• Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Where does the time go! little Alessia is heading off to school today!! she looks so grown up in her little uniform! she knows the school so well with her brother and sister going there and she comes on the school runs alot so hopefully she it isn't too scary for her! but our little Alessia is a strong minded girl so i have high hopes she will be ok!
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Comments • 778

  • Ulla là
    Ulla là 11 days ago

    You're videos are just too cute

  • V Nha
    V Nha 14 days ago

    3:59 Eduardo's enthusiasm for school is goals lol

  • Amy Gourley
    Amy Gourley 17 days ago

    Lessie is only 3?

  • Rebekkah Elstone
    Rebekkah Elstone 25 days ago

    Why do you not care that everyone knows what school they all go to? Surely this is dangerous

  • Mikayla Briggs
    Mikayla Briggs 27 days ago

    that ending was freaking ADORABLE

  • Singing Covers by Eva
    Singing Covers by Eva 28 days ago

    Wait what !!! Omg I used to always watch your channel and then I stopped and recently I started watching it it feels like yesterday that she born and when you used to go shopping and she’d be in the trolley in her car seat and now she’s starting school omg she’s so cute good luck xxx

  • Sigita Švedė
    Sigita Švedė 29 days ago

    Alessia is so nice with school dress

  • Laurabbyx
    Laurabbyx 29 days ago

    Didn’t Anna say the school name? 😳

  • jule heart
    jule heart Month ago

    Omg so cute how England wears uniforms, I need to witness my kids in that haha

  • Mor Zolondez
    Mor Zolondez Month ago +1

    Awww.. when did Alessia grow up so much? They are all so sweet. Hope they all have an amazing school year. 💛

  • Irina Incorporated
    Irina Incorporated Month ago +1

    Someone riddle me this . . . I stop watching the vlog for 3 weeks and Alessia turns into a little lady . . . HOW?! AHH my heart

  • Mrs D 1990 P
    Mrs D 1990 P Month ago

    Bet she can’t wait to leave!

  • Julie Judge
    Julie Judge Month ago

    I ran into the toilet seat problem as well. I had to buy it online. There is a tool that you need to assemble the new seat because there in no way to hold on to the nut from the bottom. I looked up the manufacture of my toilet and bought the seat and tool to put it on from the manufacture. What a pain in the ...... Good luck Jonathan!!!!

  • cristinalcherry
    cristinalcherry Month ago +1

    Do all kids in the uk wear these uniforms for school? They seem so formal and old fashioned. They’re adorable too, but it’s definitely different.

    • Hannah RM
      Hannah RM 29 days ago

      I think it's private school uniform - UK uniform isn't usually as fancy

  • Manon Mincieli
    Manon Mincieli Month ago

    Omgggggg I love this so much i love how cute they all look for school ❤️

  • Fleur Habets
    Fleur Habets Month ago

    Feels like Alessia was born yesterday, look how grown up she looks in her school uniform 😍

  • A Bomb
    A Bomb Month ago

    How old is alessia? Is it prep?

  • TheTrueMe
    TheTrueMe Month ago

    This is such a cute amazing video! I'm so happy that Alessia came home loving school despite being so happy and excited for it, she wasn't let down! Hopefully she'll love school for a long time to come. And how sweet was Emilia helping her little sister get ready? You have raised your wonderful children so well!
    JONATHAN - I work at Screwfix and we get people coming in ALL the time trying to get the right fitting to replace their toilet seat, and it's really tricky as there are so many toilet seat fittings and sizes! Do some measurements and even take in your current fittings if they're clean enough so you can find the correct one. There are fittings with a rubber bit on them - essentially a rawlplug or wall anchor for your toilet - that works with pans you can't access underneath. Those will be the types you're looking for, I think. I don't think we sell them at Screwfix but shop around and I hope you find the ones your looking for on a toilet seat that will fit the shape of your toilet, and to your tastes :) I think they're called blind pan fittings, top fix fittings or expanding fittings? You can get them on amazon but I don't know if you can fit them to a toilet seat you'd buy in a shop. Hopefully your local stores are more experienced than I am, I've only worked there for 2 years and don't even own my own toilet (or rather house/apartment etc XD) I hope you see this and it helps because I've never been able to reply to a video where you ask for help before except on times where everybody has replied with the answer I think it is in every top comment before I even see it XD I'm so excited just to help and you probably wont even see this XD

  • Alisha Jude
    Alisha Jude Month ago


  • jj quan
    jj quan Month ago

    sweet big sis 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Tessa Paris
    Tessa Paris Month ago

    Wait wasn”t she just born like yesterday omg

  • 4884nat
    4884nat Month ago

    Is she not a bit young for school?

  • Okamii Wolfee
    Okamii Wolfee Month ago

    Wait is she going to school or nursery?? Cause I’m pretty sure it’s 4 that they start reception right?

  • Cáitlin O'Riordan
    Cáitlin O'Riordan Month ago

    Funny joke Garda toilet seat

  • Hannah Brayford
    Hannah Brayford Month ago

    they’re so cute but wtf is their uniform with the hats and everything oh my god😂😂😂

  • nicola mazzei
    nicola mazzei Month ago

    Emilia helping Alessia get ready for school was so sweet. Alessia looks so cute in her uniform.

  • Lilly L
    Lilly L Month ago

    I got my ears pierced at 5 years old and I loved it!! I was so excited to do it! My mom and my granny took me to a shop to do it and I got an ice cream after 😊 At 15 I got my second and third holes done after begging for yeeeeears bc my dad had a few and regretted it, so I wasn‘t allowed at first. Then at 17 I was allowed to get a helix piercing on my ear. I love them all, it’s so feminine and pretty 😊

  • ciara daly
    ciara daly Month ago

    Love a good Irish joke!

  • familia hormonal
    familia hormonal Month ago

    Pobres niños que horrible uniforme no por usar esos uniformes es la mejor escuela

  • Gaming Bxby
    Gaming Bxby Month ago

    Awwhhh I remember when Alessia was a baba!

  • Ciara Kennedy
    Ciara Kennedy Month ago

    Two I mean

  • Ciara Kennedy
    Ciara Kennedy Month ago

    She starting primary school so young she is teo isntbshe?

  • p Ww
    p Ww Month ago

    Why would put this on youtube..?

  • Fai Albsri
    Fai Albsri Month ago

    no one :
    Alessia : no
    she's just adorable I love her ❤️

  • MakuTheSpaceArtist
    MakuTheSpaceArtist Month ago

    I've been watching you through the whole pregnancy with Alessia and seeing her go to school already makes me realise how fast they grow up and how fastthe time goes by

  • It’s Timy I have small Willy

    Why are kids going to school at the age of fucken two they can’t even speak

  • R Thomas
    R Thomas Month ago +3

    How can this be Alessia's first day at school. Shes only like two and a half.

  • grny28
    grny28 Month ago

    Jonathan do what I'll find all diy's on You Tube.

  • Jcolorguard
    Jcolorguard Month ago

    My parents had my ears pierced when I was about a year old it's normal in Hispanic cultures to get them pierced so little. I barely ever use earrings now lmao😂🥰

  • Sabina95
    Sabina95 Month ago

    Ich bin
    Du bist
    Er ist / Sie ist / Es ist
    Wir sind
    Ihr seid
    Sie sind 😬🙈
    German is hard Jonathan 🙈 It is so cool to hear that you learned it 😊

  • Peyton
    Peyton Month ago

    Alessia has the cutest little toddler voice I have ever heard. Oh my goodness. 😍

  • keith richardson
    keith richardson Month ago

    Hinge bolts for toilet.

  • Jeannie Chua
    Jeannie Chua Month ago

    Alessia looks exactly like Anna when she frown.. so adorable!

  • kmerte
    kmerte Month ago

    When do kids start school in England cause in America we start kindergarten at like 5 or 6 and do preschool at 3 or 4

    • kmerte
      kmerte Month ago

      @D C OK thank you

    • D C
      D C Month ago

      It’s the same here.. this is just a play and stay a few mornings a week she won’t start full time school nursery till next year.. it’s apart of their private school she’ll be in the same class till she starts school these are taster sessions to get her ready to do full time mornings or afternoons next year!

  • Gabriela Padilla Esperanza

    Alessia saying yes is so cute ahaha❤️

  • Jasmine Atkins
    Jasmine Atkins Month ago

    What how what no what ????

  • chris xx
    chris xx Month ago

    those school uniforms seem kinda crazy to me hahah, is that normal in the uk?

    • Debbikins
      Debbikins Month ago

      For private school that's normal, other schools do have uniforms but not like that

  • Evie Bell
    Evie Bell Month ago

    As a lot of people are saying I really hope she takes Emilia to a piercing/tattoo shop to get her ears pierced. It might seem like an intimidating place for a 7 year old but the piercers will definitely be lovely and really happy that you’ve taken her to them rather than a claire’s. My mum took me to a tattoo shop for mine and made it less scary by encouraging me that I was being a big girl and getting my piercing done where real big girls get their piercings done. Maybe call ahead and let them know you’re bringing a little girl, they’ll accommodate her!

  • Sahra Nur
    Sahra Nur Month ago

    Happy birthday 🥳 Emilia

  • Cilla Nolan
    Cilla Nolan Month ago

    Happy birthday to a sweet and smart girl!!

  • Shauna Slemon
    Shauna Slemon Month ago

    HAHHAHAAH for a second I thought there was actually a special seat for the gardaí😂😂

  • Bethany
    Bethany Month ago

    3 weeks is only if the ears look healed and you have kept up with cleaning them, dont be afraid to leave them in longer.
    I think Emilia is mature enough to keep up with cleaning them and not touching them. I had mine done at 8 and thankful i did as i couldn't remember the pain 😂

  • 125 Prozent
    125 Prozent Month ago

    If she wants to be a pro in german...I'm here!😂😏

  • Danielle Lauren
    Danielle Lauren Month ago

    Omg the toliet! 😂😂😂 and congratulations alessia!

  • Alex gaskell
    Alex gaskell Month ago

    Mad she's born on 911

  • Melissa L
    Melissa L Month ago

    The ending was priceless ❤️

  • Nicol without the e

    In the first 43 seconds of the video and I just have one thing to say ANNA YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT MAKEUP!!! when I'm a mom I want to keep being radiant like her

  • Albus love
    Albus love Month ago

    I suggest going to a proper tattoo/piercing parlor where they autoclave the instruments, and have her first pair of earrings be medical grade titanium!

  • Albus love
    Albus love Month ago

    Aww Emilia’s such a sweet sister helping Alessia get dressed 😊 it seems like Emilia was a cute little baby for 5 years and then turned into a proper little girl this past year!

  • shadow creep3r22
    shadow creep3r22 Month ago

    Happy birthday emilia hope you had a good day xx