Smashing Pumpkins: Day in the Life Billy Corgan writing

  • Published on Jul 31, 2007
  • Day in the life of the Smashing Pumpkins: Morning with Billy Corgan in his hotel room writing a song that will be played for the first time at the concert later that evening.

    Billy writes almost every morning and comes to rehearsal with new ideas to show the rest of the group. This song ultimately becomes "The Rose March"
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  • AloneinFiction
    AloneinFiction 3 months ago

    I could listen to this forever. 💜

  • Endezeichen Grimm
    Endezeichen Grimm 3 months ago

    Why was he still using tape in 2007?

  • P Ruston
    P Ruston 8 months ago +1

    No matter how old this video is, still great to catch an inside glimpse of WPC working.

  • Ingrid Pamela Piña Cooper


  • oceaneyes ohhhryyyon
    oceaneyes ohhhryyyon 9 months ago +12

    Best singer guitar player of the 90's...not's this man right here.

  • grateful dead
    grateful dead 11 months ago +1

    sounds great

    • Grim Absol
      Grim Absol 7 months ago

      grateful dead Gotta love the Dead

  • Control Oz
    Control Oz Year ago +2

    A window into the bubble is always cool.

  • James B. McGill
    James B. McGill Year ago

    I'm a lefty who does everything left-handed, including play guitar. Not surprised to see Billy is a lefty

  • Ronald Crabtree
    Ronald Crabtree Year ago +8

    Cassettes are far simpler.

    • James B. McGill
      James B. McGill Year ago +2

      Ronald Crabtree not to mention the tone of the tape

  • kravoglupa
    kravoglupa Year ago

    That's one hell of a rash on his hand and arm. It's too bad they didn't catch him writing something worth listening to... :(

  • Cabeza de Gato
    Cabeza de Gato Year ago +5

    Great artists are lefthanded.

    • Christian Todd
      Christian Todd 2 months ago

      i’m right handed, that means i won’t be great :(

    • Chris Calvert
      Chris Calvert Year ago

      Leftis are overrated. Lol

    • James B. McGill
      James B. McGill Year ago

      Cabeza de Gato as a left-handed at everything person I couldn't agree more

    SOCIAL REJECT 2 years ago +14

    His way of handwriting and guitar playing is the opposite of kurt's, Billy writes with his left hand, and plays guitar right handed. Vice versa in kurt's case.

  • Kymberli Shea
    Kymberli Shea 2 years ago +2

    Genius at work. ❤️

    • Kymberli Shea
      Kymberli Shea 2 years ago +2

      I could watch this for hours and hours and hours

  • Kieren Moore
    Kieren Moore 2 years ago +4

    That look from Jimmy says it all ... ...
    ("Haven't you written enough of this whimsical, girly shit, lately?!")

  • Fäunö Ermïtäñö
    Fäunö Ermïtäñö 2 years ago

    alguien sabe si esa canción salio a la luz? y como se llama?Me gustaría escucharla

  • DamnitBoy
    DamnitBoy 2 years ago +27

    For those wondering about his playing:
    "Billy is left-handed. He writes with his left hand. However, he
    plays the guitar as if he was right-handed. This is because he felt
    that it was silly to have his weak hand doing the tough fret-work.
    Another reason is that when Billy and his father went to buy a
    guitar, Billy asked which was more common. He went with a
    right-handed guitar."

    • Ryan Stark
      Ryan Stark 10 months ago

      James B. McGill I learnt left handed as well. It felt wrong for me to learn to play right handed because your picking or strumming hand is where all the feel is. It is also the part that requires most precision. I would say if you are strongly left handed you should learn left handed.

    • Makayla Rose
      Makayla Rose Year ago

      I'm ambidextrous. I play guitar with my right hand as well.

    • James B. McGill
      James B. McGill Year ago +1

      DamnitBoy when I went to buy a guitar they told me to learn right handed I told them it did not feel right...I'm so fucking left-handed that before I could even strum one God damn chord it felt correct to hold it left-handed besides the Rhythm hand is where it's at, and now at least once a day while I'm out busking people asked to play my guitar and I'm like sorry it's left handed jokes on you now motherfukers

    • Vladislav The Poker
      Vladislav The Poker Year ago +1

      It's automatic since young age. I know cause I write with left hand and play guitar with right hand.maybe it has something with the first time which hand we play guitar with

    • Abuse for Views
      Abuse for Views 2 years ago +2

      Actually it doesn't mean he's ambidextrous. People don't know what that word entirely means

  • 다운정
    다운정 2 years ago

    mickey mouse

  • Antonio Markinhos
    Antonio Markinhos 3 years ago

    Yeah !!!

  • Jake Caldwell
    Jake Caldwell 3 years ago +6

    is it just me or am I obsessed with he's cool handwritting

  • Andrew Tresler
    Andrew Tresler 3 years ago +7

    writes with his left and shreds righty.. god damnit he's a god

  • sepron5
    sepron5 4 years ago +11

    Old school song!

  • Norman Bfifteen
    Norman Bfifteen 4 years ago +26

    Leftie who plays right

    • Subeein Suresh
      Subeein Suresh 6 months ago


    • Cabeza de Gato
      Cabeza de Gato Year ago

      that's exctly the first thing I noticed. I'm also lefthanded and play guitar as right. I think it gives you a broader understanding of your brain.

  • Lemmy Koopa
    Lemmy Koopa 4 years ago +4

    It's cool how he uses cassettes, but sometimes I think Billy has a phobia of recording/doing things digitally.

  • gotohellaaron
    gotohellaaron 4 years ago

    What's all over Billy's left arm and hand? It looks purple.

    • cory lynn
      cory lynn 2 years ago +2

      gotohellaaron birth mark

  • Tim Mosso's Sunglasses

    Great to see Jimmy here.

  • wojtek wolinski
    wojtek wolinski 5 years ago +7

    Tapes rule!!!

  • Black SuperWoman
    Black SuperWoman 5 years ago

    Probably had a cold. That makes you cranky.

  • tornmask
    tornmask 5 years ago


  • aSh
    aSh 5 years ago

    Haha! :)

  • Suave Bob
    Suave Bob 5 years ago

    I just call my friend bluebear..... resembles blueberry colour. Its a term of endearment incase anyone thinks I am taking the piss on his condition

  • Suave Bob
    Suave Bob 5 years ago

    Few questions popping about the skin thing on Billy's arm, its Klippel-Trenauney syndrome. Basically a birthmark, although it can be quite sensitive/sore. Know about it because my friend has it. Slang term is port-wine staining... But that term annoyed my friend

  • jordanboro4611
    jordanboro4611 6 years ago

    Whats the song

  • LiAm WakeFail
    LiAm WakeFail 6 years ago +1


  • PeaceOfficer
    PeaceOfficer 6 years ago

    what's up with his skin?

  • Razlik Corgan
    Razlik Corgan 6 years ago

    Hooray for left handed!

  • Artemis
    Artemis 6 years ago

    thanx :)

  • DamnitBoy
    DamnitBoy 6 years ago

    The Rose March

  • frank stein
    frank stein 6 years ago

    hello bily mi mejor amigo fallecio, me gustaria que le dedicaras 1979, poorque era el mejor de tus fans

  • Some1rishGuy
    Some1rishGuy 6 years ago

    What's up with the skin on his arm?

  • Artemis
    Artemis 6 years ago

    Excuse my ignorance, but which song is this?

  • Artemis
    Artemis 6 years ago

    Probably learned to play on a guitar for the right handed, so just continued like that later. But yeah, I read something a while ago about how Paul McCartney had the same problem, but just reversed the order of the strings, so I don't know :)

  • gaetano silipo
    gaetano silipo 6 years ago +4

    Billy Corgan... Real music...Real sound....Real artist...Real energy.

  • cpowell786
    cpowell786 6 years ago

    What Voldemort does in his off time....

  • music2012
    music2012 6 years ago

    I use the same kind of oxygen he's using.

  • Black Veil Chemical Romance

    well exuse me for my grammar but i had just finished watching a video of Mikey Way gosh can"t make one mistake :/

  • Mo McCo
    Mo McCo 7 years ago

    @brookieandEbony - Its just pigmentation in his skin, nothing harmfull or whatever. He said once in an interview, he usually hides it with long sleeves (youll notice for his stage performances) and that hes very self conscious about it

  • Brooke Cooper
    Brooke Cooper 7 years ago

    Does anyone know what is on his arm? never noticed it before?

  • Lucas Andrew
    Lucas Andrew 7 years ago

    You say that like it's a secret that SP is Billy's band. I don't know if you've ever been in a band or not, but musicians won't always look for songwriting partners, sometimes just for people to play the music they've written, or capable players. In Billy's case, he wanted people to help him play the songs he'd written; but drumming wise, Billy isn't a drummer so he couldn't record those parts. He recorded D'arcy and James' parts back in the day because he could do it in fewer takes.

  • Lucas Andrew
    Lucas Andrew 7 years ago

    I wouldn't say so, as far as I know, Billy doesn't play drums in any professional recordings. They've always said that the Pumpkins albums were usually Billy and Jimmy playing. I reckon Jimmy would come up with the drum parts, but after Billy has the song structures completed.

  • Lucas Andrew
    Lucas Andrew 7 years ago

    Drums aren't usually considered a part of the composition. They are part of the arrangement. I'm sure it varies from person to person though.

  • Local Machine
    Local Machine 7 years ago

    He plays guitar right-handed and writes left-handed.

  • Local Machine
    Local Machine 7 years ago

    He plays guitar right-handed and writes left-handed.

  • TrippingTheTube
    TrippingTheTube 7 years ago

    That guitar sounds really nice. The song too.

  • srt tyd
    srt tyd 7 years ago

    does anyone know what recording equipment he's using?

  • Joshua
    Joshua 7 years ago

    Dude's using tapes, that's what I love about Billy he use what he has until its used up or broke. He will never go broke and have to make an album at eighty-years-old because he's broke.

  • Agustin Vela
    Agustin Vela 7 years ago

    @AddictionlousJunkie And me! :D

  • MP
    MP 7 years ago

    Pen, paper, and a four track. Analog man.

  • Mauro Corti
    Mauro Corti 7 years ago

    @wargofchik The Rose March, from the American Gothic EP. Full studio song here: watch?v=z7gw8H7NX38
    You're welcome :)

  • chris
    chris 7 years ago +5

    I feel such at peace watching this.

  • Wakasaurus Rex
    Wakasaurus Rex 7 years ago

    @AddictionlousJunkie Awesome. Pure awesome.

  • fatcatbuzz
    fatcatbuzz 7 years ago

    @TheBrian1711 If you know what you are doing, you can get excellent recordings with cassette tape. Use a condenser mic and good preamp. Same method you would use with digital to capture a good, clean sound. I heard many recording on cassette that were recorded very well and many digital recording that sound horrible and clipped. Vice versa. It all depends on how it was recorded.

  • fatcatbuzz
    fatcatbuzz 7 years ago

    @AKanyon No way, tape all the way.

  • fatcatbuzz
    fatcatbuzz 7 years ago

    @jbcooljb I like digital for some things, but I still have all my analog equipment and prefer it over my computer recordings for many things. I like that warmer sound way better. So, I think tape definitely still has things that can not be captured on digital. What I've seemed to notice is that people that use stuff like Protools tend to over complicate things and don't do anything different that what hundreds of other people are doing with it as well. That's the problem I have with digital.

    • Endezeichen Grimm
      Endezeichen Grimm 3 months ago

      What can you capture that cannot be done on digital? Nothing. A digital recorder would be way easier and faster.

  • fatcatbuzz
    fatcatbuzz 7 years ago

    To all those people that keep saying "Why is he using tape?", all I have to say is ANALOG RULES!!! All the best musicians or albums that have been recorded were put on analog tape, not digital recorders like Protools.

  • Wakasaurus Rex
    Wakasaurus Rex 7 years ago

    @AddictionlousJunkie So...does that make you ambidextrous when it comes to masturbation?

  • RazeAndJadith
    RazeAndJadith 7 years ago

    @voteZDLR I would say he looks like he's gotten off it . Judging by how in shape he is unlike most addicts that are frail looking. but yes i agree dont do drugs ! :)

  • voteZDLR
    voteZDLR 7 years ago +2

    @RazeAndJadith but to be fair, she could have been saying "addict" in the unorthodox way, maybe saying that Billy is a workaholic (addicted to work) or addicted to money, or music, or whatever. It's impossible to know for sure. The only reason I say that about Jimmy is because he was an addict in the past, and the recovery rate for opiate addicts is about 10%. Meaning, 90% will not successfully be able to quit using opiates altogether in their lives. So kids reading this... DO NOT DO DRUGS.

  • voteZDLR
    voteZDLR 7 years ago

    @RazeAndJadith I actually figured that out after I had posted this... forgot about it, though LOL :P
    Jimmy Chamberlain IS an awesome drummer, though. I just wouldn't be surprised if he still did a few drugs here and there, these days. I don't care if he does or not. Everyone's got something. But, I do remember seeing a tweet by some woman who knows Billy saying that he was an "addict" ... didn't say what the addiction was. Then, I see Jimmy here rubbing his nose and looking through a scope. o.O

  • RazeAndJadith
    RazeAndJadith 7 years ago

    @voteZDLR thats jimmy chamberlin the drummer. and an AWESOME drummer i might add.

  • voteZDLR
    voteZDLR 7 years ago

    wow I've never noticed his birth mark for all of these years... what a mindfuck.
    who's the dude who looks like he's on drugs looking through the telescope? you can see him sniffle, like he had just snorted some shit

  • Wyatt Crow
    Wyatt Crow 7 years ago

    @jbcooljb i don't actually remember any blind tests results, considering whats better or worse...
    but hey, you prolly right, i saw Billy discussing this topic with Uli Roth, and he thinks the same

  • jbcooljb
    jbcooljb 7 years ago

    @AKanyon those cassettes sound sooo much better tho. it may be a pain in the ass, but its better than 100 edits per second digital recordings. tape sounds so much better. put tape on vinyl. UHGGGG sounds sooo good. so lets get off our asses, and record with tape! :DD make some real, and better sounding music.

  • Loaf001
    Loaf001 7 years ago

    bout ye jimmy!!

  • Wyatt Crow
    Wyatt Crow 7 years ago

    now we have porta studios and pro tools, it even hard to watch all this pain in the ass with all them cassetes. progress is cool

  • Marcus
    Marcus 7 years ago

    @weezerite oh... is that what it is?

  • Rob Morbidious
    Rob Morbidious 7 years ago +3

    ..... and wearing his mickey mouse t-shirt...... Billy, and his guitar... gently....methodically..... destroyed the world. .... the end. :)

  • zachjames
    zachjames 7 years ago

    I love how he uses tapes. FUCK DIGITAL RECORDING.

  • Marcus
    Marcus 7 years ago

    now that that's out the way, can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with his left arm, please?

  • Marcus
    Marcus 7 years ago

    Hell yea! I write regular with my right, but do signatures and play guitar with my left!

  • cheddardamrakbass
    cheddardamrakbass 8 years ago

    beautiful pencil!
    arrange one for me? hea

  • starlesseyeforheavenssake

    @AddictionlousJunkie me too!

  • linas ANgel
    linas ANgel 8 years ago

    billy rules!!

  • Vangardia
    Vangardia 8 years ago

    1.58 billy decided he doesn't like a chord and goes back to the original, anybody else prefer the 1 he hit first? ; )

  • Syntheory
    Syntheory 8 years ago

    @DGENERATE07 I was just saying that because he writes with his left hand :P

  • Syntheory
    Syntheory 8 years ago

    Lefty playing right handed guitar?

  • Nick Kentsin
    Nick Kentsin 8 years ago


  • Brandon Arnett
    Brandon Arnett 8 years ago

    @lightinthedusk just a birthmark. I know of a few people with ones just like that.

  • Kevin Ruta
    Kevin Ruta 8 years ago

    @lightinthedusk he has this skin blotch problem there on his hands to i think

  • Shock Advised! (Alex)
    Shock Advised! (Alex) 8 years ago

    @lightinthedusk its a birthmark i think

  • fede valentin
    fede valentin 8 years ago

    whats the name of the song?

  • 1979jeri
    1979jeri 8 years ago

    ethan hawke WISHES!

  • Jeffrey Martin
    Jeffrey Martin 8 years ago

    @lightinthedusk heroin

  • Mandragon
    Mandragon 8 years ago

    i love jimmys approval of the song twards the end. so sick.

  • Alan L.
    Alan L. 8 years ago

    if ethan hawke shaved his head, he would like like Billy

  • crewdogg15
    crewdogg15 8 years ago

    HE IS A FUCKING GOD! You punk ass fucks with your shitty music. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT REAL MUSIC IS!!

    LOOSID GAMING 8 years ago

    damn what i'd give to be atleast half as awesome as this man.. billy corgan rocks and so does Smashing Pumpkins

  • themidnightwill
    themidnightwill 8 years ago

    @lightinthedusk It's most likely psoriasis, though it could be rosacea (rosacea is typically more spotty).

  • Ethan Barondeau
    Ethan Barondeau 8 years ago

    I have that exact same pen. I feel special

  • MacKeeper Review
    MacKeeper Review 8 years ago

    @lightinthedusk An allergic reaction to pumpkins?

  • MacKeeper Review
    MacKeeper Review 8 years ago

    Shit he still hasn't had any singing lessons