already dress and ready for him. If he wanted trouble, I will defend myself and kill him etc... i walk out of there acting all tough etc... Once out apt I ran LOL like hell. I didn't know what the girl or the guy wanted.

  • The fallen one
    The fallen one 8 days ago

    I think it could have been the blackmail even a murder

  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 9 days ago

    What happened to the boy friend was he alright ? You don't mention anything about him !

  • Kaiser Zephan
    Kaiser Zephan 9 days ago

    I think op was going to get sexually assulted.

  • Smokey Beardman
    Smokey Beardman 10 days ago

    to be said, my cousin was tricked into coming to a girlshouse and turned the lights off. apparently she was trying to get her gay brother laid. my cousin still sends dick pics and is not ashamed

  • Smokey Beardman
    Smokey Beardman 10 days ago

    to the person who thought about the whole sleeping with a minor blackmail thing... why is sleeping with a minor on your mind? Freudian slip?

  • Smokey Beardman
    Smokey Beardman 10 days ago

    organs are pretty pricey. chances are that you would have woken up one or two less organs or worse if you can imagine

  • Smeif Chapman
    Smeif Chapman 12 days ago

    They was just trying to give the old boy some sloppy head and he was just tripping. Paranoia costed him a blow job

  • Harley Morris
    Harley Morris 14 days ago

    My theory for the wig one is she wanted to rape op and also wanted the friend so that’s why she wanted both of them to get super drunk and one of them was a man so they used the wig because they thought he was drunk

  • rare paw
    rare paw 14 days ago

    Living in her wall?! Omg that is terrifying

  • sweets08816
    sweets08816 15 days ago

    #1- Did that crazy woman Candyman her way into the room?

  • Hobby Nerd
    Hobby Nerd 15 days ago

    do more lets not meet

  • DogSubZero
    DogSubZero 16 days ago

    On the second story I theorized the same thing as the private investigator, guess I wouldn’t be a bad investigator.

  • DarkMations Cookie
    DarkMations Cookie 17 days ago

    some of the stories i heard on a next channel but just animated

  • Cheyenne Lester
    Cheyenne Lester 18 days ago

    I think the guy that pretended to be drunk got out of getting murdered

  • somebodysgamin
    somebodysgamin 18 days ago

    i remember seeing the first story on wansee entertainement
    Edit: NVM iv'e seen all of these on wansee entertainment

  • Kessia Wright
    Kessia Wright 19 days ago

    I think they were either going to try to blackmail him or maybe kill him for kicks.

  • S Summers
    S Summers 20 days ago

    u need to do a r/dadreflexes

  • e s
    e s 21 day ago

    the last story i think think they tryd to kill op an sell his orgens to thr black ma rket

  • Tabz Catzz
    Tabz Catzz 23 days ago

    I feel so glad when people KNOW they're drunk and KNOW to not drink! I've had a bad experience with my mom being drunk and she KEPT DRINKING.

  • Minston
    Minston 23 days ago

    Maybe it wasn’t a girl...

  • Almarane
    Almarane 23 days ago

    16:00 : Vampires. Those were vampires.

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 24 days ago

    One of the stories is fake it was taken from a Horror Story

  • K3Y9INE
    K3Y9INE 26 days ago

    waita minute. how can things feel too easy? if your uneasy?

  • Undying Zombie
    Undying Zombie 27 days ago

    The last one was probably going to be participating in a snuff film if he did not get out of there like he did.

  • Valkire Black Water
    Valkire Black Water 28 days ago +1

    I prefer the wii music over the murder music

  • terry -o-brain
    terry -o-brain Month ago +1

    The last one was either human trafficking or organ stealing, in my opinion.

  • dat dere communist friend

    Silly boy I am your wall

  • Nick the boy
    Nick the boy Month ago

    So I'm about 55 pounds 5.5 tiny person I could definitely see how a person could fit in there I've been able to squeeze through smaller spaces with these so that's just some fuking creepy shit

  • Richard Deary
    Richard Deary Month ago

    They wanted to blackmail him,kill,rob,remove his organs,or force him into being a sex slave


    The story with the drunk guy is a) a transgender/gay tried to rape the guy or b) organ harvesting (the latter sounds more convincing, but a) is actually more frequent, there is a chance they wanted to sacrifice the guy for a ritual)

  • Reese McCann
    Reese McCann Month ago

    Scariest part of that last one is, they weren’t caught. How many people were kidnapped or raped or sold or murdered before, and how many after? How many stories there must be that no one made it out to tell

  • Stereovox Digital
    Stereovox Digital Month ago +1

    flippin heck that red wig story and the first story was creepy as fxckkk! :|||||||

    YEETUS SCEETUS Month ago

    That 3rd one I had drugged vibes

  • Jordan Briggs
    Jordan Briggs Month ago

    They were probably organ harvesters

  • gentlegiant6585
    gentlegiant6585 Month ago

    Way to go dad 👨‍👧🦸‍♂️🎆👏👍🦸‍♂️😁😎!

  • Jeff Frizzell
    Jeff Frizzell Month ago

    All those questions you have at the end of the story.... Something tells me that if you found out any of those answers you would be dead now.


    If i was the dad of a 13 year old kid and i saw a strange, scary man following them, i'd do something too. I'd probably have a pocket knife.

  • eva hotsillypepper
    eva hotsillypepper Month ago

    Omg steven D made a video called 7 true ceepy animated stories and the first one is exactly like the candace one...

  • random person
    random person Month ago

    R/rslash should be a subredite with all rslash stores but a if it's r/proreveng it would be r/nucleareveng

  • IGet Bored
    IGet Bored Month ago

    im preetty sure they were gonna use him as a sperm doner for the second girl

  • Rabid Wolf
    Rabid Wolf Month ago

    guys i can not have any body living in my houses walls because my walls are solid sement

  • Cierra Anglin
    Cierra Anglin Month ago

    For the Candice story, I kept imagining Dahlia Harthorn

  • Azmedon
    Azmedon Month ago

    With that last one,it could have been a minor but not for blackmailing but to sell the video.

  • Diamond Yoshi101
    Diamond Yoshi101 Month ago

    Surprised that such a dark subreddit could have a video with such a cute ending.

  • Gem Stone
    Gem Stone Month ago +1

    Sounds like a story that I heard from Wansee Entertainment.

  • Shiva Eversor
    Shiva Eversor Month ago

    The second girl could have been a minor, but I think instead of blackmail, they might have been trying to shoot the event for some dark web stream...

  • Sebastian Roundwind

    The thumbnail is a story about a woman who was on vacation at a hotel and someone was taking her stuff and one day she went to the bathroom and noticed that the mirror was detachable