• Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • PS5 specs, release date, controller, and everything you need to know!
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  • Kevin Kenson
    Kevin Kenson  Month ago +466

    That controller -

    • davidassmagoza
      davidassmagoza 26 days ago

      That’s an Xbox controller not a PS controller...left analog is in the wrong place

    • road warriors
      road warriors 29 days ago

      Omg I can't wait anymore I'm so happy to see it allso the details on the console looks sick

    • D’Andre Rodriguez
      D’Andre Rodriguez Month ago

      chinchy111 when I go to amazon to check it out I notice it was a PS4 controller not a PS5 controller

    • D’Andre Rodriguez
      D’Andre Rodriguez Month ago

      Oh ok

  • dumbassdevil
    dumbassdevil Day ago

    you should probably look up the devkit for the ps4 and ps4 pro before blurting out stupid statements like that

  • HasHasDre
    HasHasDre 6 days ago

    2TB Norm
    3TB Upgrade would be lovely

  • The Devi7nt
    The Devi7nt 12 days ago

    Isn’t asymmetric joysticks for PlayStation controllers even a topic, as 3rd party pro controllers seem to try and meet customers who like that better. Or is this a principle for Sony and fans to continue their design as it always have been? I don’t think it’s a bad idea to offer symmetric standard version and as a option also asymmetric version now a days. What do you guys think? I’ve experience a few times that it can get a little cramped during heavy gameplay when thumbs meet in symmetric setup.

  • FATBOY 101
    FATBOY 101 13 days ago +1

    I am the biggest idiot, I bought the PS3 a year before the Ps4 went on sale

  • TAHA Khawaja
    TAHA Khawaja 14 days ago +1

    PS5 looks so retro and cheap looking from the back especially when you look at the ports and stuff and in gray it looks like a cheap tin can
    Hardware software on the other side but atleast your console should look good

  • Dioxide Playz
    Dioxide Playz 16 days ago

    well I regret it and I don’t regret buying a PS4 pro I’m fall 2018 because I don’t have to pay a lot of money for it and I’ll sell that and buy the ps5

  • X14Z
    X14Z 18 days ago

    I really hope that they release the console earlier.. cuz next year the principal at our school will be teaching us mathematics, and i don't want to experience that... And trust me every math subject slows down the time and i really hate it...

  • 19 days ago

    Your image quality is godly.

  • TheRaziel07
    TheRaziel07 19 days ago

    My journey with sony ended with Bloodborne
    After Fromsoftware announced there will not be bloodborne 2 i let down my ps4 i sold my ps3
    I bought a new pc beast
    Farwell Sony Adios.

  • Bownesz
    Bownesz 24 days ago

    When is Sony going to make an elite controller

  • dripp drop
    dripp drop 25 days ago

    Is it just me or does the controller look exactly like the xbox controller

  • Yenndo
    Yenndo 26 days ago

    Games will load faster
    Gta V: I don't think so

  • Liquid Soul
    Liquid Soul 27 days ago

    Ps5 controllers better last longer than ps4 controllers

  • Sterling FB6
    Sterling FB6 28 days ago

    That thing looks like a room humidifier 😂😂😂

  • Jack
    Jack 28 days ago +1

    It’s likely that it will be the final design (maybe some small changes to make it look better) but I think the V for 5 looks cool so I don’t mind lol

    • izucc
      izucc 28 days ago

      It won’t be the final design at all, it’s the first prototype. It will definitely become smaller and lots of changes etc.

  • The Cheese
    The Cheese 28 days ago

    I hope the controller feels nice

  • plastic
    plastic 29 days ago

    in my opinion the ps5 design looks a little stupid, it really looks like a neck rest combined with an instruction manual

  • 888 Central
    888 Central 29 days ago

    I don’t give a fuck how it looks all I give a fuck is I can’t afford it

    BENNY MATHEW 29 days ago

    Ps5 is ugly🤮

  • Delta Snipez
    Delta Snipez Month ago

    That shit ugly

  • Lucif4
    Lucif4 Month ago


  • CLOUD The ugly
    CLOUD The ugly Month ago

    Dude,I need your camera right now . As we speak

  • Thomas Woznow
    Thomas Woznow Month ago

    Damn dude, you're quite the hand talker aren't ya?! Good vid though...but a little distracting


    I need backward compatability

  • Callme Carder
    Callme Carder Month ago

    I hop

  • Stariceie E
    Stariceie E Month ago

    Look the ps5 has not been released. Stop making videos on if no one cares.

  • JrTheTurtle & FlashJunior

    Ha ha ha Ps5 Like Gta 5 Ha ha ha

  • Alexander Unguez
    Alexander Unguez Month ago

    PS V

  • Sōshi Miketsukami
    Sōshi Miketsukami Month ago

    Please let that not be the finished design it looks like some out dated 70's garbage. I might just go xbox XD

  • BOWER 418
    BOWER 418 Month ago

    People who says that PS4 advanced controller are a copy of Xbox are being foolish. If they say it's a copy then I can say the whole Xbox Console is a copy because PlayStation console came before Xbox Console but that would make me foolish just as them.

  • Tacoon
    Tacoon Month ago

    PS 5 is ugly :(

  • a guy
    a guy Month ago

    I hope the controller looks like that the ps4 controller is uncomfortable

  • Vilager Maniac
    Vilager Maniac Month ago +1

    The PS5 looks like a sledgehammered-Wii U tbh

  • Meh Me
    Meh Me Month ago

    be honest, im using ps4. ps5 look ugly 😂

  • Mysterion The Guardian Angel

    Nah I'm good I'll just get the Xbox Scarlett

  • This one has wares
    This one has wares Month ago

    I looks ugly

  • Ralsei the goat
    Ralsei the goat Month ago

    It just costs 1k$

  • Lil damage
    Lil damage Month ago

    You stupid

  • Ivan Leyva-Ortega
    Ivan Leyva-Ortega Month ago


  • Skiave ZXD
    Skiave ZXD Month ago

    Who came after PlayStation leaked the controller on Instagram

  • The Real Mitsu
    The Real Mitsu Month ago

    Yesssss wireless VR!!!!

  • Erny
    Erny Month ago

    The good news is that they announced they would be losing money on launch of the PS5

  • Memes Fordays69
    Memes Fordays69 Month ago

    Who just clicked on this because of tumbnail ?

  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez Month ago +1

    The dev kit looks disgusting

  • Emanuel Varan
    Emanuel Varan Month ago

    What a dumb ass those photos are not the ps5 that’s the new dev kit 💀 with some photo shop

  • Ilicia Rodriguez
    Ilicia Rodriguez Month ago

    I hope the PS5 looks NOTHING like the dev kit. Looks like an amp or something.

    PUBG CLAY Month ago

    *That's an old thingy*

  • community beats
    community beats Month ago

    Thank god its called the ps5, project scarlett sounds dumb

  • Dancehall Beats
    Dancehall Beats Month ago

    Anyone getting the vibe voice of zacox TV ?🙄

  • iCouragouz
    iCouragouz Month ago

    i feel like yhu gon be able to have a full on conversation with your controller lmao

  • Jacob Corporon
    Jacob Corporon Month ago

    what if video games start to look better than real life

  • Jesse Ramirez
    Jesse Ramirez Month ago

    NO PS4

    RYAN KESBY Month ago

    I’ve been saving skate 3 for this moment and now I can’t put it on the ps5 rip

  • Mausic
    Mausic Month ago

    Price shouldnt be an issue if its 1 thousand dollars and performs like a 1 thousand dollar system and people spend 1 thousand dollars for phones than it shouldnt be a problem

  • Daniel Jupp
    Daniel Jupp Month ago

    Great videos, lose the toque.

  • Ectomorph
    Ectomorph Month ago

    So long as I can play my favourite ps4 games on it I’m sold

  • I N T E R G A L A C T I C A S S H O L E

    It is ugly as fuck!

  • [Thundeř Strike]
    [Thundeř Strike] Month ago

    If Marques reviews the PS5: So I’ve been using this since I was in the womb, and here’s my review.

  • Serbando Jimenez
    Serbando Jimenez Month ago

    Xbox better ps5 👎